Monday, January 14, 2013

Throwing away day=)

Hi all!

Today we are having one of those "throwing away" days since we are going to get a new bureau at IKEA due to the old one being broken. So Johan is on his way to the big garbage place with the old bureau now and before he went I did a big clothes throw, where I put one pile to Linda, my dear friend - one pile to the Second hand store and one last pile to charity. Always feels good to take away some stuff.

Now some lunch and then to IKEA to get the new bureau and then we´re also going to the mall to get some ice cream;=) Yummie!

The music I listen to today while cleansing is this:

Sonata Arctica - I have a right:

Mando Diao - Strövtåg i hembygden:

Rapsody and Sissel Kyrkjebö - Prince Igor:

See you later! Enjoy this day and check out my instagram;=)


Laetitianne said...

Sonata Arctica! ♥ ♥ ♥ I listen to them at the moment even and since a few days. Became hooked! ♥ Look forward to seeing them on stage! "I have a right" is so beautiful. Like "Replica". What a nice way to begin a week!

Have a nice monday!


Khaos86 said...

Hi Anette :) I hope you're fine.
I heard the good news and I'm glad for you and for Johan ;)
Recently an Italian webzine has posted an interview with Tony Kakko. They asked him what he thinks of your departure from Nightwish.
Here is the link:
The question is at 6:22.
He sounds to me a bit rude with his answer :/ What do you think?

Océane said...

You're right sometimes its good to put things away and better to give them to friends/charity. I always give my clothes to charity, I just hope it really goes to poor people.

I put many photos on my Instagram that I just took! The weather was lovely and warm, i also met many cats on my way, they were having a sun bath. It was funny to see all the cats (they were maybe 10!) enjoying the sun. I wish I could hug all of them! :) Cats are the best and they definitely know whats good! Ahah :)
So have a look of you want where you have time for it!

Love and Hugs

Unknown said...

Giving away to other people is always a nice thing to do. I kind of like that Sonata Artica song...if I don't listen to it too much and depending on my mood. I'm really bothers a lot of people including myself that I'm picky. I hate it when people complain about it to my face though. People tell me I'm always complaining and annoying...except one of my few friends Chelby. She actually likes being around me and doesn't see anything wrong with me. She's the only one who really understands me...
Sorry floral that...venting...I'm kind of tired of people always telling me what I do wrong. I can take a nice criticism, but nobody ever gives me "nice criticisms". People need to learn to say more nice stuff and not just look at what people do bad.

migi said...

hi anette, thank you very much for your answer and the link :D. You're the best! Yeah, i had a "throwing-day" before christmas ;). Aww tony kakkoooo! What a nice guy:) and a great song. Wish you a beautiful day and a big hug as always.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette! :-)

I feel a bit better today. It peaked very late on Saturday night when I was shaking, my head was hurting, one arm and one leg were both aching. I felt nausea too and went to bed with a bucket by my bed just in case.

I see you're enjoying your new camera :-) I liked your photos of the sunset yesterday. The way the sea and sky looked as if they were closing in on each other with the sun in between in it's own narrow little space :-)

I've had a little look at your Instagram and you've taken some nice photos :-) Well done! :-) Your house looks very nice. I really like the way you've added different colour chairs around your table. If you suggested the idea of different coloured chairs to me verbally I would probably of disaggred on it. But the reality when you actually see them around the table the different colours work surprisingly well :-) They look very nice in their setting. The coloured chairs also give your dining room an arty feel as well.

I really like the shape of your windows too :-)

My best friend was on a photography course at university 13 years ago. He ended up working at the photo lab in Boots ( back when they had photo labs ). If your interest in photography continues maybe perhaps you could enroll on a university photography course :-)

Have a nice day! :-)

Lucinda said...

Hi Anette !

Sorry to bother you again by posting the same thing twice: could you tell me where you bought this amazing jacket you wore during the tour?

It's just... perfect!

Have a great day!

Nika. said...

I love giving away stuff I don't need and I do it quite often. It always gives me a good feeling, knowing that I helped somebody :) And I also love to receive clothes, especially from a family friend who has a shopping obsession and gives away clothes, bags and shoes that she practically never wore. :)
Is it popular to buy in a second hand shop in Sweden? I like the idea very much and I've also seen fb pages with second hand stuff-really pretty things. :)
Enjoy the day!

XxBriannaxX said...

