Sunday, December 02, 2012

Another video clip from friday;=)

Hi all,

Here´s a clip from my first song "Like a show inside my head" with filming on me from the big screen so you can see me too, dancing and so on;=)



Unknown said...

thaaaaaaaaaaanks dear :-)it´s your mum´s video? :-) and I have some question for you: I´m very looking forward to your solo album (if we can avait it :-D) - when do you want approximately publish it? hugs, Radka

Unknown said...

Radka: Hi! Yeah, its one of mum´s videos, more will come later;=)

Unknown said...

This is really good song:)

Unknown said...

This is really good song:)

Tanya Yazykova said...

Hi, dear Anette!
Ooooh! It's SO BEAUTIFUL! I'm crying again and again! fantastic singer with great positive energetic! Thank you for this video very much! It's amazing! Anette, you exactly come back to us! ANd I'm very happy about it! And I said this so many time , but YOU ARE THE BEST SINGER IN THE WORLD! Thank you!
With Love and Great Admiration,

Dark Queen said...

Thank you so very much!!!!!!
Your mum did a great job :D
Thanks, thanks, thanks
You were perfect. The outfit was really good ;)

Karin said...

Oj oj , när jag såg att du laddat upp denhär, gick jag och fyllde ett glas med rödvin, och njöt sedan för fullt :) Stunderna med din röst är alltid guld värda.
När du står där framför hela orkestern, och sjunger din egen sång : det måste kännas helt fantastiskt !

Vicky ♡ said...

Wow, this is exactly what I needed at the moment. This really made me smile! Awesome, thank you so much.
Love, Victoria <3

Anonymous said...

Beautiful ;-)

Elmas said...

So lovely! I gotta say your voice sounds great, I mean, I always loved it in Nightwish songs too, especially ballads, but on this one here, it's obvious that it was composed and built for your voice, it just embraces it perfectly. I can't wait till you record and release it so we can listen to it fully and in studio quality. Have a great Sunday evening!

Rafael said...

such a beautiful song, thanks for sharing :)

Océane said...

Yeaahiiiii Thanks so much!! =)

It's obvious that you're were in heaven ! =)
Good to see you performing!

Love and Hugs

eskoplja said...

Hi dear Nettie, how are you? I hope all is well :)
Thank you for the video! You look amazing and the song is wonderful! The lyrics are really great! I am really happy it all went well :)
Did you get the picture I sent to you? :)

Wish you a great day


Ena :*

Unknown said...

thank´s ;-)

littlemimo said...

Hi Anette,
Thank you for the video ! It's nice to see you moving and dancing ;-)
I love the music even if it'll not be my favourite kind of music.
Good Job Anette !

rainy said...

"Like a show inside my head
Keeps repeating" I love it, can't get out of my head <3
Gonna listen to it all the time :D
And wonder what are the original versions of this song, can you tell us more Nettie? :D

Btw. it will be the worst week I can have...
It's because I chose a specific form of education this year at university and one thing will be great but really hard. I'll have something like, I don't know, classes with (like our professor said) "spicy Indian woman". So it'll be great to talk in English and know something more about India and its policy but it takes only one week and I'll be studying and so on like 12 hours a day...
So wish me luck :D I will really miss the blog but what can I do... :D

Philippa said...

Wow you rock Anette! And this song is so beautiful, I can't stop listening to it :)

Anonymous said...

Hi anette :) thank you so much for share this video with us i love how you sing your new song i'm so happy that i can see you sing and dancing again
well done princess ^^ i don´t understand what the man in the end was saying hehe i think he said something of you xD

Lucinda said...
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Léda said...

It's like you say "köszönöm" (means thank you in hungarian) at the and. funny :)
btw it's a great song! thanks for sharing, Anette!
Léda :)

Jenny said...

wow! Your voice really shines in your own songs! Thank you! Hopefully we are able to hear studio-version of these songs next year(?) and you'll get a great kick-start for your solo-career :)

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

hello my dear, I'm so happy for you. I loved this show!
You were so beautiful, his voice was incredibly beautiful.
When production will release the professional images that show?
I posted some photos of this show, and the lyrics in Anette Olzon Gallery
I hope you enjoy
See you later
I love you =)

linda said...

Hello my beautiful!
So BEAUTIFUL! Again, you give me a lot of tears! Your songs are so beautiful, full of emotions!! WOW, THANKS MY DEAR!! Make us dream for a long time!

Enjoy your evening, you can be very proud of you!

Kiss from France, Linda <3

Carol Misokane said...

