Saturday, December 01, 2012

Small video clips of my first song from yesterday;=)

Johan took some videos yesterday but he sat really far away so you can only mostly listen to me, but my mum´s videos are bigger and I hope I can put them up in the coming days. Here´s the first song which is called "Like a show inside my head" and the only thing missing here is the second verse;=)



IsaWolfheart said...

oh really nice thanks Anette ;-)
I love your voice :-)
good evening and sleep well

Unknown said...

I liked it very much and I hope you had fun! I wish I could have been at the concert. Maybe one day! :)
lots of love from Portugal xx

Océane said...

Oh thanks a lot =)
You're voice is sooo clear, very nice!
I really like the voice you use in the last video ;)

Why did Johan sat so far ? :(
They're weren't seat reserved for family and friends ?

Love and Hugs and thanks again for sharing it quickly ! <3

ImagineerGirl~ said...

Hi Anette! You did an amazing job, your voice sounds wonderful as always, and the song is beautiful I can't wait to hear more! I love you, and I'm really glad you are back on stage.
Argentina loves you!


Unknown said...

Isa: Hi and thanks so much;=) Sleep well u too!

Inés: Hi and thanks so much!

Océane: Hi and thanks;=) He got free tickets and that was the spot=( My mum sits closer to the stage so I think her videos are better. But at least the sound is good here;=)

Natalia; Hi and thanks so much;=)

ArenaSkies said...

Wow! I must say, I really like the song! Can't wait till it's officially released.

Océane said...

Oh yes very good sound quality! That's the main thing! =)

Thanks to him! But I feel sorry for him he had to stay at the back, and also for you cause it could have been nice to see your loved one happy faces!
But anyway its sounds like an amazing evening! SOOOOO happy for you! A very very good start! =)

Love and Hugs

Unknown said...

This is really amazing and wonderful song!! You have the voice of an angel:)
From Russia with love :)

eskoplja said...

My dear God this sounds great! I love the mixture of symphonic and the rock stuff in it! Your voice sounds amazing!
I am really happy you are on the stage again!
Thank you for this Nettie :)


Ena :*

Katharine Rv said...

Simply amazing!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

elinie said...

Thank you so much for the songs!!
Wonderful, touching and wintry :))
I love them!

Karin said...

This song is so amazing, it is beautiful, exciting, and the orchestra , with the flutes(?) and everything! And your voice...!
Vet du vad... Är glad att du lämnade bandet. Kan jag säga så? :) Om du fortsätter med dethär har du ju en lysande framtid framför dej, som dej själv , som Anette :)

Unknown said...

Hi Nettie!
I've got 2 questions for you:
1. Will your next songs be in English of in Swedish? (i'll love them either way;)
2. In what genres will your music be?
I'll love it anyway.
Best wishes from Ukraine!

Night Angel said...

And here's our Nettiengale with such a lovely voice! ^^
Thanks for these videos! =) I hope it would be possible to hear these songs in studio quality in the upcoming future? =)


Unknown said...

NightAngel; hi and thanks;=) And yes, this is a special occasion and also the arrangement of the songs are different from how they sound on my demo due to having the big orchestra to play. So this is just a little taste of my songs and when they are finished I am sure they will have new elements to them. But hearing the orchestra gave me ideas to how to arrange and record the songs for the album=)

Ulyana; hi and thanks=) We´ll see how the album will sound cause its always something that I will decide in the studio. And also about the language, it depends, if I am gonna go mainly for Swedish audience or a bigger audience world wide. Let´s see what happens!

Karin; Hej och tack;=) Och ja, jag tror på detta och det känns som jag finner min plats nu;=) And it was fun to sing the songs with orchestra and it gave me loads of ideas for the album;=)

Elinie; Hi and thanks;=) I have songs that are faster and so on too but I love to sing this relaxed and emotional stuff;=)

Balthier; Hi and thanks so much! I will, I love it too;=)

TrinaRV: Hi and thanks so much!

Ena; Hi and thanks;=) Yeah, its a good mix and this song is a song that is mostly going so I felt it needed a bit of rocky touch in the ending;=)

Dmitry; Hi and thanks so much=) So kind words!

Oceéane; Hi! He saw me on the big TV screen and he was proud;=)

Arenaskies: Hi and thanks;=)

Rafael said...

I loved them so much *-*

July said...

Hey Anette!

thank you very much for post the videos, I really liked them!

And well, the song is great and very rhythmic.I can't wiat for your solo album =)

Niwi said...

What an incredible song!
The last video have all your power!!

Thank you for never give up, Anette, you are the best!

Congratulations, and a big hug for you!


IsaWolfheart said...

thanks Anette ;-)

Anonymous said...

You only get better! ;)

:) I love how it sounds... I can't wait for more, it's really nice from you to be sharing this new part of your life with us. Thank you so much!

Harrawrson said...

Oh wow! I knew it would be great, but this is so much better than I expected! So very beautiful and well done! :D

Unknown said...

Bad thing they had to be so way from you but thank you Johan for the lovely videos and thank you Anette for this amazing song, i'm addicted to this already HAHA your soft voice is just too awesome, don't get me wrong here because you know how to scream when its needed but i love your soft voice, we basicly can feel what you're feeling, you can sense every single emotion of this, as little as it is the videos.. it still an AMAZING thing! congratulations my dear, you did an amazing job! =)

Anonymous said...

waa johan is a hero he took the videos of your show so thank you johan ^^ and thank you anette for share it with us too bad that he sat far :( he deserves sit in front his beautiful queen but he was there for you and that means a lot and is nice to read that he is proud of you.

I really like your new songs your voice is so beautiful !!! anette you are amazing ! a lot of love and hugs from colombia =)

LindaS said...

Your singing brings tears to my eyes. This style of music is so suited to you. All I can say is you are an amazing one of a kind woman. Don't ever change who you are.

LindaS said...

Anette, the second song WATCHING ME FROM AFAR made me think of my mum who passed away 3 years ago. You put in to words how my feelings. This song is so beautiful. Will you release it as a single? I really must have it! I am crying as I write this.

Anonymous said...

Great song Anette! My congratulations for your excelent presentation. I'm really happy for finally can hear your wonderfull voice again.

Just can't wait to have your new upcoming debut album of solo career in my hands.

Warm hugs from Brazil! =)

Taaja said...

They are great! I can't wait to hear your album when it will be done.

Warm greets,

AlessandraWilderness said...

you've left me out of breath...nothing more to say... :')

Eduardo Luppe said...

this is fantastic! congratulations!!! I'm waiting for your album!
Warm greets from Brazil!

All the best!

Unknown said...

I love anette

Vicky ♡ said...

Oh, I love it! Thank you for making my day! :) <3

Laetitia L said...

Amazing Nettie ! Your voice's so touching :') Will there be rock songs ? I hope so. Greetings <3

^^ Claudia ^^ said...

Hi Anette!
Very Good Songs!
Your voice is Great,i'm looking forward to have your album in my hands!
I hope you will also write something in your own language,i'd really like!

Love from Italy,
** Klaudia**

ps: I also hope that you will perform here in Italy!

Unknown said...

Anette, you look and sound wonderful! The life you have recreated for yourself and your family seems to be working well for you. Looking forward to your continued posts on here, and to hearing more of your new songs!

Chrisito said...

Oh sweet Jesus, I love your voice! You take away the pain and anxiety and leave nothing but peace and Love. Thank you <3