Monday, December 03, 2012

Photos of Nemo in the internet

Hi guys,

and thanks for letting me know there´s photos spreading in tumblr with Nemo on them. I always try to protect my kids and all I can do is beg for the person who took the photo to take it down and also others to not reblog it.

Thanks so much for letting me know;=) I am grateful for you to telling me!


Océane said...

Wow! Thats so disrespectful!! I cant believe someone did that cause every fans know you dont want that!
I saw him with you in Lyon as you know but never i would have take photos.
Im shocked and so sorry for you :(

Love and Hugs

Unknown said...

Not safe:( He is to young for there to be pictures of him on websites like that. Hopefully the person takes it down. I have a question: can fans make a Facebook page and for example name it after u for example bc once I found this page on Facebook with your name like as the title and the profile picture was an old one of you and it had pictures of u and news...I think...later I found out it was just a fan. I don't mean to be a tattletale but is that identity theft or can fans do that? I don't know, which is why I'm asking. Sorry to bother you with that. Have a good day

escapeofthedoll said...

You're welcome Nettie. <3 I know you want to protect your kids. I love you because you're not being nasty about it but being calm. Have a lovely day. xxx

Unknown said...

Oh so worse! I know you protect your kids as much as possible!

Yesterday I had a realy nice talk with a friend of mine. She lives in hungary and I live in holland so I learnt her dutch and she learnt me hungaryan.

I'm almost clean for a week now:D

The weather in holland is terrible! It was wet and cold snowy rain so I was almost freezing!

Yesterday I almost hurt myself again but I could resist:D


Kitty said...

@Rivka Gruber: I'm not sure if you'll see my comment, but I'll say this nonetheless. I don't think there's anything wrong with making a fan page on Facebook, as long as it is clear it is only a fan page/fan group for Anette. If the page is actually pretending to be Anette herself, this is absolutely wrong and disrespectful. I think if possible, such pages should be reported and shut down.

July said...

OMG I don't know nothing about Nemo's pictures. And well, your fans ( and all the people) we shouldn't see the pictures, because I think that is a total disrespect for you, your family and Nemo.

But really this is annoying because in all this time, you have share with us a little piece of your life, and when someone makes misuse of your confidence, thats makes me sad.

And yes I hope that person down the pics and if not, you have all my support Nettie. ;D

escapeofthedoll said...

On Saturday, I did something I'm extremely proud of. If I tell you, will you please not publish it? I'd just love you to know. xxx

OneOfTheLostOnes said...

Hej Anette!

Om jag nu ska vara riktigt ärlig så har dem varit ute på internet ett tag nu. Jag såg dem på deviantArt för några månader sedan, men märkte att personen som hade lagt ut dem inte var så "populär", så jag trodde aldrig att någon skulle hitta bilderna. Och i morse när jag gick in på Tumblr och såg dem så mådde jag riktigt illa.
Du har flera gånger sagt att du vill skydda dina pojkar från rampljuset, och om man kallar sig ett sant fan så ska man ju respektera din önskan. Folk borde ju veta det här.

Men i alla fall, ha en fortsatt bra kväll :)


Niwi said...

I didnt see photos of Nemo... well, once I saw a image of you holding him in 70000 tons of metal, thats true?

If I contact the person who upload that, I will tell him/her. :)

You are so cute with your family!
Once I said... you are very "Cancer" in zodiac!

Hugs and thanks for the communicate :) we will do the possible.


Philippa said...

I'm very surprised that somebody even posted the pictures, since I think most fans know you want to keep your children out of the public eye. I've made a post on Tumblr asking people not to post or reblog the pictures, and a few other people have done so as well. Unfortunately we can't force people to remove them, but let's hope they see sense and decide to respect your wishes.

I think it's amazing how calm you have responded though. I think, if it were my child, I would've been really angry.

I hope you're having a good day regardless of this. Big hug!

(on a side note, Nemo is adorable though!)

Luuh (Lucas Pereira) said...

Hello Anette! Thats so bad! I Understand why you do that and I think that you are right! In this world had so crazy people, and well, Nightwish had really crazy fans in a bad way ): ! And your sons need to grow up as the persons that they are, no like Nemo and Seth, the sons of Anette Olzon. I always follow your tag in Tumblr but I never saw this photos... But hope that this guy delected this photos... In my Fanpage, one of topics from rules that I created is: "Respect Anette's personal life. If she didn't share any pic or fact in her blog or in other medias (DVD, Interviews, Magazines, and etc..) about her personal life, please, don't share it here." I wrote this thinking about photos of your sons...

