Friday, December 28, 2012

Higher, mummy!!!

We had a wonderful afternoon outside at the playground and even if it was a bit cold, it was sunny and fresh and gave us lots of energy, well needed;=)

My outfit was this today - warm and cosy as needed for the playground:

Now the evening has consisted of chocolate pralines from Peter Beier, Shrek and now Nemo is tucked into his bed and I´m going to take a nice long bath before the second part of a TV series I am watching. 
I wish you all a really nice friday evening!


Unknown said...

That beautiful with those glasses!
and that cute boy you!" ;3

Katharine Rv said...

Hei! :)
Oh, seems you had a great day!

Have a wonderful evening, dear! ♥

Elmas said...

So nice to see you as a mommy!! My heart is about to melt, you really look so so happy and being with your kids really seems to do you only good. Enjoy your Friday evening! Lots of love!

eskoplja said...

How sweet to see mother and child together :)
You look wonderful as always..and the picture with you and Nemo is wonderful! I can see you had a lots of fun :)
Enjoy your evening dear Nettie :)
Hope your day was good

Ena :*

saskia said...

This reminds me at the time we had a swing in our garden. when I was a small child I and my big sister swinged very high and then jump^^. okay we often fell down but it were much fun!

Unknown said...

Good that y'all had fun...
It's cold here in Texas too.
I took a long car ride to somewhere that was apparently closed and my 10 and 11 year old brothers misbehaved. It will probably be worse when they r teenagers.
Enjoy your evening:)

Nuori said...

nice outfit - looks like a funny day
a question: with which programm do you edit the picture? this who looks like a polaroid with message.

Daria Grishaeva said...

Hey! Oooh, you and Nemo are sooo cute:3
It seems like it's quite warm in Sweden, right? You don't have a snow:-) Here in Russia we have strange weather... Some days ago in was -24°, horrible! But today it's -2°, so, it changes very fast:-)
I'm so so nervous now, becouse tomorrow we'll have the first concert with my group. Also, today we recorded 5 covers, it'll be ready after all this hollydays, maybe in the middle of January. I'll let you know!:-)
Now I need to sleep, put your fingers crossed for me please:-) i'm nervous as hell!
Sleep well and have a nice dreams, Anette:-)

Carol Misokane said...

Hey Nettan, how are you doing?
Wow, beautiful sky and playground. Is so funny the way Nemo plays, he is just a little man haha..cute.
Your outfit today was great, ready for the swedish winter, and I just love how the sun shines on winter morning, how beautiful..I miss this feeling. Hope to find it one day again.

Sleep very very well and have a great weekend.

Love, Carol

Unknown said...

Daria; Hi and thanks;=) Here it´s been +2 degrees today so totally fine and the snow is gone;=)
I know you will do SO good tomorrow and just enjoy it, think about that you stand in your living room and you sing for YOU not them, then all will be ok;=) GOOD LUCK!!!

Nuori; Hi and thanks;=) I use a programme for my photos that are called Picasa and then inside of that I use an editor called "Picknick" to do the little hearts and so on;=)

Rivka: Hi! Well, kids are kids;=) Take care!

Saskia; hi! Yeah, the best thing with being a mother is to "relive" those things we did as kids again=)

Ena: Hi and thanks;=) yeah, we had a nice time today;=)

Elmas; Hi and thanks;=) I really LOVE being with my children, they give me my happiness every day;=)

Trina: Hi! I did=) Hope you did too;=)

Gitte; Thanks=) Sleep well!

Carlos; Hi and thanks so much=) I bought those sun glasses in our very first DPP tour in USA;=) Sleep well!

Nella said...

I'm so jealous that you don't have snow in Sweden anymore :D Today in Finland we just got more snow...

In those nice pictures Nemo seems to be quite tall :) Is he?

All the best for you and your family, and have a nice weekend :)

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

hello my dear, beautiful photos.
When I was a kid I loved playing with my mother in the park.
Nemo is growing fast, how old is he?
good night
Jag älskar dig =)

Lesly A. Rivera said...

Hello and hope you're having a nice Holiday season! So glad that you guys finally have some sun, you're face is glowing especially when with your adorable little boy :) Have a good night and stay warm!

rainy said...

Wow, Nemo is such a big boy, I just realized that xD
Again, sweet photos- everything I can write is "awwwww so cute!" :)
I love to visit the blog even when I don't know what to say ;)
Och, and great you edit the photos, adding some colors and so on, it looks fantastic :)

Unknown said...

Hi Anette!

I want to ask you something and i hope its okay for you.
Do you know if you will give us some information about your break with Nightwish?
And I sended you an Email and your Management answered me, but will you answer to the Emails too?

I hope you had some nice X-mas days with your family!

Lots of love


Océane said...

So nice to see you playin with Nemo! :) thats cute to see you as "mummy anette" :) and its suits you so well, you shine dear!

I love the outfit as usual! I like the sunglasses too! If I could i would have so many pairs of sunglasses! The last one I bought are from Gucci, kind of "cat eyes" sunglasses, love the shape! :)

And sooooo good to see you back on the comments section ! i guess you're really busy now so no time to answer! So very nice to read youre answers!

Sleep well dear

Nalon said...

Hello Anette 007;),

I love your last photo from you. My first thought was that she looks like a secret agent.

With the Mission Playground.
In the pictures with Nemo I had to think of my time at the playground.
To climb up a slide is really difficult, but makes really fun when it goes back down.
Only the swings I can tolerate no longer as good.^^

I hope you have a good sleep and new energy for a new day full of adventure.;)


Karin said...

Hi there ! I have a question: you once had a shirt, was it a t-shirt? , with angel-wings on the back . Was it from Zara? I can' remember anymore... It has so stayed in my mind and I want it ! Did you buy it a long time ago, or do you think it is still in the stores? I also remember thet I went on the net to check it out , but don't remember the site.... Yeah I know:) when youget older you can't remember everything :) Ha ha... But I would be soooo happy if you could help me out. I want angelwings ! :)


Unknown said...

I think nemo is soo cute with you!
You look like an happy mother.
I want kids too but I'm too young and have no hubby(yeah in my dreams..)
Still I search for something I can cover my scars with when I grow up so I may get a pretty tatoo in a few years.=)

Love you!

Lucinda said...

Awesome pics with your little kid! I love his hat ;) Thanks for sharing such pics with us.

Have a great day!

Unknown said...

waw really nice pictures and really cute boy on them :-) on this firt photo is some castle?or?
hugs, Radka

Serafim said...

Hi, dear Anette! ;=)
What a nice day you had yesterday! =) And your outfir is amazing!

Maybe you know that fest New Year in 31st December is the most important in Russia and Ukraine, not Christmas.
So now ow my husband and me are preparing for New Year Celebration. We are like bees =) Today we've done shopping and bought presents for our parents. On Monday in the afternoon first my mother and brother will come to our's house, and than in the evening my husband and me will go to his parent's house and there we will meet New Year.
I'm looking forward to Monday, as I like New Year holiday veru much. I will be wonderful and exciting day, I am sure ;=)

Have a nice day! ;=)
Best wishes,

Fay said...

Awh how cute how you play with Nemo.

It reminds me of the playgarden at our home.
And I love all your angelwing clothes. I´m always looking for an angelwing shirt but I can´t find one here in The Netherlands

MNT said...

Cool outfit and sunglasses! :)

IsaWolfheart said...

hi dear !
I hope you feel good me yes :)
reailly cute photos with Nemo <3

good evening and sleep well