Thursday, December 13, 2012

Home from mum´s place

Had a nice day at mum´s house and got dinner and ate Lucia buns;=) Super cold outside! Minus 10 degrees in the day time and now when we drove home again minus 14! Brrr.... warm sweaters and knits are the thing these days and here´s my outfit from yesterday and today for you.

Yesterdays outfit:

And today:

And took some photos of Stjärnan, "my" old cat who nowadays are my mum´s cat so you can see that she is a beautiful and cool cat;=)

Sleep well and hope your Lucia day was filled with love and little miracles like mine;=)


Unknown said...

Warm and fuzzy clothes!!! I like the first one:) R those cats in the last 2 pictures? Even if I strain my eyes I can't tell...they r cute. I love cats. R u a cat person? Or dog person? I love both a lot. Continue 2 have a good day:)

DreamerGirl131 said...

Hi :)
I'm glad that you had a good day :) your "love" sweater is really amazing, I love it <3 and the cat is really cute :) and i still envy the snow there, we don't have any and it seems that we won't have until next week, which I'm really sad about.
I was glad to see the Lucia post, I thought that it's only a tradition here :D we're doing some "Lucia-games" with my friends, but actually, they enjoy it more than I do :) and I really liked the Christmas decorations, cause we don't have any, we won't even have a Christmas tree :(
Your blog posts really make my nights, even when I don't have a really good day, and lately, I didn't have too much, school is really hard and dealing with my friends and my selfharm can be quite exhausting...
I already wrote novel, and most of it is complaining so I stop now :D
Goodnight :)

Betty Blue said...

Happy Lucia, Anette!
You look great, I like the LOVE-shirt ;-)
My mother really means it. She did not even bake for Lucia. Not even kanelsnegle. Nothing. Usually she loves every single Advent day and only Christmas itself more than Lucia, but this year... Maybe I should get out her decoration. This Julenissen she collects, and this kids in red with apples and candles... Maybe I should decorate the house for her. We´ll see ^^
Lovely cat! I like cats, they just don´t like me. Even tha cat of my best friend sort of hates me... Don´t know why ^^
Love, Betty

Philippa said...

That sweater is so cute, and thank you for the close-up of your necklace, it's very pretty!

Unknown said...

I like your outfits! Here we have minus 5 degrees and there is no snow :(Despite this I hope Christmas will be snowy ;-)
I love animals very much! I have two cats and one dog ;-) The last photo is wonderful;-) Stjärnan like an extraterrestrial! Its so funny!

Daria Grishaeva said...

Hey:-) you are beautiful as always! Nice to hear that you had a good day:-) didn't you watch the hockey game between Sweden and Russia? We won you, haha:-) and during the game it was "Over the hills..." playing there, quite strange, but it was great!
Sleep well!

dorak said...
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dorak said...

Little Stjärnan looks like a bobcat. :) Cute bobbles on the tops of her ears!

TheDeadUnicorn said...

Your cat is huge and looks so fluffy!Cutecutecute.
And wow,the weather there is cold indeed!And I thought here was freezing!
You look gorgeous,as always.
Hope you had a great time with your mum!

Océane said...

Oh Starjnan, it's been a while! She is soooo beautiful =)BTW, I can't remember why you gave her to your mum? I know you wrote it here but can't remember! My bad :/ Don't you miss to have pets around you?

I really love your outfit, especially yesterday's one =) and great to read you had a good day! Mine was boring, I felt tired and fell asleep on the couch in front of the TV.
I am now watching at Criminal Minds, one of my favourite series! =)

Love and Hugs

Océane said...

And I forgot to say : STOP BITTING YOUR NAILS! ahah

I'm not the good person to say that cause it's really hard for me to stop doing it but since 2 weeks I let them grow and its definitely better! But I know I'll do it again soon! Too bad! :(

Have a good evening

Love and Hugs

Anonymous said...

hey nettan how are you? (: i loved this message "never give up" , is your style !.
The xmas is approaching and i'm so happy have the family around you n_n.
I wonder what will give you santa claus haha
owww i loved the cat, i have two but they are still babies :3
Tomorrow the band will play in argentina and the only thing that i can say is this :
Although I would have liked to see you sing, it makes me happy to know you're okay, you're happy in your country with your family and you are doing what you love and you inform us with your blog (:. Thanks!hear you sing and see you smile, you make happy all your fans! but hope someday be in one of your shows! sleep well now (: -martin

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

Hello my dear. Wow I so wanted to be there. I love cold places.
These photos are so beautiful. And your cat is so cute. I had one when I was a kid, now I can not because I have dogs.
My dear, you know when they go out professional videos of Helsingborg Arena?
good night
Jag älskar dig =)

Elmas said...

Hello Anette and you look so pretty in those photos!

