Thursday, December 13, 2012

And why not some music?=)

I feel its time to do some x-mas song listening today so here we go, my dear Coldplay will start this december off with their lovely "X-mas lights":=)



Unknown said...

Hey Anette!

How are you? What do you when you are alone at home and you miss Johan? Please give me a tip for that. I hate it to sit here alone and to think about a lot of things. I need a free head. I'm sure you know what I mean ;-) The last days I can not sleep. I awake and I lieng in me bad and can not sleep. I had nightmares or I think to much,so I can not rest. And I need sleep. I feel so tiered. I hope my own make masked witch I have make helps me a little bit to look fresher ;-) I hope you have a great day.

Greetings and hugs


Océane said...

Hey Anette!

Hope you're okay :)
I just got a quite bad news, im going to work on the 25th this month and as you know its Xmas day, and i was suposed to celebrate it with all my family who come from differents parts of France. So im really sad about it :( no Xmas for me this year! Hopefully next year will be better!

But I think I dont really have the right to complain as theres a lot of people alone this day :(

Love and Hugs

Luuh (Lucas Pereira) said...

Hello dear Anette, how are you? Was a long time since I didn't coment here... I was doing last exams and works from university but now is over :)

i have a hate and love relationship with Xmas Song.. Some I HATE! But others, god, I sing all the year hahahah I Love Within temptation Gothic Xmas, Lady gaga's Xmas Tree, and I know thats not something totally xmas, but, Nightwish's walking In the Air, and for me the best version is, OF COURSE WITH YOU! :)

I was 2 days ago in Nightwish concert here in my City, and well, they was good, but, I missed you so much :/ All the time I was singing Like you, like in the end of nemo singing 'nemo sailing hooooome...', or amaranth in DAAAYA BREEAK, or scaretale, and others..., and I was no thiniking, I never thought 'Ok I will sing Like anette sings', I just was following my heart, that is all your fan. At the end of the show, I was sad because for me isn't a complete show without you. From me 2008 show was a lot better!

Hell, hope you are not bad with this cold times of winter... I'm dying with a hell warm that is doing in Brazil. I love summer but not hell summer! hahahaha

Wish you a great weekend, a lot of love, peace and good energy from you and your family!