Thursday, December 13, 2012

Happy Lucia!

Today its December the 13th and we celebrate Lucia here. So I think me and Nemo will go to mum´s place for some Lucia coffee and lucia buns;=)

Enjoy the day!


Dark Queen said...

Hej Anette :)
We in Italy don't celebrate Lucia.
Today we have a so grey day and maybe it will sowing in the afternoon or evenig. Let's see what will happen :)
Enojy your Lucia day :)
Have fun at your mum's place.
Kisses ♥

Unknown said...

Happy Lucia and have a good day:)

Serafim said...

Wow it's interesting fest ;=) I've never heard about it before. Thanks for the link in wikipedia of its meaning.

And Happy Lucia, dear Anette! :-)

Martine said...

Have a nice day celebrating Lucia.
I never heared before about his day, but it sounds like a nice feast.

When this day is over you should take a look at this shocking story about a girl who killed herself after begin bullied for many years: (Google translate might help you to read the story).
Short translate: A 15-year old girl won 2 years ago a price for writing a poem about bullying. Last tuesday she killed herself by jumping before a train in front of her class mates, because they kept bullying her.

This story really shocked me. Most people just don't realize how much impact their words and actions have on someone.

AlessandraWilderness said...

Hej Nettie!!! Happy Lucia to you too :) I want to tell you that yesterday we had a "Julfika" xD with some university friends and our teacher who will prepare us for a Swedish exam (Swedex) which has been proposed by the Swedish Embassy in our university!!!! (yesterday we met in a coffee - shop and drank and ate swedish food and drinks bought from Ikea, with decorations, lights and swedish flags on the table :D). We had arleady begun to learn swedish three years ago but now we're realizing it with this exam (it will be a basic level, then we'll take another exam with a higher level) because our dream is to study in Sweden moving there or just making some experience ^^ also because we study germanic philology too ;)I just wanted to share this with you my dear!! Have a nice day with your family :* kyssar och kramar!!!! :D

Meghan H. said...

Hi Anette, sounds like you're going to be having a lovely day ;)

Just wanted to ask though, what is Lucia?
I've never heard of it, is it something to do with religion?

Take care and have a lovely day :)

XxBriannaxX said...

Happy Lucia to you too and enjoy your day with your mum and Nemo! ;-) hugs!

Kaoru said...

Haha, we celebrate Lucia in Spain as well. Although it isn't an important celebration, it's just that today is the day of the name Lucia and Christians remember Saint Lucia.
Have a lovely day!

Karin said...

Glad Lucia Anette!
I work in a school, so I had a nice morning with small children as Lucia and... sorry, I know this only in swedish: tärnor och stjärngossar :)
It was really touchy and I had tears in my eyes. It was so beautiful, and peaceful ! Also ate Luciabuns :) Quite nice with these traditions , and the older you get, the nicer it feels. Somehow.... :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Anette. I commented on a post of yours a couple of years ago about trying to tell my parents about my sexuality....and asking your advice on it. Well this time around I ask your advice on a similar father hasn't come to terms with it yet and as of yet refuses to talk or even look at me.

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,
I wish you a happy Lucia day and a nice time bei your mother with Nemo.

Can you please send me some Lucia-buns?;)

Have a nice day. I go tonight to middle-earth.


July said...

Hi Anette!

Here in Mexico ( and I think in various countries of South America) we have a similar celebration named: Our Lady of Guadalupe, but is in December 12th. It's interesting to know how in whole the world is there so different holy days =)

Have a nice nice day!

Océane said...

Then Happy Lucia and enjoy the buns =) please send one to me! héhé ;)

And in case you reply to the comments here I write again 2 questions =)
What's on your gifts list and do you have any New Year Resolutions?

Love and Hugs

~MidnightFairy~ said...

Happy day to you Anette!

Micha said...

Sounds delicouse! Yummy!

I just tried to bake today..But I failed in every single way! The house was smoking. Nothing way like the baking recipe. I hate´s just frustating

Anonymous said...

hi anette :)how are you? i hope you have a wonderful day with your family
take care

valérie said...

Trevlig Luciadag! Det kan bara vara mysigt med lussebullar och lite kaffe till :) Hälsningar från Frankrike

Unknown said...

Hi dear Anette, I hope that you have a nice day with your family :-) here in Slovakia we celebrate this feast of Lucia just a little differently, but this name has a big meaning in Christianity (Lucia gives light to people in this darkness or dark winter, too) :-)
Oh and I have little question: Do you plan some shows in the future? (in your new career :-) )

StrawberryBunnyRabbit said...

Happy Lucia :) We also celebrate it in Denmark (what a surprice, haha). I'm looking forward to having lucia buns with my family this evening. Christmas time means family time :)

Glædelig Lucia dag og god jul :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Anette,
I was not in the internet for a few days.
You look at the new pictures really happy! I am sincerely glad for you that everything is alright for you.
This "Lucia" I do not know. Happy Lucia to you!
How are you? Are you still tired? I hope that you are well again.
best wishes Kylie

Unknown said...

Hay Nette<3

I heared about lucia on tv(on a childrens program named Christmas with Linus.) I think it is funny to see you having so much fun!

But I've found this on internet. It is about a girl that jumped in front of a train two days ago

Translation(from Google):

Självmord flicka föreställa klasskamrater MEPPEL - En 15-årig ​​student från Staphorst på tisdagsmorgonen inför ögonen på vissa klasskamrater att avsluta sitt liv. Flickan hoppade på väg till skolan för tåget. Hon skulle ha sin desperata handling begåtts eftersom hon var mobbad.

Skriver Stentor. Flickan var en student av VMBO AOC Terra i Meppel. I ett avskedsbrev hon skulle ha ringt med namn några översittare. Skolan anser om det verkligen var mobbning.

Nederlaget vid skolan är enorm. "Det här är en katastrof. I första hand för föräldrar och bröder i skolflicka, utan också för våra elever, lärare och vår skola. Mycket Meppel Staphorst har mycket sorg ", sade chefen för skoltidningen.

För de studenter som bevittnade självmordet offret är aktiverad. Det finns ett tyst rum inrett i skolan.

I november begick 20-årige Tim Ribberink från Tilligte självmord. I ett avskedsbrev till sina föräldrar han vet mobbning och trakasserier är trött. Stiftelsen Safe Education insisterade tidigare i veckan till en parlamentarisk utredning mobbning i skolan.

I think it is terrible. They are going to talk about it at the news now.