Friday, December 07, 2012

So tired...

Hi all,

I have been tired and are feeling like a zombie and have done for some days so I´ve just not had energy for more than to rest, sleep and take care of my loved ones at home. Maybe its the winter darkness that takes it toll, I dont´ know;=) Might need some more d-vitamines and sun, hehe!

But I am alive and here´s some nice photos for you from my tired days:

Advent stars everywhere are up since last sunday and they bring me light in the tired days;=)

Cold and snow all week but now it´s finally stopped snowing today, thanks for that!

White wintery streets;=)

I took some time and painted my nails with my new cool manicure nail polish from Ciaté and I like it;=)

Now time for bed and more zzzzzssssleeep;=) See ya soon!


Unknown said...

Thank God you're okay!
And yea, I know what you mean... lol
It has been snowing here as well! Something which is quite uncommon for begin December. Haha
So I was FROZEN! In our math class we were only with 7 people. Since almost everyone comes with busses, and the busses freaked out because of the snow. Haha

Have a Goodnight,

Océane said...

What the first photo? ahah I know it's you but someone took it while you were asleep or what? =)

Anyway, glad to see you back!

I love the photo with your beanie =)

And seeing the photo of your new polish, I also wondered, do you receive free items/products to test them and talk about it here? I know it's very common on celebrities blog! =)

Love & many Hugs

Sleep well!

Anette Olzon Central@ Your 1st Source on ex-Nightwish singer Anette said...

Oh my, Anette! I was a little bit worried! I'm glad you're still there:=) And I need to say a big Hep Hep!for what you have done lately.Listened to your new songs and are beautiful! I havent had time me too recently, but for now I just want to tell you that we are proud at aoc;=)

Take care.....and enjoy your days!

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

you're back! hahaha
I missed you. But when we are tired, rest is the best thing to do. =)
These photos are beautiful, I wish it snowed in my town too.
Good night my dear
I love you.

Anonymous said...

Nice You are OK, dear Anette. I was almost paying a detective to investigate where You were (hehehe). So, sleep well and God bless You. Ah, in my country is summer, and now is 550 degrees.

Meghan H. said...

Glad to see you're alright :)

I'd say it's possibly more end of the year, it's summer here and I'm pretty exhausted still.

Also, I've been waiting for to post so I put this link up for you and hopefully get some feedback. One of my design teachers, when looking at my other one of you as a Batman villain suggested this.

Hope you like it ;)

Take care

Philippa said...

I was wondering whether you were alright or not, since we hadn't heard from you in a few days. Get some rest, and I hope you'll feel better soon!

(love that colour nail polish by the way, very pretty).

Unknown said...

You're finally back Nettie! Happy to hear about you again! That nail polish is really beautiful!
Here it's very very cold too...and I'm waiting for Christmas holydays to relax a little bit...
Take care of yourself and keep on sharing! Hugs!

Beatrix said...

Hahhhhaha! The first pic is so funny! :)
Nice to see you are back!
I was tired all week as well. One morning I had to wake up for a phone call to realise that I was 1.5 hours late already.. brrrr..
Sleep well and sweet dreams! :)

Anonymous said...

at last nettie! i feel like a zombie right now jaja ! ohh i started to get worried for you but i'm so glad to know you are ok! are you sleeping in the first photo? haha but i miss you in this days (:.
i hope you recover all the energies, sleeping of course
Have a nice evening sweet angel!

AlessandraWilderness said...

Hi Nettie!!1 I was thinking about you, checking whether you had posted something new on your blog...I've thought you were busy and tired...take care and have rest as much as you can!! I really like the stars, they look so warm and the light is relaxing :) I like the nail polish too... the first photo is so funny ahhahah :D sleep well now and recover =) sweet dreams, bye byyyeee

Dark Queen said...

Hello Anette :)
Glad to read that you're OK :D I was worried. Is nice to read about you again.
Today witer came to us too. It's snowing sice this afternoon and we have appr 5 centimeters of snow. For us is really strange to have so much snow in only one afternoon. This morning I was out and we had sunny and blue sky. Then, at lunch time the sky was cloudy and at 16.00 started to snowing. It seems that it wont stop :)
I really like your "sparkling" nail polish! Great choice.
Anyway, you're beautiful, as always.
Sleep really well. Good night, dear ♥

Betty Blue said...

Poor you -.-
I hope you´ll be better soon, it´s horrible to be so tired all the time.
Jealous on your snow ;-) Here it didn´t snow for some days, when I went home some twenty minutes ago or so, it was just cold, but no snow... Send us some xD
I like the first photo. Seriously, I like it. Don´t know why, maybe because you look exactly how I feel at the moment ^^
And don´t you worry because you´ve not been blogging for some days. You have a life on your own, and I think all of us know that ;-) Sure, some were worried, but you know, you´re not living in the internet. At least I hope so ^^
Have a good night´s sleep - or maybe two - and be well soon!
Love, Betty

Ronja said...

