Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A relaxed x-mas day;=)

Hi all,

Oh, I´ve been so tired today and I guess more than me are tired today. All the x-mas food, sitting up late, so many days of buying gifts and so on takes its toll. So today it´s been the "day after" where Nemo has played with all his new toys and had lots of fun with them and we´ve also watched some movies, like Cars for instance;=)

Both boys got lots of gifts and they were both so happy yesterday!

I love to have lots of candles and lights lit to get a nice cosy mood:

Nemo and I´ve been playing with some of his things today and one thing was this memory game with "Alfons Åberg" on it. In English Alfons is called Alfie Atkins. Don´t know if any of you have ever heard of him but he´s a cute little character;=)
Then he also got a wonderful book which is a cool book about a red tractor. The book has a tiny brown tractor enclosed and you can wind the tractor up and drive it inside the book in 3 different areas. So fun and this can occupy Nemo for a LONG time;=)

And I haven´t done anything today so no outfit photos but here´s my new wonderful collar I got from Nemo and Seth. I love it and I feel like a princess so it can light up any boring day;=) The collar is from Noa Noa.

Now before it´s soon time to sleep I want to share two photos with you from my childhood. These are from my christening and I cherish these so much! X-mas is not only a joyful time, it can also be a time for a bit of sadness in me. I miss my grandmothers and grandfathers and the days before x-mas eve I always feel a bit gloomy since they are no longer here with us. 

But they are forever in my heart;=)

Sleep really well now and sweet dreams;=)


Unknown said...

I like the collar:) And u look great even without makeup, honestly:)

Unknown said...

yes, you look really good :)

Have a good time and enjoy the last christmas day tomorrow.


Beatrix said...

It's been a relaxing day here as well.
Glad to see you are enjoying these days with your family.
Sleep well and sweet dreams! :)

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Oh, I´m so sorry to hear this about your parents and that you are sad because of this :(. Which is normal of course. But I´m sure they live in you, cause you have them in your heart. And you carry them always with you, so they are always there. And Anette, I´m sure they are proud of you, because they have so many reasons to be. When you always keep up your memories you have of them, they can live on in that way. And they do, that´s for sure. Death is defeated by those who live in memories. Feel hugged by me, dear Anette.
Your collar fits you very well and you look great, even without make-up. THank you for sharing all those pictures with us and, once again, sleep well now, you really deserve that :).

I wish you a good night and good dreams and please take always good care of yourself Anette :).


Unknown said...

Pascal: Hi and thanks, but they are NOT my parents;=) They were my grandparents. take care now!

Innocent Owl said...

Merry Christmas, Anette, we had quite a relaxed Christmas too! The weather was rainy (British weather, grr! ;p) for most of the day, but we managed to get out for about half an hour when the sun came out. Of course it decided to rain again during the walk. ;p

What a cool tractor book -- no wonder Nemo is occupied with it!

Rest in Peace to your Grandparents. <3 My Grandma died 8 years ago on the 1st of December; I loved dearly and she, too, will always be in my heart. :)

Good night

Abbie x

Unknown said...

Holiday time can bring mixed feelings to most of us. The good thing is that you keep warm memories of your loved ones with you and those who are around you now can always cheer you up!

Nemo playing with the tractor has got to be the cutest thing I've seen all week! Thank you for sharing c:

I'm glad to hear your Christmas season ended on such a good note - now I hope you get tons of rest to tackle the New Year celebrations! xD

Best wishes to you and yours, as always. It's awesome that you let us into your life like this, it really means a lot to many of us C:

Oh, and I've been meaning to share this for a while but I always forget...


It's a cool blog with funny and inspirational messages. There's a course or something there, too, but I've never taken it (money issues, heh), but otherwise you can find many interesting things in it. Hope you like it C:

Micha said...

I know how you feel when you look at such photos.

It makes me sad, too to see pictures of my passed away grandpa. My grandma may be still alive but she´s not the human I once knew.

She doesn´t talk to anybody...just sitting there in her chair...doesn´t move an inch.
She´s just waiting for her death...and that´s her only wish. Don´t you think that it is a shame that an old human who lived his live cannot decide when his time has come.

