Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Preppy style

Hi all,

Yesterday and today I´ve felt like looking "preppy" so even if I was just at home cleaning yesterday I put a nice preppy hair band on my head to look nicer and today I´ve had one of my preppy dresses that I love;=)

I´m longing for a new pair of glasses and I´ve found the ones I love and want. Are going to try them on and hope they fit me;=) They´re from Chanel and cat eye model and the sides are just so nice!


Laetitianne said...

I wear glasses too but when I choose one pair, they last for long years. It's too expensive.


Karin said...

Hey Anette, you look awesome and happy! I loooove those chanelglasses. I should also get new ones.....

I was at a seminar today, and somebody presented a work done by a student , where she used this poem by Jonas Gardell .
I almost cried when I heard it, and I really felt I had to post it here. It brought a lot of feelings to the surface... ( from my time in school. Although it was "hundred" years ago, but the feelings never leave you. They are still the same )
I thought of translating it to english, but maybe you could do it better? :) If you want to....

Skammen var aldrig din

Det finns dom som gjort dig illa,
det finns dom som inget vet,
det finns dom som gjort en grej av
att skrika ut din hemlighet.
Det finns dom som stal din stolthet.
Det finns dom som tog ditt mod.
Och dom som ingenting förstod.

Dig som ingen känner,
dig som ingen ser.
Du som saknar vänner
och knappt vill andas mer.
Hör på mig min kära,
hur ska jag få dig att förstå:
Du måste resa dig och gå!

Men det finns nåd för nya världar
mycket större än den här,
nya skapelser och tider,
nåd för allt som blir och är.
Och alla deras lögner
betyder ingenting.
Tro mig när jag säger:
Skammen var aldrig din.

eskoplja said...

Hi dear Nettie :)
You look absolutely adorable!
I wear glasses too. The ones you found are really cute :)
I hope there will be one pair for you :)

Big hugs to you
Wish you a lovely night


Ena :*

Unknown said...

U look pretty:) I didn't know u wear glasses...

Alexstrasza said...

Hello Anette,

Thank you so much for the pictures. I adore both of the outfits, I especially love the first one. They look great on you and the first one really shows off what an outstanding figure you have :)

I am very sorry about those pictures of Nemo that were put on the internet. That was very wrong and disrespectful of the person who did it and I hope it is resolved. Fortunately, your word seems to have spread and a lot of people are not allowing the pictures to be reblogged.

Hope you have a beautiful and fun day!


July said...

Hi Anette!

Pretty preppy style :D The glasses and the hair band are very cute! I really like this style!

By the way, I have to tell you something. Yesterday a neighbor said bad things to my old bro, and my bro said nothing, because he's very relaxed and cool. But today my mom ( like good mom) spoke with the neighbor and he was in a bad mood, because also said bad things to my mom. And he said, "I will not to talk with your son anymore."

And well, can you imagine the situation, my family never injures to others neighbors and I wonder why the neighbors injures to my family? I'm really in shock, very sad and distressed, because this is not the 1st time they mistreat to my bro.

Even, we are thinking that the only solution is to move. And I don't know what to do.

But anyway, I wish you have a very nice day!

Panteleia Nyr said...

I loved the dress from Soocun. Especially it's collar. So cute!

The bow-tie on the hairband and the earrings are also very nice. The coat is purely magnificent.

Thank you for putting the labels of the clothing in the pictures, you save so much time. If I find such a store near my location I will buy that dress for sure.

Have a nice evening, best of wishes.

Unknown said...

Hello gorgeous woman,

I'm sure the glasses will fit perfectly. You are just insanely gorgeous woman.. haha

And you look so cute today! :3


Unknown said...

yeah , I like it! especially I like your hair band and blue clothes :-) oh and with your bad situation about Nemo photo - is okay now?

saskia said...

hey, I like all outfits at most the blue top. I am the only one in my family who dont need glasses. But I dont know if this will last forever :]. I like this glasses you posted I think the could fit to you.
enjoy your evening

Unknown said...

You look so sweet!

Yesterday I'd broke my week of no cutting=( Me and my dad weren't nice to eachother so in the evening I'd covered my hips in blood. One of them wouldn't stop bleeding. So it was this morning all hurting and red. So yeah....
I realy want to stop but I'm scared to talk to others over it because they all say cutters are stupid and dumb.

