Thursday, December 20, 2012

Black as the night

Yesterday Johan found my lost black glasses from Dior so now I don´t need to get the ones from Chanel;=) Great savings there, hehe!

So here´s my outfit with my dear glasses on today:

Now soon a movie on TV, the lovely "Love actually", a real feel good movie and together with that I´ll enjoy some chocolate pralines. Yummie! Can it be any better?;=)

Hope your day and evening have been really nice too and soon x-mas eve....


Betty Blue said...

These pralines... O.O I want some ^^ They look so great!
You do, too, of course ;-) I like the glasses!
My day was actually quite nice. My whole week was ^^ Dad bought a Christmas-tree today, yesterday he told me he´d give me a ticket for the M´era Luna 2013 for christmas because HIM play there, my mother´s mood is quite fine, holidays are close, my brother is healthy again, my friends and I get along perfectly well... VERY nice week indeed ;-)
Have a great evening!
Love, Betty

Unknown said...

Hi Anette!
I just love your hair today, and that necklace is very nice! I find you really pretty today, your beauty left me without words, as always! Hope you'll have a good night =)
Greetings from Italy!

Micha said...

I have to laugh very often when I read your blog. Your post clothes from Channel, Dior an all the other brand-name products...and then..."My Parker from H&M".

It´s kinda like "I´ve got this ring from D&G, this one is Prade and This ring I got from a gumball machine"...A total contrast :D

I think you look very beautiful with these glases

Unknown said...

U look so pretty and I love your glasses! Mine r ugly compared to yours. And I wear them full time. Do u wear contact lenses when u r not wearing glasses? I was told that my vision is too low to wear them, but maybe I should ask again...
I'm jealous of your coat...not really but I love it. I think jealousy is wrong and in some cases it leads to people getting hurt if u know what I mean.
Enjoy the rest of your day:)

Océane said...

Chocolate pralines are the best!! Miam miammmmm :)

I really love the outfit, the whole look is very cute, the glasses, the top, necklaces and everything :)
Good that Johan found your glasses :) maybe you can offer to yourself a xmas gift with the money you saved ? Hehe! Talking about that...I should buy myself a xmas gift too :D

Oh tomorrow is supposed to be the end of the world! What do you think about that rumor?
I dont believe it, I just think the Mayas guy who wrote the calendar was just fed up with writting :D but I think i'll be a bit stressed anyway tomorrow! Ahah

Hope you'll reply before the end of the world :D and so eat as much pralines as you can...just in case! :D

Love and many many many many Hugs! <3

Anonymous said...

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,
Johan is a really good, if he can find your missing things.

This look watch cozy too and with this glasses watch you really cool.;)

Yummie pralines! I´m a big fan of cassis pralines.

Have a nice x-mas time and a good evening.


Anonymous said...

hi princess, you look great :) i'm happy for you that johan found your glasses from Dior i think are more beautiful that the ones from chanel ;)
i don't belive that the world ends tomorrow, i think that is the beginning of a new era.
i wish that the next year brings to you, johan and all your family better things. I love you anette you are an amazing singer and a wonderful person ^^

a big hug to you xD

Carol Misokane said...

Wow, nice glasses..I want one of it *-*.
Hope your night be kind and may you sleep very well.

Love, Carol

Beto said...

thanks dear Anette, today was better than yesterday, and yeah it would be nice to eat some chocolate watching a movie.

XxBriannaxX said...

Wow you look so beautiful!
I love those glasses there very cute on you.
Tomorrow is supposed to be the end of our world.. let hope that's not true! Just in case it is I want to say thank you for being so amazing and for changing my life through your music.
Lots of love and hugs!

C. said...

Hey Anette!

How are you today? This outfit looks gorgeous! And the glasses just suit you so fine!

Funny thing, Love Actually was aired here too just a few days ago! I like it so much, and it was maybe the 5th time I watched it (unfortunately there was Lord Of The Ring, The Two Towers on another channel at the same time XD)It's just the perfect movie for romantic people and to help having a light-hearted mood! And Hugh Grant and Colin Firth...<3<3<3

Océane > Still alive there! :D I also think these stories are just bullshit, but I have a bad feeling that stupid people in the world are going to do stupid things anyway today....:/

Unknown said...

Hi Anette its my first time on your blog, I just want to say you are a very skilled singer and a really nice person. The glasses suit your unique face but you are one of those people who look good whatever you choose to wear.
Happy Christmas or should I say Jul to your family.
Love from Steve, from Isle of Wight England.

Diego Muniz said...

Hey there!

Did you know there's a Brazillian actor in this movie? He's called Rodrigo Santoro!

How's everything. I'm anxious to know about your news in that little miracle you mentioned last week!

See you!