Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mickey mouse

Hi all and happy 3rd of Advent;=)

Today we went to the mall to get some x-mas gifts but we lost all inspiration and feeling for it when we saw all the people running around in there so we just got Nemo a nice Mickey Mouse Santa balloon and two Mickey Mouse movies. Nemo loves Mickey and he calls him "Fo-fo". so a happy little camper today with lots of Mickey to look at!

Johan made us a delicious home pizza tonight and it was, as always, better than buying one from the pizzeria;=)

My outfit today was this:

Hope you all had a wonderful sunday and are ready for the last week before X-mas;=) 
Sleep well all of you!


Marekos said...

Hi Anette,
Amazing photos and nice pizza ;) I'm your fan from Poland - please notice me. Your music is my inspiration.


Carol Misokane said...

Hello Nettie =). Right now I'm listening to Slow Love Slow and the only image that comes to my mind is you singing with your beautiful hat =).
Haa, I love Mickey too, he is so cute ^^ and in portuguese "Fo-fo" means cute, so I think Nemo should try some brazilian words haha.
Your outfit today is so beautiful, I like the used in some shows, am I right? It is really great.
I wish you a beautiful week, with some snow and beautiful candlelights and may your X-mas time be amazing.

Love, Carol

Unknown said...

Oh a pretty little blond head

Baru said...

Oh, the pizza looks so delicious! It must be tasty. And I really love your hair, beaty. :-)

Sending Christmas greetings from Prague. :-)

Dalma said...

Happy third of Advent to you. :D Christmas? World will end on Friday, there won't be Christmas. :D

Det finns en låt som jag älskar mycket. Jag ville alltid visa dig den, men jag inte kunde eftersom den är ungerska. Den originella låten var på engelska och den där översattes till ungerska, men den nya texten är så olik att jag beslutade mig för att översätta den där tillbaka till engelska för dig.

Ok, jag gjorde det i några timmar, men du äntligen kan lyssna på den, så jag är så lycklig nu. Texten betyder mycket för mig. Jag undrar om du tycker den om. Jag hoppas jag inte har tagit fel på min engelska. Det var svårt att översätta eftersom ungerska är lite förnämare än engelska. =)

Kanske blir det min julklapp för dig. Och jag kan översätta andra låtar om du vill. När min svenska är bättre, ska jag översätta till svenska. =)

Love you,
Dalma ♥

Unknown said...

I like your necklace. Is black your favorite color? U wear it alot:) enjoy the rest of your day

Beto said...

what a wonderful sunday evening, and the pizza looks delicious yummy, sleep well and sweet dreams.

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

Hello my dear.
I loved Mickey as a child.
These photos are very beautiful. Love you dressed in black.
It's so good to know that Christmas is already next week, but gets tiresome buy gifts. The malls are crowded.
I'll do a special post on Anette Olzon Gallery this week for you. When I do, I'll pass the link.
I wish a good night to you, Nemo, Seth, and Johan =)

jag älskar dig <3

Unknown said...

I did buy one of this today for my little cousin, i was taking care of her today so i took her out so we could see the xmas decoration that we have in downtown area, bought her one of this baloons and 2 minutes later she let it go and the baloon guy was gone:( and she didn't stop crying since then haha pretty sure nemo is a happy little boy today, theres nothing better than see a happy baby face =) xmas is gonna be really cool, i hope! have some friends that are living in another countries and i will recive gifts from them so i can't wait HAHA also my whole family will be together which is always nice, for the very first year i don't have that ' I HATE XMAS ' feeling and i like it .. i'll let the hate in next year when the credit card bills arrive! haha hope you have a nice night, sweet dreams and good sleep to you and your boys! <3

Unknown said...

Ps: you look gorgeous, as ALWAYS!

eskoplja said...

Hello dear Nettie :)
You look lovely as always! I LOVE the necklace. Looks great. Are you going to share that pizza? ;)
And yes..home made pizza is 100 X better for sure :)
Big hugs to you!
Good night and sweet dreams


Ena :*

Nalon said...

Happy 3rd Advent to you too, Anette.

I know the feel, if i see the people at the german x-mas market too.
It is so important as it is to buy something, when au forward to the celebration.
Therefore, we make Christmas presents. but make a great family day. And hope that does not become burnt. *angelface*

Do you know the Muppets? They have filmed a nice X-mas Movie it called *A Christmas Carol* novel by Charls Dickens ( I hope i have write it right.)
It´s one of my fav Movie in the wintertime.

And this pizza make me very hungry!! You has luck with Johan;),
he can make pizza.

I have a question Anette. Do you wear a coat even when you go out?
Your outfit looks so cold in this weather in Sweden.

Have a nice evening and greetings to your little Roadrunner in the photo.


Océane said...

