Saturday, December 01, 2012

Since you requested the lyrics

Here they are:

Copyright: Anette Olzon

Pieces falling down down down
Wishes trembling mind
Seeking for the bright bright light
Darkness cold and blind

Like a show inside my head
Keeps repeating
Find whats gone and said to late
Keeps repeating

Hiding making time fly by
Darkness cold and blind

Like a show inside my head
Keeps repeating
Find whats gone and said to late
Keeps repeating

Copyright: Anette Olzon

Like every wind that blows
And stars that glow
Deep in the darkest night
You´re my light

From all the flowing trees
To little bees
Beneath what´s wrong or right
You´re the air I breathe

Just like a melody
floating over time and space
I see your face
No matter where you are
no matter how near or far
you´re in my heart
like a star
watching me from afar

Deep in the darkest time
your shine on mine
show me the way to climb
do what´s right

For every single word
You´re in my world
The doubts just disappear
you´re the one I hear

Just like a melody
floating over time and space
I see your face
No matter where you are
no matter how near or far
you´re in my heart
like a star
watching me from a far


Unknown said...

I'm crying.
Anette Olzon is finally back :D

Unknown said...

Very pretty lyrics:)

Océane said...

WOW that was quick!

But... you gave me tears for the second song! I really love the lyrics! I first thought it was written for Johan but the more I read, the more I thought it was for someone you've lost. Is it? :(

So thanks again, too many thanks today :D

Love, Hugs & Sleep well my angel <3

Unknown said...

Thank´s very much, Anette! I´m looking forward to some videos from your mum :-)

OneOfTheLostOnes said...

Hej Anette!

Sitter här och blir helt tårögd :')helt fenomenala och vackra låtar.

Sov gott!


Mads Bjerre Henriksen said...

Thank you for sharing the lyrics, they're really nice - especially Watching Me From Afar - I really like that - can't wait to hear both the songs in a great quality :)
And seeing as I find inspiration in music to make my digital art, I may very well be inspired by your songs as well - and I will of course share the pictures with you if I make something :)

Thanks again - and I forgot to say in my last comment that I was very happy that you felt so amazing performing at your home town :) Must have been so nice for both you and the audience :)


Unknown said...

My God.. I'm in tears! :'(
You are just... amazing. <3
You left me speechless. And that doesn't happen a lot. Lol

They're perfect.... just perfect. <3

I love you, Anette. You're my role model, forever.

lots of love and hugs,

Unknown said...

really impressed anette :D, you are making a good job... that's the anette we all want back good luck in this journey to the success :D, I love you

Karin said...

All these comments here : I couldn't agree more :)
Thank you !

Anette Olzon Argentina said...

Hi Anette! I am very happy for your return, the songs sound amazing!
Thanks for sharing and our Argentinian's fanpage supports you every day!
We want the CD and tour! ;D Greetings from Argentina!

Unknown said...

Hi Nettan.

I loved the songs too, as I am half bad in English, put the translator, and I loved it, very good, and very good to see you still active as a singer, as I said, I will always follow you no matter where and when.

God bless you in everything you do in your life.

Raffaella Brazil

marcela said...

Hi Anette!

Oh my God, those made me only more and more crave your solo album. I loved both of the songs, Watching me from afar especially touched me a lot. It's great to hear you're at your best! :)
I loved how the songs coplimented your vocal strenghts, how you managed to sound strong and fragile at the same. I loved it all; the melody, the lyrics and how they clearly are personal to you, the emotional delivery (very moving! :)). It's clear that those songs are not only "some songs you're performing", but pages of your own book. The only thing that could make it better for me is would be actually seeing you singing it. :)

I consider myself a long-term fan of yours, and as such, I am happy to say I am very proud of what you've become, of how far you've gone. Hearing you fullfill one of your dreams is magnificent and makes me feel like I can do anything too. You are a true artist, awesome role model and a singer blessed with huge talent and I am honored to call myself your fan. Congratulations dear, you'Ve made it. :)

Can't wait to actually buy a whole album of yours and have your songs in my mp3 player. :)

Hope you and guys are alright and having a great time.
Hugs and positive energy,
Marcela :)

littlemimo said...

Hi Anette,
Thank you for the photos, the videos and now the lyrics :)
I'll listen it again and again tomorrow ! It seems to sound really good, your voice is great !
Good evening and night my dear

Panteleia Nyr said...

I love how clear and pure your voice and lyrics are.

They remind me of old Disney songs, bringing back many childhood memories.

Big and complex orchestrations, powerful and deep vocals are nice, but with age I've come to love natural and gentle things the most.

Katy Marie said...

So when's the album coming? :)

Luuh (Lucas Pereira) said...


They are fantastic! And I Have sure that your solo career will be FANTASTIC! And please, come someday to Brazil! São paulo loves you sooooooo much!

have a wonderfull weekend!

Seer said...

These songs are AMAZING!! Are you planning to upload them on your MySpace profile?

Kisses & hugs from Croatia,

The Dreamer said...

Hi Anette!
I loved the songs, but Like a Show Inside My Head it's my favorite, thank you so much for posting them. Watching Me From Afar it's beautiful, so full of emotions.
I have a question, will you do a song in Swedish? It's always nice to hear other languages.
Now I want more songs :(

Good night dear :*

July said...

The lyrics are simply beautiful. Thanks for share them with us. I'm really proud to be one of your fans.

Unknown said...

If there's something I have to claim Anette Olsson, it's ability
to make me mourn with his beautiful voice.

Congratulations, the one I liked more was Like A Show Inside My Head.