But from today I'll never cut again and if I do it again I will go to a doctor. I promise.

Go to whatch The Nanny now xoxo

Unknown said...

I like your style! Is like you're getting younger... ^^
Good for you! Have a nive week.

Anonymous said...

Oh leggings or trousers from Zara are a hell for me! Because I have long legs (no kidding 108 cm long from hip to my heel!) they're always 10 cm too short for me! I'm really lucky that the leggings and trousers of H&M are sometimes long enough for my legs! Long legs are beautiful but sometimes they can be horrible too!!

Unknown said...

I didn't know you need glasses.

Oh and I love your clothes.

IAN:) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
IAN:) said...


You are such a beautiful woman! You have such a great since of style with fashion and makeup, you don't look a day over 30! And let me congratulate you on your performance a few nights ago. The songs you sang were so beautiful. I can not wait to hear them on the album when they are all done. Hope all is well at your house. I wish I had the cold where you are. It is December 4th and its 65 degrees, sunny, and windy in Kansas! I wish it would snow here!!

Much love from the U.S.

Unknown said...

Love the way you're dressed in the first photos, and those glasses are amazing, expecially the last ones!!
I really hope the ignorant who put Nemo's photos on the Internet will get what he deserve, you're a very lovely mom!
Hugs and sleep well!

Océane said...

I love the glasses! I'm also thinking about getting a new pair of glasses, and I LOVE that kind :


So, soon I'll try to find the perfect one, hope this shape suit my face! And I think it would be lovely on you =)

I also really like your outfit, the dress is really cute with the collar =)

Hope you had a great day my dear! Today I clean my car, vaccuumed and everything, it took me almostone hour to make it perfect and I have to say I feel sooooo good now! I realised when I cleaned my appartment, room or car then I feel good "in my head". It's like, when its a mess somewhere, its also a mess in my head!ahah!

Love and Hugs

Anonymous said...

you look so adorable with glasses , sleep well now, i hope is everything ok now n_n.
pd: my mother said you're a goddess haha

Serena said...

Hey I love the new glasses! BTW I know you're studying science How is that going?

Anonymous said...

I love your taste in fashion, especially your stage outfits :) I wanted to ask about this dress: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/7f/Anette_Olzon_in_Kaisaniemi_2008.JPG which brand is it from? It's lovely!

Enjoy your evening/day!

Anonymous said...

Hi anette :) i wear glasses too i think the glasses gives you an intelectual and sexy look hehe xD the black are really cute ^^ and i like your outfits. have a nice day

Rosana said...

Nice choice of glasses hopefully fit in and you love the coat too, Im sorry for the incident nemo photos of her true fans would not this evil to you, Be strong! have good dreams

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette

I'm sure you had enough 'bout this topic, but that's kinda important:
In the recent years a brand new trand is spreading: insulting bands or singers without even having the slightest idea of who they are.
unfortunately, as everyone knows, you are one of the biggest victims of this bullshit:http://sphotos-d.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/335991_4525790555993_1141988839_o.jpg
Here's the translation of my comments: (mistakes are made on purpose)People, forgive Anette for having been a friendly and spontaneous person, even if she was the singer of a famous band. Her wonderful voice and her humbleness didn't matter, since she wasn't GoTh!!1. You're right when you say that she couldn't sing: the band chose her among thousands potential singers for no reason... (of course I'm kidding). Now, I want this bullshit to stop: it is hurting innocent artists (just like you or Dragonforce and many others)and causing useless discussions between fans, and I can't bear it anymore. I want your help to change things, you and all the people on this blog can put an end to this. I'm not asking you to waste your time aswering haters' comments and whatever... I just want you to make sure that this reproach won't happen to future bands or singers. Would you please publish a little article about this on your blog? I'll do the rest.

Thank you.

A watchful protector of peace on the internet.

Carol Misokane said...

Oh, how sweet you looked today *-*.
I use glasses since I was 11 (now I'm 20) and I love to change them haha..there's so many different models and it makes us more beautiful =)..hope you find yours.

Have a beautiful night (L).

Love, Carol

Gary said...

Hi Anette,
Naughty Librarian glasses on you...
please continue....

take care,
lots of love,

B.Lo said...

