Monday, December 17, 2012

X-mas tree

Hi all and a very happy monday!

Hope your day has been wonderful and filled with joy and maybe even some small miracles?=)

I had one miracle coming to me this morning and it´s something I really look forward to. I cant tell you what it is yet but it´s about my singing and a really nice project I´ve been asked to participate in and now it looks like it will happen next autumn. Fun and a really nice challenge!=)

Today Johan, me and the kids have been doing some nice x-mas tree shopping and now I only need to fix the last details and put the trees up tomorrow and then you´ll see them in all their glory. We got one real x-mas tree and then we´ll also use our white plastic tree from last year. I long to put the lovely Disney x-mas decorations in the real x-mas tree and I also got some new nice decorations for the big white one today. Two lovely red hearts saying God Jul which means Merry X-mas, one star decorated with green in it and both silver and golden glitter.

New decorations I got today

X-mas tree waiting to be fixed tomorrow;=)

To cope with the shopping we all sat down and enjoyed a lovely Ginger bread muffin and a nice 
Santa´s coffee latte. So yummie!

My outfit today was leopard and you all know I love that pattern now and I am practising for my days as an old lady wearing only leopard pattern and maybe I´ll have blue hair too? =)

Tonight it´s Homeland again so a nice TV evening later on but now some more time with the kids before they´re going to bed. Enjoy your evening and sleep really well!


Carol Misokane said...

Wow, you look so sexy with this dress, cute ^^.
Oh my God, I can't wait to know what is the miracle that happened in your life *-* I wish to hear you again, to see you on the stage again. Everytime I see the pictures of the last tour my heart breaks and cries a lot, I miss you like hell =(. Hope you come back in a very magical way to shine in our hearts again, my dear.

I wish you a beautiful night and a brilliant week, with so much x-mas things. I don't really like x-mas, not even celebrate this date but it's beautiful to see how people like you feel good to do =).

Love, Carol

Mary's said...

Old lady with blue hair :))) It sounds so nice! Dear Nettie, i really would to give you one of my steampunk necklace, could I send it to your management? Have great time, Marie.

Unknown said...

Blue hair ? Nice idea ;) Wish you good night Anette, from Slovakia :*

Nella said...

Hej Anette :)
First of all I want to say that I really like your style. Especially your jewelry :) I want to be as stylish as you when I'm older, haha. :D

I also have some question/request for you.
Could you do some kind of ''tour'' in your home, and take pictures of the things you like the most in every room? :D

And of course I want also say ''god natt och sova gott'' for you and your family :) Was it right? (I'm finnish so my swedish isn't very good...haha)

Anonymous said...

O: wow! so interesting! a project? i hope you have the best luck, you deserve it! and always so beautiful! sleep well (:

Nalon said...

Evening Anette,
I am curious to look like your christmas trees from.
And the Ginger bread muffin look so good. Was you by Starbuck´s, maybe;)

Have a nice evening too.


littlemimo said...

Hi Anette,
I'm so happy for you and your miracle !! That's a really good new. I hope that I'll have the same miracle soon... I'm writting a thesis, and I wish that the professor will be ok for my problematic...
Oh and don't worry, the leopard is for the young women right now. You're still a young person
Have a nice evening

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

Hello my dear. Glad to hear that your day was good.
A new project? Wow this is so good ! I'm so anxious to hear you sing again. =)
the Christmas tree that is in my house is very big, and I find so beautiful.
Are you thinking about dyeing their hair blue? Please do not do it hahahaha I love your blonde hair. But black hair with blue highlights would be pretty cool =)
Hey, you could say a message from me to Johan? I think he's an incredible musician =)
Good night my angel
I love you

Unknown said...

Wow, really nice outfit! I have a similar dress, but with short arms^^

Have a great time, Anette!

Yours, Jade

Unknown said...

Can't wait to find out what tthe miracle is.
I know this is random and u might have been asked this before but do u think u could ever do a duet with Tarja? U guys would sound great together. I know that's random...I'm a...random person...
Anyway, u look great today. I like leopard designs...real leopards too...anything in the cat family...and don't think about being an old lady...u r still young. Enjoy the present. I'll always be awesome, pretty, and nice no matter how old u r though:)
Have a good evening

Elmas said...

Hello Anette, I'm glad to read you had such a pleasant day!

And I really can't wait till I get to hear more about this upcoming project, I really wanna see you performing again and I'm sure I'm not the only one! ;-)

Enjoy your Tuesday! :-)

Luuh (Lucas Pereira) said...