Dark Queen said...

Good afternoon Anette :)
How're you? I just come home and saw your todays posts.
Yesterday you had great outfit, as always ;) I like Santa´s hat on top of that building. So creative :)
A few months ago I saw one photo with you, Johan and Nemo on facebook. The picture was taken when you where on the cruise 70000 Tons of Metal. I wanted to inform you, but I forgot it. Shame on me. Sorry :( But if you want I'll try to find the photo out again and if you want I send you the link. Let me know.
Have a nice day!

Carol Misokane said...

Hey Nettie..good that people told you about that. I wish I could understand what they think in doing this. For me, the personal life of the artist doesn't matter, what matters is if the artist is great but unhappylly there's so many bad people out there with nothing to do ..but I hope everything will be alright =).

Have a nice afternoon.

Love, Carol

Anonymous said...

hmm if the people wanna publish a picture of your sons i think they should ask you first . I like that you protect your sons because there is many people that never stop follow the singers until they have the picture that they want, i never seen a picture with nemo so i don´t know his face but if i see a picture of you with a child in the internet I gonna ask you if is your son and show you the link of the page :)

Unknown said...

My gosh !
This is horrible!
However, when I tried to find it on tumblr (more to see if the photo is still on it) I didn't find anything.. :)


Philippa said...

@Elize: The picture's been removed, and the person who posted it feels very bad for posting it in the first place and apologised.

Baru said...

And where did they find the photo(s)?

It´s really sad that you can´t have privacy, especially in the case of children. I know you are doing your best to protect and save your boys.

I´ll keep my fingers crossed for you to don´t find any other photos.

Anonymous said...

I know how it feels! OK, I don't have a child but I really hate it that people post pictures of people online. For example I know Rudy De Doncker really well and I really hate it when people just post pictures of him online while is mark is on the picture. When I say to that person "you have to add "made by"" they just delete the picture :S And it's actually something stupid to add to the picture... I found a picture on Joakim Brodén's FB page with no mark of me.. Really hate that >.<

Unknown said...

Hello dear!

Me and my friend were thinking of something, and it might be a wonderful idea for in the future (we both almost died because of the fangirl-feelings...haha)
But... we were talking about a collaboration with you and Tarja? Haha that'd be... too perfect for words. Haha


Daria Grishaeva said...

Hello, Anette! I hope its okay if I write you there? Just need to talk to someone.
I want to share one thing, that happened today with me. I study in lyceum now and our class has its own "site" in the internet, there were 3 admins, two boys and one girl, which is a "leader" of our class, she attends different meetings in lyceum and then posts information at the site. And yesterday I opened the site and was SO SHOKED! There were a post, that our classmate, one boy, DIED! There were his photo in the black frame and a story, that he was hit by a train. We all live in a differents parts of Moscow and need to go to lyceum by trains, buses and so on every day... I was sitting like "no! why did it happen?! NO!" the admin, that pubblished it, havent signed. We were so shoked! And what do you think? IT WAS JUST A JOKE! One admin, a boy, decided to joke like this! Damn, its only me, who understand that people MUSTN'T joke this way?? Its terrible!!! Two weeks ago one boy from our lyceum was realy hit by train, he realy died. We had so many lections about that, and I was always crying at them! Deth is the most terrible thing that can happen! And why there are this stupid idiots that can joke like this??? F*ck! So, another admin, a girl, blocked this terrible post and deleted this idiot. And today he wrote in the internet that "why she think that she can delete him?? She is stupid, we need to delete her" and blablabla. I just felt so damn angry and wrote there, that she made all right! If he is so stupid to joke wish deth, she can't be an admin and continue post some terrible things like that! I don't understand at all, how people can be so cruel! And he started to argue with me, that I am not right, that I can't understand jokes and so on, and there were his friends, saying the same not in a nice way. I just wrote all that I think about it, I hoped that someone will support me, becouse I know, my classmates think it is terrible too, but they only pushed "like" near my mails! What a brave friends I have! So many guys there, but its only me who can protect this poor girl, which deleted him, becouse he started to say nasty things about her. So, I feel so stressed now and can't sleep. Sorry that I poured it all on you, hope you understand me.
Sleep well, dear Anette!

Océane said...

Just a little update about the photo I found :

I found the facebook page where it been published and they remove it apparently :)

Love and Hugs

Unknown said...

whaat? this is bad..and unfair and very arrogant!!!because every famous person has some kind of dibs or privilege to protect her/his children, especially when they are so young like Nemo...I´m so sory of that dear..and I hope that this person who share this photo of Nemo, will get off it very soon and quickly!!

