Saturday, January 12, 2013

Wonder winterland

Me and Nemo came home a while ago after a long, quiet and nice walk along the ocean. It´s just so amazing to walk there and everything is so silent and it´s when I feel at most ease. A forest, an ocean, nature´s warmth is something that always will give me the best and most important moments in life. It´s also in these moments I am extra thankful for being here on this Earth. Pureness and no stress, just being in the moment...

Here´s some photos I took for you, I hope you like them;=) They are all taken with my new Samsung Galaxy camera.

And for those who like to see my outfit, here I am today. Pink scarf from Gucci, grey cotton sweater from Hunky Dory, underneath a black t-shirt from Silence. Jeans from Circle of Trust and my golden hair clip and ear rings are from Forever 21 in USA.


Anonymous said...

These are very lovely pictures, the quality is really great!

And also, I really, really, really, want to congratulate on your 3rd child Anette! I wish you many luck in the future with your new child.

Have a nice day. :)

Dark Queen said...

Good afternoon dear :)
Great photos. You're so good as photographer :) You live in a really nice place. I just love cities near the sea, maybe because I live in a city near the sea :)
I like your today's outfit. Gray suits you. Good choice!
Have a nice evening!
Kisses ♥

Unknown said...

Hi dear Anette, nice pictures ... you are pregnant 8 months, right? and it will be a boy or a girl? (you have 3 boys around you now, but it doesn´t matter, because health is more important :-)
I´m so glad with you :-)Radka

Nella said...

Helsingborg looks sooo beautiful! Would be nice to visit there someday.

I haven't done this yet: Congratulations! :) (About the secret you told us yesterday... :)

Tanya Yazykova said...

Hi, Nettie!
Very cool photos... Full of inspiration, relaxion.. I am very like ocean!Your outfit is very nice and beatiful! Hope you have a nice evening=)
With Love,

Anonymous said...

thats so awesome that you have a blog, especially on blogspot. its nice to get a closer look on the daily life of a superstar. (and the outfits!!! :P) hope you're doing fine. and what? you're pregnant? oh my, im so not up to date. :D dear congratulations from me! puss :*

Anonymous said...

hi princess :) how are you?
you take really good pictures ,
i like the colors of the sky purple, blue and white ^^
Beutiful place, maybe you can get inspiration for your songs there ;)
you look beautiful as always
have an amazing day, take care

Anonymous said...

Fab photos of the ocean Anette! :-)

The picture quality is excellent! :-)

TheDeadUnicorn said...

You look gorgeous!I love your earrings c:
And whoa,this is why I just want to move to Sweden ;~; Look at that!IT's so beautiful.It looks endless.Besides,it's amazing to see how over there you manage to live just next to the Ocean as if it was no big deal,not ruining it with discos or all that jazz.Here we do,and keep in mind that we only have some crappy-green-dirty portion of sea!(Speaking about my region,the rest of Italy is different,of course.Especially the South).
Hope you're having a beautiful and relaxing day,

Philippa said...

It's so beautiful where you live! I wish I lived closer to the sea as well, it's so peaceful.

And again, you look really good and not very pregnant in these pictures. No wonder you managed to keep it a secret for so long :)

Enjoy your evening.

Océane said...

Very nice photos! :)
And cool outfit, I really like the pink scarf!

And seriously you're very slim for someone whos pregnant since 7 months! You're doctor must be happy as they are quite crazy with the weight during pregnancy "no more than 1kg per month"!.
I guess you really are carefull with what you eat then.
And you're really lucky to have a chef at home ! :)

Oh and I didnt wanted to wrote the movies you should like yesterday as it was reserved to the baby coming.
So here you go, on the "girly movies" I would say :
-Who's your number ?
-How to loose a guy in 10 days
-The Holidays

And on the thrillers I would say "Orphan". You really have to watch it. Its one of my favourite movies. Its not a movie where is blood everywhere and stuff like that, not like "Saw". And I LOVE the end of the movie cause we understand everything and get so shocked! :)
So yeah watch it! :)

Love and Hugs

Betty Blue said...

This pctures are extremely beautiful!
The ocean is what gives me most strength always. I´ve been growing up close to the Baltic Sea, my Dad taught me to swim in the Northern Sea... but we moved away from the coast. It gives me a sting in the heart to see photos from the sea without being able to go there myself... It´s one of my biggest dreams - getting tattooed by Kat von D and moving to the coast, and I think moving to the coast might come true ;-) I won´t ever have the money for Kat von D xD
Have a nice evening!
Love, Betty

Karin said...

