Saturday, December 15, 2012

Peace and quiet

So, after cleaning all day, it´s so shiny here and I am finally sitting down to enjoy this saturday evening with some Downtown Abbey and at the moment I am watching the Nobel peace concert from Oslo Spektrum. Spektrum, where I have been performing with the ABBA tribute band and it´s a really nice venue.

And all day I´ve just been in the moment, feeling that I am BLESSED to have my wonderful children and Johan and my friends and family. Every time a horrible event occur I always breath the air a bit deeper, hug my children harder and just thank God for being here.

Todays outfit is my cleaning outfit and to make it more fun I put on my red lipstick. No need to not feel hot with red lips just because I´m cleaning the place, right?=)

Enjoy this evening and I found this coat today in Hanneli Mustaparta´s blog and I would LOVE if Santa brought it to me. The coat is from Miu Miu so kinda pricy but oh so nice!

Enjoy this evening and take care of each other!


IAN:) said...


First let me say I love that you have a cleaning outfit. Very cute :)

Second, I have a question.

I was watching some Nightwish live videos to hear how Floor sings the songs. P.S. I totally think that Scaretale is your song all the way :) no one can sing it quite like you can! But my question is this, during the songs where you always did the HEP HEP chant, the fans are still doing that chant. How does it feel to have the fans still doing your chant and knowing that will live on with Nightwish fans?

Océane said...

I think you're the only woman in the world who look gorgeous while cleaning! Hehe :)

Now time for the bew serie "once upon a time" :)

Love and many hugs

Unknown said...

So Amsterdam and Helsingborg have one thing in common, Downton Abbey on TV. Just love it! Was Lady Edith already left at the altar?

Unknown said...

UH make cleaning sound like such a fun thing! My mom does most of the cleaning and she has a special day of the week when she does it..."Cleaning Day" I get the Hell out of the house most of the time when she cleans...idk y. I clean up after myself obviously but idk y I run away when she cleans.
You look pretty today:) And don't worry, God is watching over u and your family and friends. He's watching everyone...
Enjoy your day

Unknown said...

Ian; Hi and thanks;=) Well, I think many fans liked me and my Hep heps and I will miss them for honoring me with that;=) I will always cherish my hep hep moments and I am glad the fans do that too;=) Thanks for your comment and enjoy the evening now!

Océane; Hi and thanks;=) I think its more fun to clean with make up on, some nice music to sing to and also a little Nemo who dances with me;=) Enjoy Once upon a time, its my favourite too;=)

Marina; hi! Yeah, its the second to last episode so its exciting now;=)

Rivka: Hi and thanks so much, you´re such a sweet and kind person;=) And I actually love cleaning but never did when I was younger so it might be a "mother-syndrome";=)

Unknown said...

Thank u but ur sweeter and kinder

Unknown said...

I LOVE Floor but I totally agree that nobody does Scaretale like Anette:) Still miss Anette in Nightwish but she seems happier since she left and its better when Anette is happy:)

Océane said...

Oh thanks for your answer =) It's ALWAYS a pleasure to read "Anette Olzon said..." in the comment section! Its an everyday gift =) Thanks for your time!

And about the Hep-Hep, I miss that too so much! And we all realised during that tour you did it less than during the DPP tour, and I remember few people wrote it here also and we were all wondering "why does she stopped doing it??". But still when I listen to the CD i'm singing "hep hep" ahah! I LOVE live version because of that =)

And actually during the UK tour I realised fans are still singing the songs the way you sang it! Not only the Hep hep =) you're still in every NW fans head! You'll always be in mine! =)

Love and Hugs

Marekos said...

Hi Anette,
I'm your fan from Poland. Thank you for this beautiful blog. You look amazing and I hope you will soon release your solo album. I'm waiting for more music from you. I also like your songs with Nightwish, I can listen to them all the time. You are my idol and inspiration.


eskoplja said...