Cool that you are having a throwing away day,I need to have one soon,haha. ;-) Have fun at the mall and enjoy your day! I followed you on instagram by the way. ;-) hugs!

July said...

Hey Anette!

Really nice songs and videos! the throwing away sometimes are tired but at the end the feeling is good.

Take a little break and just relax!

Have a nice nice afternoon!

Unknown said...

Hello Anette!

How are you today?I hope you had a great day. I'm not feeling so good. I'm a little sad. I am happy when I see my fiance later again. How do you do it when Johan leave you for a while? For me it is always very difficult. I miss him very quickly, and I think every second of him. I hope that he cheer me up later so that I hope I can feel better.
Have a nice evening :-)



Unknown said...

You can also give your clothes to me!(I haven't got any money these days) Haha I would love to have instagram too but I don't have it:(
I love to have it anyway:p

Today I don't feel verry happy so I try to write songs all the time.

It snows! It is just really awsome to see only it is soooo cold and wet(I hate it) Haha but it makes me feel like I'm in scandinavia. I want to live there when I grow up.


Anonymous said...

Hi anette :) hehe linda is a lucky girl and I like that you give your clothes for charity ,i gonna do the same ;)
thank you for share the music, i like sonata arctica and that song have great message.
have a nice day, hugs.

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,

I know the feeling when you finally separates from something;).

Last year, I separated myself from some things that I have become too large. Only then I saw how much I have lost.

Is there at Ikea in Sweden, Hot Dog's? The question I have for a long time.

In instagram I have problems when registering. What I've read I need a Ipone or whatever the different Log. Unfortunately I only have a mobile phone for telephonic.:/

Enjoy your Shopping day by Ikea.


PS: Nice music.

Unknown said...

Khaos; Thanks for the link;=) So, that was the last time I played Tony and Sonata in this blog;=) Sleep well!

Anna said...

Hope you did found the bureau that you want:) Just saw Tony's interview and to me it sounds not so nice, its not good to say this words now...dont take it too close, just forget it and enjoy your life now! Have a great evening and sleep really well:)

Unknown said...

Anna and Gitte; Hi and thanks;=) Yeah, it´s always better to say: no comments or something and I am proud of my close ones and friends, who never would get involved or say anything bad about anyone in NW or around, even if they know so much insider stuff;=) Sleep well!

Nalon said...

Evening Anette,

I think it would really have been better to say no comment from Tony.

Because you never know what for a decision was good.
For you, it was good to sing in Nightwish. Otherwise you would never learned Johan.;)

Sleep well, Nalon.

migi said...

hi. just saw the interview with tony. well...he seemed to be a bit suprised about the question. everybody have an own opinion about things, but i think in this situation he better said nothing. this was not gentlemen-like. actually it was not tony kakko-like :( ok or it wasn`t meant that rude as it came across. i don`t know.

Dark Queen said...

Hej Anette :)
How are you?
You have good taste with the music. I like Sonata's songs ;)
I hope you had a nice day ;) As always I'm so curious and I have one question to you. Did you ever saw the movie The boat that rocked? I saw it yesterday evening and I liked it a lot. If you have not yet seen it I reccomand you this movie :)
Enjoy your evening :)

littlemimo said...

Hi Anette,

I also find that Tony is quite impolite with you, and I also don't understand why the man asked him something about you. In my opinion, you were an awesome singer for nightwish and you were a leader of the band BUT you respected the boys so I find it really positive !

I think that we won't know the true about your departure and I hope that it was the better choice for you and the boys. I'm happy to see you "bloom "(in the sense of light up I don't know the word in english)
Sorry for my bad english !

I hope that you find your bureau, have a nice evening and night my dear.

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

First of all, THANK YOU so much for your answer yesterday :). That makes me so incredibly happy each time, I can´t describe it. It means really, really much to me Anette. So I will get an Instagram Account tomorrow or so and I´ll let you know and follow you and write comments. Maybe you´ll follow me too :).

Well, the Interview thing... I just listened to what he said about you and... such an... no... NO, I won´t say it :). Sorry, I just get angry when someone talks like that about you, which wasn´t really nice. Good to know at least, this is a band I will NOT support. I just know one song or so by them via Internet and it´s not bad, but nothing I need either. Good choice to not play them again in your blog, you really don´t need people like that. Always focus on those who like and love you like you are and because of what you are. Your familiy, your friends, your blog readers :). We are always there for you Anette, for sure :). I wish you the best and thank you again!