You should hire a web designer!

there's nothing wrong with the other blog, don't run away from who you are,

Unknown said...

WOW Anette you look amazing....

Unknown said...

Yeah, you better keep that promise.
Sweety, I'm deadly worried... :(
Stay strong, sweetheart. <3


Nick Rivera said...

Greetings dearest Anette! :)


I was in a "preppy mood" myself just a few days ago. I dragged out an outfit from the suitcase I haven't worn in ages!

You look absolutely beautiful in the first picture! It appears as if you've lost some weight?

Like the cat model glasses. I found a pair just like those except the frame is all black, and on the left side has a red rose painted on them.

Unknown said...

Laetitianne; Hi! yeah, I have mine for many years too;=)

Karin; Hi and thanks for sharing;=) Jonas is so wonderful and I love all he´s doing and this text is just so strong. Take care!

Ena: Hi and thanks;=)

Rivka; Hi! Yeah, I do;=)

Aleksandria: hi and thanks;=)

July; Hi and thanks;=) And I am sorry about the neighbor thing! sometimes we dont know why people dont like us or act out on us for no reason. And its, of course, no fun when its a neighbor living so close to you, but give it some time. Maybe it will calm down in some time and I would also try to stay away from them as much as possible. You dont have to socialize with your neighbors, if you dont want to. Hope it will get better and stay strong!

Panteleia; Hi and thanks=) And good that you like the idea of writing where the clothes are from in the photos. The dress is bought in Stockholm in a small boutique who gets these dresses from Paris.

Elize: Hi and thanks so much;=)

Radoslava: Hi and thanks;=) Yeah, I am just fine;=)

Gitte; Hi! I need to go and try them out but if they fit me I´ll get them;=)

Saskia; Hi! Its the same in my family, my sister doesnt need any but she´s the only one;=)

Sabine; Hi! Yeah, you need to go and get some therapist help, Sabine, cause it needs to stop. You will hate those scars for all of your life and the anxiety needs to be dealt with in another way. So try and get some help, ok?

Monalisa; Hi and thanks;=) I guess its good genes;=)

Oona: Hi! Oh, you´ve got a pair of long beautiful legs to show off then;=) Have you tried out Topshop? They have clothes called Tall for longer girls;=)

Sid: Hi and yes, I do.

Ian; Hi and thanks;=) Oh no, you dont want our cold. I already hate it!=)

Vermilion; Hi and thanks, yeah the Chanel glasses are so nice;=)

Océane; hi and I like those glasses too. I have a pair kinda similar I got years ago and they are always cool on;=) And I am the same with the cleaning thing, i just love the feeling afterwards and I don't like when its messy or dirty, it gives me such a bad mood, so thats why I clean all the time;=) hugs!

Martin;: hi and thanks;=)

Serena; hi! Oh, my studies have been going quite bad. I havent felt like it since I did the lab day. Mainly due to the teacher just being a really lazy and not so good teacher. I kinda lost my interest, but maybe I´ll get it back after x-mas;=)

Amelia; Hi and thanks;=) that dress is from Odd Molly, a swedish wonderful brand=)

Serena said...

Hey! Thanks for the answer!
Maybe u should study literature It Will fit u more!

Anonymous said...

Hii Anette,

Yeah I kinda love my long legs. We don't have Topshop in Belgium :( And I don't like to order via internet. For this year my dress for Gala Nocturna was costom made. It turned out really beautiful! Some brands of trousers are really good! Like Cheap Monday. You have your hip size and the length of your legs. So I have a 32 on 34 (I think). Tommy Hilfinger has that too for their jeans :-))

A few of my favorite things said...

very nice coat and you look great in it.
Have a nice day.

Unknown said...

Do u wear contact lenses when u don't have your glasses?

Unknown said...

But I won't get any help from those people! I promise I won't do it I again! I'm scared of therapist so that isn't a good idea.

If I won't stop now. I'll search for help at school but therapists scare me and make me even more depressive. And I don't want to be depressive anymore! I've got some great friends to help me now! If Oona, Elize, Alíz or Maria this reads I want to say : THANK YOU! Kiitos! Arigato, Danke, Tak!(did I wrote it right?) All of them help me so good!

