Saturday, December 01, 2012

More wonderful photos taken by Satanja;=)

Thanks Satanja, you´re a super good photographer! I love them all! I´ll contact you and buy some of them;=) Thanks again!


Océane said...

Oh yes!!! They're really good! Love the first a lot!

And I really love the hairdo! You did it alone or you had a professional?

Love and Hugs

Kay said...

you look like you have lost a lot of weight?
Hope your well.

Karin said...

Thank you Anette! Tusen tack!
Bilderna helt fantastiska och man blir glad !
Vilka sånger sjöng du? Vi hålls snart inte i våra byxor, vi väntar såååå på att få höra dina sånger :)))
Been on youtube, but there is nothing yet... ?

Emeline. said...

Hello Anette!

You are radiant on these photos. Really beautiful. You look much happier. I love when you put your hair on the side. Oh, and nice necklace.

I'm very proud of you!

Have a nice evening!
Lots of love.


Laetitianne said...

You seems so happy on stage! This is very beautiful to see that!

And yes, these are beautiful pictures, especially the first one!


XxBriannaxX said...

Wow.. You look so beautiful and happy in these pictures. I love them so much!

Mary-Anne said...

Last night was the start of something wonderful ;) kisses

Unknown said...

These photos are wonderful and nice! I like them! You look so happy ;-)

Tanya Yazykova said...

Hi, Anette!
You are so cute on this photos! Love them all!Do you have some videos from yesterday?
With Love,

Anonymous said...


MusicOfTheNight said...

You are so pretty, Anette!
What a kick-ass start!!! ;=)
Wish you all the best, you surely deserve it!
I hope to see a video....? ;=)
Have a nice evening!!!

IsaWolfheart said...

yes very beautiful photos you'r beautiful Anette
I love the first ;-)

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,
The Photos look really fantasic:)

I Like the frist one You shine like an angel on it. Could i get it as a Poster?
Then comes the poster beside to my Tarja posters;).

Have a great Night,

Júlia Cavagnolli said...

SO BEAUTIFUL! I love your outfit and hairdo! Can't wait to see videos of your performance. xxx

Unknown said...

It glad to see you on stage !
I can't wait to watch the videos !
You look beautiful and happy ! =D

Unknown said...

I love these photos!

Whish I was there too...

Myla said...

Very beautiful photos!
You look great! ;)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos! Glad all went well for you. Did you manage to interview Bjorn? x

Unknown said...

Océane: Hi and thanks;=) There were one make up girl and a hair stylist who helped us artists to get pretty;=) They did a great job and I will use them again;=)

Kay: Hi and thanks;=) I might have lost some weight, yes, and I am doing just fine;=)

Karin; Hej och tack! I sang two of my own songs, first: Like a show inside my head and then Watching me from a far. I also sang with all the other artists in a big Beatles medley as a final thing and there I sang Get back and rocked the venue;=) We have some videos but they need to be converted but as soon as I have fixed that I´ll put them up for you!

Emeline; Hi and thanks;=) It´s pure happiness in the photos and that´s how I felt and feel today too=)

Laetitianne:; Hi and thanks;=) yeah, I almost cried in the second song, from such joy and happiness and being proud of my own songs. It was just amazing!

Unknown said...

Brianna: Hi and thanks so much for such sweet words;=)

Mary-Ann: Hi and thanks;=) yes, it was!

Alina; Hi and thanks;=) yeah, she is a great photographer!

Tanya: Hi and thanks;=) I do, but we need to make them smaller and convert them so when that is done I´ll publish them;=)

Martin; Hi and thanks=)

Musicofthenight: Hi and thanks;=)

Isa; Hi and thanks;=) The first one is my favourite one too;=)

Nalon: Hi and thanks;=) I am sure you can buy the photo from Satanja in her Facebook;=)

Júlia: Hi and thanks;=)

Yuna: Hi and thanks;=) I am really happy!=)

Sid; Hi and thanks;=) Yes, it was a wonderful show the whole thing with great artists, performers, pyros, orchestra and so on;=)

Myla:; Hi and thanks=)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Innocent Owl said...

Hello, Anette, I like the new blog!

I'm glad your performance went well in your home town -- it looks like you had a fantastic time. :=)

The photos are so pretty. ^^ I'd love to hear you sing live one day!

Abbie x

Nora said...