You have a big talent and empathy, I'm proud of you even though I'm only a fanatic and I have not the privilege know you personally
but you always been a great inspiration for me and now more! :D

Congratulations! My best wishes to you in your career as a soloist,
will support you always!

PD. Sorry for my bad english :s i have used Google Translate for some words lol

valentinailscafe said...

Absolutely Amazing singing... and beautiful songs... Wish I could buy them on Itunes Shop. Love you!

Betty Blue said...

Good evening!
Wow. Simply ... wow. Not this "Like A Show Inside My Head"-thing, that´s too "poppy" for me, but "Watching Me From Afar" is great. Such a lovely ballad! Wish we could have listened to it this evening while sitting at the fire... Really, really lovely.
But are you going to do some "harder" songs or will you only sing ballads now? I would love to hear more from you, seems like I actually get to like your music ;-)
Love, Betty

XxBriannaxX said...

Very wonderful and touching lyrics Anette I love them so much! Watching me from afar is my favorite hehe. :-)

Unknown said...

Beautiful lyrics and composition. And your voice is so amazing, too. I really can't wait to have a full album of yours in my hands!

Hope to see more videos soon, too C:

rainy said...

Wow, really beautiful songs, lyrics and voice :D
Even more beautiful than I expected :)

Dark Queen said...

Finally you're back :D
You sound very good and I just love your songs. Lyrics for Watching Me From Afar are amazing! Now I wait to your album like never before!
Thumbs up to you!
You did a great job! Thank you so much!
Now I go to bed happier! Thank you so much!
Good night. Sleep well

Misi said...

I have to say, that I adore your voice in any song, but the orchestra background really suits you wonderfully. I am so happy for you! Thank you and your family for posting some videos for us, I hope they enjoyed the show! Also loving the photos by Britt-Mari Olsson. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

while I was reading the lyrics I could see that you put your heart into your songs and I really like both :)
anette There is any colaboration song in your album?

sarahsnake said...

Hi Anette, your songs sound beautiful! I know you may not publish this, and choose not to watch it, but I hope that you will consider it. I just think its important to know everything this man has to say about a lot of the suffering that goes on in this world behind closed doors. I really want the world to be a peaceful place with no suffering. So here is the link, hope you find it interesting!

Serafim said...

Dear, Anette!
Thanks!!! Thanks a lot for videos and lyrics! can't stop listening to your songs...can't express all feelings that I feel while listening..
I EXTREMELY like your songs, especially Watching me from afar! It's so romantic and magical..and your voice is so soft and gentle :=)

I'm so happy and glad for you!
And I enjoy your songs ;=)

Thanks again!
With love,

Unknown said...

I love "Like a show inside my head"! Wonderful lyrics :)
Anette, you have a talent to write lyrics to the song! Thanks for these awesome songs!

Taaja said...

Amazing! I love the lyrics!

Unknown said...

Hi dear Anette, very impressive and emotional songs, it´s like some speech about love and so on... :-) I like it very much ♥ Radka

Cristina Colella said...

You did a really good job, I like the lyrics so much!! And I can't wait to see the videos your mother did

Soffel said...

Beautiful songs and lyrics :)
Especially "Watching me from afar". Can't wait for your solo album.
Hugs, Soffel

StorytimeGeo said...

You did a really good job! Georgian People Love You this is your fan page for you

StorytimeGeo said...

I and Georgian People Love you Anette it is Fanpage for you

Daria Grishaeva said...

Oh my dear God!!! Once again your songs went straight to my heart and touched something in my soul, I just feel in love with them!!! And your voice is so AMAZING! I'll be waiting for your solo album to hear you again.. Oh my, I so missed your live-videos, so missed your voice! Thank you for this songs, they are so beautiful and I can see a part of you in it. Damn, they made me almost cry:-) so, thank you again, I love you!:-)

Tanya Yazykova said...

Hi, Anette!
It''s amazingly! I'm crying and re-watiching your videos again and again. It's so GREAT! YOU ARE THE BEST! Waiting another songs! Anette, can you publish "home" or studio variant these songs?
With Love,

lynn0407escapistgirl said...

Hi Anette,
beautiful lyrics, I like "Watching me from afar" very much because it describes pretty well how I feel for some persons in my life.

The pictures you posted are wonderful. The hair-do you had at the show looks so sweet.

After I heard your songs I have to say that you can show with them so much better how beautiful your voice is. I love your voice in the NW-songs but I think you can show your full potential better with your own songs.
Did you do only the lyrics or the melody too? Anyway you are a great composer and that's something you couldn't show in NW too. Some people were really wrong when they thought you would be "just a singer". You are much more than that and you are very talented and as a person you are just unreplaceable. I just had to say this once again because you are one of my idols because you never gave up in reaching your dreams.

And I'm very happy that you enjoyed the show so much. I really hoped you would have a nice day. :-)

So, happy first of Advent and have a wonderful time with your loved ones today.

Steffi <3

Svanhildr said...

I've just heard the clips and I've already started humming and singing along the songs :) they are really nice, and I think that they suit fine with orchestra as well. Your voice really shines with them!
At the moment "Like a show inside my head" is my favourite one, especially for the lyrics, but also "Watching me from afar" is very nice and heartfelt. Have a wonderful Sunday over there!

Unknown said...

Just loved your lyrics! Congratulations! When do you think is gonna record and release the solo album?
Your old songs Invincible and Floating will be also in?
Have a nice sunday, kisses.

Nick Rivera said...

Just watched some of the videos you posted from your concert and must say I wish I could of been there in Sweden to enjoy the concert (and of course have seen you there!) :)

Keep up the good work Anette! =)

Hugs and love

~ Nick