Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wintery white day;=)

Hi all and hope you´ve had a great tuesday;=)

While Johan put the bureau together, me and Nemo went out to the playground to enjoy the white lovely snow that came last night;=) We had lots of fun and Nemo looked like a little white snowman when we went home again. The slide was so cold and fast today that I had to be a "stopper" when he came down in a fast speed. One time he went down on his belly and I wasn´t fast enough to grab him so he went down with his head straight into the snow. His face when he looked up was just so fun and I am sure he was thinking: what the hell just happened, mum?? haha! Lovely and luckily he didnt get hurt;=)


When it comes to be out a longer time in the cold weather I always need to wear layers of clothes and the most important thing is my UGGs. No other winter shoes has ever kept my feet warm for hours and hours like these ones. I got these 6 or 7 years ago and even if they are not so cool they serve their purpose for sure!

And to keep the head warm is also important;=)

Underneath my long green jacket from H&M I wear layers and today I had first cotton stockings underneath, then jeans on top, black cotton sweater underneath and then a warm knit from H&M on top. This keep me warm for a long time;=)

Took some photos by the playground and the sky was so blue today. Lovely sun and clear winter weather;=)

When we left the playground we walked down to the ocean and took some lovely photos of the snowy and wintery day
The sun chairs were all snowy today...

When I turned the other way around, the lovely sun spread it´s strong warmth on us;=)

Almost like a big spot light;=)

As we walked up from the water, I turned and took this photo over the boat harbour from a distance. This area is called "Norra Hamnen" which means Northern harbour, and has apartment buildings that were built in 1999 and were introduced with a big event called H99. This is an expensive place to live in and I can understand it, having the ocean view and harbor where you live;=) I´ll take some more photos of the buildings for you another day. 

Walking by the houses, this statue is situated and I don´t know how old/young it is but I like it;=)

For those interested, here´s my outfit today;

Before I went out I had this on today, Thought it was a bit more fun "outfit" to show than the other one so here you go;=)

Spring rocky style with sunglasses from Miu Miu (mum laughed when she saw them in the blog;=)

But they are crazy and goofy, just like me;=)

Spring bright yellow top from A77, black jeans with studded pockets from Gina Tricot, black top underneath from Noa Noa and the big silver ring is a gift from Johan;=)

A darling baby bun;=)

Shoes from Scorett (season 2006 or something;=)

 So there you go! My day in some photos;=) Will take photos of the lovely bureau tomorrow when there´s a better light. 

Now I wish you a really nice evening, a nice sleep with sweet dreams and I´ll see you tomorrow again!


Anette Olzon Brasil said...

hello my dear
this place is very beautiful. You know how to take good photos
Poor Nemo, but glad to know he was not hurt.
you do not look pregnant in the first pictures haha
wanted to have a snow day as well. Maybe one day I go to Sweden =)
and yes, those glasses are crazy, but elegant hahaha
my dear, that it was your first gig with Nightwish?
it was cool
Good night my angel, for you and your family.
Jag älskar dig


littlemimo said...

I love the photos and the comments ;) It's nice to visit a town that I don't know only with pictures and your comments !

The sunglasses are really funny, I love the strass on it !

Have a nice evening, personaly I broke one tooth during the dinner, so it's painful and disturbing... I'll have a bad night :-( And I'll call the dentist early tomorrow morning.

Take care

PS : I was like Nemo when I was young, I loved to go fast on the snow, and often my parents lost me when we went to the mountain for skiing. Really dangerous, but now it's funny to know how much I was crazy ;)

Betty Blue said...

The ocean *.* There´s nothing as beautiful as the ocean. I love it so much...
My Dad offered to pay me a week by the Northern Sea this summer after I´ve moved out, I hope he will keep this in mind ^^
Looks like great weather. In Germany we have lots of snow, too, but no sun today. It was just grey and icecold and my best friend and I made it through two hours without smoking because it was too cold on his balcony xD So one more good thing about this weather. I only hope tomorrow there´ll be sun...

I like your sunglasses, they are so crazy ^^
Have a good night!
Love, Betty

Carol Misokane said...