Sov gott and take always good care of yourself please (which I don´t know to say in swedish, but I´ll look it up :) ).


Dark Queen said...

Oh I saw now the interview! I thik that's a really bad thing. Don't care about it, because for me you're always the best! I will always support you!
May God bless you!

Pascal said...

Hi Anette, there´s another thing I´d like to talk to you about. I just thought I´ll write it in a new comment since it would have been a very long one with the other.

Sometimes you talk also about the meaning of what we dream when we sleep in your blog. I dreamt something really weird last night and I already talked about it in a forum of my religion (heathen), since it could have to do with that. But I also would like to have the opinions of those with other religions, to maybe get some non-religious points of view. And so I want to share it also to you, because I trust you and would be glad if you could tell me what you think about it :). And I promise, this is no fake, I really dreamt that:

I dreamt that I woke up in my bed. Looking to the side outside the bed there was a huge snake, looking down to me. Its skin was green like poison, its eyes red without pupiles (I hope that word is right, you know, the "black" inside the eyes). It seemed to grin, badly, not nice. I don´t believe in demons, but in my dream I clearly recognized it as a demon. The snake tried to bite me with sharp-pointed teeth, I screamed in fear and blocked it with my hands several times. I also grabbed its head and tried to hit it with my fists, which didn´t change that much. After a bit time of fighting like this, the snake moved away from my bed and lay itself down on the ground. I jumped out of the bad and remembered that I have a sword before the window (which in don´t have really, I have some swords, but they aren´t sharp and also not before the window). My plan was to jump on the bed, take the sword, behead the snake with it and flee through the window then. So I jumped on the bed - but the sword wasn´t there anymore! The snake raise up again and grinned badly again, I screamed again in fear and without chance against this snake. Then I woke up before it could attack me again.

What do you think of that? Does this have a message I should know or was it just a nightmare without meaning? I hope you´ll answer, I´m so interested in your opinion :).

Take always good care of yourself please and sleep well with sweet dreams, not of that kind I had last night :). And I hope I´ll dream something positive too, tonight :).


Luuh (Lucas Pereira) said...

Hey nettam, thats sucks about what Tony said... I think that at the least he would be polite and says that its not about his business this... But Dont care about it! Who is Sonata Artica when Steve Harris from Iron maiden said that he loved you voice? " I like these new bands. I love Nightwish’s last album. The old fans may not agree with me, but I think the new singer (you, he give this interview in the midle of last year) is better than the previous one! It’s impressive how the band has become something completely different. Nightwish is so much bigger now, and it was good already on the past. "

Khaos86 said...

Anette I agree with you :) Some people should try to be polite, especially some famous ones. They are an example for their fans and they can't say whatever that goes through their head. They MUST think before saying something. I call it respect. For the fans and the colleagues.
I hope that his words didn't make you sad. I have to admit that I feel a little responsible :/ but it can remind to you that some people have an huge ego. They try to be friends, but when they can, they beat you down. Unfortunately I had to deal with many people like these.
The only solution is to not pay attention. Keep trust in your self and continue your way. You have done it so far, and I know that you will continue to do so.
You're a wonderful and genuine person though I do not know you personally. Well, it's only a sensation, but it's strong enough to me :)
If I can, I'd like to share this song for you:
It's called Outro. Everytime time that I listen to this song, it gives me shivers.
Hugs Anette :) sleep well you too!

Paulo said...

Hey Anette and everyone. I didn't know that song from Sissel, and it was a nice fit for her beautiful voice. It's great to see that kind of collaborations when artists do something that are not their usual stuff.

About Tony, well... it was a sad thing that he mentioned anything, and you are indeed right to be proud that your friends don't say a word, and they don't even have to, because afterall... karma is a bitch and sooner or later it comes to knock on your door for you to pay the price.

And I don't like this relativization of what is right and wrong. I was taught by my parents and by my grandparents that there is no half right: either it's 100% right or 100% wrong, and I would never pick my friends' side if they are wrong or half wrong, I would rather don't say a thing.

It's funny how some people are accused of some things and when the accusers make the same things or contradict themselves the listeners play deaf. It makes me SO angry. Then the listeners change their speech and say all that matters is the music after the damage was caused to someone else's life... Pff... I rather leave the "community"

Anyway, the week is starting today and it's not good to start it in a bad mood. As Miss Leontyne Price would say: Never let anything negative be in the way of your focus to achieve.