A mindfullness-moment ! I get those feelings sometimes . When I just embrace the moment:feeling alive, feeling joy over life... not so easy to describe :) I remember one moment from summer:I was at my summer-cottage, all alone. I sat there on the terrace, looking at the sky, the trees, the grass... And realized there were no sound anywhere. i didn't hear people, phones, cars, machines.... Nothing. It was so great just being there, looking at all that beauty in nature. I took that moment and put it in my heart :) Once in a while I remember that feeling, as I'm doing now :)

Unknown said...

Great photos! They look as if they were taken with an SLR camera.

Have a nice evening/day! :)

Kaoru said...

All the best to you and your family!!

Nora said...

Very nice pictures, Anette. I really like your photos, you seem to be very talented in taking them. :-)

Congratulations from me for your pregancy, I hope the baby and you are fine! Enjoy the pregnancy, it really is a gift....I loved being pregnant, it felt so good. Though I really had problems with sickness in the mornings, basically in the first 8 months. - So about all the time. ;-) It was a great time anyway. Do you have problems with that also? Love, Nora.

Unknown said...

Pretty pictures of the ocean. I wish I lived by an ocean...
Enjoy your day

Unknown said...

Pretty woman!
I am shure you and Nemo had a nice day!

Today I feel not happy, not depressed so I think all time: Think Happy things like Anette does!

And I also have this really awsome nailpolish. It is from miss sporty and has some kind of strange colour(purple which changes to gold/green)

I am so happy with my nightwish poster(Because you are on it so you are allways close to me while I'm asleep.)

I love you!

coelones said...

Beautiful, Anette:3! i wish to be there haha; so much love and luck for your son :)! take well care of yourserlf<3


Unknown said...

Ahh the ocean, so serene and beautiful! Glad to hear you were able to take a nice walk with your son today. Wonderful pictures Anette! Have a wonderful evening!

Paulo said...

First of all, congratulations for your new baby! You look so beautiful pregnant. The happy feelings really showed in the pictures.

Reading your post just made me remember a song from the Irish choral group Anuna. The name of the song is Bluebird and here is the link

They are amazing, lots of beautiful peaceful music and also some cheery tunes. Love them.

Have a great weekend. All the best for you and for your family.

XxBriannaxX said...

The pictures you took look so beautiful! The ocean looks so beautiful there! And you look even more beautiful. :-) enjoy this day with your family!

Carol Misokane said...

Hello Nettie.
First of all I need to say CONGRATULATIONS to you!! I tried to write something yesterday here, but the time was low, so here are my best wishes for you and Johan and the sweet baby who is coming =). I feel so happy for you. Maybe it's a girl, ahn? haha.
And about the pictures, I can only say it's perfect. I wish I would live in a place like that, I love the ocean, the wind, the sky, but here in Brazil is so hard to find a place like this, specially because people love to make noise, and then I cannot just relax staying close to them, so I don't go to see the sea, but maybe one day I can go to Sweden and forget everything, looking to the water. It's a blessing when we can do that, and we must be thankful everytime we do.

So, I hope you enjoy the evening and have a nice night.

Love, Carol

Rebel said...

photos look amazing, wait a minute where is snow? no snow? in Poland we have a lot of snow i can give you some :D

Baru said...

I don´t know if you know this, but it is said, that if you are expecting a baby girl, you usually lose your beauty and when you are expecting a boy, you are even more beautiful. So I am pretty sure you will have another son, because you are such a beautiful woman!

Vivien said...

Very nice photos. It really makes me wanna go to Sweden and see all this beauty by my own eyes.
Have a nice evening and take care)

With best wishes!)

Rosana said...

Beautiful place and beautiful pictures the quality of your new camera really is very good, And the clothes you wore the pink scarf well as the pants with suspenders. The new news explains a lot about her exit from the NW. Congratulations again from São Paulo, Brazil.

Unknown said...

I like these photos... I am always inspired by nature. It give me positive emotions ;-)
Thanks for the photos! They are really wonderful!
Have a nice evening! ;)

Rest Calm said...

Hi Anette!:)
These are incredible photos and fantastic scenery! I want to go to sea now after watching this:)

Unfortunately living in big city like Moscow means that you see nature very seldom, but I like it so much!!! My favorite moments in life are when I move to my house in the village and enjoy nature there...especially big field and starlit sky at night! These are the most emotional and exalted moments in my life...and they are connected with the nature like yours. And in the city without nature is like living in the cage((

We'll wait for the new photos from you, thank you:)

migi said...

