Sunday, December 02, 2012

1st of Advent

Good morning and a very happy 1st of Advent!

Today we light up the first candle in the advent candle holder, put all the advent stars up in the windows and also we´re going out in the snow (yes, there is actually some snow and its minus 5 degrees today) to visit the cities Advent sunday. I´ll take photos for you, of course;=)

First, I just want to show a link to the web site and blog of the hair/make up salon, Michael Cavalli, where the two lovely girls work who helped all of us to get beautiful on fridays show. I will call them whenever I need some good make up and hair for stage, for sure!

 Enjoy this sunday and finally, x-mas time is here! So wonderful and I hope you are happy too, wherever you are!


Océane said...

Happy 1st of advent to you too!!
I dont think we really celebrate it here in France actually...

I always loved Xmas but this year I dont know why, Im not that excited! :/
And its still really warm here so I dont feel any Xmas atmosphere, very strange!

Thanks for the photo, yeah I definitly LOVE the hair do! Very nice make up too!

Oh, theres nothin to do with the subject but in France we have a "famous" candles brand, which i think exist worldwide, and they made a new one! And I know you'll love it for sure! Black, a marvellous fragrance, and the colors change all the time :) so I'm gonna buy it for you and hopefully i can give it to johan in Feb in UK if he come :).

Have a very nice day,

Love and Hugs

Unknown said...

Yeah, my dad told me to walk the dog because the sun was shining... he said... I was outside, first of all it starts raining, and then snow. So... now I'm frozen. Haha

Have a great day!
And jeez, it's not as cold here, as it is with you, but it's cold. Haha


Meghan H. said...

You are absolutely just beyond beautiful.

Xmas should be plenty of fun :)

Sadly what was a lovely day has gone downhill to me being in bed feeling ill, hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Have a lovely dy Anette, you deserve it, you're such a sweet lady

Unknown said...

Hey Anette, thanks very much for your lovely wish and nice athmosphere! Happy 1st of Advent too :-) Have a nice sunday :-* I like your advent candle holder :-) where is it from?

Betty Blue said...

Good morning and happy 1st of advent to you, too ;-)
Here we actually have a bit of snow, but the mood in our house cannot be worse. My mother still ignores the christmas-time although it is so important for her... Today she goes to Goslar to a christmas market there. Alone. Without us. Usually we do this sort of things together. *sigh*
I really miss the warmth that usually dominates the Advent time. I don´t like christmas, but the fact that my whole family actually stopped fighting, playing stupid PC-games all the day, did not go to work, such things... I miss it. For a few days in the year we were a real family...
Gonna celebrate the first of advent with my friends, we´ll watch Lew Tolstois "Anna Karenina", I think, and have some fun.
Thanks a lot for the pictures, they are so beautiful!
Love, Betty

Karin said...

Glad Första Advent!

We got all the snow in one day and one night... A really scary winterstorm on friday and the night to saturday. Nobody went outside.... Now there is snow everywhere!
This x-mas time is gonna be different, because of the separation from my husband ( in february) We are trying to do our best for the children. I think it will be okey. And you know, I have a peace in me, I am happier and calmer than the years before! It was really stressful to be in a bad marriage, and christmas was in the later years so difficult somehow.... But this year: I feel okey:) I think this is going to be nice! Yesterday I put up the stars in the windows, have a lot of candles, and it is actually quite cosy here at home. On christmas-eve the children are with me and my relatives, for dinner and presents, then they get over to their father. That means I am all alone on late christmas-eve... Different, but maybe nice:)
I might be listening to your songs then :)

I am glad we can write about different stuff here. I am glad you have this happy blog!
Enjoy this time: the last month of this rollercoaster-year:)

AlessandraWilderness said...

Every year I try to plan to go to Sweden in this period, but every year I have no money :( here in Italy it's cold but not too much, sometimes a crazy weather... lots of kisses and happy first of advent to you too ^^

Philippa said...

Hej Anette, happy first of Advent to you too!
Here in France it started snowing this morning as well, and it's -2°C.
I hope you'll enjoy your Sunday. Lots of love!

elinie said...

Happy first Advent for you!
Have a wonderful Sunday! =))
Love and Hugs

Fay said...

I seriously love you'r hair!

It looks so beautiful on you!


xxMissCxx said...

WOW your getting snow :)

Love December and the days leading up to Christmas, always a magical time :)

Thank you posting the lyrics, very beautiful

Just like a melody
floating over time and space
I see your face
No matter where you are
no matter how near or far
you´re in my heart
like a star
watching me from afar - These words are beautiful :)

have a lovely sunday

Amy x

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon Anette and a happy 1st of Advent to you as well! :-)

Congratulations for your performance on Friday! :-) I knew you'd be fabulous! :-) I like your song 'Like A Show In My Head' :-) Wish I'd thought of a similar concept for one of my songs :-) Lol! :-)

Where I am in the UK ( northern England ) we have frost and the ground can be slippery under foot as I experienced yesterday when I went into town to get my hair cut :-) However I'm hoping that it does not snow. Snow is very pretty to look at but for practical reasons I hate it :-( If it's very bad it can make it impossible to get to work or it can make you become stranded at the hospital :-( It's no good really. Also when it freezes on the pavement after I don't like that either. I can't walk properly as I'm weary of slipping :-(

Once again congratulations on your performance on Friday! :-) Well done Anette! :-)

Q said...