Nettie, woooooooow..what a song!! I loved it!! The orchestra is so professional, I think you should record some songs with them for your album, don't you? Think about =D.
The lyrics is so great too, and the melody is just Anette Olzon, how great is to see you singing your own songs, every second that passes I feel more and more anxious to hear more =D.

Hope you have a beautiful night and an amazing week.

Love, Carol

Nalon said...

Good Evening and Happy 1st of Advent Anette,

I like the Video:D
Your Song are great ballads. And now i hope we can dear in the Furure some Rocksongs from you ;).

Good night and press my fingers crossed for tomorrow for my written driving test.;)


C. said...

Oh my god it sounds soooooo great! So magical, so soothing, so ethereal! What a great performance you did! And now just one thing : I want more!!!!

Take care! :D


Night Angel said...

Now this song is stuck inside my head. ^^

SchioO said...

Hi, Anette. I gotta say I'm a huge NW fan; and even when I liked your times with them, I like you better by your own. I want to hear some more about your solo work. :D

mimmuli said...

Hej Anette!

Nice to see you back on stage!
Och som presentatören säger "Fantastiskt, Vilken röst!"
Wau, what a power in your voice!
And: Way to Go Mum! Hahah, I can't even imagine what the result would be, if i asked my mum to film on something :DD

I wish you a peaceful and plasant time of December, making the x-mas preparation and seeing the excitement on the childrens faces is the best!

Hugs, Mia

Dom said...

Wow, the concert was beautiful, your voice are so powerful and sweet. I so excited, your new album is for next year? Kisses from Brazil!

Unknown said...

Very nice!yhanks you so much! kiss

Unknown said...

Lovely, Anette! We, fans, we are very proud of you. I can remember having known you on TV to came to Brazil in 2007, and was practically love at first sight. haha
Keep walking! I will be forever grateful for having had the opportunity to hear her beautiful voice while alive.

Helmutt Klarck

Isabella Ahnert said...

Hi ^ ^
Thank you for this video dear Anette. I really enjoyed your new song :)
And as always, you're wonderful, and singing her look, makeup, super perfect =)
Kisses, the Isabella = *

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! It's like an angelic siren came to earth to share her song. Can't wait for that album!

wishmaster665 said...

Fantastic. Love it. Well done Anette. Now all we need is a rock version of it. ;-)

Joellen said...

Lovely, Anette! Congratulations!

Joellen said...

Lovely, Anette! Congratulations!

Unknown said...

Anette, I'm so happy to see how you're amazing in this video. This music is wicked! Bloody amazing!
I'll always be checking your blog. I can't wait to listen to more songs, Anette. I'm glad you're happy and fine.
Have a wonderful weekend! ;)

Felipe Nunes.

XxBriannaxX said...

Very amazing a beautiful song Anette. You have the most gorgeous soothing voice and it just makes me so happy even on my worst days. Keep up the good work and cant wait to hear more my dear!
Hugs and kisses

Unknown said...

Wauw! It is beautiful!!
Really! And you look so happy and relaxed!

Euhm... just one thing.. what the Hell did that guy say at the end?! To me, it sounded more French than Swedish.. hahahahahahaha

Niwi said...

Great video!

Omg its incredible how people of all over the world are writing here to you. If you stop to think that... its magical! Reading words from people in the other side of the planet, including You... Uh! What a beautiful thing we have here...

Oh... I have no idea why I think that, but I cant help feel my heart touched by some emotions.

Liiike a shooooow insiiide my heaaaad... Keep repeatieheheeng.. keep repeatiiihiheeeheah...
Keep repeating...

dummm, dummm, dummm... (8)

Im in love with your song, Nettie :)

Good night! or Good morning... Evening... good... good week to you:)!


Serafim said...

It's magnificient!!! Thanks, dear! ;=) The song is amazing with orchestra, but I'm sure it will be perfect with guitars, drums and so on, too! =)

Océane said...

Hej Anette!
What an awful night I had!! I had one of the worst nightmare.
I dreamt I was at the Hartwall Areena for the Imaginaerum premier and the band was on stage, playing a song with Troy. And suddenly we heard a massive gunshot, it resonated soooo loud!
Someone shooted on Troy and from a minute to another he was dead, on stage. Horrible!!!!

I woke up in the middle of the night so shocked, almost cried As I thought it happened for real. It really was real. It took me few minutes to realise it was just a dream. Brrrrrr

So I hope you slept much better than me!

Love and Hugs

Unknown said...