Hello and good evening dear Nettie :)
How are you? Hope all is ok :)
You look lovely as always!
And's true...It is wonderful to be with your loved ones and God is always there for everyone of us...always by our side.
Wish you a good night and sweet dreams :)

Ena :*

Isabella Ahnert said...

Hello Anette :)
Glad you rested and watched the concert ^ ^
Wow, loved her red lipstick :D Her clothes are pretty well Also. And you're so fine ♥
Kisses =*

Beatrix said...

I do not like cleaning. I am too lazy, but of course I love to think instead that I simply do nor have time for it. :) Anyhow, I would love to have a lady to do it for me.
Maybe I should try your approach, dress up and make it a fun program.
I will give it try. :)

It is time to go to sleep. I hope all your loved ones have sweet dreams.
Oh, and it was heart-warming to read that you recognise and celebrate how lucky you are with having such a wonderful family and friends around! I am so happy for you!
Take care!

Veronica Lorenzo said...

Not a bad Idea to clean Though today was very hectic for me... :/

Henk said...

Hi Dear Anette!
Looks very beautiful. Really great to hear that you are happy! Unfortunately, I could not see the concert this year but I really liked last year's concert very much, especially Lost In Paradise performed by Evanescence. Magical song!
Enjoy your day and best wishes from Russia!

Unknown said...

very happy! we miss you! I looked inpatience your solo albums, and I hope that you will do a tour in France .. I love you

Unknown said...

Excuse me for English not very English!

Philippa said...

Hej Anette, I love that sweater/dress, it looks good on you :)
And that's a really beautiful coat. Unfortunately the prettiest things are often the most expensive ones as well. Enjoy your Sunday :)

Serafim said...

Like your cleaning outfit and especially hair do =)

Wish you a fantastic Sunday! ;=)

Anonymous said...
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TheDeadUnicorn said...

Reading how grateful you are for your children and Johan makes me so happy.You truly seem to be someone who understands how lucky she is,and is able to appreciate it.I wish I was able to do that!I may not be the luckiest of girls,but I always find the smallest things to brag about.Damn,I wish I could change the way I see life.I wish my mind would work the right way.
I hope you're having a great day!And by the way,you look gorgeous AND sexy even in your cleaning outfit!Ah.

Unknown said...

yeah, very cute and ellegant coat - I like it! And you are right, it is very big blessing, that you have nice and cute children, Johan and family!!! because this is very important in this world have someone and be with them and it is very good feeling don´t be alone :-)

Anonymous said...

hi anette :) i like your cleaning outfit and i hope that santa gives you the coat because it's really cool ^^ and you will look beautiful on it.
have a wonderful sunday

Unknown said...

Hi dear Anette, do you have some typical swedish x-mas songs for us, too? thank you very much! :-) have a nice evening :-) , Radka

Anonymous said...

Dear Anette,
your outfit for cleaning I like it very much ; =)
You look at your pictures so happy. That pleases me very much.
Have a nice Sunday evening.
hugs and love Kylie

fstorm said...

Hey love, glad to hear you're relaxing this weekend! I'm on my 8th day of work in a row!

fstorm said...

Hope the rest of your weekend went well!

Unknown said...

hey as always you look so good with your crazy outfits :) im agree with the first comment with all respect i don't want troubles but nightwish is nothing without you but you in your solo career are even great well have a good day


Carol Misokane said...

Hey Nettan.
So, cleaning up the house can be great and fun I think, specially because we clean it in our own way. I would never let anyone do it for me =).
Loved the outfit, so "I'm in home"..and still very fashion ^^.

Hope your weekend have been great.

Love, Carol

Beto said...

hi Anette, I just cleaned my room and washed all my clothes for this xmas and new year's eve last friday, one day before you, what about your plans for this xmas and new year's eve?

Fiona said...

Hi Annette! I like the pink coat. Is that a secret hint for Johan to get you this as a Christmas gift? Hehe ;)