Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Liqourice candles and lucia

Hi all!

The best things to go through the dark winter time is to light lots of beautiful candles and x-mas lights so yesterday we got ourselves a new x-mas light for the bedroom window, a lucia train. Love these little cute ones:

Without any flash:

And with flash on;

Also got us two black scented candles that smells of licorice;=)

One of my lovely green plants in the living room all of a sudden has gotten flowers on it for the first time, I am proud since I dont have any "green fingers";=)

And today when we were out walking in the city I had to take photos of the lovely x-mas windows in our favourite kids store, Gömstället:

 And today I had this on:

Enjoy this evening and sleep well!


Unknown said...

U look very pretty and I like the lights and candles. Hope u r having a good day. My day is...okay. I have finals which I should do ok on. I hope u have a better day than me

OneOfTheLostOnes said...

Hej Anette!

Jag hittade sådana lakritsljus när jag var i Malmö. Dock köpte jag inte dem då jag var lite osäker på om dem skulle lukta gott. Skulle du rekommendera dem? Min mor älskar lakrits, så jag kanske köper dem till henne någon gång.
Åh just det, det är ju lucia snart. Jag har absolut ingen koll på vad som händer runt omkring mig :D för mycket tid på internet tror jag.

Ha en bra kväll :)


July said...

Hey Anette!

Lovely xmas lights and nice candles, I think the smell is very original! And that kids store looks so cute and adorable! that bad I don't have any kids, no own kids and no nephews :(.

By the way,I love your clothes, are really very great, and your hair looks more pretty =)

Sweet dreams!

IAN:) said...


I love how you are decorating your house all festive for the holidays. I do love this time of year with all the decorating, baking, and family time. I have a question for you and want your opinion on something if that is ok. So for x-mas this year, I have decided to not get my friends anything, instead I am donating 50$ to their favorite charities in their name secretly. I always like to help out those who need it more than I or anyone else. Do you have any fun or creative ideas on how to present them with what I have done? Also, if there is a charity you love, I would be more than happy to donate to them. What can I say, I'm a giver:)
All my best,

Unknown said...

Very beautiful candles! I like it ;-)And this top with wings is cool;-) You look pretty!
Have a nice evening!

Maciek said...

Nice Look :)

Serafim said...

You are so so beautiful, sweetie ;=)
I love candles very much, too) I like yours on the second photo:-)

Hope your day was nice!

Sleep well! ;-)

Maciek said...

nice pretty Anette look :)

Maciek said...

Nice and very Pretty Anette :)

LindaS said...

I hope you're feeling better Anette. I was very worried for the 2 days you were absent from your blog. But I must say you look so beautiful and rested lately. I'm very excited for your solo career and can't wait for your solo album to be released !

The Christmas decorations and candles are just beautiful! Licorice scented is awesome! I don't think we have those here in the U.S.,but I must look..maybe on Ebay!

Have a lovely day Nettie. Kisses and hugs!


Maciek said...

nice and Pretty Anette :)

Maciek said...

nice and Pretty Anette :)

Maciek said...

nice and Pretty Anette :)

eskoplja said...

Hi dear Nettie, how are you? I hope all is well :)
Lovely candles, they are really cute.
You look awesome! A real rock lady ;)
Love the leggings!
Big hugs

Ena :*

Dennis said...

Hi Annette! Good ideas to brighten up the dark winters. Don't know how you guys in Scandinavia handle even more darkness than us here in the USA. I definitely get more "down" when there is all this night, but I guess it's just part of the human condition and its normal. More viatimin D supplements for me! :-) Btw, how is it you manage to look so great with cute outfits daily? Is it a Swedish thing? Ever have a lazy day where you just want to throw on sweatpants and a t shirt?:-)

Anonymous said...

Looks really nice :-)) When I'm at my bf's house we always light candles in the evening. Because he has a cabin in the woods we don't have electricity. OK we have because we have sun panels. But that doesn't give us the electricity we need every evening. So we light candles and it's so romantic. And now I'm doing it in my room too. But my dad forbids me to light candles in my room...

But my bf is now in Chile until the end of this month so I haven't been in the cabin since a few weeks. And I miss the atmosphere there. So I'm going to the cabin next week :-))

Enjoy your evening and sweet dreams!

XxBriannaxX said...

Aw i love the little lights and the candles. I bet the candles smell so good. ;-) hehe. You look so beautiful as you always do! Sleep really well and have very good dreams. Love and hugs!

Unknown said...

Pretty anette!

I have an online therapist now! She ie verry nice to me and helps me good. I think I can stop myself now! Yesterday is the last time I hurted myself. I'm not going to cut till it is next year!

Stay strong! And don't break someting with this weather!(I almost did twice today haha)

Sleep well

Océane said...

The atmosphere in your home is soo nice !!