I miss the gandmother in the pictures so much that it hurts...but this grandma has gone five years ago when her husband died. Just an empty shell is left..

I hope that soon she´ll be released

Meghan H. said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful X-mas ;)

Mine was very quiet, my Mum worked, and my Dad and Brother watched tv.

I can definitely understand about your gandparents, my grandfather on my Mum's side passed away over 10 years ago, so I never got to know him as well as I'd have liked as he lived in New Zealand. And in this year, I've lost my other grandfather, he passed away in March, and just last month my grandmother from NZ passed away unexpectedly, we're still in shock from it, Mum still wakes up thinking she needs to call her mother, but obviously can't. I have one grandparent left, my Nan, and I honestly think she won't want much to do with me she knows that I'm gay, she's never gotten over the fact that my uncle's gay, actually both are, but she pretends that the younger one isn't because he's the favourite...

It's hard, miss my grandmother so much, she was always fair, and my grandfather who passed this year, he was a shadow of the man I knew and loved as a child, and my other grandfather I have limited memories of.

It truly fucking sucks missing someone.

And Merry X-mas, I hope this makes you laugh a bit, it's got me smiling after holding back tears.


Man I'm such a nerd haha :)

Take care xo

Anonymous said...

Very nice old family photos Anette. Cheers for sharing. As soon as I looked at them they reminded me of my family photo album as I, and I'm sure many others, have very similar photos. I've got photos of myself with my grandparents when I was around the age you were in those photos :-) Mine were photo's shot in the late 70's / very early 80's.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I've just watched Nemo's tractor Scale-a-lectrix ( don't know if I've spelt that correctly :-/ probably not coz I'm knackered ) type toy and I must admit I found something a bit theraputic about watching a little tractor drive around a track. I think it's great the way his hands and arms suddenly fly up from the left corner of the screen at the end of your footage :-)

NB: Anette, just in case you don't know what a Sacle-a-lextric is, it's a racing car toy that is popular over here in England and maybe other parts of the world. In it you get layers of racing track, some little cars, and you race them around the track :-)

Karin said...

Yes, the "day after" can be a really nice day :) We usually stay the whole day in pyjamas, children are playing with their new things. Candles are lit, and when you are hungry, you just look in the fridge, and eat what is left from christmas-eve:) It is a "cosy" day !
Thank you for sharing those childhood-photos! In those days people didn't take so many photos as nowadays... My babyphotos look a little bit the same :) The christening, some birthdays... And so on... Really nice memories of yourself , and of people we don't have among us anymore.... What is the story behind your name( names) Anette? :) Did you get your names after a granparent or mother, or someone else ? :)

Now when I am writing this, I 'm lying still here in my bed, and my children are sleeping( Tim 9 years, and Jenny 11 years old) . A cosy moment , and the best is , you don't have to rush anywhere, or wake the children up for school. They can sleep as long as they can :)

Njut av mellandagarna, Anette, och av barnen och Johan :)
Hälsningar från ett översnöat Finland ( snön tar aldrig slut.... ) , och av

Océane said...

Hi dear!
Oooh you have really tired eyes! Thanks for the photos, you look great, with the braid you make me think to pipi longstocking! Hehe! And I really like the collar! :)
Nemo got cools gifts! :)
What did you get from Johan?
And what Seth got? :)

Do you have any plan for New Eve? My family (mother's side) is coming. They have a 10 hours journey to get here, they'll be here tomorrow evening. Cant wait to see them!
And at least I'll celebrate something...if my boss dont call me at the last minute to work!

So hope you slept well!

Love & Hugs

Serafim said...

Good morning dear Nettie!
What funny games Nemo got on this x-mas! =) Thanks for photos and video ;=)
Just enjoy your day and take all easy =)

Best wishes,

Unknown said...

Wow Anette you look so beautiful! :-)

eskoplja said...

Hello dear Nettie, how are you?
Glad to hear you spent a lovely day, as Christmas day should be...full of love and happiness :)
You look lovely as always, with or without makeup. Love the collar, looks really cute :)
And how cute you were as a little baby. You do not have to feel gloomy...your grandparents are always there with you in your heart :)
Wish you a wonderful day


Ena :*

Betty Blue said...