Elmas said...

Though I must admit I would kind of like to see a pic of Nemo 'cause I'm simply crazy after kids, I do realize you're eager to protect his identity off strangers and the media, so I'm glad the photos were taken off the internet :-)

Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

I know there are photo of Nemo and Johan on facebook fanpage, I told them to delete it.

Dont worry Anette! :)
sleep well !

Elmas said...

Hello again Anette, now that we came to the subject of children, I wanted to tell you that Tarja made the announcement she has gotten her first baby, who is a girl, in August! So both "Nightwish singers" are mommies now and I'm really happy for Tarja, it came as such a surprise. :)

Good night!

Anonymous said...

People are really thoughtless and inconsiderate, aren't they?

I'm so sorry this happened. The people who posted those pictures should be in legal trouble. I don't know much about that, but I wish it were possible to make them answer to the law.

Good luck hunting down the photos.


MNT said...

Well, all kids at that age look the same. So I don´t think there is nothing to be afraid of.

Betty Blue said...

How disrespectful can people be! This is horrible.
I always adored you for protecting your children that much. I hate it how all this hollywood-celebrities let people take photos of their babies, how they tell everybody everything about their kids... There´s so few stars that protect their children the way they should be protected!
The only one who did it even better than you seems to be Tarja Turunen, I mean, no-one even knew she was pregnant, and still no-one really knows whether it´s a boy or a girl, much less the name. And I think it´s no business of ours.
Did this person ( I have to fight back swearwords) take down the pictures? Can´t you maybe, like, report him/her so that he/she will be forced to take the pics down?
I wish you all the best luck in tracking down the pics!
Love, Betty

rainy said...

I don't understand people who are doing this even if they know what do you think about it.
I first saw the message here and than one Polish facebook page added that photo but they deleted it.
But I remember one photo, I don't know from, but it was You, Johan and Nemo, but he was in baby carriage and not in front of the photo so I wasn't even sure he was there. xD

Océane said...

Betty blue : Tarja got a daughter, her name is Naomi. Tarja met fans after a show few days ago and her daughter was there, marcelo too ;)

Unknown said...

So yesterday I found the Facebook page... The person has the photos removed ... Have you a beautiful day...

Unknown said...

How old is Tarja's daughter?

Seer said...

Hi Nettie!

Just wanted to show you this music video

It's an anti-bullying video for this new song "Glow in the dark" by tydi feat. Kerli

And also this video

She's great! She's like you - working to stop bulluying.

You should check it out :)

Kisses n' hugs from Croatia,

Mads Bjerre Henriksen said...

I hope the pictures will be taken off the internet - I get why you want to protect your children, so I hope that the people putting the pictures online, will take them down again.

Speaking of pictures - I told you in an earlier comment that I would tell you if I would make a digital art inspired by your lyrics, and well, I have. I hope you like it :)

I really like the lyrics, and I hope you will like my interpretation of them :)

Have a wonderful after noon and evening, dear Anette.


Laetitianne said...

Thought about you when I had read this.

Have a nice evening.


Océane said...

She was born in august ;)

Thanks anette for putting the "reply" button! :)

Love and Hugs to you Anette

Unknown said...

Océane - I heard that Tarja has a daughter UMA, no Naomi .. what is true? :-D thanks :-)!

Daria Grishaeva said...

Hi! Thanks for sharing it, and it is realy wonderfull that nowadays people make groups like that and help each other! I become realy happy when hear things like that, I think that all the people must be so friendly and helpfull, it's easier to make things when you have a supporting persons. So, it's a realy good news, thanks:-)

Océane said...

Oh it's strange I don't see the "reply" button under each comment now I'm on my laptop!

But I can see it on my iphone! Strange, strange...

Océane said...

Radoslava Jezova : her real name is Naomi. A friend of mine met Tarja yesterday, and she also saw her baby so I can tell you it's the truth =)

Nick Rivera said...

How disrespectful without your permission! >:(

Hope the photos have been taken down?

~ Nick

Unknown said...

dont worry anette im sure that the guy who took the photos didnt konw that but yes thats very bad i hope that gusy can understand

Isabella Ahnert said...

Hi Anette :)
Wow, Those photos did not have to be on the internet :/ I understand That you want to protect your beloved baby Nemo.
Hopefully the photos will disappear from the internet.
Kisses darling =*