Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Good morning everyone!

Hope you slept really well;=) I did, but woke up with a soar neck and headache so I guess I have been lying a bit strange. 

Today I am going to my midwife to measure my belly and listen to the heart of the baby. Here in Sweden we go a bit more often for check ups after week 28 so now I normally go every 2nd to 3rd week to do check ups. She also takes some blood to check how my iron value is, sugar and also an urine sample. Last time my belly measured 27 cm and that was some weeks ago so let´s see today. And the babies heart rates have been the same every time - around 130-135 beats/minute;=)
Next week we´re going to the hospital to do an ultrasound to determine how big the baby is and when exactly my due date is, since they have said two different dates. 

Here´s my belly from yesterday;=)

Since I didn´t have time to put up my photos from yesterday I do it now. We went to mum´s place and on the way out I took these lovely photos from the car and my new camera has a great thing which makes me able to take still pictures even when moving;=) Great stuff!

Here´s Nemo on his way to mum´s place, carrying with him his Mickey Mouse from Built a bear;=)

Got mum´s yummie cinnamon buns and tea/coffee=)

Mum´s cat Signe wanted to come home with us so she jumped down into Mickey´s paper house;=)

And for those interested, here´s my outfit from yesterday:

Grey jeans from Stella McCartney, grey top with skulls from Please, studded brown leather jacket from Giorgio Brato and black boots I bought a couple of years ago in Helsinki.

Ear rings with skulls and feathers from Pieces

And todays make up was the same lip pencil and gloss as yesterday but the eyes were painted in a brown metallic shadow and then in the middle I added some apricot to give more light to the eye

Now time to get some breakfast and then walk to my midwife, but see you later;=)
Enjoy this day!! 


Océane said...

Then have a good day and hope everything is okay with the baby!
Let us know =)
Also hope its not too cold in Helsinborg today! Here its raining so much since hours with lightnings in the sky! And yesterday the weather was fab! Blue sky, no clouds and very warm! Crazy weather!

I think if the weather is not getting better I'll have to stop workig till the end of the week as i work outside and still ill and my surgery is supposed to be on tuesday! I guess if im still coughing they wont do it! And staying outside with that cold wont help me to get better! Rhaaa I dont like when i have to stop working cause its annoying for everyone! But we'll see!

Thanks for the photos, you're lovely and looks so young! :)

Love and Hugs

Dark Queen said...

Hej Anette :)
Let us know how are you and the baby.
Nemo has super cool outfit. He's so cute with that box :) So sweet boy!
You make up was really great. You are beautiful, as always!
Have a nice day you too ♥

reub2000 said...

I miss snow. We've had a very dry winter this year. I guess living in Scandanavia you'd get tired of the snow very quickly though?

rainy said...

Hi Anette :)
Wow, I don't want to have my own baby but when I read everything what you write about your little one in your belly it's so exciting... I don't know why :D
I really love that jacket and all the piercing you have in that pictures :D
Hope everything will be ok with the baby :)
Have a nice day!

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei Anette :)

Thank you for your answer last time: D (For Your Eyes)

Woow since the last photo, it grows out like it's going fast ....
I hope you have good news and everything will be ok. You know what knows, if it is a girl or a Gracon or do you prefer to keep the surprise ... or ... the secret: D??
I like your view;) and makeup too
: D
Today I try your makeup from there 2 days, but with my colors: D black, purple and pink and I must say that the result is the same too but it goes anyway! Fortunately lol!
I love the earrings! Who is she??
I also like pictures of train, it is superb ... I dream of one day to come to Sweden to spend a few days in a little all the season but more importantly, especially in winter!
Anette good day, see you soon
: D

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,

My night was long Yesterday until in the morning. I have work on my 2nd Post in my SewingBlog.
In my old school papers, I found a lot of information about needles. And it was hard to find out what is more professionally and what is important for amateur seamstress.

Nemo looks really been big for his age off, he was almost certainly from father.;)

I hope that your little one is well. You do not worry about the birth. As we say in my family, the child comes when it comes.
I wonder if it will even be with me :/? I came lateness with 6 days at the world and I have to avoid it with my mother's birthday.

I like you in the Top So one I've seen here in the shop sometimes.
But I do not like pink and it was the only thing they had there.

I like your landscape paintings.

Enjoy your Day, Nalon.

eskoplja said...

Hi dear Nettie, how are you? I hope everything is ok :)
You look lovely as always. I love the top.
Wish you a lovely day and I hope everything is ok with the baby :)
I tagged you in one of the photos on Instagram, but I was not able to put the whole picture :/
You can see the whole pic here

Big hugs

Ena :*

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette! :-)

Hope you are feeling better than you were this morning.

