Sunday, December 30, 2012



Anonymous said...

hi beautiful :) i hope you had a wonderful day sleep well, take care.

Betty Blue said...

You are so beautiful.
Good night!

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

Good night, see you tomorrow.
Jag älskar dig

Anonymous said...

It's now 03am. Well, hope you are now in your own world. Its the best place in the world.

Have good tomorrow, my dear angel!

Unknown said...

good night, lovely anette!


James Oakes said...

Heyy Anette! Lovely picture, blue is really your colour :)

Do you remember I mentioned I went to see EPICA this month? Well I thought I would share a couple of photos with you.

Firstly here is the picture I made for Simone: Watercolour and chalk drawing. I think she liked it; she commented on clean lines and good use of colour lol.

Secondly heres the picture I took with the band: I look horrible in pictures so I always make funny faces lol. They definetly thought I was weird..

Finally here are a few pictures I took at the gig: The support band: Stream of Passion
Simone looking lovely
Mark rocking out
Overall a great night :)

It really was an amazing show. I caught 2 guitar picks (one hit me in the forehead lol) and one of the guys' bottle of water they threw. I didn't shout "I LOVE YOU" at Simone because I learned my lesson from Birthday Massacre haha ;)

Hope you enjoyed my pictures, have a lovely day Anette! James x

Unknown said...

What is the coldest it gets for you?
I am in Houston, TX right now and it is cold. I've been complaining about it but then I thought, I shouldn't be complaining. Anette has it way worse probably...Living in the South has made me so used to warm weather...I don't know what I would do if I was in Sweden.
Sorry...that was random, but I felt like bringing it up...
Have a good evening:)

Harrawrson said...

Hi Anette! Hope you're well. :)

Someone on YouTube edited together the sound from the clips of Watching Me From Afar and I've been listening and singing along. ;)

Since I'm a guy, it's obviously lower when I sing it, but I'm working on my head voice as I sing along. It's hard work to keep myself from straining. I can at least start relaxed now, but it wants to sort of snap shut if I change pitch. It's a fun challenge though!

Anyway, thanks for the inspiration! :)

Unknown said...

Good morning!

Tonigt a had a terrible dream and I wanted to cut myself again. So I walked to my parents room and slept the rest of the night with them. I actually want to get in a clinic, just to quit being so crazy. I realy am in trouble with myself... Let's hope I get better without a clinic but with therapist... Hehe.

I hope you have a nice day with your sweet kids/hubby!

IsaWolfheart said...

Hi dear
you'r beaufitul <3


Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I hope you are alright. I saw that, even if you said a good night early, you posted comments already at 04:37 for example. Didn´t you get enough sleep? Sorry, but I´m worried a little bit :(. I hope you have time to answer me, I´d feel better with that. But if not, I understand it of course.
We have the last two days of 2012 now, let´s see what the new year will bring to us :)

@ Sabine: Oh no, doesn´t sound good. I hope you´ll be alright again soon. Try to resist cutting yourself, even if it´s hard, always remember it won´t make anything better. I wish you the best :)

Anette, I hope you are doing right and I wish you a nice Sunday :)

Du är sa viktigt för mig :)
I try to learn a bit swedish now and I hope I´m doing it right.

Take always good care of yourself please :)


Unknown said...

Anette there is someone that doesn´t love me :( we were together for 6 months ... I have been crying for 3 days and nights u.u :( ... At least I feel better while I am telling you this .. thank u for everything you have gave me anette

Unknown said...

Hi, Anette!
You have a nice look but show your face for us=)
New Year is coming. So I have a little present for you and for all your fans
I wish you unforgettable moments, happiness, laughing all the time and colorful life!
I love you and many Ukrainian fans love you too=)

Rosana said...

Hello Nettie, you seem so calm and serene in this picture ......
   I want to ask a few questions for you

1 - These two pictures are real or fake and which place was?

2 - You know Amy Lee and her band Evanescence? They really are very good :)

If you can answer or not thats ok I understand, sleep well and wake up refreshed to a great day of celebration! (Ps: My country really loves you)

Unknown said...

Rosana; Hi! The photo with Tarja is fake but the one with Floor is real;=) We have met several times and she´s a nice girl!
Yes, I love Evanescence and Amy Lee is a great singer!;=) Take care!

Unknown said...

Hi Nettan!!!!

One word: Beatifulll

God Bless, kisses

raffaella - Brazil

Unknown said...

Nacy: Hi and THANKS;=) I love it and especially December;=) Take care!

Unknown said...

James; Hi and thanks for sharing;=) I love that you look goofy, I am the same in photos;=) Clown of the class! Sleep really well!

Tanya Yazykova said...

Hi, Anette!
Today, 30th December is my B-day=) These is real happy day for me) But... One very sad occurrence happaened. I was really sad about that my friends laughed of my song, which I wrote. I had finished wrote music, but I was really nervous today, when I played it... And... I am crying now..Maybe this idea to write songs and music is bad. I can't do it, maybe.. I don't know.. Anette, please help me. Have you been in the same situations? What I can do? This is link to vocal line to my own song, which lyrics I sent to you. The song named "Candle fire".
I wait for you answer very much... You are my hope...

With Love,