Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday cosiness

Hi all,

Our friday have been nice;=) While I was doing an errand Johan and Nemo went out in the snow and played around and Nemo´s lovely red cheeks when they came back were the cutest ones;=)

I got us some hamburgers from MAX today and in Nemo´s Maxbox he got a little Tom and Jerry paint book and crayons so his creativity has been high this afternoon.

Another thing he really loves to do is borrow my Ipad and do lots of puzzles. Nemo loves all sorts of puzzles and memo games so it´s great that App store has so good ones for his age;=)

Great stuff and it´s amazing how fast the little one is learning to handle these things. Kid´s brains are just so smart;=)

Seth also uses my Ipad and when he plays on it his newest game is this - Granny Smith. A fun game and it kinda remind me of Sonic I used to play:

Fun things to do when being inside for the kids;=)

My outfit today have been a cosy cashmere dress combined with warm stockings and on top of that knee-highs to keep me warm. Great combo;=)

Enjoy your friday and love to you all!


Anonymous said...

awwww adorable!, anette you play video games? how wonderful!!!

Océane said...

Hey! I really love your hair and the outfit is sooo great :) love it!
Thanks for that, it makes me smile after the bad news I got about Xmas :(

Love and Hugs

Unknown said...

I love your today's outfit. You look so cute really!

Unknown said...

I like your cashmere dress! Beautiful thing :-)And make-up is wonderful ;-)
My day was nice. From today is snowing. Outside like an snowy fairytale! It is remind me - Christmas is nearing!
Have a nice evening!

rainy said...

Cute Nemo :D
That dress is really nice, I want a one too :D

Unknown said...

I like your outfit today:) Puzzles r so fun...unless there's 2 many details. Puzzles make me strain my eyes, but I still love them...have a good day

Laetitianne said...


You're wearing wool stocking with socks? And for the shoes please? On the photo, it is very nice!

Have a nice evening.


XxBriannaxX said...

Aww I bet Nemo looked so adorable! Hehe and the games look interesting. You look so beautiful!
Lots of love to you too dear and sleep well!

Anonymous said...

I've not played video games for years now. However, years and years ago I used to love video games when I was in my very early teens :-) Like you Anette I used to play Sonic The Hedgehog. I had a copy on the Sega MegaDrive I used to share with my younger brother :-) I've not owned a games console for years now but my best friend has a Nintendo Wii and when I visited him in his bedsit in London a while back he introduced me to Wii Golf which was really good fun. You have this device you hold in your hands and you swing and the golf club on the screen swings with you :-) My cousin also has a Wii and he actually broke his ankle playing Wii Tennis with his 3 year old son.

Granny Smith looks quite amusing Anette :-) Looking at those pictures makes me curious to try it.

If Nemo loves puzzle games you might want to consider getting him one of those hand-held games consoles such as Nintendo 3DS. For some reason the hand-held games consoles really suit puzzle games :-) I bought my mum a Nintendo DS for xmas 7 years ago and she loves playing Tetris on it :-)

Enjoy the rest of your Friday Anette! :-)

Unknown said...

You look beautiful, Anette! I wish I could have the stuff in your closet :)
And great to see that you are keeping your kids' minds active and creative. For sure they will be smart boys when they get older :)
Take care

Luuh (Lucas Pereira) said...

I fell the same aboiut kids with my little cousin! She is SOOOO SMART from a 4 years child, she knows use Iphone better than me! And this is true!
I love your outfit. Especially the necklace! I love your the necklaces, may you someday do a post with your faves and where did you buy it?

Wish you a great end of day, its friday and saturday is coming with a lot of good energy :)
Wish you a wodnerfull night from you and your family, good bless you all :)

James Oakes said...

Heyy Anette! Happy Friday to you too! I really like your outfit; it seems like something you could wear with any occasion :)

That granny-game looks fun, I'll have to check it out! I have to ask though, did you really used to play Sonic? As in "Sonic the Hedgehog"? If you did then I love you even more cause that is so completely awesome! I love it when celebrities admit to playing video games (like Kim Catrall with Super Mario).

Hope you're enjoying the Christmas season, have a lovely evening. James x

Marekos said...

Hi Anette!
I'm your fan from Poland. I love all your songs with Nightwish and your new song "Like a Show Inside My Head". You are amazing singer and your music makes me feel better. I hope you will come to my country for a concert. Keep doing what you love. This blog is amazing! I hope you will record your solo album soon ;)


July said...

Hey Anette!

Nemo really know how to fun. Also I love the puzzles. And it's amazing how today, kids know how to use all the technology! even me, I don't know how to use an ipad or a difficult cell phone, the technology isn't my best friend hahaha.

But the fashion yes, and your outfit is so cute, I love the way you combine the stockings, I think I'm going to copy it. ;D

littlemimo said...

Hi Anette,
Nice to see some new picts, I really love your black Gucci top underneath ! I told you this before but I think it's my favourite one.
I also love your face, do you use a special cream or a foundation ?
Have a nice week end !

Unknown said...

Enjoy your friday as well Anette I'm sure nemo is having a good time with Johan great musician great guy i wish i could see that crazy guy :) enjoy your friday and a happy weekend

Dark Queen said...

Hi Anette!
Is great that your little ones have nice games to play on your Ipad. And the Tom and Jerry paint book looks so cute. When I was a little girl I loved that paint books :)
As always your outfit and make up are awesome. Congrats :)
I really like your piercings on eyebrow and I'd like to have one on my own, but I'm scared to do it. Did it hurt when you did them? Please, tell me that did not hurt. Hehe :) And another one question, because I'm so curious. When you did them?
God natt and sleep well

Micha said...

Yeah the game seems really to be funny. Today I had a gaming evenning with a friend...just some funny card games but we had so much fun :D

Did you hear about the shooting spree in an american elementary school? It´s so terrible... It´s so sad what we´ve become...killing little children... horrible

Carol Misokane said...

Hello Nettan, how are you doing?? Hope great =).
First of all, thank you for all the beautiful words you gave me about my cat's death. It's amazing how a strange person, who lives so far away from me and don't know who I am can comfort me everytime I feel sadness and loneliness in my heart and the ones who are living close to me personally just don't see me. Thank you so much for being this wonderful person. That's why I really admired and loved you since the first time I heard your voice =).
And about the kids,'s almost unbelievable how their brains are so inteligent and your kids seem to be very very smart. I hope they use all of this to be brilliant in the future and shine like their mom =).
Your outfit today is great, loved the really know how to do great makes for the winter time, I aprecciate it.

So, I hope you have a beuatiful weekend and may the angels watch over you, Seth, Nemo and Johan.

Love, Carol

Anonymous said...

hi anette, how are you? aww so cute johan playing with nemo :3
you look great with the black dress.
have a nice day :)

IsaWolfheart said...

hi dear how are you ?

wouha you'r wonderful in this photos really great outfit ♡

good night and sleep well