Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Hi all!

Today we went out to the playground so Nemo could have some fun and even if it was windy and cold we were there for quite some time and Nemo had so much fun!

A beautiful sky that I just love to watch!

My outfit today:

Now time for a good movie and some tea;=) 
Sleep really well everyone!


Unknown said...

The sky looks pretty and so do you:)

Farandra said...

Hi Anette ! Your top is beautiful ! Sleep well too !

Unknown said...

Hey Anette!

This top is soooo nice <3
You look great!
It is made for YOU!

Good night, hugs
Jade :)

Anderson said...

Hi dear. ;-)

Oh, I really love take my nephews to the playground. I don't have childrens, so I have fun with my sisters sons! They loves me! ;-)

Good night and sleep well.

Unknown said...


I only have this terrible throat illness so I can bearly speak,eat,drink and all those other stuff... It is terrible.. And I allmost threw up 3 times at my therapist(But I couldn't)

Yeah... today my nightwish hoodie is coming:D Haha. Well.. going now! xoxo

Océane said...

Hey! Look like someone got some rest =) you look great!I love the lipstick color! =)

I really like every photos of Johan & Nemo, so sweet to see a daddy taking care of his child =)
I wish I had a good dad! Not even a text for xmas! My birthday is in approx one month, I'm sure he won't send me a text either!
Anyway, today my grandparents and cousins are arriving, can't wait =)

Oh and I received my "mean" boots as you said héhé! And I LOVE them! =) But cant wear them as a everyday shoes as its 11cm heels! Puh! ^^

Wish you a fantastic day to you and family!

Love & Hugs

Anonymous said...

Hi dear Anette! Hope you and the boys are well!
Lovely pics..I'm happy you had a wonderful Christmas!
Wish you and your family a wonderful year,filled with health,happiness,success and joy! :)
I would like to ask yo a favour,if it's not too much trouble. I'm starting a fashion blog,would you mind sharing it with your followers,if you please? :)
Here's the link :
Posts are in portuguese cause I'm brazilian,but I'm an english teacher,so I have absolutely no problem with translating things or talking to people in english,actually,I prefer!
Big thaks in advance!
Love and hugs,

Bru :)