Haha, We had presents at school today and one of my friends gave me black nail polish<3

So I feel much better now!I try to be even more stronger now.

Anonymous said...

You are princess♥ :)

Anonymous said...

You're welcome Sabine ;-))

July said...

Hi Anette!

Thank you very much, I appreciate your words, really makes me feel better, and I'm going to take your advice. Stay away for them as much as possible.
And again I want to say thank you with all my heart, for your words.

Have a nice nice day.

Serena said...

You go Sabine!
I also went throught hard times when I was a teenager, but I survived!
You've got us!!
Greetings from Spain

Océane said...

Hope you had a great day my dear :)

Mine was full with cleaning again but this time in my flat :), also boring things like post office, bank ...
I booked a appointment to do my nails in 10 days. Yes I need to book in advance so it force me to dont bite them hehe! And I'll have Shellac again this time, I think I'll go for black first with then a thin layer of glitterer red. It should be cool I think :)
Tomorrow I have an other day off and then go back to work :) I guess i'll clean again tomorrow ahah! The other good thing in cleaning is i can put my music loud so it turns into a cool thing :) and this days its : Imaginaerum, pain discography, within temptation and battle beast. I put the random mode and let's go! :)

Anyway youre maybe tired of reading everyones life so i stop now! Ahah

Love and many Hugs!
Sleeo well angel

Isabella Ahnert said...

Hello dear Anette :)
I loved your clothes, you look so beautiful with them =)
I really liked the Chanel sunglasses.
Kisses = *

Robermifernes said...

you look great in Soocun clothes!

It's 2am here in Poland, I am sitting and working and listen to music. And I thought I will send you one of polish songs by Doda (with her ex-band Virgin) with a beautiful lyric:

and here 's the translation of the lyric made by myself (but it's not perfect, sorry - it's hard to translate lyrics):
You're afraid to believe
That there is still someone who
Tells you he would help you
But will thrust a knife in your back when you don't look

I feel the same
and everybody does

The world isn't bad
But it's worth to know that there are tears
Because we are bad!
Fate can change
Don't be an executioner, because he could
Be your brother as well
And remember that
When heart stop beat
You'll calmly fall asleep and
You won't recall faces
That lost sense of life
Because you
Have prefered, have prefered
To be bad

My friend
This word sounds so strange today
Even though the biggest gift
Is a person making your sleep well
I want to be her and you want it too

I ask for all of you to trust a heart
Even if just one time and
I ask you all to defeat evil
Even if just one time
Remember that
When heart stop to beat
You'll blissfully fall asleep and
You won't recall faces
Whose eyes didn't laugh because of you

I ask for all of you to trust a heart
Even if just one time and
I ask for all of you to defeat evil
Even if just one time
Remember that
When heart stop run
You'll blissfully fall asleep and

Let's give a sign
Sign of peace

what do you think about it?
HAve a nice day, Nettie! :)

Unknown said...

Your welcome, Sabbie. <3
If there's something you need to tell me, you've got my phone number, so you can call me. :)
Can't wait for the Xmas holidays! Xoxo love you sweetheart. <3

linda said...

Hello my dear! How are you?!
Today, in France, it's snowing! Youpiiiiie!
I love your dress, it is just beautiful!
Today I bought my Christmas gift, and it is something to do with you! Looks: http://www.alittlemarket.com/collier/collier_anette_olzon_nightwish-2157616.html

Good day my dear Anette!!

Kisses from France, Linda <3

Karin said...

Today in Finland we celebrate our Independence Day! It is not a kind of dancing oit in the streets or be happy and merry- day. It is a kind of a memorial day to all our veterans from the war, and how we are proud of our independence. We celebrate quietly most with friends and family, and put candles in the windows( a memory from the war, when candles in people' s windows ment they fight for Finland) So Happy Birthday my dear homecountry! And Anette : send regards to Johan and his Finnish family :)

Océane said...

Ah cool que tu l'ai acheté! C'est une amie qui les fait :), je lui ai donné l'idee il à quelques semaines. Elle m'a fait celui du clip Storytime rien que pour moi lol! J'espere qu'il te plairas ! :)

Antti Uski said...

