Sunday, December 30, 2012

This and that=)

Hi all,

Oh, this weekend has only been about being with my loved ones and taking it easy, ready to leave this 2012 behind me tomorrow and enter 2013. I must say I am so much looking forward to 2013 and I know it will be a much more peaceful year with nice surprises coming my way=) It always feels good to start a "brand new year" and I will be really happy tomorrow when this year ends. Not the best of years but there have been some things I really feel blessed to experience and more will come my way, I am sure;=)

Here´s some this and that photos from the last days for you:

Never posted these outfit photos from some days ago, but here they are: White top from Days, jeans Dsquared2, curled my hair with my wave curler from OBH Nordica and eye shadows from Mac;=)

And here´s my outfit from yesterday:

These wonderful chocolates have been eaten this weekend, yummie;=)

For 4 evenings now we´ve watched this great TV series directed by Ridley Scott - World without end. And I am happy to see that good always wins over evil;=) 

Let´s take that with us in to 2013...sleep well and love to you all!


Unknown said...

Wow!! LOVE YOUR LOOK!!!! Those pics of the chocolate are really nice too. Glad you are having a great weekend Annette. *Hugs* .... Is there any place I can buy the Alyson Avenue CD's "Omega" and "Prescence of mind"? I would love to buy these.

Océane said...

Bonsoir Anette! :)
Thanks for the photos, I really love the blue top! That blue is great!

So it sounds like the last days been cosy ones, really nice :)
Now its time for me to have few days off, I'm going back to work on saturday night and sunday night! I love to work at night :) we get more money and we can take the laptop and watch some series ! I'll go for Revenge and Dexter this time :)

I'm also very happy that year is finally over! Like you, it wasnt the best year, hopefully next year will be better :)

Any plans for tomorrow evening?
Please post a photo of your outfit if you wear something special :) and im sure you will!

Sleep well my dear,
Love & Hugs

Rosana said...

Chocolates are great to eat on cold days I really love it! and Thank you so much for the replies I think Amy is also a great singer and musician, she plays several instruments including harp!! Well, if I'm not here tomorrow Happy new year;) Enjoy this night

OneOfTheLostOnes said...

Hej Anette!

Du har rätt, man ska lämna det gångna året bakom sig och se framåt. Lära sig från de misstag man gjort, men också minnas de goda stunderna. Tyvärr följer jag inte det här rådet, men sån är jag, ger alla andra bra råd men följer dem aldrig själv.
Jag såg sista avsnittet av den serien också ikväll, tyvärr såg jag inte alla dem andra så får nog göra det någon gång. Älskar Ridley Scott! Har du sett Svärdet och Spiran? Har hela DVD boxen och tittar på dem avsnitten om och om igen.
Jag har stoppat munnen full med skumtomtar hela veckan. Man får ju passa på när det är jul. Precis som med jordgubbar under sommaren, man äter det bara under en viss tidsperiod.

Ha ett gott nytt år!


Betty Blue said...

And once again, you look like an angel <3 Very lovely!
Good always wins... I hope so. The one thing I learned during 2012 is not as "big", but to me it means a lot... I finally found out that life is hard, but it is still worth living it. And I promised myself that 2013 I will try to lead a normal life. Find me a flat, a job, a daily routine that does not involve needing prozac to work proper... I hope it´ll work. I really hope so... It will get better. But sorry, I´m once again spamming you ^^
In case I don´t have the time to surf the internet tomorrow I wish you right now a happy New Year with lots of good things, little miracles, a lot of perfect days with your loved ones and sun in your heart!
Love, Betty

Alvaro said...

Hello Anette! Happy Christmas.
These beautiful in the pictures.
2012 has not been the best year for me, I hope 2013 is a better year for all, full of tranquility.
I love medivales series, I've also seen a world without end, and I love it. I've also seen The Pillars of the Earth, based on Ken Follett's books.
Hope you enjoy the last night of the year, and many wishes for 2013.
Thanks for doing this blog, you are fantastic.
A kiss and Merry Christmas dear Anette!

Alvaro said...