And wow, I love the outfit and your hair! Its for sure my favourite photos among the ones you put here lately! You really are beautiful my dear =)

Hey, don't forget to put the video of "watching me from afar" please =)It's my favourite !

I wish you a nice evening and a very good night

Love and Hugs

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

Hello my dear. These candles are very beautiful. My mom bought some too.
I'm so excited for Christmas
These pictures are also very beautiful. I love the color of your eyes =)
Good night my dear.
Jag älskar dig > I'm writing right? haha

Nalon said...

Evening Anette,

The candels are wow! It´s look really warm and cozy in your flat.
And the pictures of the shop window are really Beautiful. Somehow I see such showcase in Germany anymore. :/

Your clothes fit well together again.Look out for me in the pictures with the best hair open.

Today I finally figured out how to brings images to your blog.
If you want to read it once, here's the link.


Have a peaceful night and a happy Morning.


Betty Blue said...

Good evening!
You look a lot fitter ;-) Did you finally get used to the season?
Oh yes, Lucia tomorrow... My mother begs me to celebrate it with her, this traditional thing with the oldest daughter waking up the family members with candles and kanelsnegle and so on, but I mean... I am certainly not going to get up earlier than I have to ^^
Do you celebrate it with your family?
Love, Betty

Dark Queen said...

I too have candles and I like them a lot :) I bought them in Ikea some time ago :) Really good ones!
I like your hair band! I have one similar from H&M :)
Now is time to go to bed. Good night dear. Sleep well you too
Kisses ♥

Carol Misokane said...

Hello Nettie, how are you doing? You look better in the pictures and it makes me feel good too =).

Uau, the candlelight just give the bedroom so charming, don't you think? I like it..and the dolls are so cutie..really nice. Trully, this is the best part of the end of the year ^^.
Your outfit today looks very nice, I think in the house isn't too cold, it is? And your bag, I loved her..if one day you don't wanna her anymore, send me hahaha.
Oh my dear, I'm so sorry but I just tell it to someone..Today my heart is broken. One of my cats died yesterday of a cardiac arrest. He was joking in the street and a motocycle came and scared him, so he ran to home and then fell on the ground dead =(..I never thought I'd be so alone and sad like I am today, but I hope he finds a good place in Heaven and wait for me..I remember once you've lost your cat and I know you know how I feel so I just wanted to share this, I'm so sorry.

So, may the angels guide your sleep and always shine their light upon you, Seth, Nemo and Johan.

Love, Carol

Anonymous said...

hi anette :) how are you? i like the lights and candles i think are really cute ♥
cool outfit the top with wings is beautiful hehe i want it and you look stunning ^^ have a wonderful day princess

saskia said...

I love candles too. and The flowers looks nice. I haven´t any green fingers too so just cacti grow up in my window. But one of my grandmothers have green fingers. She had more than 30 orchids and until now no one died
@ Carol Misokane:
I feel very sorry for you! last year one of our cats die too, she had cancer and we just have to take her out of her misery because she was throw up all day of lying in a corner. Now we have a new little cat and I dont want to thought about her dieing. she means really much too me. I can understand how you feel. I am so sorry with you!

Unknown said...

Nettie you don´t know me and not know my life
but I want to thank because
these days I had very bad =(
and to hear your beautiful voice
I did find peace
Nettie thank you for existing =D

Tees for Animals said...

Thanks for sharing all this with us^^ I love that you are so down to earth and I think it's fun to follow a bit of your daily life on this blog.

I am of course looking forward to more songs from you :)

kind regards,

a fan from Denmark :)

IsaWolfheart said...

hi dear how are you ?

sorry for my absence :/ but i don't forget you don't worry ;-)
so I like your outfit you'r beaufitul :-)
enjoye your day

Izabella said...

have you read this new j.k.rowling book "the casual vacancy"? i'm thinking about buying it but i'd like to hear some opinions if it's good or not

Tonnomura said...

Anette you are such a beautiful girl inside and out! Definitely my role model!!

Philippa said...

Hej Anette, love your outfit! I've noticed that you've been wearing the same necklace in a lot of your pictures lately. Could you maybe take a picture of it up close for one of your future posts? I'm curious to see what it looks like. I hope you'll have a lovely evening! xx

Unknown said...

Philippa; Hi! I´ll try and take a close up photo of it for you;=) Take care!

Tonnomura: hi and thanks for such kind words;=)

Angela; Hi and thanks;=)

Izabella; Hi! No, I havent but now I got interested so I might order it and start reading it;=) And if you read it before me, let me know if you like it or not;=)

Isa; Hi and thanks and no worries, its good that you have other things to do than just sit by the computer all the time;=) And soon x-mas so lots to do for everyone in the world. Take care;=)

Alesjaure; Hi and thanks;=) And great that you are from Denmark, my dear neighbors;=)

Misa; Hi and thanks so very much! That´s just the best thing to know my voice help someone;=) Thanks so much and lots of hugs!