"Fo fo" ahah :)
Nemo been spoiled today, lucky him! I also really love Mickey, well everythink linked with Disney actually! Thats why I offered a Disney doll to Nemo :)
Disney is magic and can make everybody dream, children, teenagers, adults and older people. I wish i coud live in Disneyland ! Ahah

Nice outfit, all black so of course I love it! The Necklace looks awesome, any chance you have a close up photo ? :)

Oh and I always wondered, do you also speak to Nemo in english?

Love, many hugs and sleep well Angel!

Anonymous said...

Hi anette :)you look beautiful as always ^^ ohh johan can cook i didn't know that , i think it's awesome and the pizza looks delicious.
my nephew loves mickey too , he likes to watch a tv program called "the house of mickey mouse" in disney channel xD enjoy your sunday.

hugs from Colombia


July said...

Hi Anette!

I'm commenting in the computer of my brother, because my laptop it's almost dead. But anyway I'm here reading your blog :D

The pizza looks delicious! I'm sure Johan is a great chef! and Nemo always make me laugh, Fo-fo is a better name than Mickey, sounds more fun :D and with he running across the pics.

P:S: As always, you looks so beautiful, and that rokcer style you looks so well!

Have a nice nice evening!

Unknown said...

Hello Anette:
What beautiful photos * - *. The clothes is very beautiful and each day that goes by you're more beautiful. I loved the bracelets, necklace, and jacket. And are also very beautiful gifts you bought Nemo.
One more thing: you could wish me luck for this week? I have to perform some tests of school to spend the last year of high school xD and I have security your good vibes and energy will bring me luck.
Greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina
Kisses, sweetie

XxBriannaxX said...

Hello Anette!
Happy to hear you had a good day and I like the balloon hehe its cute. You look stunningly beautiful! And I like the photo with the top of nemos cute little blonde head. ;-) sleep well and love and hugs!

Unknown said...

Hi Nettan!!

I was half missing because some things happened in my life that made ​​me not happy, my boyfriend and I are not together anymore, after 7 years together.

Good, but I'm back, and you say that you choose good taste in clothes, I love all that you use, and try to use you as inspiration to dress better, well now that I'm single again.

And always wanting Nemo appears in the photos, I put photos on a contempt Sweetheart Nemo on the internet.

Well I'm off, good night and sweet dreams, kisses and a good home for you and your family beautiful.

Raffaella Brazil

James Oakes said...

Heyy Anette! How are you?

I love Disney, I think some of my most favourite films are by them: Beauty and the Beast, little Mermaid, Lion King - all masterpieces! Which is your favourite?

On that subject, one of my friends commented that the way you sing reminded her of a Disney character (she heard you sing Dead Boy's Poem and I think the comparison was mainly that the female singers have high, feminine voices and are very expressive when they sing).

How do you feel about that comment? Disney hires some very talented singers with beautiful singing voices so I can only imagine it was meant as a compliment.

I really like your cross necklace; I'd get it myself but I don't think it would suit guys haha! Have a lovely day! James x

Unknown said...

You look so sweet! Haha<3 One week now! And Elize is coming to me this week too!


Unknown said...

Nemo on the photo;-) It is so funny :-) I like your leather outfit.
The pizza looks very delicious! Johan is wonderful cook!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful... Anette, you are a wonderful woman! I went to a concert of Nightwish in Moscow this spring. I was delighted! I love you and your voice. And I look forward to your solo album)))
P.S. Sorry for bad english, I don't learn him so long.

Elen said...

Hi Anette,
Happy third Advent (one day later, that's true).
You look gorgeous.
I like the Advent-time very much, but don't like when everybody wants to show how they love each other - but only with money.
A home-made pizza with your family is better than a Gucci top :) (And I became so hungry :D )
Do you write the words and phrases from Nemo? It will be a fantastic read for you a few years later. And he will love it, too :)
Have a nice day!
With love

Unknown said...

Hey Anette! You're totally right! Sometimes I made my own pizzas and I dont mean to brag but I made them delicious better than the pizzeria! I would cook a pizza for you whenever you want! :)I like the way you dress! classy but sexy! All women should be like that! ave a wonderful night and and awesome day! good night! greetings from Mexico! :)

Veronica Lorenzo said...

OMG i have a blog similar to this one on saturday poeple were crazy!my father had a head ache and all!In puerto Rico I think the holiday madnes triples go and read it if you like. you might laugh XD lol! but yes I know the feeling... I would love to try that pizza looks delish!!! :D salutations from a Fellow singer!

Veronica Lorenzo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Meghan H. said...

I can't really make out what the brosch from your grandmother looks like, but I'm sure it's beautiful ;)

As I posted here last month, my dear grandmother passed away just over a month ago now, and I always wear her wedding ring, which is actually made from her own ring and my late grandfather's wedding ring (her ring had to be cut off after an accident), which has a little ruby in it for what would have been their Ruby wedding anniversary.

Take care, and have a love day Anette

Unknown said...