Hi anette, hope you had a wonderful day. Beautiful photos. I love pictures like this. Peaceful landscapes, lakes, the sea and so on. It seems to be a very good camera. Or you are just a very talented photographer haha. I'm still so happy for you, johan. Since the wonderful news yesterday i could jump around here. Because apart from the fact that you are a great singer, i like you so much the way you are:). You are like a good friend. Thank you very much for sharing your time with us. Wish you a peaceful weekend and a big big hug as always.

July said...

Hey Anette!

The pictures are so beautiful, really your new camera it's amazing! I want one too!! hehehe.

And yeah, the nature it's something special, for example when I look the sky, I feel me so relaxed and in peace with myself and I remember that everyone it's so small but important the at same time.

By the way, your belly looks so cute! =)

Take care and enjoy this moments!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! You are so pretty! By the way, congrats on your pregnancy too! I hope the next two months go easy on you. :)

matotu said...

These photos are really nice. I´d like to visit Helsingborg one day. Have an amazing evening!

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,

You has a great eye for good Nature images. And i think with this new cam is really funny too.

Because I remember that I soon get my picture of you. :)

Enjoy the time with Nemo;). As long as he is the youngest yet.

Have a nice evening with your boys.;)


Unknown said...

Josh: Hi and thanks;=) i love this camera, it´s easy and that¨s what I want to have. And not to big either. I bough a big NIKON first time we toured in the US but it´s complicated and to big to carry around so then it doesn´t get used. So this is better;=) Sleep well!

DarkQueen; Hi and thanks,=) Yeah, I love to live by the ocean and it gives me peace when needed but also help when I feel down. Makes me appreciate life much more;=) Nice that you also live by the sea, it´s a blessing;=) Sleep well!

Radka: hi and thanks so much;=) I am 8 months now so appr. 2 left. But we have gotten two different due dates by 2 different ultrasounds,so will now more in week 36. But late march. And we know what it will be, but let´s see if they are right when he/she comes out;=) Sleep well!

Nella: Hi and thanks;=) And yes, Helsingborg is so beautiful;=) Sleep well!

Tanya; Hi and thanks,=) Sleep well!

Rebecca: Hi and thanks;=) And yeah, I had my other blog since 2009 and this one is just some months now;=) Sleep well!

Nana; Hi and thanks;=) Yeah, we have the beautiful horizon to the right and it´s so cool to see the ships when they kinda "fades away" like almost as if the world ends there;=) And the land you see in the far back in the photos are Denmark. We live so close to each other that we can see houses and stuff and if we take the ferry it´s only 20 min to go there;=) Sleep well!

Tom:Hi and thanks,=) It´s a great camera! Sleep well!

Thedeadunicorn;: Hi and yeah, it´s a beautiful city. We do have some more activities in summer time by the beach but no discos and so on. Only some restaurants and miniature golf. Sleep well!

Philippa: Hi and thanks;=) I am blessed to not get to big when pregnant and if I take the photos from the front and kinda "scroutch" down, it hides the belly quite good but now I don´t have to do that anymore and that´s nicer=) Hehe! Sleep well!

Oceane; hi and thanks;=) Yeah, I am blessed to not get to big and I can thank my running and exercising so much until week 15 for that and also that I haven´t had any appetite almost for the whole pregnancy, Now I can eat more and don´t throw up so often, but still I eat very carefully and healthy;=) And thanks for the movie tips, I´ll check them out! Since Johan always works weekends all nights, I have lots of time by myself in the evenings and then its nice to cuddle down to bed and watch a movie;=) Sleep well now!

Betty: Haha, well, Kat von D might be famous but there are so many talented tattoo artists you can go to instead;=) And I understand you miss the ocean, it´s just so life-giving. We are going to move to a house, maybe already this year and I am pretty sure we wont get one so close to the ocean and it really makes me sad. but well, I can always take the car and then walk by the ocean;=) Sleep well!

Karin; hi! Yeah, and I always get so happy when it´s so silent. Especially since I live in the middle of the city and there´s constant noises all day and night long. I can really LONG for some quiet moments and walking, like today, where no one else almost is walking and Nemo slept in the stroller, well that´s when you can come close to your "true inner self" and what you are. I hope you get one of those moments again soon too;=) Sleep well!

littlemimo said...