Happy first Advent for you too, Anette. Actually we do not celebrate Advent in Ukraine, but in few days we have big liturgical feast Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
This day we start X-mass preparations and etc. But since Christmass is too far (7 January), New Year is the most expected holiday for me. And of course I can`t wait for snow. We have pretty warm but a bit windy weather today despite of this I hope snow`ll come some day. Have a nice day))


P.S Pictures of snowy Helsingborg are wonderfull, please post some more:)

Unknown said...

I wish it snowed here.... it is just a clear blue sky... I want snow! One thing I don't like about show is that is sooooo cold!

Haha.. I'd like to go to sweden now!

well I love you!! Xoxo

Rest Calm said...

Thank you Anette! Happy Advent too=)

Here in Russia the Advent started in 28.11. And that day was filled with the X-mas atmosphere because it was the first big snow.
Have a nice winter=)

Dark Queen said...

Hi Anette :)
Even here it's snowing today. I must say that I still prefer summer and warm weather. I don't like so much snow, even because here we have big problems with snow. Every time we have chaos! Roads become unusable and it's really hard to move.
Anyway, CONGRATS one more time for your songs. I like them a lot and I can't stop myself with listening ;)
Have a nice day :)

Océane said...

It's me again!
Today a friend, put his photos of Pain in Paris!
If you and Johan want to have a look =)

There's also manyyyyy photos of you during NW shows =)

Love & Hugs

Laetitianne said...

Océane : Peut être qu'en Alsace, ils le font vu qu'ils sont encore très religion...

XxBriannaxX said...

Happy first advent to you beautiful!
Have a great sunday and lots of love and hugs to you. Xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

A happy 1st of Advent to you too, dearest!
First of all, I have to tell you that I was so touched by your songs! Everything about them is beautiful - the lyrics, the melodies, your voice... truly gives me shivers every time I listen to them!
You can tell that they come straight from your heart and that you have finally arrived at "yourself", with your voice really sounding like "you", the way it is meant to be, and not play-acting any longer to meet the musical standards set by somebody else. You can be truly proud of them and yourself - it takes a lot of courage to put your innermost self, your feelings and thoughts out there for everybody to see and hear... and also judge. I am really proud of you! ;-)
And I can't wait to hear more from you, I'm really looking forward to your songs!!
Love and many, many hugs!

July said...

Hi Anette!

Yes this is the 1st of Advent, and now smells of Christmas! We have to enjoy this last month of the year. =)

I love your hair too, have a rocker-punk style, but also is
feminine and cute. Definitely this suits you very well, maybe you can use this style in your new album.

Have a nice sunday =)

Serafim said...

Good evening, dear Anette!
Happy 1st advent! ;=) Unfortunately, we haven't such traditions and X-mas is celebrated on 7th January in Ukraine. I guess that the New Year is the main holiday in winter for most of people rather than x-mas.
Also, the weather is really warm in the Crimea not, +15 degrees today, so no winter atmosphere(
As for me, winter is my favourite season of year. I like snow a lot, and all Europe's celebrating of x-mas is so so nice. I wish people in ukraine celebrated this holiday in the same way! hehe..
Your makeup is wonderful and thanks for the link of new good blog)))

Enjoy your evening!
Lots of love

Anonymous said...

Happy 1st advent dear friend! Yesterday, my wife and me made our x-mas three and we put it one toy representing every person that we love (also our daugther, that died .). We put one toy representing You, Anette. At 24 December, we will put this X-mas three at street to children take the toys. Every year we do this.
About your show, I am happy since I saw the videos. You are an angel singing!! Thanks God that You exist, Anette. Good Sunday!

Unknown said...

Happy first day of advent! Wha is that exactly? We don't have it in US but I know it has to do with Christmas.
Enjoy your day:)

Unknown said...

Hi all, if I can put on this blog some photos how I can do it? it´s possible? thanks!

Dalma said...

Vita ljus? Vi använder tre lila och ett rosa.
Igår fick jag min adventskalender och jag har ätit två chokladbitar från den. =) Har du också en adventskalender? Eller köper du dem bara åt dina barn?

Jag är så glad för dig. Du var jättekul i fredags. Du ser lycklig och så härlig på bilderna. Jag hoppas att du ska ha möjligheter i framtiden som det här var.

Bra söndag för dig!

Dennis said...

Rivka-we have it in the US,(trust me,10 years of Catholic school here!) It is a symbol of the four weeks of "waiting" for the birth of Christ. One candle is lit each week prior to Christmas. I think it's predominantly done by Catholics, but I'm not sure if any other religions do it.

Laetitia L said...

You have a very nice "Tie and die" color to your hair ! I suggest you let it grow out, il will be wonderful in few months ;) Love you <3

Unknown said...

I thank u. Shows how much I know

Nick Rivera said...

Greetings Anette! =) Happy 1st Day of Advent! :)

I noticed the wonderful work of the two talented girls who helped you and the other artists get beautiful on Friday, and I must say they did an excellent job! = )

Perhaps i'll get the opportunity to see you live in concert/person someday :)

Hugs and love

~ Nick

Louisette said...

Happy Advent too Greeting from Belgium "Mons ma ville"