Glad that you had a good day and Nemo is happy. Hope your week goes good and greeting from Michigan

Luuh (Lucas Pereira) said...

Hello dear Nettam! How are you and your blessed Family? Hope good...

SO cute that nemo is speaking more and more! In future, maybe he will be singing! hahaha

Nettie, i was reading about the guy that killed those children in USA last week, and I was thinking that,m maybe he was bullyied... he have the profile from someone that is bullyied in USA... And i was thinking, do you think that this could be happen? That if people don't bullied him, or respect he and his problems, maybe he never could done this? I know that this is not the only problem. Everyone can but guns there. What you think? Bullying can kill?

Oh and I Loved your outfits! I love this necklace, you used this in European Tuor right? And this Pizza seems delicious! I have sure that is a big temptation ahve a husband that cook so well as Johan seems.

I wish to you and your family a really nice week, with a lot of hope, love, derams, smiles and cute things :)

Unknown said...

Hi Nettan!

A comment left me totally wrong, I said: I found a disrespect put photos of Nemo in internte.

Translator's fire, sometimes not translate the words.

Thankfully raffaella, Brazil

Farandra said...

Hi Anette ! The pizza seems to be very delicious :)

This year I decided to make my own Xmas presents. So, no crowd and less stress.

Antti Uski said...

Hi Anette! How are you! How was your day. I had school etc.
Do you have that costume still?:
I really love that what is on your feet (Whatever it's in Finnish or English). Can you take a picture of it, when you're wearing it?

Unknown said...

Hi Nettan!!
Well come here to show you my first creation of letter, do not know if it was legal, but I would like you to take a look, and says what you think of it, that would be very important for me, because I would become a singer someday.

God bless.

Raffaella - Brazil

"one day

One day I would wake
But without knowing what had happened
Without know it was a dream
Without know what it was to live

One day would realize
That everything in life happens
Almost by a wire
It would be like a bird
without wings

One day I would wake
But without knowing what had happened
Without know it was a dream
Without know what it was to live

But one day I will understand everything step
To make me stronger
From what I am today
In everything we have done
with wings

One day I would wake
But without knowing what had happened
Without know it was a dream
Without know what it was to live 2x"

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

:-D say hello to Nemo :-) nice outfit! I like Mickee mouse too :-)
have a nice evening..Radka

Unknown said...

Radoslava; Hi and thanks;=) Mickey is great!

Raffaella: hi and thanks for sharing your lyrics;=) I like it! Keep it up and never give up!=)

Antti: Hi! Yeah, I still got that=) Do you mean the denim skirt? Its the same I use in Bye Bye Beautiful video so you can see it there too;=)

Farandra; Hi! That´s a great decision, home made stuff is so nice to get;=) I used to only do that a couple of years too and I actually miss it. Its nice to be creative and give something special to the ones we love;=) Good luck!

Raffaella: No worries;=)

Lucas; Hi! yeah, I used that necklace on tour;=)
Well, its hard to say anything about this boy and why he did what he did. They talk about some personality disorder but I guess we wont know exactly why. I do believe it takes a lot for anyone to kill others and especially small children. They were so innocent and it´s so hard to understand. I believe a person who have been bullied can long to harm the bullies but I do believe it´s just a rare few people in this world who really would go and do it. Most people have a barrier which tells us what is right and wrong and I don´t think everyone is capable of murdering others, no matter what we would had been put through. Take care;=)

Kate; Hi and thanks;=)

Meghan; Hi! I´ll try and take a better photo if it next time;=)

Veronica; Hi! Nice that you also have a blog;=) Its a great way to express yourself and get a good message out, for instance against bullying so keep it up!

Rebel said...

Nemo has such a beautiful blond hair. Little angel :) great skirt from Zara. Greetings from Poland

Luuh (Lucas Pereira) said...

Hi dear Anette! yes! Its hard to now why he done this horrible thing.. And I beliove too that is a disorder mixed with other problems... And I agree with you about that in this world a lot of people was bullyied and never done this, but maybe from a guy with disorder problems this helps... I think that Bulying can cause it because, well, a lot of bullying happen in school, and all those people that kill others in schools, are so young, and maybe this things can have a tinny little point of bullying...
I'm Praying every single day from the sould from this little childrens. :/

Hope you have a wonderfull day :) Take care anette!

Veronica Lorenzo said...

thank you for the reply ;) yes, my blog is also about my journey with my band and artistic escapades and everyday life, but like you said also To give out a Message to everyone, I'm writing a song about anti Bullying I would Love for you to listen to it when its out :D

Veronica Lorenzo said...

I saw the news about the CT killer and apparently his Mother Was a Survivalist and had these Odd Ideas about the end of the world this crazy saying of Dic 21... my god :/ now, he had a serious Mental Condition I feel sorry for Him but even More for the families of the victims :( Bullying Is a Horrible thing and it harms people! all I wish is for all of this to stop :( so we can live in harmony.