Hi Anette,
I really understand your happiness for being near the ocean and the forest. My parents live just near the ocean and forest, and of course I love to be in their region... And I hope that one day I'll find a work in this region ! Even if it's raining everyday ;-)
One more time : Congrats for your baby, I'm so happy for you & the boys. And moreover, thank you for the big surprise, I never imagine that you're pregnant ! You hide it really well Ahah !

Unknown said...

Amelia; Hi and thanks;=) It is a really good camera so fun to take photos again;=) Sleep well!

Kaouru; Hi and thanks;=) The same to you! Sleep well!

Nora;: Hi! yeah, I have been so sick and not having any appetite for the whole pregnancy and throwing up a LOT, so I know what you mean;=) But it´s a blessing and after the first child you know what to expect and therefore it´s easier to appreciate those 9-10 months even if feeling sick at times;=) Sleep well now!

Rivka: thanks;=) Yeah, it´s fun except for when it´s a storm;=) Then it´s no fun! And I have to clean my windows all the time from the salty waters. But other than that, it´s great;=) Sleep well!

Sabine; Hi;=) I am so sorry to hear that you´ve had a bad day=( But I am really happy that you try and think positive. It´s hard, I know, and when feeling down it´s the worst thing if someone says: think positive! Be happy!
So, I won´t say that today;=) But I am really happy you are taking it day by day and getting help and trying to feel better. It takes time to feel better, but I BELIEVE in you, Sabine! Lots of hugs and love to you and sweet dreams;=)

Coe: Hi! Yeah, you should come and walk here;=) Sleep well!

Lara: Hi and thanks;=) yeah, it was one of those days when I could had been walking for hours and hours cause it was so nice outside, even if it was minus 2 degress. But no wind and that makes it not feel so cold;=) Sleep well!

Paulo:Hi and thanks;=) And wow, thanks for Anuna. We sang this song in the choir I was in with my mum;=)
So good choir and the soloist has such a beautiful voice! Wow! Sleep well!

Brianna; Hi and thanks so much;=) Sleep well!

Gitte: Hi and thanks so much;=) The same to you! Sleep well!

Carol;: Hi and thanks for your congrats;=) Well, let´s see what it will be;=) And yeah, it´s quite noisy here by the sea in summer time but now when it´s winter, it´s only me and the old people who go out for a walk;=) Sleep well!

Rebel: Hi! No, there came some snow this night but it wasn´t enough to stay. In middle of Sweden and upwards they have snow but we are "blessed" here in the south to not have it;=) Sleep well!

IInes: Hehe, let´s see if that´s true:=) Sleep well!

Vivien: Hi! Yeah, you should come here, it is nice even in winter time;=) Sleep well!

Rosana; Hi and thanks;=) I love pink and this one is in the "right" pinkish color;=) Sleep well!

Alina; Hi and I am the same. Nature is just so powerful and life-giving. Makes me see life in a different way;=) Sleep well!

Rest calm: Hi and thanks;=) Yes, I understand what you mean, I can be in the inner parts of our country for a while without the ocean and so on, but then I long for the ocean. And it would also be ok to live by a smaller lake somewhere in the forest;=) Sleep well!

Migi; Hi and thanks so much for your sweet and kind words;=) I am happy that you are happy for us, that really gives me joy;=) It´s a blessing to have a family and children and I am enjoying it fully;=) Sleep well now!

July; Hi and thanks;=) This camera is really nice and it´s good that it has many different android things attached to it. You can send photos directly to Instagram, Tumblr and so on and send sms, mms and emails directly. It´s just a great thing Samsung has developed;=) Sleep well!

Gotmeghan: Hi and thanks so much;=) i am sure they will, now it´s only such short time left;=) Sleep well!

Betty Blue said...

Ha ha, yes, I know. We ahve a lot of great tattoo artists around here, and I´m not gonna wait until I have the money to fly to America before I get my next tattoo. Still, it´s a dream of mine xD A strange one, but nevertheless...
That´s really sad... I remember that I was only five years but cried so much when my parents told me that we would move away from the sea... But I guess the flat just gets too small with three kids, and yes, you always have the car ;-)

Vinga said...

Oh God, what a beautiful view! I want view this beautiful places ;) I live in a city, where we don't have any atractive places :(
You look really beautiful,pregnancy is good for You ;) When I was pregnant, I all the time felt sick and I don't wanted woke up and went out. Now I really want second child but unfortunately this is bad time for this :(
I really happy for You :* Take care
With Love

Andrea said...

Of all the images of the ocean that i have seen... that first image shall be my most favourite! the colours are just so amazing! is it always like that where you live??