Friday, December 28, 2012

Finally.... sky and SUN outside!!! We´re so going out now!!!

 Lovely, happy friday to you all, my dear ones;=)


AlessandraWilderness said...

It's grey today in my town instead... XD maybe my boyfriend and I are going to the mall in the afternoon but I don't feel like going there because it takes about an hour to get there and it's about to rain...we'll decide later on...Nettieeeeeeee I was listening to imaginaerum soundtrack before, and your voice is so beautiful should sing for other movies soundtracks, because I think your voice fits perfectly for that genre =)By the way I was curious to know if you are a fun of The Lord of the Rings...The Hobbit (the prequel) is on at the cinema now, are you going to see it? I went on sunday and it was simply wonderful... =) P.S.: you're beautiful even without make up!!! have a good day, byyyeee

Océane said...

Yeahhhyyy! So a very good day ahead for you! We also have a "blue blue sky" here, still so warm! Its like we'ere in april!
I went to my hairdresser this morning and I done the pink highlight i talked you about! It looks great! I'll put a photo here tonight when I'll be back home!

Enjoy your day!

Love and hugs

Unknown said...

The wonderful weather for fun ;-) Here we have plus 5 degrees, sky is very grey. Snow is melting around... Like in spring.
Have a nice Friday!

Unknown said...

U look VERY happy! Have fun with whatever u do.

Karin said...

Whatwhat? :) Blue sky and sunshine!Haven't seen that in a while :) Here in Finland we have grey skies.... Well, in a few months we will have that lovely springtime:)

July said...

Hey Anette!

The blue skies and sunny days in winter are the best in the world, yesterday I had one of those in México City, and really was incredible, because in x-mas was very chilly.
Enjoy your perfect day!

Unknown said...

Have a nice day dear Anette with your loved ones and enjoy it, because spending nice day with our families is very beautiful and precious thing on this world! ♥
hugs, Radka

Fiona said...

You also look very beautiful without any make-up. Makes you look very young and fresh-faced. Have a nice day, Annette. I am also very happy, because my ordered clothes arrived today from Topshop and Boohoo. Boohoo is a really nice online store with affordable, nice clothes ( in case you don't know it, but I'm sure you do :))

Anonymous said...

Hello Anette! I couldn't come here these days because I was on vacations and I traveled to a little town, away from the city, people and stress ;)

I hope you have had a lovely Christmas ;)

Have a great sunny day!

Anonymous said...

hi anette, have a great day with your family and enjoy of the sun.
have fun ;)

Unknown said...

really a beautiful blue sky i have some questions for you anette if you can answer them but if you can't no problem i understand

1.- Is tarja going to sing with you? im a big fan of both so if i hear both voices i would cry (in good way)

2.- in your solo career would you hava a band name or it's going to be your name like a band?

3.- would you sing again nightwish songs or you preer let them played ?

please answer me anette im so curious this time

with lots of love Alex-Mexico

Unknown said...

Anette Hello good morning afternoon or evening!
It is true that you and Tarja recorded a song?
Well this would be great together my two favorite singers in a song!
Well no more hope restraso answer me thank you very much ...
Sincerely one of your biggest fans in Latin America "Carlos": D

XxBriannaxX said...

You don't even need make up,you're so beautiful without it. :-) hope you have a wondeful day

Unknown said...

Brianna; Oh, thanks so much sweetie;=) I hope you have had a wonderful day too;=)

Carlos: Hi there;=) No, we havent done any song together yet=) Take care!

Alejandro; Hi! Of course I can answer your questions, thanks for writing here;=)
1: There´s no such plans, but if she is up for it, I am;=)
2: I dont know this yet, let´s see=)
3: No, I wont sing NW songs again. Those songs belong to Tuomas since he wrote them;=)
Take really good care now!

Nana: Hi and thanks! the same to you=)

Gitte: Hi! Wonderful that you also had great weather today;=)

Cellist; Hi! Well, x-mas is about family, peace and quiet, so good for you taking a break from the internet;=)

Fiona: Hi! Great that you got new stuff;=) And no, havent heard of Boohoo, need to check it out! Thanks for the tip;=)

Radka: Hi and thanks so much;=) The same to you!

July: Hi! Yeah, sun is giving so much joy and energy=) Take good care!

Karin: Haha, no, we have only had grey and snow and rain so when I woke up and saw the big sun and blue sky I was in shock=) Sleep well!

Rivka;Hi! I am happy=) Sleep well!

Alina; Oh, hope the grey weather goes away and you get some sun soon too;=)

Océane: Hi! Oh, is it that warm down there? Jealous!! And yeah, post a picture for me to see;=)

Allessandra; hi and thanks so much for your kind words;=) Well, I would love to sing in movie soundtracks, lets see if I get someone asking me one day;=) hehe! And I want to see the Hobbit, let´s see if we can get some baby sitter one day soon=) Sleep well now!

Océane said...

Oh thanks for answering the comments! So nice of you!

Yeah it still very warm here, we have between 15 and 20 degrees. Strange strange... But I dont complain at all! Ahah! If I could i would send you few degrees! ;)

And about the photo, sorry my face was awful after a day at work so I'll take a good one today! :)

Love and Hugs

Lucinda said...

I'm so jealous of you without make-up, haha! You look amazing, lucky youuu! ;-)