Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cleaning saturday

Today I am inside cleaning the place and since it´s only 9 days left until X-mas I only listen to x-mas songs;=)

Here´s my playlist:

Ronan Keating and Maire Brennan - Fairytale of New York:

Celine Dion - X-mas Eve:

Whitney Houston - The first Noel: 

Michael Bublé - X-mas medley: (the whole album is just soooo good;=) 

 Faith Hill - Where are you X-mas?: (so sad;=)

Josh Groban - Believe:

Sarah Brightman - Pie Jesu:


Unknown said...

Have fun cleaning:)

^^ Claudia ^^ said...

Hi Anette!
I Really Love Christmas,one of my favourite day :)
I love your playlist ..expecially Michael Bublè...I love him and his voice!
Hello from Italy :)

Laetitianne said...


You can listen this song too : But maybe this version is better ;-) (1:08 and after).

Have a nice afternoon.


Unknown said...

I don't like cleaning!
Haha My parents gave up asking me to clean my room!
It goes quite well with me! 5 Days of being clean now! I'm so prowd! I also had a 9.4 for Chemics!

My uncle was trying to learn my dad swedish! It was realy funny!(My unle lives in sweden and my aunt knew you were the singer in NW. They were hear last year:D)

Have a nice weekend!

James Oakes said...

Heyy Anette! Personally I can't listen to Christmas songs anymore since it reminds me of when I used to work in an alchahol shop (which was a really miserable time for me). We used to play nothing but Christmas songs for 2 months and whenever I hear them it just reminds me of work lool!

Anyway, have a lovely day (cleaning hehe) and glad you're enjoying the season :) James x

Serafim said...

Good evening, dear Anette!
Thanks for nice music!
I'm going to tidy my flat tomorrow, as on Monday it will be my birthday :-)
Enjoy your evening!

Océane said...

Hey Dear,

Oh yes you'r right Michael Bublé album is soooo good! Last year when I was living in UK I was teaching french in a school and during the weekend I was working in an Indian restaurant and they used to put Bublé Xmas CD everyday so I know everysong by heart ahah!
Today I went to my favourite beauty institute so now my nails look great! A wonderful glittered red, perfect for xmas =)
Here a link, my hand are far from being beautiful :/

And close up :

Love it ! And it last between 2 and 3 weeks =)

Love and Hugs

Daria Grishaeva said...

Good evening:-)
Thanks, realy good music! I aslo have this x-mas mood inside:-) have you decorated сhristmas tree? We'll do it tomorrow, I realy like sitting in front of it and wishing my dreams to come true:-)
My saturday was also filled with cleaning our flat. I don't know why, but in our flat is sooo cold! and now I am just lying under many blankets:-)
Also, my lovely cat has his birthday today:-) haha, quite strange, but I realy like to congratulate him with a little toys, food and so on:-) he is 4 years old, and I feel like he is my brother:-)
With love,

xxMissCxx said...

Michael Buble's album is amazing for Christmas! 9 days to gooo! :D Are you all ready for Christmas?

Amy x

Tonnomura said...

Hi Anette. This is a song my dad composed a few years ago and it's a great Christmas Song :) I hope you like it!

Selkeä said...

Moya Brennan!! I saw her live in July... my God, she's simply an enchanteress!! Great choice! ;)
Have a nice week-end, dear Anette!

aline said...

I just can´t get enough of your voice, soooooo great!

Unknown said...

Hi Anette!

Some Christmas music for you fron one of my favorites. Rik Emmett. You need to do a Christmas album!! :^)


Nalon said...

Hello Anette,
i like more listen to old medeavl c-mas song. 1. Only few Band play this songs and 2. they are not as fast over. Like sog how Holy Night or Rudolf the red nose Rendeer...

This is a song from Ireland

There is a really Christmas Song in latin language. Gaudete called: pleased you. They play the song as you might have played it 500 years ago in church.

Have a nice evening.