Hey Nettie.
Wow, is so amazing to see how beautiful is your country, you have no idea how I wish I could be there and how I envy you xD.
The place just feels so great to have a calm life, away from the noise, from the madness of the day, is really really great and I think the children just feel so comfortable because they can play with no fear like ours do here in Brazil =(.
Your outfit is great, I still cannot believe that there is just 2 months left for you to have another baby, you're so thin, no one can say "Anette is pregnant" o.O..you're a lucky woman =), but still so beautiful and lovely with your cute belly.
I aprecciate the spikes on your pants haha, so "metal" haha..great, great. And the glasses, I love what is crazy and different, so if there was one of it to use everyday with the lens to correct the images, I would do, I'm sure of this.

So, have a good dinner and may your sleeping night be full of angels and sweet dreams.

Love, Carol

Anonymous said...

How lucky you are to live so close to the ocean :) I would really love too, who knows, maybe one day ;) ?

Sleep well Nettie!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette! :-)

Thanks for your reply in a previous post in which you wished me better soon :-) I have felt a bit better today so I'm finally starting on the road to recovery :-)

I also wish you a good nights sleep with sweet dreams Anette :-)

Take care and night night! :-)

Beatrix said...
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XxBriannaxX said...

Wow sounds like a great day! Haha poor Nemo crashing head first into the snow,good thing hes okay. ;-) and the photos you took are so beautiful! I like the statue as well its very nice. :-) your spring outfit is lovely and the sun glasses suit you well ;-) hehe you pull them off great. And aww your little tummy is so cute! Thanks for the photos and enjoy your night and sleep really well! Love and hugs to you and your family!

Rosana said...

I laughed a lot imagining Nemo falling on his face in the snow! haha and the sky so blue and beautiful but with snow on the ground is so contrasting but wonderful to see .... And I loved your shoes from Scorett .. Enjoy your night with all the family.

XxBriannaxX said...

Oh and by the way i forgot to say I FREAKIN LOVE THOSE SHOES YOU HAVE ON. ;-) SO cute.

Dalma said...

I think there’s no problem with those boots, here they are fashionable now. Anyway, I wear only Converse. In winters, in summers and all the time and I think it’s not a big deal with the snow and the cold. =)

I just love your photos. Sweden seems so lovely in them. You know, I have two favorite things in the world: Sweden and snow. And these are absolutely there in your pictures. So just keep this new habit of yours and take many photos for us. =)

I must tell you this one. I had my Math exam on 9th and as the main topic I drew the 9th and as the extra I drew the 19th. That’s many 9s in one day. =) But it brought me luck and I got a 5. The three students before me failed and when they saw that I didn’t pass with a 2 but a 5… they just stared at me. =)

Keep taking photos. =)
Lots of love,

Nalon said...

Evening Anette,
amazing Winterphotos from Helsingborg:)
You has really luck to living there and i hope Nemo enjoy this day too.

Yes, warm feets are very important in the winter. Today i have bought new Winter boots:)
My old ones
Almost eight years I've worn it, but the time was ripe for new;).
And it was a nice feel to walk a little bit in my new shoes through the snow;)

Anette your sunglasses remember me to a German cartoon character, Puck from bee Maia. There a pic for you.:)

I like the shoes;)

Hope and Johan is not completely exhausted from his work.

Enjoy the Evening.


Anonymous said...

Hello anette, how are you? wonderful photos ans of course so beauty as always , your country is like a tales of fairy haha. I want to give mi opinion about tony . I think some persons talk because have a mouth to say stupid things ,tony who? he is not the right person to say that you was not the best decision,sometimes is better not talk some things and shut the mouth if dont know, and he talks because talks .Is unfair why some persons try to show that you are the bad girl? i dont think , you are an angel and NOBODY can beat you.
But is all in the past now, enjoy your life !!! and remember we love you no matter what !

Océane said...

Oh my, thanks for the good laugh! I just have Nemo's face full of snow and in my head and it looks very funny and cute! =)

Oh I LOVE your jeans! As you know I love spikes/studs so that jeans is perfect and black! Coudnt be better =)
And once again you're sunglasses are so cool and funny!

The photos are so nice! Even if I won't see snow this year I enjoy it in a way by your photos =)
Too bad you never receive my package, I put lots of landscapes photos of Finland in february(so basically snow eveywhere)and I'm sure you would have loved them! Some of them are breathtaking!
Here 2 photos:
What you see is the Baltic sea completely frozen! I actually had a few hours walk on it and it was so nice as the sun was shining and warmed us =)

And an other one : http://imageshack.us/a/img811/7228/dsc06594j.jpg

Both photos been taken on Suomenlinna island in Helsinki.