Wow! I love your songs. Great! I can not wait to hear your solo Album :-)

Unknown said...

Hey Anette :-) I want to share something with you - my doggie loves your voice and your sing too, and when I listen to your songs (especially how you and boys from NW trained Romanticide) he every time comes runnig to me and listening to your songs with me :-) ♥

Robermifernes said...

that's awesome! :D
i want to hear studio version of it! :) perfect :)

Susanna said...

Hejsan Anette!

Jag är so glad att du fick några video från din show. Dina sånger låtar mycket bra och orkestern var stilig! Jag läsade dina sångtexter och "Watching me from afar" fick mig att gråta. :') Så vackra ord, jag kan inte beskriva..

Jag kan inte vänta på att höra och se mer. :) Jag är stolt över dig, du kan visa alla att du klarar det bra. :) Hoppas att du uppträder i Finland någon gång. Men om du vill inte resa mycket jag vill komma till Sverige. Lyckligtvis det är inte lång resa. :)

Black Crow said...

Hi, Nettie! The song is AWESOME! I really loved it! Thank you very much for sharing! And I have a question: Will you have any video clips on your solo album?

Unknown said...

Black crow: Hi and thanks;=) I have no plans about the solo album yet so cant answer that just now;=)

Susanna; Hej och tack snälla du! Jag kommer gärna till Finland om intresse finns och annars får du titta in här i Sverige;=) Ha det bra! =)

Robermifernes; Hi and thanks=)

Radoslava: Haha, you have a very good dog=)

Sarah; Hi and thanks=)

Océane; Hi and oh, thats an awful dream! Hope its just a dream. Hugs!

Serafim; hi and thanks! Yes, it is=)

Niwi; Hi and thanks;=) And yes, it is wonderful to see so many from the world writing here;=)

Elize; Hi! He says: Anette Olzon -what a wonderful voice! And so on...;=)

Brianna; Hi and thanks=)

Felipe: Hi and thanks so much;=) I like wicked;=) take care!

Joellen; Hi and thanks;=)

Baltier; Hi and yes, it get stucked in there;=) Keeps repeating...hehe!

Martin; Hehe, well my music is not so rocky I have to say then=) Take care!

Rose: Oh, thanks so much;=) You´´re to kind;=) Take care!

Isabella; hi and thanks so much;=)

Helmutt; Hi and thanks so much for your kind words and for beliveing in me;=) Take care!

Flor; Hi and thanks=)

Unknown said...

Dom: Hi and thanks;=) i don't know when it will be ready yet, but next year or early 2014=)

Mia: Hi and thanks;=)

SchiO:Hi and thanks;=)

NightAngel: Haha, good;=)

Caroline; Hi and thanks so much;=)

Nalon; hi and thanks;=) We´ll see about rock or not;=) And good luck for the test!

KellyJane said...

one word Anette WOW! Your voice sounds amazing xxx

Unknown said...

I'm so happy you're back with this song, I wish the best 4 u. I love you n I hope to listen your new album soon. kiss

Lucinda said...

Amazing performance you gave! God, I wish I was there!

Seeing this video (but also the others), I felt like you were so relaxed on stage, in peace with yourself, just in the right place. I love how powerful your voice is at the end of "Like a Show inside my Head", in a 100% Anette's style ;)

About the songs now, they seem very personal and emotional, I really enjoyed the orchestra on it, so I hope that you'll get to use the orchestra on the solo album as well. Congratulations for your writing skills, I really want to hear more! Did you plan to write any Rock songs ? :)

I saw the pictures too, you looked beautiful, as I said before, I love this hairdo, and the clothes were classy, modern and sober. I guess, perfect for the event.

I'm glad you were back on track so well, as strong and confident as before, if not more (not that you ever said that you were sad or anything ;) )

Good luck for everything you'll do in the future, I'll be there to see it happen!!! ;)

Unknown said...

Wow! I've found this awesome. Such a nice song... I think is my favorite from the ones you've performed. I wanna hear it soon in an album ;) BTW, the orchestral arragement was specially done to the show, or the demo sounds this way?

Carlos Nogueira said...

Nice, you're a grat singer, but most important, you're a great person, Mexico love you!!!!!!!!!!When you come to Mexico? D:

Anya said...

I loooove your voice! <3 Greetings from wintery Finland.

Lior said...

Anette, that's amazing!!! I love it! Hugs from Brazil!!! <3

Andrés David said...

Hi Anette, very good song I really love it! Good Luck! Greetings from Venezuela, Latin America.