Saskia; Hi! Well, some people just have those green fingers and even if we don't, we can always try;=)

Nana; Hi and thanks;=) Yeah, the top is nice and also really comfortable since its cotton;=)

Carol; Oh my dearest one! I got so, so sad to hear about your cat and what a sad ending he got;=( He must have been having a bad heart since it could happen so fast? Was he old or young? I really understand how sad you feel and every time one of my cats have died its like loosing a piece of myself and a dear family member. I am so sorry for you and send you lots of comforting hugs! I know it wont help but my thoughts are with you. Hugs!

Unknown said...

DarkQueen; Hi and yeah, candles are the best thing in these dark months;=) We were at IKEA today and got some more candles again. Always need more since they burn so fast.

Betty; Hi! Yeah, the iron and vitamines are helping but I still sleep a lot;=) And lucia is nice but not the waking up early to sing-part;=) Take care!

Nalon; Hi and oh, such a dear and nice gift you gave Tarja and Naomi;=) I am sure she got really happy for it;=) And the concert sounds really nice and maybe I´ll try and visit one of her concerts one day if she passes through nearby=) Thanks again and take care!

Mathews: Hi! And yes, Jag älskar dig, is correct;=) And thanks for such kind words;=) Sleep well!

Oceane; hi! I was at mum´s place but forgot to take the videos with me home! Damn;=( But next time I´ll try and fix it;=) Sleep well!

Sabine; Hi and so good that you got some help! That makes me really happy;=) You go! You can beat this thing, I know it;=) Lots of hugs!

Brianna; hi and thanks and sleep well u too;=)

Oona; hi! Sounds so nice with your cabin;=) And candles are so romantic, for sure;=) I understand you´re missing your bf but soon he´ll be home and then you can sit by the candles and enjoy each other again;=) Sleep well!

Dennis; Hi! Hehe, oh yes, i do walk around in my onepiece many days too but when I am going out I always try to look a little bit nicer;=)

Ena; hi and thanks;=) yeah, the leggings are cool but also nice since they have cotton on the inside and the back so not as cold as normal leather leggings;=)

Maciek: Hi and thanks;=)

Serafim: Hi and thanks for such kind words;=)

Gitte; Hi and thanks;=)

Alina; hi and thanks;=)

Ian: Hi and such a great idea;=) Well, maybe you can do a nice card to give them where you write something about what the charity will help for? Like: You have just given a child food for 10 days or water for 10 days or so on? Here in Sweden we have many good charity sites where we can buy water or food or medicine for an amount of money and then you get a card telling what you have given away. I have always felt giving to any charity and help foundation is good, such as UNICEF, RED CROSS and PLAN for instance;=)

July; Hi and thanks;=) I am sure you´ll have some kids on your own in the future;=)

Ellinor; hej! De luktar inte så mycket faktiskt, då luktar de värmeljusen jag köpte på Lagerhaus mer. Jag har provat Choklad, magnolia, vanilj och passionsfrukt och jag älskar magnolia-ljusen mest;=)

Rivka: Hi! I hope the day went well for you;:=)

Océane said...

To Carol : i am so sorry for you and I feel so sad. Pets are to me as important as any member of the family (sometimes much more important actually) so I totally understand your pain and i share it :(
One of my biggest fear is to find my dear cat die one day, just written that give me tears. I cant live without him since I grew up with him since I'm 5 years old. So I really hope your beloved one is in "cat heaven" and have fun with others ones. I guess heaven for cat is just a place where they have comfy pillows to sleep on and as much food as they want :) lets hope he is there.
I send you many hugs my dear, hope the pain wont last too much.

Love and Hugs Anette

Unknown said...

Hi dear Anette,

you look so beautiful everyday more and more! *-*
I would like ask you something... :)
When you finished your solo album, do you have plans to get a world tour (and maybe come to Brazil)? We really love you here, we wanna see you singing live soon! *-*
I wish that new year that's coming be the happiest year of your life, full of conquers, dreams and perfect moments! I really admire you like singer and person! Be happy, today, tomorrow and always!

Big hug and kisses from São Paulo/Brazil!

brandon said...

Thank you for the show you played in Utah with nightwish! Loved it! I heard you were not feeling well when you performed, so thank you that much more for fighting through for us! We were very pleased. Will your solo album be released in the U.S.? I would love to hear it! Thank you again!

Serafim said...

Dear, Anette!
Good morning! How are you?
Yesterday was the day 12.12.12 haha..it's cool :-)
Enjoy your day and thanks for the answers, Nettie!

IsaWolfheart said...

hi dear I hope you feel goo ? yes I agree thanks :-)
I wish you a good evening