Have a very good night, sleep well and "see" you tomorrow!

Love & Hugs

Dark Queen said...

Good evening Anette :)
You had such a nice day! I just like your photos. You're a great photographer.Congrats :) Snow by the sea is something magic :)
Oh, and Nemo is really tall. He became a big boy.
I like your jeans, and finally we can see your belly under your clothes!!! You're so sweet!
It's time to bed! Good night sweetie. Sleep well. Se ya tomorrow ♥

saskia said...

I was the same like Nemo as child . Fall down stand up and laugh.
I like this sunglasses nice winter Pictures. here in Germany is some snow but not much and sun isnt shining.

Karin said...

Hi !
I was curious enough to take a look at your photos of my homecountry :) And I just wanted to say they look absolutely beautiful! The light is so good, and how you catched the "glimmer"in the snow looks great ! Was it february last year? We have different "amount" of snow every year, last year was really snowy, we had piles of it everywhere:)
Have a good day :)

Unknown said...

You look so beautiful Anette! It is hard to believe you're almost due! ;-) here where I live everything froze up! My pool is completly frozen and there's ice all over the rocks in the yard! Its like my mini wonderland but I don't think its smart to skate in the pool! Haha. It seems so cold where you are! Well take care now! Big kiss and hug from your number one fan in las vegas,nv,usa! :) sadly I missed you when you came in 2008 ;( oh well! Best wishes now!

Océane said...

Oh thanks :)
Then if you like them I'll put some more for you to see and for Anette if she is interest in it :)

And it was feb 2011 :)

Thanks again, have a good day !

Unknown said...

Gitte; Hi! Oh, so much snow;=) Here it´s even colder today so I dont think the snow will be gone soon. Today we have -6 degrees so beautiful but cold. Enjoy the day!

Mathews; Haha, thanks for the link;=) Such memories;=) Enjoy the day!

Littlemimo; Oh no, a tooth! That doesn´t sound nice at all;=( I so hope you get it fixed today. I send lots of good lucks to you at the dentist (I hate the dentist;=)

Betty; Hi! Oh, I hope he takes you for that vacation;=) Always nice to get some time in the sun;=) Enjoy the day!

Carol: Hi! Yeah, it´s a blessing that we live as we do and I appreciate it every day;=) Brasil was really nice but as you said, it was a bit more dangerous and of course a lot bigger. Enjoy this day now;=)

Jonathan; Hi! yeah, it´s so nice to see the ocean every day:=) I also hope you get to live by it one day=) Enjoy the day!

Tom: Hi and great to hear you are better;=) Enjoy the day!

Beatrix: Hi and thanks=) yeah, he is a tall boy now, Nemo;=) And being pregnant is a blessing and I understand you remember it. My mum still says it was her best times being pregnant with us 3 kids;=) Enjoy the day!

Brianna; Hi and thanks;=) Yeah, now I only await that spring arrives;=) But soon, and then I can stroll around in the glasses=) Enjoy the day!

Mágika said...

Hi Nettie dear!

Thank you for sharing this beautiful pictures of the ocean and snowy landscape! Few day ago I watched North-Sweden on the Googlemaps (the street view), and WOW! All snow, mauntains, and more snow. People there seem to be like the eskimos. :D

I wanted to ask something: that nice little bell is for the baby to hear it or to see when she/he moves? :) I found it so lovely! I can't really explain why :)

Have a wonderful & lovely day! <3


Unknown said...

Mágika: Hi! Yeah, the necklace has a tiny little bell in it that is gonna soothe the baby;=) I love it and this I got from Johan when I expected Nemo;=) Enjoy the day!

Unknown said...

Mágika: Hi! Yeah, the necklace has a tiny little bell in it that is gonna soothe the baby;=) I love it and this I got from Johan when I expected Nemo;=) Enjoy the day!

Unknown said...

Rosana; Hi! I laughed like hell too;=) He looked so cute and surprised;=) Kids are fun! Enjoy the day!

