Wednesday, December 19, 2012

X-mas shopping

Hi all!

Yesterday was a busy day filled with running around getting x-mas gifts for everyone and now it´s only some more left to get for the boys before we´re done;=)

Then in the evening me and the kids decorated our cute x-mas tree. We decided to not use the plastic one since this real one is perfect for the living room. Small but cute and we decided to make it a Disney tree with only the x-mas decorations from Disney and glitter in gold and silver. The lights are blue so its a really cool tree to look at in the evenings;=)

Quite hard to get some good pictures when its lit but at least you can see the cool blue light it makes:

And here´s some photos from now in the day light:

And then my outfit from yesterday:

Today some more x-mas gift shopping for the boys so that is done and I am getting myself a new camera to be able to take better photos for the blog;=) Let´s see what I come home with!
Enjoy your day now!


Anonymous said...

Oh, you are so cute! That scarf is amazing!

AlessandraWilderness said...

Hi Nettie!! I looove the blue lights *_* you've given me the idea to use the blue ones next year, I've never used this light colour on the Xmas tree! yeah, I know that going around and around to buy gifts to everyone tires, even if you have the pleasure to do that... Nice outfit, I like the pearl collar on the top too, and I really like the jacket =) I think I should go to Zara to buy something, I see that you've bought so pretty clothes from there, but I haven't it in my town, I have to get Zara in the city where I study at university. Good day to you and to the children ^^

Unknown said...

Hey Anette,
I like your outfit! It's very cool! ;)
And your christmas tree, so nice! Have a lovely day!!!


Anonymous said...

How beautiful are You and your x-mas tree!! Today is my first day of vacation, it is good, but I miss my students and I want to back to work now!! Good day to You, dear Anette.

Meghan H. said...

Your christmas tree is beautiful, and the decorations are just lovely :)

and looking stunning as usual ;)

I can't even do x-mas shopping, I have no money, but I will probably be sharing some stuff I design on my computer as that's just what I do.

Actually posted online for my friends an Iron Maiden calendar I designed of them all as super heroes, most notably the characters from the Avengers and Bruce Dickinson as Spider-man, awesome and absurd at the same time haha :)

Have a lovely day Anette xo

Unknown said...

I like the tree even though I can't really see it and your clothes r awesome especially the jacket and leopard scarf:)
I'm so bored everyday:( Nothing interesting ever happens:( But u seem like ur having a lot of fun. Enjoy your day:)

migi said...

hello anette, how are you? You look great. I like that jacket ;) and what a beautiful christmas tree. We have here just a small tree too (small livingroom, small christmas tree =) ). I hope you find the gifts and the camera you want :) which camera had you before? Certainly a nikon ;D. I bought myself a new camera this summer for the montreux jazz festival (and the nightwish concert of course). It's a sony hx 20. I'm really happy with it. Wish you a nice day dear anette and i send you a big hug ;)

Dark Queen said...

Great outfit and really nice x-mas tree!
You're beautiful. I want to tell you that I'm so happy because Friday is coming. This Friday returns home one person, who is so dear for me and is away for work. I'll pick up her an train station and I think that this will be a good surprise for her. I don't see her since October and I really miss her.
Have a nice day

XxBriannaxX said...

Aw your Xmas tree is so cute!! I love the blue lights,its so pretty. And you look so beautiful.

July said...

Hi Anette!

Lovely blue xmas tree! of all colors in the x-mas, the blue is the most magic color and the Disney decorations look very well, but the best thing were the santa claus and the mouse, I love them!

Nice outfit from yesterday, your leggings are so rocker! ;D

Have a very nice shopping day and I hope you get a perfect camera!

Unknown said...

X-mas tree is very beautiful! Disney tree it is good idea! Cool ;-) And I like your outfit ;-) As always - wonderful!

Luuh (Lucas Pereira) said...

Hello dear Nettam! Its a pretty tree! I loved the Dinsey theme :)
I loved, as always, your outlif... I think that I have seen this panths before, some photoshop session of 2008 I'm right?

Oh, nice that you will buy a new camera! Try some semi professional from Sony, Canon or Nikon, they are the best and verry easy to take beautiful fpics.. I think that in Eure they didn't are so expensive as they are in Brazil.

Hope to you a nice day! xoxo

Unknown said...