Oh my God... Better go to manicurist than do manicure by your own. It's horrible.

Rosana said...

Oh this okay with you :) thank you for writing in the blog despite being so tired. Now in my country is summer, and it never snows here so I do not know what is going through these days of darkness, anyway liked the photos, the first is sinister but cool hehe and the photo with beanie so beautiful!
Now Rest and sleep well and when you're ready to come back we'll be here to receive it, thanks for your dedication. (Brazil loves you ,but you know it ! haha)

Unknown said...

Good that u r ok and I'm glad u got to rest:) Is that your house in the 5th picture? All of the pictures r pretty. Enjoy your evening:)

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,

I believe you was in your last Life a Bear;) and you need your hibernation now.

Better tired than sick. In the direction I have taken to that. I hope your guys are going well.

I was on Wednesday when Tarja's Christmas concert. After the concert, she even gave autographs talked to the people who have remained behind. She really is a warm and loving person.

And she was very happy about my self-Sewn dress and blessings for her little daughter. (Then I have her little blue felt shoes and a small can of the first milk teeth).
Yes it is true Tarja is now also a mother.

Now I hope I can meet you someday, too.:)

I think I should do write a blog about the concert or;)? I'm still so excited. (And this two days after it) :D

Good night Anette and sorry about my "concert report"


Carol Misokane said...

Hello my dear one, I was very worried about you but is great to know that you're almost okay =). Hope the next days get better and better and you rest like an angel.
I think the winter time in excess makes us depressed and tired, we need some sun in life, in every ways, so maybe that's the reason, but I hope the sun can shine in Sweden so soon. By the way, the pictures of the snow made me feel sooooo homesick, because while you're longing for a ray of sun I'm longing so much for the winter time, the snow, the cold air and breeze haha..let's change ^^.
And the nail polishes of Ciaté are very amazing, I always wanted to have them, but in Brazil they don't sell =( and we try to fake it, but the original is always the best, I hope one day I can buy, because they are so amazing and your nails look so great, thanks for sharing.
Oh, before I forget..since yesterday I have listened to Invincible without stoping, I'm singing, thinking, listening, is like a drug beautiful this song is, Seth must be very pround of the wonderful mother he has!! And this song just inspired me to write songs again, it's been a long time away from the piano and the guitars, but the song just brought me here again, thank you! Can't wait to hear it finished!

So, I hope you have a resting night and may the light of the God shine on you always. The sun will shine, literally, soon, I'll pray for this.

Love, Carol

Unknown said...

Happy to hear you're ok! I started to worry a bit. Have you heard Tarja's Christmas album she recorded live with her band Harus? It's great and very calming to listen to when it's cold and snowy outside :)

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette! :-)

Like you I am also very tired at the moment :-) My reason is that I've been on night duty this week :-) I've completed my night shifts this week ( Mon night - Thursday night ) and I have 4 more next week. My body clock is already messed up and earlier I thought it was 21:00pm and it was actually midnight! :-)

It could be the dark winter months that are making you tired. I had an elderly relative who suffered from SAD ( seasonal affective disorder ) and during the dark months of winter she had to sit in front of a light box in an attempt to fend off her feelings of sadness and gloom bought on by the dark of winter. Perhaps that is why you are tired Anette.

Yesterday when I saw your glasses with your preppy outfit it just reminded me that I seriously need to make an appointment at the opticians as I can't read things from a distance. The reason I keep putting it off though is because I don't really want to wear glasses. Bah Humbug! :-(

By the way I love the advent star in the first picture at the top of the window :-) It looks fab! :-)

Take care Anette! :-)

July said...

Hey Anette!!

I'm glad that you're ok, I really missed you! ( although a little tired) Do you like snow? I'm from México City and here never snowing ( well, only one time many year ago in 60's) in fact today was a pretty warm day, I hope in the next weeks the weather that it more wintry.

By the way, the stars and the nail polish with little sparkle it's very cool.

P.S: The first pic, was very artistic ;D

Sleep well!

Anonymous said...

Hi anette :) i'm glad that you are ok , welcome back queen^^ . Today is the day of the little candles in Colombia it's a holiday in honor of the virgin mary so there are candles everywere and the city looks really beautiful this night
i like your nail polish *_* i want it , i love the stars and you look beautiful as always. I send you hugs, the hot and the sunshine from colombia xD

Take care =)

Unknown said...

ooohh nettie
must be wonderful to be in that beautiful winter
I've never seen snow =(
and I really like the snow jejeje
but mine is not very important
what matters is that you took a rest
should take much care of your health ^^

Unknown said...

The Picturres look soo cute!
I'm verry sleepy too. I guess It is from the weather here(freezing cold and no sun and I need sun) So I'm feeling tired.

For the rest everything goes quite well. I play guitar now. so if I feel angry I just go playing guitar. Haha. I also brought a prom dress! It is a black one and realy awsome.'

