Monday, December 31, 2012


So, I thought I´d share some of my preparations for tonights celebrations. We´re going to be at my mum´s place and it will be nice with a 3 course dinner, some games to play, champagne and just relaxing=)

Just finished doing my nails and for this special day I am using my new nail manicure with glitter from Ciaté. This takes some time and do not do this if you are in a hurry!

To prevent glitter all over, I do this over a plate or a tray and I recommend you to do so too.

Start with one nail and put on the nail coat one layer first and dry. Then take one nail at a time and put on one more layer of nail coat, then dip the nail in the glitter until the whole nail is done. Push gently and leave it be. Then continue with the next nail and so on. When all is done, use the little brush that comes along and brush off the glitter that isn´t on the nail. let dry for 15-20 minutes, voila! Party is on!!!


Betty Blue said...

Wow, this is great!
I´d love to do it, only I did polish my nails for the last three quarters of the year and now they are so ruined, they look as if I had been smoking for the last fifteen years or so. They need some peace ^^
But I´ll remember this idea and use it next time - when my nails look better than they do now ;-)
Love, Betty

July said...

Hi again Anette!

I totally loved your nails! and the technique that you used it's very easy and looks pretty fashionable. Glitters are great!

Have an amazing New Year's Eve with your mom and all your family, all my best wishes and vibes for all yours!

Kaoru said...

Loving your awesome nails!!! Have a lovely night! Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

Like this manicure! Have a wonderful night with your family! Happy New Year, dear Anette ;-)

Anonymous said...

i like the idea,your nails look great
maybe i use it when back home the next week. Have a wonderful night with your loved ones.

Beatrix said...
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MightyLambchop said...

I love your nails! Glittery nails are perfect for New Year's Eve. Hope you have a lovely time!

Anonymous said...

I love this--it's so creative!!!

Unknown said...

Wow! You nails look so pretty :-)

Unknown said...

Betty Blue; Hi! Try and use a base underneath your nail polish, that usually protects them against going yellow. Sleep well!

Gitte: Hi and thanks! The same to you;=)

July; Hi and thanks! The same to you;=)

Kaoru:; Hi and thanks and the same back!

Alina; Thanks and the same back!

Nana; Hi! yeah, try it! its fun for a nice party!

Beatrix: hi and thanks! Yes, they are;=) So disco/partyish!

Heather; Hi and thanks! Yeah, they are perfect and fun;=) Take care!

Rose: Hi and thanks;=)

Emily; Hi and thanks so much!