Hello dear Anette! I love Xmas trees! They are so beautiful and brings good vibrations! But My mom doesn't like a lot.. She says that it is a waste of space ): But she always do a nativity scene in our house, and well, is pretty :) And this years I will do Xmas @ home.. Lets see what live will bring to me. last year I wa sin a hotel with my parents and in Xmas eve I received the news that my school would pay an exchange for me for the USA, where I've traveled and it was fantastic. Hope this year come some thing as Relationship? I need, Im verry alone lately. :/
But I'm healty and this matter! :)

Wish you and Johan and your sons a wonderfull day <3

XxBriannaxX said...

Woohoo can't wait to hear the miracle! I'm so excited. :) and you look so beautiful. Can't wait to see you as an old lady with blue hair and leapord print. ;-) enjoy your night and sleep really well my dear!

Marekos said...

Good luck in your upcoming project, Anette ;)

Océane said...

Hey Anette! Glad to read you had a great and funny day :)
And now I'm so excited about your musical project! Cant wait to know what it is !!! Yeeeeeeeeeeeee ! :)

And Ill be happy to see your trees tomorrow with the Disney decorations! :)

My day been boring in the afternoon, but I woke up early (6 o clock) cause I had an apointment with ly surgeon. So either I'll have my surgery in the 4th march wich is sooo late! It could have been in mid Feb but because of Pain uk tour.... OR its going to be next month, its depends on what is gonna happen on friday when all the doctors I met during the last 2 months will meet up and say if its okay for me to get y surgery in January. So please cross everythin you can cross for me and maybe my life will change from next month! Oh any chance you thought about the clothe you may give me for my diet ? :)

Enjoy Homeland!
Love & Hugs

Rosana said...

Hey Nettie That I'm so happy everything is going well for you and your new project, wow beautiful clothes and really loves leopard, as well as those of yesterday were also wearing black because you very well and the picture that screams with Nemo was very funny haha, well I'll be waiting for new images when you finish decorating the x-mas;)
Enjoy your week with the kids .

Unknown said...

Ciao Anette!I'm really happy for the new you gave us..hope to see you soon on stage and to see you as satisfied with your career..make good music is a privilege, a precious thing to keep and to give to people just trying to fill them with emotions and joy..and that's a responsability..:-)I hope your project will be rock and not much "poppy"..but that's is just my personal taste and what i like most when i hear you wishes!

Dark Queen said...

Good evening Anette :)
I can see that you're so happy and relaxed and I'm so glad for it :)
Thanks for the photos. I like you nwe decorations. I must tell you that you're so lucky, because you have such beautiful eyes. I just love that blue. My mum has blue eyes and my dad has dark eyes, so I got green eyes. I like even my own color, but I still prefer blue,like are yours.
Yesterday me and my sister went to skiing with our friends abou 150 kms away from home and when we returned at home were soooo tired, but we had a lovely surprise :) Our parents decorated a x-mas three. They did a great job. This year they choose purple and white decorations and the tree is so nice.
Anyway you make me curious :) I wait to hear again your voice, because I miss it :( Now I have to wait you album and the next autumn. I wait for some news from you.
Good night and sleep really well <3

James Oakes said...

Heyy Anette! Happy Monday to you too!

Is it really bad that I don't have a Christmas tree yet? As you know I'm a student and money is always tight. Do you think it's something I should consider getting, or can it still be Christmas without a tree?

I love the leopard print dress, I think its cheeky fun! However I don't think you need to worry about looking like an old lady; you should be more worried about looking like this :P

Anyway, have a lovely evening and I can't wait to see your trees all finished! James x

AlessandraWilderness said...

Whatever will be, I wish you the best for this project...we'll be waiting to know what it will be!!!
Nice that you're going to decorate your Christmas tree =) I will check your blog tomorrow to see the photos of it! God natt!!! kyssar :*

Dalma said...

Did you just say Thomas Szabo? It seems a Hungarian name to me. :D Without accents, in the wrong order and with the English version of the first name, but still I can see it. :D I guess he has left our country.

My day was perfect. I wrote a very good test in discrete maths and then I could come home. Here the weather was that rainy-misty-cloudy winter one that I just love so much.

People are often rude and impolite to each other here, I’ve got used to it. Every day I have a quarrel with the bus drivers, because I don’t have a student card but only a paper that proves I’m a student. It’s not good enough for them. But today I was buying my season ticket, when I noticed that the shop assistant was smiling at me. She was so nice and helpful and it surprised me and made my day happier. No matter that tomorrow my Chemistry exam comes and I’ve learnt all day, I’m still happy because of it. =)

That was my miracle for today. I hope you’ll have even more miracles tomorrow.