Lovely Pictures...I think the first is the best. :) You look beautiful. Hope there will be some videos on Youtube. ;) xxx

Unknown said...

Your hair looks amazing! And you, of course, look beautiful.

So glad to hear it all went so well. Are there any videos of the event? I'd love to see it all put together and to hear you sing again!

Serafim said...

You're so beautiful, dear! ;=) thanks for wonderful photos again) i really like the first and the second=)
Enjou your evening!

Beatrix said...

Great pics! You really seem to be HAPPY! :)
I cannot wait to see the videos! The song titles made me very curious! :o)

lehPhotography said...

LOVELY photos Anette! You look beautiful! And I love your hair! :)

Off topic, but did you hear that Tarja had a baby girl? I think it's so exciting! As babies always are ;).

I can't wait to hear solo material, and I hope you're doing well :).

<3 Lauren

Night Angel said...

Hi, Nettie!
Amazing pics, you look adorable. =) Can't wait to see the videos from the concerts... Actually 'd expected to see them tonight, but... Alrighty, I'll wait a bit more. :D


SM said...

Hi Anette, you look soooooooooooo beautiful. I'm glad to see you happy. You are really lovely person. I wish you all the best! I hope to see the videos from the concerts.

EPO said...

Hi Anette!

Im glad to see u again at the scene!! We were missing your music a lot...

Hope to se more soon.

Have a fantastic saturday night!

Best wishes from Spain!

matotu said...

So I see you looked great. Nice photos. I´m glad you´re happy with it.

Vinga said...

Hi Nettie,
You look very happy and beautiful this night :) Very good! Your photos are beautiful and everyone can see on them your happiness :)Your make-up was really nice ;) I'm very happy and glad from you. You can do it if you really belive, now you can do everything :)

Unknown said...

U look very pretty:) I like the hair and clothes:)

Baru said...

You look absolutely stunning, lady! Oh I wish I could have this hairstyle on my prom night in March, really beautiful :-)

Unknown said...

Wow!!! This is really great news. You look so happy singing again for an audience. This is really Awesome. Do you have a YouTube channel Annette?

Fernanda said...

Great to see you back on stage!!! Beautiful!!! =)

Fernanda said...

So great to see you back on stage!! Beautiful!!! =)

Unknown said...

You look so amazing and happy! well done :)

Nalon said...

Good Morning/ight;) Anette,

Thanks for your Answer:)
Has Satanja a normal e-mail address or Website?
For I´m not on FaceBook *blush*

Anette i Love you new Song very:D. And I have an idea for a gift;) for Johan.
A camera;)

Have a nice Morning Anette and enjoy the 2nd December.

Karoliina said...

Anette this is the best style Ive seen from you!
I love the colouring in your hair, suits you so well and the clothes.
And beautiful beautiful voice and singing! This is what I will for ever miss in Nightwish but will wait for your own record.

Im happy for you, go Anette! =)

Dom Douglas said...

I can not wait to hear their new songs! And you were very charming on stage. It is wonderful to know that you are beating, despite recent events. Love you!

Good luck with the new songs,


Kathy said...

Anette, I am new on here and not sure how this works, but I will try. I just wanted to say how nice the new songs are and how pleased I am that you look sooo happy in these new pictures. Can't wait for the new solo album. You have such a beautiful voice.

Taaja said...

Anette, you look amazing!

First picture really is the most beautiful! Excellent job, Satanja!

AlessandraWilderness said...

I like the hair style soooo much!! Nice pics, have a good time Anette...and keep on shining!!! :)

Unknown said...


So Beautiful My Dear, Your Face Seems VERY VERY HAPPY!!!

Can't wait to listen the whole album!

Unknown said...

Great pictures! You're looking very good, I'm happy to see you singing again!
So you have sang with Bjorn Strid right? Do you have some photo together? I also like him very much!

Satanja said...

Vad kul att du gillade dem!
Passar även på att tacka för länken, det var snällt :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Anette, congratulations on your presentation in the song "Like a show inside my head" I liked very much. I wish you much success at this stage of your life as the great artist you are.
Greetings from Peru!!!!

Reetta said...

Hi Anette! I have couple concerts ahead where I'm singing and I'm trying to figure out how i'm putting my hair for those concerts. And i love the way your hair is in these pictures so can you gime some tips how i can make same hairdo for myself? Take care