Saturday, December 01, 2012

More photos

Found these photos taken by Fredrik Berggren:



Lovely photos:) looking as good as ever;) have you video footage would love to see it and hear the songs you did?:)

Logan said...

U look gorgeous :)

Anonymous said...

Where is the "like" button!

They're so stunning!!

Dark Queen said...

You're beautiful and you look so happy :)
I'm dying to hear your songs :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Very nice pictures! and love the accessories ♥ can you tell us more about the outfit that you wore last night? ♥

Kaoru said...

Anette! Can you tell us what songs you sang? You were beautiful.

Micha said...

I really like your outfit and your hair. You simply look amazing

eskoplja said...

Hi Nettie :)
Hope you are fine :)
Thanks for sharing the photos, you look absolutely stunning. You are really adorable!
I really can not wait to hear more of your songs :)
Big hugs to you


Ena :*

Serafim said...

Hello, dear Anette!;=)
I'm so happy that everything went fantastic and and it's really nice that you loved ones were at the concert to enjoy you and support! :-)
Thank you so much for beautiful photos! :-)
Hope you slept well and I wish a good day! =)

P.S today is a first day of winter, but in my town it is +17 degrees...haha.. very warm)))

Elmas said...

I'm glad to hear it went so good, Anette, and that you're feeling so happy and blessed!!
I've been looking up on Youtube for clips from last night but I didn't find anything yet, I guess they weren't uploaded yet! Please share if you get something from Johan or other friends who recorded! ;-)

Have a great weekend!!

Unknown said...

Really no offense, you look gorgeous.
but on the first picture you're face is kinda stoned. Hahahaha
As I said, no offense, I just noticed it.

I'd give my all, if only I had the chance of seeing you live again. :)
(yeah, and the stoned faces Lol)


Océane said...

Wow!You're wonderful!

I want to see moooooore =) and photos during the other song, with your long black dress as you said!

Thanks a lot!

Love and Hugs

Mary-Anne said...

I love your hair, I love you makeup, I love your outfit, I love your voice, I love you! =) those photos are absolutely breath-taking. Johan, your mum and best friend must have had such a great night =) I can’t wait to see what’s next on the horizon for Anette Olzon ;) you have such a bright future full of everything you deserve!!x
P.S. I felt a bit sad yesterday and my husband said, cheer up, I need to get you a “Nettie pill” hehe, he meant that you’re so cheerful and so strong all the time and I should take a leaf out of your book =) and it’s true. You’re my idol =)

Soffel said...

Hey Nettie :)
Wow, you look so beautiful on this pictures. I love your hair.
Hope, it was fun to you to perform :)

Hugs, Soffel

wishmaster665 said...

Hi Anette,
I am so happy that you had such an amazing night and judging by the photographs you have posted, you looked like you were having fun and that's exactly how it's meant to be. Being grateful for everything in life has became a habit for me and I can see that you live by gratitude too. I can't wait to see you perform some time in tne near future. Have a fantastic Saturday and maybe the memory of last night will make you even hungrier to get that solo album out. God bless. x

Dotti said...

Du er så nydelig! :)

Klem fra Dotti :)

Lady Deceiver said...

Anette, you're so great! hope you had a wonderful night!

I hope we can listen you're new songs soon

have a nice weekend

TheDeadUnicorn said...

I AM WEEPING.You looked so beautiful!And happy.And I just--argh.So,so adorable.I can't wait to see all the performances!
Lots of love,

Beatrix said...

Simply stunning! :)

Unknown said...

I don't think you could be prettier, you look absolutely GORGEOUS! love the way you did your hair and love this pictures, i'm so happy for you, so happy that i'm wordless! you rock girl! have fun and a nice day!

Unknown said...

Beautiful... Have you a wonderful weekend

litaford said...

and you look just beautiful as always, which songs did you sing? sorry, but I have lost some blogging from you dear Anette :( hugs!!

Helminen said...

You look beautiful and gorgeous! Please, dig some more photos for us to see! It definitely looks like a night to remember!


Carol Misokane said...

Nettie, what a show!! I didn't see it, but I can feel it through your words and your happy face. By the way, I'm reminind when you said in Tokyo 2008 in the beggining of the show "is so great to see so happy faces" and now is so great to see a very happy face of you singing your own songs, singing just your way, without anyone saying what you have or not to do, it's amazing. I feel so great to see you coming back to the stage again, can't wait for the videos =).

Hope you have a magical day and may the energy of the concert stays in you for the rest of the year.

Love, Carol

Katharine Rv said...