All the best,

Morgan MacNeil said...

Hey! I want that muffin :p

Anette, this is the first time I visit your blog and I wanna tell you that the first song I heard from Nightwish was "Amaranth" with your special voice and that magic sounds...I really went crazy!!! Now I can not believe that I´m writing to you.

You are really talented and a sweet person. I learned to love Tarja as I learned to love you, and I also know that you did the best for the band, because you brought your own style and you never pretended to be a copy of anyone (and I´m sorry if some Nigthwish fans could not understand that xD).

Let me tell you that Floor has a great voice, but YOUR songs don´t fit her.

I hope you´ll be fine. Forgive my bad english, please!! There are lots of things I would like to say to you, but I don´t know how!!! Just I want you to know that your voice is singing inside of my cellphone and I hear it every day of my life.

I´ll be reading you!
Kisses from Argentina.

Karin said...

Ha ha :) I know exactly what you mean with that blue hair! I have always wondered about that. Why the ladies do it ..... I have told my friends I will reveal that mystery when I am old myself... Because maybe I will have just that, because I now dye my hair blonde. We will see :)

Have a nice day, and "Christmas-waiting-time" Anette!


Beto said...

you have a very good taste in clothing, beautiful as always, have a great tuesday :)

Anonymous said...

hello anette :) i like your dress it's sexy , the ear rings and the necklace from betsey johnson are cool.

ooh a x-mas tree with disney decorations? i never have seen it :O i think it's original ;) i wanna see it.

The blue hair is cool hehe

Have a wonderful day

Hugs :)

Unknown said...

You look adorable!

Today we have to take something we love to school so I thought to take you but you live to farD; So now I take DPP with me. Just because I love the cd and I still have a small part of you. haha

A week clean! Xoxo

Unknown said...

Wow that sounds great. I love it to decoration for xmas. It looks all so good and it makes a warm feeling. I love xmas :-)

Unknown said...

Hi Anette!

Youve got a long ways to go before you are old. :^) Lets not age us too quickly! Fantastic about your new singing project! Cant wait to hear about it. Its cool that you get into decorating for Christmas. My favorite time of the year! Enjoy going out to see all the lights and decorating people do for Christmas. Love to see all your decorating.

Antti Uski said...

Hi Anette. Yeas, I meant that denim skirt! It was so cool. All of your clothes are funnies and cools. Some day I will ask you for autograph.

July said...

Hey Anette!

It's great to hear about your new miracle, I'm really happy and I can't waiting for it! all my good vibes for that miracle =)

Blue hair? sounds like very good idea! and ofcourse your animal print looks so pretty nice on you. Ohhh and the latte. and muffins looks so deliciuos!!

Have a nice nice day and I hope see your x-mas tree very soon!

Aleksandra said...

Hello Anette!
Aleksandra here again! :)

I really love the decorations and the Xmas tree and your outfit!

But you know what could use a nice outfit? Your blog! Do not get me wrong, I am NOT a spammer or anything, just a blogger designer who would like to dress up your lovely blog a little at no costs at all. I'll be opening my design shop at storenvy soon, so I would really love to help you a little with your design. I am twenty one years old an live in Vienna. You can see the blog I designed for myself at the link at the bottom of this comment, and I really hope for you to give me a chance to help you a little.

And once again, I am NOT a spammer or somebody who wants to abuse you in any way, just a simple architecture student who has a passion for anything artsy like blogger designing and drawing. Please, visit my blog for more infos! PLEASE! Okay, now enough of my begging, hehe.

Happy Tuesday dear Anette and HOPE to hear from you!

Rebel said...

Leopard hmmm.... not sure.. but with all accessorises looks not bad. :) tc greetings from Poland

Unknown said...

Hi Nettan!!

Well come here posts a video, do not know if you'll like.

God bless!!

Raffaella Brazil

Unknown said...

Something not topic related;
I cut myself, on my foot. And it doesn't want to stop bleeding. I can't sneak out or something, so I sit downstairs now, hiding my foot under three pairs of socks.
What do I need to do?!
I'm scared...


Unknown said...

it sounds very good)

I have one question(off topic):did you were jogging during the tour?

nice tree;)

AlessandraWilderness said...

I see there are two Aleksandras here xD xD I think I can change my name in Alessandra (that's my real name) or in AleksandraWilderness (the latter is my band's name)...just to avoid confusion xD hugs Nettie ^^