But I go eating and to my work now xoxo

ps; 4days no cutting:D

Unknown said...

I am glad to read your posts again! We missed you... I am happy that all is good ;-) Great stars, they remind me of a fairytale Christmas. I look forward this holiday!

Today I woke up and saw the first snow that fell this night. The first snowy day!

Serafim said...

Hi, dear!
I'm glad that everything is well, I worried a bit ;=)
Thanks for your nice photos :-) I like this colour for nails)
Rest more, enjoy your family and we are with you ;-)

Love and hugs

P.S. aaand...yes.. what is on the first picture?;-)

rainy said...

Hi Anette :)
I was sure you're okay, but of course I was a bit worried what's going on...
I do understand what do you feel right now. I had really exhausting week and I feel tired all the time.
Everything wasn't right. And that's why it's Saturday when I always have a long sleep and it's after 8 and I'm awake for the first time like... I don't know.
I hope you'll feel better and just take care of yourself :)
And I really love the photos and the nail polish is beautiful :)
Have a good day sweetie :)

TheDeadUnicorn said...

Glad to see you're back!I kind of missed you,ah.Your blog makes me always start days in a good way,and it makes my anxiety partially go away (no idea why this happens,though.It doesn't make any sense!But anyway).But I'm also happy to know that you've relaxed a bit!I bet you truly needed that.
There's so much snow there!So beautiful.Here it's been snowing,but the streets are clean,and the only white things are trees and grass.It's pretty to look at,and it makes going to work/school easier,but I hope we'll see some more snow.
However,you look so cute and adorable!As always.
Hope you're having a good day and I hope the kids are doing just fine,

Elmas said...

Good morning Anette! I'm sorry to hear you've not been feeling too well, I hope you'll soon get used to the cold winter temperatures. I can tell you, even though I live in Florence, it's been freezing cold here as well and it even snowed a bit yesterday morning, which had everybody surprised, cause it's still early in the year for that. But today the sun is shining, I'm just enjoying my cup of coffee and in the evening we'll go downtown with a friend, to see the Christmas lights and all the stores and streets.

That photo of you is adorable, I don't know why, but I find that winter makes people look even prettier, with rosy cheeks and all the clothes!

Have a great day now, I hope you're feeling much better!

Unknown said...

Hi dear Anette, I´m so glad that you are back :-) I like your nail polish - it´s crazy :-D take a rest and have a nice day with your loved ones :-)

saskia said...

I felt like that 2 weeks grandma was in a hospital they found out that she have a tumor at her kidney and I was worried, and my nights were horror. I just sleep not more than 2 hours then I woke up and cant fall asleep for a while or when I was sleeping I had bad nightmares and woke up covered with sweat and every morning I had to get up at 5.10 cause of school drink 2 cups of black strong coffee and then being in a zombie mode. and when I was going to bed, of course really tired, the worst thoughts appear in my head and I couldnt sleep. But now my grandma is ok again, they remove the kidney ( it was cancer, but she doesnt need a chemotherapy) so everything is ok now and I can sleep again.
have a relaxed weekend

Q said...

Hi Anette.
Glad that you`re OK. Funny first photo:) Thanks for great pictures of your city. How about to share with us some new good music as you did in you previous blog.I really found out smth new for myself.

Have a nice day:)

Serena said...

Hey glad to see you back! :D

DreamerGirl131 said...

Hi Anette :)
I'm glad that you've posted today, although this is my first comment here, I check your blog everyday :) you're a very big role model to me, and such an inspiration. Really :)
To comment to the post and not just express my fangirling, I'm really jealous of your snow, here, in Hungary, it barely snowed. And I really like the pictures you posted, especially the first one :D
Okay, that's all I write right now, if I started to write more, I'd probably end up fangirling eternally here :D
Have a good night!
xoxo Alice :)


Oh my god I just wanna hug you!!loved the 2 songs you performed, the choruses have been like a show inside my head since I've seen them:D was nearly ready to start a hep hep while watching them:P

Tanya Yazykova said...

Hi, Anette!
Fufff, you're okey... I was very nervous that you didn't post anything in your blog for two days and had started to think the worst...
On your second photo you look so pretty=) In Russia winter also very beautiful - all white and snow was falling all todays morning=) I was going to doctor and when I came to her I was like snow woman=) He-he!
And, Anette, you said to me, if I record my own song, show it to you=) Yeah, I finally record the vocals of it and going to finish music line=)On the background of video I added some wonderful foxes=) Love these animals! Here is the link to it=)
With Love,

Anonymous said...

Hii Anette,

I just love snow! Too bad the snow melts here so fast :-(( But I really dislike the cold! Enjoy your day! Big hug

Isabella Ahnert said...

Hi ^ ^ Anette
Wow, here in Brazil, in my town, is in the rain, but not snow.'s Very hot in summer
Loved your photos and your enamel is very beautiful.
I wake up like a zombie u_u
Also loved your Christmas star :)
Kisses =*