Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pale and beige

Hi all;=)

Today it´s been a pale day and I dont wear any make up so the outfit photos are what they are, but these days are also needed;=)

Sleep well and love to you all!


Unknown said...


You're still gorgeous... haha
WHY for God's sake are you so beautiful?!


Océane said...

Nice photos anyway! :) above all the last one !

Hope you had a good day!
Love & Hugs

Rosana said...

My dear, you look good with or without makeup, don't worry..... sleep well

Unknown said...

U look pretty:)
Have a good day and be happy

Unknown said...

She was born this way!!!

Unknown said...

I see what you did there. : ) hahaha

DreamerGirl131 said...

Hi Anette :)
You look amazing, even without makeup, you are really gorgeous <3 And that top looks really good :) I hope you had a good and calm day :) (that's what I didn't have in aaaagees)
Goodnight :)

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

Hello my dear, nice pictures.
Hey, is there any chance of you doing a show with the guys from Pain?
good night
Jag älskar dig =)

Unknown said...

Hi Netta!!!!!

Always beautiful!!!!

No words to say how you are beautiful.

God bless you!!!

Raffaella Brazil

Anonymous said...

I might be pale out of shock, fear, or ill health if my workplace conditions don't improve soon :-( Not enough staff to adequately cope on an acute medical ward ( the wonders of the NHS ) which currently also has a small number of very difficult confused patients. Xmas day was awful ( security called to the ward three times ), boxing day was bad, and today was the worse early shift I've ever worked. During the past 4 days I've been punched, shouted at, sworn at, threatened, kicked, a patient was attempting to bite me, and I've even been molested. And one of my colleagues was also strangled by one of the confused patients though luckily he escaped. And I'm on again tomorrow morning :-(

In case you're wondering Anette please don't think I'm rubbishing what you say when you wrote about having a pale day. I would never do that to you :-) I don't usually write negative comments. It's just that my workplace is not a happy place presently :-(

Carol Misokane said...

Hello Nettie, how are you doing?
Wow, it's been a long time since the last comment I've post here =O..I'm sorry, but I'm a little bit of sick and feeling so tired so I don't have any will to write or do anything =/.
So, your outfit is great, I like pale things, combines with the wintertime and in you everything is great =).

Hope you have a magical sleeping night and may the angels always shine their light upon you and your family.

Love, Carol

Dark Queen said...

Good evening Anette!
I'm so sorry for my absence but I had busy days with lunches and dinners with my family. Then I spent a lot of time with my dear friend who finally came home after 3 months. I missed her a lot. I htink that her return is the best X-mas gift I have received and I'm so happy for it.
Anyway you're beautiful!
Lots of kisses ♥

July said...

Hey Anette!

You look beautiful even without makeup,like I say: natural is better! :)

Sleep well and sweet dreams!

Anonymous said...

hi anette, you look gorgeous as always :) I like your top, it looks very comfortable.

hugs, take care

Karin said...

I had to reply....! Tom, that sounds really horrible! It is not nice to work in a place where you have to be scared,and tired and angry.... But you probably do a lot of good too:) I hope you have the strength to survive this day, and the time there in the future. Christmas time can be nice for some people , and lonely, desperate,and angry time for others...

Unknown said...

Hello Anette!!!
Just wanted to say a Belated Merry Christmas to you and your family and send lots of light and laughter to you in this coming new year!!!
You always look FABULOUS! Make up or not 8)

Love from Denver, Colorado USA!

Vinga said...

Beautiful as always :)
Have a nice day sweetie :*

A few of my favorite things said...

You outfit is really cool. I like that.
Regards, Magda

Anonymous said...

Hi Karin! :-)

Thanks for your kind words :-)

It can get pretty bad on the ward but it's been a lot worse recently. We don't mind looking after confused patients but there should ideally be a limited number per ward as they have a tendency to really use up your time and consequently other patients get neglected. Also there are currently staffing problems so we don't have enough people to cope adequately ( and staff are threatening to hand there notices in and some have actually left ). We are getting some new starters in January I believe but because the NHS is a national organisation and with all the CRB checks that people nowadays have to go through the recruitment process takes a lot longer than it used to ( the interviews took place 8 months ago back in April ).

I've had a bit of a better day today. And I hope you've had a good day Karin! :-)

Look after yourself! :-) Thanks again! :-)