Friday, December 21, 2012


Good evening all! 

Here´s my day in pictures:

Sleep well and lots of love to you all!


Baru said...

I love this top and glasses, you look so nice!

Océane said...

Very nice make up! Maybe one day I'll do a blog about make up as I really love it! :)
Seeing your glasses makes me wanted to buy a new pair for me :)

And I'm really happy for the miracle you had today :) hope to know what it is soon! Since few weeks i started thinking youre maybe pregnant :)

Love and so many hugs

Dark Queen said...

Good evening Anette!
You glasses are super cool :) Like them a lot!
Today I had my best X-mas present: My dear firend returned home. Finally I huged her after a long time. I spent all my day with her. When we met we almost cryed. Now I understand what means to have one of your dear ones away for a log time. I'm so happy now and I couldn't feel better :) My day was full of love and I thank God and of course my friend for it.
Have a nice evening. Sleep really well ♥

Unknown said...

U look very intellectual with your glasses on:) I like your fur coat. How many coats do u have? I really wish I had nice clothes like you...
Enjoy your day:)

TheDeadUnicorn said...

Looks like you had a very relaxing and good day!I'm glad about that.Feels like Christmas,eh?
And,by the way,you look absolutely perfect.I'm not too used to seeing you wearing glasses,but you look adorable!Wish I could look *that* good with my awful glasses on.Oh,well,guess I'm kind of used to that,since I've been wearing them since I was 4 years old.
Lots of love to you and your family,and hope you'll have another great day tomorrow!
PS:have you ever thought about making a twitter?I have the feeling you'd like it!

Unknown said...

Good evening, Anette :-) and thanks for your photos, you look so great! I like your crazy socks :-) you have nice x-mas tree and you have snow! in my town is not very snowy and we won´t have white x´s a pity :-/ but fortunately, I will go visit my boyfriend and his family in the other town and there is very snowy weather :-D have a nice evening :-) Love, Radka

Unknown said...

This bracelet is cute ;-) I like your glasses!
In the centre of my city is standing a big x-mas tree. It very coloured, like x-mas tree on your photo.
Sleep well and sweet dreams ;-)

littlemimo said...

Hi Anette,
Two nice articles today.

Firt of all I love Kusmi Tea ! My favorite one is the X-mas black tea. But you seem to prefer the green one, it's good too but I really love black tea.

Moreover, your glasses are awesome, you look so serious ahah ! I also have the same kind of glasses and now everyone call me "Madame" :-)

I don't know if I'll have time to wish you a merry christmas before the 26th December, because right now I'm on holidays, so I'm with my family :)
So, have a nice x-mas period, a lot of happiness and love. Hugs !

Unknown said...

Happy Solstice Anette!

Here in USA in my little corner of the world just getting my little one to sleep for a nap if she will take one. You look fabulous as always and I really LOVE those glasses! I hope you have a very good evening and lots of Love!

Anna Rundquist

Sarah said...

I think you've posted that Gucci top before recently, I've just got to say i LOVE that top! I also super love those socks they're so fun!

Unknown said...

wow it seems its very cold there right? here we are a 2 degrees whats the weather like in sweden ?

Unknown said...

look gorgeous! Nettie, you're the best!

Océane said...

Hi Anette! Hope you slept well, not like me! Coulnt sleep until 5'. Its so annoying when you want to sleep but you cant :/

Today is a very sad day for Marco and his family, his father died in the morning. I feel so sorry for him, what a sad xmas... Maybe you didnt wanted to hear from them but as I think you knew his father I thought you had to know.

Love and Hugs

Serafim said...

Good afternoon, dear Anette! =)
Sorry for my absence for a whole week! I was really busy.
And now it's so nice to see all your posts and wonderful photos. You make my day and make me smile ;-) Thanks for that!
Finally on Wednesday the first snow fell in my town and now it's so white in the streets, everything around. I'm happy!=)
Wish you an excellent day!

With love,

Anonymous said...

You don't have to wear glasses to be smart my dear ;-))

Simona said...

You already ate my words there, you look absolutely gorgeous with those glasses, and really smart! You'd make a great teacher :D

July said...

Hi Anette!

I said it again I love your glasses! and today I like ir your socks,are really fun and looks so warm :D

Thanks for shared with us the way your do your makeup :D

Have a nice nice day!

Lucinda said...

Hi Anette!

On the first pics I thought you had coloured your hair (because of the dark light), and I realised you would look great with chocolate brown hair! Just a thought :P

But this colour (which is probably close to your natural hair colour), looks nice as well ;)

Have a lovely Christmas with your family, see you very soon - even if it's just a picture of you inside your solo album booklet, hey hey :D

Anonymous said...

hi anette ^^ you look smart and sexy. Ohh I remember that ring I watched a video of nemo acoustic version and you used it :) well i'm really bad doing my make up so i don't use eyeshadow xD a tutorial maybe?.
Have a nice day and nice socks :D

Unknown said...

I'm shocked. In the first picture, you look so much like my aunt! I hesitated for a second if it was you or if it was a picture of her. LOL