Aww, Georg Jensen! My mother loves his design.
And she was so happy when the day before yesterday my Dad produced a christmas-tree ;-) She enjoyed it so much, it was so great to see!
Hehe, I love "Cars". One of the best movies ^^
Now have another great day with your family!
Love, Betty

TheDeadUnicorn said...

I'm happy to know you're having a relaxed day!And I'm super-glad you're having so many great times.
Talking about books for kids,have you ever read Freckleface Strawberry?It's a little series of books written by Julianne Moore,and they're mostly about life at school and bullying.I think you'd love them!They also made a musical out of them,I've heard it's very cute and lovely.
By the way,these pics are incredibly cute!You were sooo adorable!
Hope you're having a great day,

rainy said...

What a beautiful collar :)
And without any make up you look really cute :)

Elmas said...

Lots of great presents for everyone, I see! Glad to hear you had such a nice Christmas!

Unknown said...

I like this collar! The wonderful gift ;-) You look great without make-up ;-)
My grandparents died when I was a little child. I feel very sad when I remember their.

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Yes, I know. I just wrote the wrong word by mistake and didn´t recognize, sorry :)

Tanks, I will, and you too :)


SM said...

Hi, thanks Anette for photo with your grandparents. You was a cute child :)
Ane without mahe - up you look so young.

Anonymous said...

hi anette, you look beautiful even without make up :) how cute your sons gives you a beautiful collar and nemo got nice thing, i like these kind of toys that stimulates the mind of the child what is really good ;)
have a wonderful day princess

OneOfTheLostOnes said...

Hej Anette!

Vet inte om du har hört den här redan, men det är en låt från Two Steps From Hell med lite julstämning:


Vad kul att din jul har varit så härlig!
Min började bra, men sen eskalerade allt. Mina morbrödrar började skrika på varandra och slog igen dörrar med mera. Det var synd att mina kusiner (fem respektive sex år gamla) fick se och höra det.

Men jaja, jag fick fina julklappar och åt mycket julgodis :)Så det uppväger det dåliga som hände rätt så mycket.

Ha det bra!


July said...

Hey Anette!

I understand you, because I'm also tired after x-mas, but now I'm more relaxed =)
The highway is so very cute and looks so fun! in moments like this I wish to come back to my childhood :D

But I'm very glad that you've had a very nice x-mas, and I see your kids have the same great taste for fashion like you, that collar it's fantastic!

And thank you very much for share the last pictures ( you looked so cute!!), and yeah I understand you completely, it's so sad when the grandparents are not longer anymore with us, to remember is great but sad at the same time.

But now it's time to make a great memories for the future, and you are a great mom, great wife and great daughter =)

Have a nice nice afternoon!

Mary said...

Hi dear Anette! :)
I like the presents you gave to boys. The tractor is very funny :D
I also remember my grandparents, especially in this time because grandpa died last year in december and grandma 5 years ago also in december :(
Greeting from Croatia

Mary said...

Hi dear Anette! :)
I like the presents you gave to boys. The tractor is very funny :D
I also remember my grandparents, especially in this time because grandpa died last year in december and grandma 5 years ago also in december :(
Greeting from Croatia

Mary said...

Hi dear Anette! :)
I like the presents you gave to boys. The tractor is very funny :D
I also remember my grandparents, especially in this time because grandpa died last year in december and grandma 5 years ago also in december :(
Greeting from Croatia

Mary said...

Hi dear Anette! :)
I like the presents you gave to boys. The tractor is very funny :D
I also remember my grandparents, especially in this time because grandpa died last year in december and grandma 5 years ago also in december :(
Greeting from Croatia

Unknown said...

Hello Anette,

I must apologize to you for missing the
October 9, 2012 Nightwish concert that was at the Diamond Ballroom in Oklahoma City.
I never heard a word about the concert and I feel terrible about missing it.

I have been a fan of yours for quite some time now
and I think you have one of the greatest voices I have ever heard.
I hope that if you ever go on tour again you come back to the
U.S. so I can have another chance to see you. I promise I won't miss it this time...

I hope you all the happiness in the world....