Hello Anette! Happy Christmas.
These beautiful in the pictures.
2012 has not been the best year for me, I hope 2013 is a better year for all, full of tranquility.
I love medivales series, I've also seen a world without end, and I love it. I've also seen The Pillars of the Earth, based on Ken Follett's books.
Hope you enjoy the last night of the year, and many wishes for 2013.
Thanks for doing this blog, you are fantastic.
A kiss and Merry Christmas dear Anette!

OneOfTheLostOnes said...

@Thomas Black:

It's a swedish site, and I bought my CD:s here. Though they weren't that expensive before.

Tanya Yazykova said...

Hi, Anette!
Very cute photos. I am very happy to see that you are well=)Have a nice day and night tomorrow. I wish you a Happy New Year and let your wishes come true=)
With Love,

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,

You show once again that you are a real positive person.
You look forward and not back.
For some, 13 is an unlucky number. But I think 2013 will be a great year.
I'm more afraid of 2014, then I will 30 years old. * screaming *

One can see of the Chocolate delicious. I should buy some for tomorrow^^.

I like your curls.:) You look like a Angel with it.

Good Night.


Carol Misokane said...

Hello Nettie!
Another year is going away, how life passes so fast, I can't hardly believe that's been two years since I've left home and here I am crossing my fingers to be aproved and finally enter in the University of Medicine. Never thought this day would come, but life just suprises us sometimes.
I know it was not a great year for you and for your fans too; for me one of the hardest things I heard this year was that you've gone from the band, but that's alright, now is time to wash all the bad things away and start over and over again. I really hope the next year brings you all the good things and may you record a beautiful album for the world.
Now I just want to send you and the boys my love and prayers and may your last day of 2012 be as nice as it can be.
Sleep with the angels and may them and God always guide you and light your way, even though you cannot see the light, They will always be there, trust in me.
Thank you for the beautiful words you gave me and thank you for all the love you shared with us this year.

Love, Carol

PS: I loooved your hair, you should use this style more times =).

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette! :-)

Gosh! Those chocs look scrumptious! :-) At work quite often when we discharge a patient their family usually leave us a gift of a box of chocs for the ward staff :-) Though as my colleagues are mostly female there are very little, if any chocolates left at all by the time I get to the box... Puh! :-)

Fernando said...

Hello my dear Netti,,

I wanted to wish you a very happy new year with all the best to you and your family..

Fernando <3

Fernando said...

Hello dear Netti,,

I would like to wish you a very happy new year and many blessings to you and your family.

Love Fernando <3

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

hello my dear
what I want most is that 2012 will end soon, it was not a good year for me.Very sad things happened.
I wish that your 2013 is very happy and with many surprises and love. =)
Jag älskar dig

Unknown said...

Hi Nettan!!!!!

Beautifull photos, and you aways beautiful.

your outfit aways beautiful.

Yeah, im try write in english, and i can, but sometime is hard, because im not say or write the word.

happy new Year, and God bless you and your family.

Kisess Raffaella - Brazil

Anonymous said...

Hello dear Anette, I wish for you a happy new year 2013 full of things best with much joy and happiness.
Kisses from Peru!!!

Pedro said...

Hey Anette! Best wishes for 2013! Curly hair looks really nice

I've had a really bad self-image last 3 years and I really think I got into a depression 2 months ago. I was always unhappy of how skinny and thin my face looks like, and still am. This is something I've been struggling for way too long. Everything went bad and I started having some suicide thoughts.

I have decided to take action and will soon start doing swimming, cause it would at least improve my body and make feel better. So I hope 2013 really goes better for me... It's still a big struggle.

(I also hope to hear your voice more in 2013, cause I sure miss it!)

Take care and have a good new year's eve,

XxBriannaxX said...

Hello Anette...
I'm also excited for the new year cuz mine hasn't been too good either,so I have to make this one better. You look amazing in the photos,I really love your hair like that. It looks really good my dear.
Sleep well,and have a wonderful day tomorrow

Unknown said...

I like your curl hair! It is so cute ;-)
Chocolates look veeeeery tasty ;-)

This year has not been the best for me. I think 2013 will be better ;-) I want to wish you a Happy New Year! I wish you a lot of happiness and love in 2013. And of course success in your career :-)

Karin said...

