Monday, December 10, 2012

For the boys...

Today we took Seth and Nemo and went to do some clothes and shoe shopping. Most needed was a pair of winter boots for Seth (now when its so snowy outside) and also he needed a new jacket and some sweaters.

Came home with these for Seth from Zara:

A nice red winter jacket with fake fur

A cosy cotton sweater in his favourite color  - green

A nice striped sweater in red/white

And for Nemo:

 A cool London sweater

A really nice pair of blue colored jeans

So now they both have some new clothes and its not so often I get Seth to go to a clothes store so I am happy he finally joined me today;=)

Sleep well!


Serafim said...

Really nice clothes for boys :-) thanks for photos)
Sleep well dear Anette and have sweet dreams!;=)

Océane said...

I love all of this clothes, they are really cool! I specially love the winter jacket for seth and Nemo's london sweater =)

Sounds like a great day! =)

Love & Hugs

Anonymous said...

hi anette :) wow the clothes of zara are beutiful i like the outfits but were are the winter boots for seth? :/

Unknown said...

Hello dear!

My younger brother has the same age as Seth (born same year AND month! Haha meaning: extreme fangirl feelings here...) but he LOVES to go to the shops. As long as we're going to shop for him... haha
I actually don't really like it... so my mom needs to force me for going to the shops... lol

Have a great evening!

Ps; you can't imagine how long it took me to write this, stupid typos... haha

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,

really nice clothes for your boys.

In Germany there are, unfortunately, more black children than Colorful clothes. And in the dark season Kannes be dangerous if driving children can not see.

And i had a nice Sunday and Monday, too. I have eat some finnish yummie Honey^^.
There is a link for you;) The Honey in really good.

Good evening and sleep well like an egg.


Unknown said...

Glad u had fun

Isabella Ahnert said...

Hi ^ ^
Good evening Anette!
What beautiful clothes for their babys cute ♥ It'll be beautiful in Them ;)
Kisses =*

XxBriannaxX said...

Ooh very cute clothes for the boys! Green ia also my favorite color. ;-) sleep well and sweet dreams!

GotikaBoutique said...

Wow! No comments yet, so I guess I must be the first. Well... I´ll do this fast. I want to apologize for the name of one of my collaborators of my other account "Femme Goutique". I use that account and this one to sell clothes, but since I open a new one I didn´t realize the other one was been use for bad things. I know you had been insulted but that won´t happen again anymore, as I already closed that account and make a new one with a unique password that I only know. So, I want to apologize for all my co-worker said to you, as he is not a fan of you. The things between you and Nightwish are private and if both of you decided not to reveal the reasons of your breakup, is your bussiness. Just came here to tell you, you won´t be bother again and have a nice life, you and your family.

Gotika Erin.

Beatrix said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Antti Uski said...

Hey Anette. You really have style. I even don't have that. :D That London shirt is so cool. I would want that too.

Unknown said...

Antti; Hi and thanks=) yeah, and the London sweater is a tiny bit "shiny" so extra festive;=)

Beatrix: Hi! No, this year we´ll stay at home mainly due to me just being so fed up with travelling after all the tours;=) But maybe next year we´ll go to Thailand for some weeks. lets see what life brings us next year;=) Take care!

Gotika; Hi and thanks! We already had started to search for this persons IP nr since the comments were far from ok, but good that you took the person away. Then we´ll not continue with our investigation;=) Take care and thanks again!

Brianna; Hi! yeah, Seth loves green and it is a nice color indeed;=)

Isabella; Hi and thanks;=) Boys clothes are not as fun as girls clothes but some are better than others;=)

Gitte; Hi and thanks;=) yeah, its a really warm jacket and thats good since kids his age normally dont wanna wear warm and practical things;=)

Rivka; Hi and thanks;=)

Nalon; hi and thanks for the link, sounds delicious;=)

Elize; Hi! and well, normally I have to get clothes for Seth and then he´ll say if he likes them or not, so to get him to follow me to the store is not common;=)

Nana; Hi! We got them in another shoe store and I dont remember the brand now;=)

Océane; Hi! Yeah, the jacket is really nice and warm;=) And nice when he wants to have such a nice color on it too;=) Take care!

Serafim: Hi and thanks;=) The same to you!

Anonymous said...

Oh really nice clothes :3 I think I need some new shoes too. I don't think I'm gonna wear my combats or Dr Martens all winter ;-)) Not good for the leather!
Enjoy your day ^-^ hug!

rainy said...

Hi Nettie :)
Great clothes for your boys :D
Sometimes I wish you were my mom hahaha :D I would have so many beautiful clothes ;)
How do you feel today ? :)

Unknown said...

Awh, you're such a sweet mom! My mom's more like; "oh, you do need clothes, but you don't want to go to the shops? Okay. Fine. Sucks." Haha

July said...

Hi Anette!

Nice clothes for the boys, I'm still remember when I was a little girl and I went shopping with my mom. And I'm sure Seth it's so happy for have a to you :D

By the way, seth, still in winter, goes to the soccer practices? do you like soccer?

Have a very nice afternoon!

Anonymous said...

Anette, you are a very good mum :-)

Unknown said...

Hi dear Anette, veery goog choice, I like it! :-) and I hope that Seth and Nemo will be like these clothers, too :-)
Have a nice evening and sleep really really well :-)
Hugs, Radka

Daria Grishaeva said...

Haha, I can say that me and my parents are the opposite of yours:-) they always say me: "oh my, you have so much clothes! We haven't SO MUCH wardrobes to save it! But you can go shopping every day!" Yeah, I can:-) if there is a chance to visit shops, I call my friend, say "I'll be late" to my parents and just enjoy buying some things and clothes:-)