Also, Stjarnan is so beautiful, in the first picture of her, I was just puzzled by her ears! I don't know if it's just the way the pic came out, or it's the race, but she looks like an "Elf-cat", ha ha!

Have a great weekend! :-)

Unknown said...

Hello my dear, has been awhile since i don't write here, my computer is not longer my friend haha sorry :( looking good as always and so nice that you had a day full of happiness with your mother and your lovely ones =) love the new sweater, this message is awesome! never give in never give up! hope everything is ok , sleep well and sweet dreams!

Dark Queen said...

Good evening Anette :)
Glad to read that you had a nice day :) It's always nice to read posts like this!
I have to wait one more week and then will come special days with my dear friend returns home. She's away for work. I don't meet her already 3 months and I really miss her :( But when she'll be here we will have 10 days to spent together. Then she'll go again away.
Good night and sleep really well you too

Katy Marie said...

Aww, you have a kitty very similar to mine. Love long furred cats; bet he is very warm this winter.

Katy Marie said...

Aww, you have a kitty very similar to mine. I love long haired cats. Bet your cat is very warm this winter.

AlessandraWilderness said...

I really like this need very warm clothes =) but I love winter, it's my favourite season! So you have a cat *_* i loooooooove them, my boyfriend has a cat and its name is Red ^^ "Stjärnan" means "star"...or am I mistaken? good night and sweet dreams to you!!!

Unknown said...

owww cute kittie

i have a cat that i got it since i have 9 years old, and she's FAT, and very soft, oww she's an old cute cat!

always at x-mas i give my cats a ribbon & a roasted chicken for dinner xD

Sachia said...

Hei. :)
It's a bit surprising to read that in Sweden it's as cold as here, Hungary. Wow, we'll be a cold country in few years. :D I wanted to move north, but I see that the north is coming to me... :D Happy Advent to you and your Family!

Unknown said...

I laughd so hard about the last picture, I allmost spit my milk out! Haha

Here it is -4 to 4 max so actually not that cold. Haha I have to buy some winter stuff this afternoon(It is going to be red/black gloves without fingers and a studded belt)

Haha going to school now! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Good morning dear Anette and thanks for all the lovely pictures!
Another reason I prefer autumn and winter over summer is that you get to wear much cooler clothes, great boots and coats and gloves and caps and scarves... just much more there to combine. ;=)
And great that you had a good time at your mum's yesterday! Does Busan still live with your mum as well? I always loved when you showed us pictures of them, they are so cute and really beautiful! ;=)
Have a nice day and stay warm!
Many hugs

Dark Kitten said...

Hello Anette!
You look wonderful as always:)
It's quiet warm in Sweden. Here in Russia we have about -30 degrees for a few days already. Brr...
And Stjarnan is awesome:) I have a cat too and she loves to sleep on my laps.
Good luck!

Serafim said... many photos ;-) Thanks, dear! I adore them all )))
You are so beautiful in all this clothes! I especially like your black Gucci top, it's just amazing! =)
And your cat Stjarnan is really like a bobcat with such funny ears =)
I'm happy that your Lucia day was fantastic! ;=)
With love

C. said...

Hello Anette!

I hope you had a great day! I love this cosy outfit, it makes me wish we here in south of France had snow and cold (but instead we have boring rain and circa 10°C, meeeeeh >_<)

Stjärnan looks like a plushie! I love cat with fluffy hair like hers (and mine too, a 8 month old kitten w/ black hair)

BTW what is the name of your nail lacquer? Sorry if you already said it, but I forgot :P It looks gorgeous and perfect for the season!

Have a nice day! :D

Anonymous said...

Lovely outfits! Haha, my cat stays inside the whole time... He dislikes rain and snow. And he has so cold now because of the bad weather.

rainy said...

Love your clothes and cats ;D
Can you tell me smth? In these photos you have a white sweater- is it your natural hair or a little hairdo? Cause I love the way your hair looks :)

Unknown said...

Uh...I didn't see above the pictures of the cat that it says it's your old cat...sorry I guess that was a stupid question when I asked if it was a cat...btw how many cats do u currently have?
Sorry again for the stupid question...I couldn't c the writing:(

July said...

Hey Anette!

hahahahaha I loved your cat :D I want to adopted a cat but my mom don't want, so your mom is a great mom :)

I like a lot your clothes, and are very adequate for this season.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

hi anette i like your winter clothes specially the sweater from cindstory it have a great menssage :)
i love the cats .. lol hehehe the last picture is really funny Stjärnan looks like a cat from a horror movie xD

Nick Rivera said...

Hey Anette! I've been so busy with life lately I've skimped out on checking your blog daily. Happy Lucia!! ;)

I love the pictures of S. Poor ol' cat looks like an alien with those eyes and the way they turned out in the photo haha :)

How is the studio and your songs coming along ?

Hugs and love