You are fucking cute! Btw at school I'm getting a therapist for my bullying:S. Tomorrow Elize is coming to me and I told her that she just had to thow her harming stuff away! And I walked onto a radiator while calling her haha. I'm not that smart these days:P
Enjoy your day!

Océane said...

You're outfit is great, I always loved red pants! And on you its looks fantastic =)
For clothes my favourite colors are black and red. But I never wear red clothes, exept a really cool leather jacket, this one :

And I started to add some spikes on it, so it looks even better =)

Wish you a very good day

Love and Hugs

Anonymous said...

Hello Anette! You looked so festive in your outfit yesterday, like a very stylish Christmas elf! I love those pants. I think just a Disney tree is a very good idea and I really like the blue lights, they're really fun.
I recently bought a Canon PowerShot camera. It wasn't too expensive and so far it's taken some fantastic pictures, and there are special effects settings on the camera that you can use when taking pictures to give them a little something extra ;).
Also, I just wanted you let you know how much you inspire me to be a better person. You put nothing but love and postive energy into the world. All of your running and workout blog posts gave me the push I needed to start working out and now for the first time in quite a while I really love my body. I just wanted to say thanks for all that you do for us blog readers!
Love and hugs,

Philippa said...

Hej Anette! I have the same red trousers from Zara, they're so comfy aren't they? Your house looks lovely and festive, and the tree with the blue lights looks great! Enjoy your evening! :)

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

Hello my dear. Beautiful pictures. You're so elegant =)
I like blue lights.
A new camera seems very nice too.
I'm so happy. I received an award for best student of the college
My dear, you know when we can see the professional videos in the Helsingborg Arena ?
see you soon
Jag älskar dig =)

Beto said...

I like your red fake leather pants, excellent choice.

Kája said...

Hi Anette, it´s nice X-mas tree, small but very beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette! :-)

You're xmas tree is really nice :-) Oh, I mean your Disney tree :-) Ho ho ho! :-) I chuckled when I read you'd called it a 'Disney tree' only decorated with Disney decs :-)

As a child we would always have a real xmas tree :-) The smell of the pines is really nice that you get off a real xmas tree :-) A pain though if you stand on one of the pines on xmas morning when you're bare foot if you're not wearing slippers. Ouch! :-)

I'm gonna do my xmas shopping tomorrow morning. I don't have many people to buy for so it's not difficult for me :-)

Hope you find yourself a nice camera! :-)

LindaS said...

Such a cute Christmas tree! Your home must look so festive for the holidays!! As far as your outfits (all of them), you are so great at putting clothing together! And you are such a beautiful natural looking woman, you should go into modeling...seriously Anette.

I wish you and your family a wonderful week and a very merry Christmas!


Nalon said...

Hello Anette,

The Tree look cute. And Nemo had make the glitter on the tree?;)
Your blue jacket look really warm:)

In my family, this year we have no stress with the gifts. Because we have decided to give us all this year nothing.
Therefore today I bake Christmas cookies with my niece. Once Speculaas and cookies after family recipe. Of course, something refined from me.
And tomorrow, the cookies still get their colorful frosting.

I haope you has a relaxing day tomorrow with your Boys;)


Anonymous said...

hi anette, how are you? i love your
x-mas tree the disney decoration is cute ^^ and i like your outfit too take care :)

Unknown said...

Hi Nettan!!

I do not know if you can see my video, but I wonder if you would put some melody in the letter I sent you, if not you have to put everything right.

Thankfully, god bless!!
If we do not talk anymore, Merry Christmas and an awesome New Year.

Hugs to all of your family and a special hug for you.

raffaella - Brazil

Unknown said...

Happy Holidays Anette! A fan from Colorado USA. Just thinking of the show in Denver in 2008 and LOVING how well everyone did. Though I am sad that the change happened I am so very much looking forward to your solo album!!!! Until then I will check in here and wish you and your family a Most Merry Christmas and Happy New year!!

Sincerest wishes for Love and Laughter,

Anna Rundquist

Unknown said...

Hi Anette! you have very cute and nice x-mas tree!! I like it :-) have a nice day, and say hello to your boys :-*

Carol Misokane said...

Hello Nettie, how are you doing?
Wow, so many beautiful x-mas things, I need to buy my things between today and tomorrow a brazilian, I like the adrenaline of the last days haha.
The outfit is great, wintertime, so many clothes but so fashion, I like it =).
Hope you have a great day.

Love, Carol