Take it easy :-)

Unknown said...

Hi Anette, I hope that you and your little baby in your belly are ok. :-) Nemo is cute boy and your mum has very funny cat :-D thanks for nice photos, enjoy day!
hugs, Radka

Izabella said...

did i just read that you're taking pics while you're driving? because if that's what you meant i'm truly terrified

* if it's double post please delete it

Betty Blue said...

This cat of your mother is great ;-) Remembers me of my best friend´s cat - he has a name but we all just call him "Tomcat" or "Fatsoe", and he is really sensitive - when I´m in bad mood he avoids me, but when my mood is fine he comes to me and wants to be caressed and wants that I play with him and tries to toy around with my hair... And Tomcat looks just the way your mother´s cat looks on this photo when he sees me for the first time a day ^^
I hope with the baby and you everything is alright! It must be a great job. Maybe the greatest of all. I´m quitting school this year to become a midwife, and I´m really looking forward to it. It gives my life some sort of sense ;-)
And by the way, the earrings are beautiful. A nice skull makes everything better ^^
Have a great evening!
Love, Betty

matotu said...

Cool earrings!
Have a great day!

Mads Bjerre Henriksen said...

Hope all is as it should be with the baby :)
I like the pictures! The ones with the trees look so eerie and spooky, love that :D Also cool how one of the pictures of the sky has a green tone to it :)

I am a bit of a Photoshop maniac, and I love retouching, I've been doing some stuff for various photographers I know here in Denmark, and I couldn't resist snatching the one of you and touch it up a bit :)
You can see it at

I was pleased to see the videos in almost full length from the night you performed your own songs, and fun to see Sanne Salomonsen rocking to Come Together :D Love her album "In a New York Minute", it's so good :) If you haven't heard that one, you definitely should :)

Anyways, I wanted to offer my help, should you ever need it, in the digtial art/retouch area - I love doing art and retouches, and I can always use some new stuff for my portfolio, and I would be honored if I could ever help you with something, like a cd cover or something, kind of a dream of mine - dream big, right? :)
I wouldn't ask for anything other than simply the honor of helping you out, so if you ever need someone to make artsy stuff for free for you, don't hesitate to ask :) You can see my digital art on deviantART: if you want to explore my skills :)

I've ranted enough now I think, and I bet you've had a long day, so I'll wish you a good evening and good health!
Can't wait for more music from you by the way ^^


~MidnightFairy~ said...

Aww I love build a bear! My boyfriend took me to one last year in Niagara Falls :-) it was so cute!

littlemimo said...

Hi Anette,
I hope that you're fine, I didn't surf on your blog during some days because I have a crazy week...
So I just have some minutes to tell you thank you for the videos, of your performs and I enjoy the medley of the Beatles.
Just few words about the bra with bling on it, you can find the same bra at H&M.
Have a nice evening !

Baru said...

Well, I have a flu now, I´m lying in bed with really high fevers and I feel SO horrible... I just need to sleep whole day. But I hope you are better now. :-)

Nemo is such a cutie!

Sleep well and I wish you strong health, because the illness really suck, especially when you´re pregnant.

Kisses from Prague.

Anonymous said...

Hello dear Annette,

Well, what a surprise to see this beautiful blog. I haven't seen it since last fall and I am SO happy to see it and see how well you are!! :)

I am so happy about your big news and I think I knew it when you were in Montreal last fall!! :) Congratulations!!! :)

Your blog is very interesting and I will become a fan, I know it!! :) We have the same age and it is always interesting to see that we have similar interests and sometimes concerns and that we can read and discuss about them!

I have a very girly question for you today : What is the color on you nails?? I like it very much because it looks a bit like the one I wear now : Merino cool from Essie.

So take care dear Annette!!

Sophie from a very freezy Montreal (at 2:30 p.m. we have -34 celsius and it is our coldest day of the week!!! Bbbrrrrrr)

Beatrix said...

Hej Anette,

Hope everything went well and the baby is fine.
Thanks for all the pics.
Nemo is cute as always and your mom's cat is a lovely one!
Enjoy your evening!

Henk said...

Hi Anette! You looks really great! And amazing cat on the photo:) We have grey weather too, and -15 degrees. Want to some warm and sun...

Unknown said...

Hope u had a good day. I like the pictures.

Anna said...

Hope baby is fine and you rest right now:-)I just wanna say that your make up here really inspired me and tomorrow l will do the same ( tomorrow is a big day for me)so thanks and tell as please how everything went today:-) sleep well and sweet dreams:)