Dalma: Hi! first off: congrats to the great result! You are truly good at maths;=) I am impresssed! And then: how can you wear only converse in wintertime? I would freeze to death=) And thanks, I´ll take lots of photos for you as soon as we´re out;=) Enjoy the day now!

Nalon: Haha, first of all; I love the cartoon;=) Cool one! And then, your shoes looked like they needed to be replaced so good choice;=) But really god shoes to hold for so many years! That´s quality! Enjoy the day now=)

Martin; Hi! Let´s just forget about Tony and NW and other boring stuff;=) Let´s enjoy life instead;=) And people who know me know the true Anette and that´s all that matters, not some people in forums;=) Enjoy this day now!

Océane; Hi! Yeah, he looked so funny and surprised;=) haha! The photos are lovely and Finland and northern Sweden are just amazing in wintertime;=) But I do love your home town too;=) Johan said, when I showed your instagram photos; let´s move there! haha! Enjoy the day!

DarkQueen; Hi and thanks;=) My belly is quite cute and even if some days it feel heavy, I love it;=) And thanks, my photos are nice due to the great camera and good motives;=) Enjoy the day!

Saskia: Hi! Yeah, Nemo is an adventurous boy;=) Sometimes I feel like a "mother hen" cause I say: be careful 100 times a day, but he is just so full of adventure all the time;=) Enjoy the day!

Stephanie; Hi! it´s the same here, winter came back all of sudden and everything is frozen and white of snow. But I dont complain, cause I like all the different seasons;=) And yeah, pity you missed me, but another time;=) I loved Las Vegas and I had my arm tattoo done there, so great memories! Enjoy the day!

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

I do not know if it was the first, but it was the first one I saw.
Such and good memories. =)
here is still very early (7:30 am) . I woke up because my brother was traveling. I say goodbye to him and now I'm sleepy.
still snowing in your town? here is 25° ( oh i hate it )
have a great day and thanks for answering my question.


Océane said...

To Karin (and you Anette of course,if you want to have a look)here some photos I took in Finland =) :


I hope the link work and you can see all the photos!

Enjoy the day!

Unknown said...

wow your belly is really small. Which pregnancy symptoms you have to fight? Many is bad during the pregnancies. You too? Do you have a tip for that?

Nalon said...

Thank you Anette, for your answer.:)

I am glad that you like the cartoon character.
And yes. My old shoes are quality shoes. I did it last year, let the cobbler again sat in state, because last year I could not afford a new one and the others did not fit me.

And I'm happy to have finally found what I liked in the particular.:)

Have a nice day Nalon

Océane said...

Ahah Johan is right, come and move here :)
Of course you wont but maybe for holidays? During summer its soooo nice. The only thing is its crowded :/ the best moment to come is June or September cause its still hot and its not as crowded as July or August.
In May its also very nice with the famous Movie Festival in Cannes :). Am sure you would fall in love with the city, sun, beach, sand and all the shops you like (chanel, gucci, guess, dior etc etc...) right by the ocean!
This summer I'll take photos for you and put them on my instagram ! :)

Have a magic day!
Love & Hugs

July said...

Hey Anette!

I really liked that outfit, the top, the glasses ( especially the glasses) the leggings and the boots!!

I'm very glad that you had a cute and funny day in the snow!

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei Anette;
Wonderful picture !
You're beautiful today
Nemo is sooo cute :D
Kisses & Hugs

Karin said...

Thanks ! I watched every single pic : they were so great! Really nice colors and contrasts. You seemed to be fascinated of the sea with ice :) You really had luck with the weather, lovely blue skies, and the sun. I loved the pic with all those bikes under the snow , and pictures with you by the church(Tuomionkirkko) . Thank you for letting me enjoy the photos :)

Unknown said...

Oh really? funny thing was the air conditioner broke so no warm air but, we fixed it thank god! yes i enjoy them all too :) oh really? i didn't know that! yeah :/ i kinda hate myself for missing you when you came. I had actually bought tickets to the Anaheim show for the Imaginaerum tour since you guys weren't coming to vegas and the rest is history :/ but thank you! best wishes dear! i hope to meet you real soon! you know haha i try to sing "Scaretale" when i'm alone in my house but i can't! your voice is so brilliant! was it hard to sing that song? sorry for all the questions! hugs to you and your family! :)

October Lane said...

i love the sunglasses, really high fashion