Such great photos! You look so lovely dear!! ♥

rainy said...

You look just fabulous!
Everything- hair, make up and so on is perfect!
Did Johan record anything? :D

Unknown said...

Oh my God! U look awesome! I really wish I could have been there to support u:) Have a good and happy day today:)

Taaja said...

Thanks for sharing!
You look great.

Unknown said...

Hi Nettan!
you are so beautiful, I love your hair and your clothes, you will put videos here?

Good sleep and good dreams.
God bless

Raffaella Brazil

Laetitianne said...

You're amazing! I hope it was good for you! I run to read your previous post!



LindaS said...

Hi Anette,
You look just stunning and so happy! I hope you'll have some video for us soon. Have a great day!

James Oakes said...

Heyy Anette! You look LOVELY in these pictures. It looks like you had a really amazing time there. I was hoping to find some youtube videos of your performance but I couldn't find any. I hope you can post a couple for us to enjoy :)

Have a lovely day and enjoy your success! James x

Laetitianne said...


You're not the only ex singer from Nightwish to be a mum!

Congrats to her! Your pregnancies in both were magnificent news!

Satanja said...

Hej Anette,
Jag har också en del bilder på dig från invigningen igår, du hittar dem på min officiella facebook Har du ingen facebook men ändå vill se bilderna får du gärna höra av dig till mig på så skickar jag gärna dem.

MVH Sofia Hellberg (Satanja)

Unknown said...


I love your hair! It looks soooooo fluffy! You look so happy! I realy like you this way! If I was there I would just stand there and cry.

I maybe go to black veil brides<3 I just loooooovveeee my dad!

I hope you're not to tired now.

haha xoxo

The Dreamer said...

You look so beautiful and happy, it's great to know that everything went well. There are no videos yet, I'm dying to see them, so curious :D
Most of us couldn't be there, so cheer us up with the pictures you find ;D

Have a nice day Anette <3

Unknown said...

So beautiful.You are perfect Anette.Beautiful hair,beautiful clothes and a beautiful voice.Love you so much

Anonymous said...

hermosa ^^ you look great i love your hair i wanna see videos of your show
have a nice weekend anette :)

Unknown said...

Nightwishaholic: Hi and thanks;=) yes, I have some videos but they need to be converted but when that is fixed I´ll post them=)

Logan: hi and thanks so much;=)

Oona; Hi and thanks so much!

Dark Queen; hi and thanks;=) yeah, I want them to be out too;=)

Fantasia; Hi and thanks;=) I wore fake leather pants and the fake leather top from Zara, necklace from Marni and boots from a vintage store in LA. Then various bracelets from Topshop and Gina Tricot. The girls did my hair wavy and a bit curly to get a natural look, then did small braids on one side and pulled it over to the right side. The make up was a black grimy eye make up with just lip gloss on the lips. Fake eyelashes were added too.

Kaoru; hi and thanks;=I sang two of my own songs, Like a show inside my head and Watching me from afar. Then I also joined the other artists in a Beatles medley where I sang Get back=)

Micha; Hi and thanks;=)

Ena: Hi and thanks so much;=)

Serafim; Hi and thanks=) Yeah, it was just wonderful to have my dear ones there and also really fun to share the backstage with Björn and David from Soilwork, who are really nice guys;=)

Elmas; Hi! i have videos but they need to be converted before I can upload and that might take one more day;=)

Elize; haha, no offense taken;=) And yeah, i hope we soon have some videos I can put up for you!

Océane; Hi and thanks;=) i actually only wore this outfit, didnt feel comfortable in the long dress so thought it was better to wear the same outfit and feel ok;=)

Mary- Anne; Hi and thanks so much=) I also have bad days when I am not so positive but I try to make them be less than the happy ones;=)

Unknown said...

Haha okay, good. ^_^
and I can't wait for the videos!

July said...

Hi Anette!

OMG you look so gorgeous! I have to say that I'm so happy for you, because the show was so right! I'm really really, glad for you!

This is a big step in your carrera and in your life, and well, you know you have so many fans that support you forever. And I'm sure this show it's the first of many those will come very soon.

God bless you!

Unknown said...

WOW Anette you look amazing! you look so comfortable and happy :)

Ricardo Javier said...

Hi!! Anette... I'm late again coming to read your post :D
You looks very very gorgeous and happy in a small collection of nice pictures. Congratulations! The best for you ;)

Herta said...

Dear Anette,

so good to see you on stage again, performing!
you look so great, very beautiful :)

Lots of love ♥,