Hi Anette!
This year has been really different: new job , started studying, new familysituation.... I have been crying a lot , but also laughing, and feeling happy and free. I have conquered a lot of difficulties , and somehow I can say that I am proud of that courage I had, to lead my life into another direction . I look forward to next year: I probably have to move, but I hope, and I feel, that it can lead to something positive... I will finish my studies, and get a real job in the same school I now do my practice :) Next year will be full of new things , and somehow I look forward to it :)

I have to mention Anette: I dreamed of you.... : I had won a trip to visit you in your hometown, and when I arrived, I was so tired so you let me sleep in a garden chair the whole night... I when I woke up your whole garden was full of people, and you celebrated something. And I stood there with my wrinkled clothes and my hair looking like hell :) - Ha ha , I really have to laugh at it now :) It was nice to meet you in my dream :)

Ha ett riktigt spännande, lyckligt, varmt och upplevelserikt år! Tänk, allt det negativa ,eller annorlunda vi går igenom, gör oss till de människor vi är. Vi blir starkare, mera självsäkra, och kanske gladare . Livet vänder riktning, men det är väl sådant vi behöver ibland, tror jag.... Känns för jäkligt förstås, men efter en tid blir det negativa positivt , för du har klarat det! Man hittar nya vägar, och kan ta vara på de goda sidorna i livet . Och jag tror att vi inte ska ha för raka vägar här i livet! De ska vara krokiga, och kanske ha lite svåra korsningar ibland :)

Stor kram , och ett riktigt Gott Nytt År !

Soffel said...

I watched these movies too, I think a month ago they were on TV in Germany. They were really good.
I hope you and your loved ones have a nice year 2013 :)
Hugs, Soffel

Logan said...

World Without End it's an amazing series, loved it :)
hope you have a nice 2013 Anette :)

Rebel said...

Happy New Year to you and your family. Take care
greetings from Poland :*

Unknown said...

I so love your curls!
If I make curls they allways go away soon.:(

I'm in love with elize(she isn't but I still love her realy bad) so I'm making a list with 100 things I like about her<3 If you do a contest again I want her to win! Because she is my best friend and I can call her 24/7<3

9 days clean now! I feel so proud!

Have a happy new year!<3

Unknown said...

You're looking fabulous as always. Have a blessed new year with amazing new memories to make! Cheers!

Unknown said...

You look fabulous as always. Have a blessed new year with new memories to make. Happy 2013! Cheers!

rainy said...

Hi Nettie :)
Beautiful curls as usual :D
I'm going to a really small party today so I'll be here next year :D
Weird :D
Happy New Year to you and of course your family :)
Hope that 2013 will be SO MUCH BETTER than 2012 :)

Unknown said...

Dear Anette, thanks for photos :-) you look so great with curled hair! :-)
thís year was different for me - I lost my grandparents but I have some positive things in my life, too :-) and thank you for that, because I have seen the best show in my life - on Topfest this summer (in Piestany) and you have been great! thanks for your blog , it´s very good idea sharing some experiences with your fans :-) and thanks for your reply to my email about bullying, it´s very important thing that you talk about bullying and so on... I appreciate it, thanks! :-)
I wish you happy new year full of love, happines and positive experiences in your life and new career :-) Hugs from Slovakia, dear, and say hello to your boys..
Love, Radka

July said...

Hi Anette!

The bb creams are amazing! and you look beautiful like always :D

That tv serie sounds great and looks better ( I only saw the trailer but looks like a great production! ).

P.S: Those chocolates looks so delicious!

AlessandraWilderness said...

Hej Anette!! =) thanks for sharing your photos with us, nice outfit and also the nail art in your last post ;) the tv series "world without end" seems interesting, I'm going to search for it! Anyway, I want to wish you a Happy New Year and...yes, I think 2013 will bring lots of good surprises!! I wish you the best and happiness, you deserve it for sure!!! And best wishes for your career, I hope you'll continue to fly high!! I'm going to celebrate it with my boyfriend and my friends tonight and shortly we have to prepare and cook =)have a nice time with your dear ones, see you year!! :) kyssar!!!!!!!!!! :*

IsoldeFanNightwishForever said...

You're so Beautiful <3