Hi Anette. I found a video in youtube. The video is from the show called "Putous". It's a Finnish sketch show. There was a mission, where the competitors are telling jokes in English in 20 seconds. But if they tells the joke over 20 seconds, they have to tell that joke in Swedish! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCOvLLdM-JM , that is the link to the video. can you find the mistakes?

linda said...

Oui effectivement, Océane, elle fait un travail magnifique, j'ai hâte de le porter, j'ai aussi commander le collier " Tuomas" ....
Bonne journée à toi ...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Serafim said...

Dear Anette!
Hi! How are you? How was you day? =)

Kisses and Hugs

Océane said...

Elle va en faire un autre de "Tuomas", d'une photo que je lui ai montré! Aussi un autre de Anette sur commande aussi.
J'suis fan de son travail! :) mais je sais pas si tu sais, vaut mieux commander via le site de Ulule et pas littlemarket car ca l'aide pour son projet de Japan expo :)

Bonne soiree!

Sorry about that Anette! Maybe you understand few words here and there :)

Love and Hugs dear

Fernando said...

Hola mi querida Nettie,

I wanted to drop by and say hello on your new blog. It looks really sharp and I love your wallpaper with pics of you on it. Beautiful as always ;-) Wishing the best in everything and lots of love to you and yours...

Love Fernando ~*GodofThunder*~

Betty Blue said...

Good evening, Anette!
I´m not sure if in Scandinavia you also celebrate the 6th of Decemer. In Germany we do, we call it "Nikolaus", it´s just a day give some little presents to beloved people, even my family had breakfast together this morning since it´s my brother´s birthday as well.
Just wanted to wish you (very late, I know) a great Nikolaus-day, whether you celebrate it or not ;-)
Love, Betty

Rosana said...

Anette Hey are you ok? or just off the blog for a while?
  Enjoy your week

linda said...

Ah non, je savais pas, je les ai commander sur littlemarket, j'y penserai la prochaine fois, merci.
Bonne journée à toi Océane !!! :)
Have a good day Anette !!!! :)

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

It´s been a while since I checked out your blog for the last time. So today I thought let´s go there again and leave a nice comment and what do I find? A new blog :). It looks good and I hope you are happy with it. I haven´t checked out already what happened since my last visit, but maybe I´ll do it some time. I hope you are allright and I wish you the best, as always. Take good care of yourself please and you´ll read from me again :)


Unknown said...

Hi!Everything ok?Hope so..i'm getting used to stay in touch with you..but you disappeared..i miss you!:-)

Unknown said...

Hi!Everything ok Anette?I hope so..i'm getting used to stay in touch with you..but you disappeared..i miss you..:-)

Unknown said...

Hi Anette!Everything ok?I hope so..i'm getting used to stay in touch with you..but you have disappeared...i' miss you..:-)

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

my dear you are fine? I hope so.
I love you.

Serafim said...

Is everything ok, dear? ;=)
I hope that yes! ))

Enjoy your day!

Best wishes,
Margarita =)

Océane said...

My dear, hope you all are okay! :)
I dont know why I have the feeling the next time you'll write something here is to say you want to stop blogging! I just hope I have a wrong pressentiment :)

Love and Hugs

littlemimo said...

Hi Anette,
I hope that you're fine, no more articles, but new comments so I think that you don't have any time to post new photos or articles... But of course I miss your articles ;)
Have a nice week end !

LindaS said...

Hi Anette, We haven't seen you here for a couple of days. I hope everything is alright there. Love and miss you dear

LindaS said...

Hi Anette..I hope everything is ok there. Missing you dear !

A few of my favorite things said...

Anette, Are You O.K.? Every day I checked out your blog but fro few day there's no information from You.
I hope you are all right.

Dark Queen said...

Hej Anette!
How are you? Are you ok? I hope so. Since you don't post nothig I'm a litte worried.
Lotk of kisses ♥

Beatrix said...

Hey Anette,
Hope you are fine and having a lovely Friday evening!

eskoplja said...

Hey dear Nettie, how are you?
I hope you are fine :)
Big hugs

Ena :*

July said...

Hi Anette!

I hope you're ok, and everything go alright :D I miss you!! come back please!

Please take care and have a nice nice day!

Unknown said...

Hey dear,

Are you okay? You haven't been posting for a while, so I'm getting a little worried...
I hope everything is alright. <3

Have a nice evening, dear Nette!


Unknown said...

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