Take care and sleep well.

Beatrix said...
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Nora said...

Good morning Anette.

I was not sure if I should say anything about Tony`s comment in the interview at all. It is always kinda hard for me to find the right words as english is not my first language. Then I read all the comments above and I actually have to say that I agree with Beatrix words. I guess he knew not more about the departure than anyone else and I also don`t think that he meant to hurt your feelings. (Oh well, I hope you don`t get me wrong....I just want everybody to get along with each other in a good way). :)

I hope you`re having a good day...specially with your new bureau. I always love assembling new furniture, specially from IKEA. We got some commodes a couple of years ago and it was really fun to assemble them. :) Love, Nora.

Unknown said...

Nora: Hi and thanks;=) Well, it´s not so much to say about it. He´s Tuomas best friend and I guess he has his way of seeing things, but I still think it´s better to just shut up;=) Yeah, its fun to get new things but Johan actually HATE to assembly IKEA stuff so there will be some angry Finnish words here today;=) haha! Maybe I´ll go with Nemo to the playground while he´s doing it. Take care now;=)

Beatrix: Hi! No one knows what he meant but as I said, its always better to say "no comment";=) Take care!

Paulo; Hi and thanks;=) And Sissel is an amazing singer and this song is one I loved since it came so long ago=)
I agree with you, it´s always this thing of choosing sides, like in real divorces. You can have lots of common friends while married, then when you divorce some friends need to choose side. I dont understand this. And people feeling they need to bash down on others, even if they know it´s not one persons fault, is seriously wrong. Take care now;=)

Khaos: Hi and thanks;=) It´s always hard when we go through a difficult situation and feel hurt to not say things we feel. A divorce, which me and NW split was like, is hard, when it ends fast and sudden and with hurt feelings. People around us know so many things and of course some friends would like to tell the world all about things, but they shouldn´t. So Tony, as Tuomas friend, should say no comment, in my opinion. BUT its his choice;=) Thanks for the music, sounded good;=) Take care!

Unknown said...

Luuh; Hi and thanks;=) yeah, I know so many who like my voice and I know also that many take sides, which they shouldn´t, since there are so many things people do not know. But some people always stand by others, despite that they know that person was the one who bad things. Like in a divorce, where one partner was cheating on the other. Still, they choose to stay friends with the cheating person and not the other one. Sad, but well, humans are complex creatures;=) Take care!

Pascal: Hi! Well, I know that dreams are symbolic and dreams are always about the person dreaming them. So it´s about you and it´s only you who can intrerpret what this means. According to Freud, snakes are the male and if a woman dreams about it, snakes are often about sex and men. But in your case, I dont know;=) Take care now!

DarkQueen; Hi! I do not care, since I know things others don't;=) Take care!

Pascal: Hi and thanks;=) Take care now!

Littlemimo; Hi! You know how it is... a group that starts up always are in a "newly-wed" mode, feeling happy, loving each other and it´s almost like a new love you have. Then after some time, the conflicts arise and they see each other in another light. The love is gone and the hate comes. It´s IF the group can survive and move past this hate period, the group really can grow and do big things. If not, the group will take away the thing they "believe" are the blame, move on with a new member and believe that will make things better. But if they don´t learn, the group will end up in the same situation, over and over again. So, I dont think people need to know details, it´s quite clear to me;=) Take care now!

Unknown said...

DarkQueen; Hi! yeah, it´s a great movie;=) I liked it a lot! Take care!

Migi: I agree;=) Take care!

Nalon; Hi! Exactly! I met Johan and Tarja met Marcelo, so we both got something good from it, in all the hard things;=) Take care!

Unknown said...

Nalon; Hi! Yeah, sometimes even if we don´t want to and see it, we need to move on. It´s like the statement; If it doens´t make you happy, move on;=) Take care!

Nana; Hi! Yeah, but she is a super good friend to me, so that´s worth everything;=) And today she flies over to New York, lucky girl! Take care!

Sabine; Hi! Yeah, it snowed here too all night;=( It sucks!! But well, sun is shining, so I´ll take Nemo outside soon;=) Take care!

Sarah;:Hi! I am so sorry that you are feeling sad today;=( For me, I really hate when Johan is gone on tour and so on, but I try to think positive and that I can do things I normally don´t do when he´s at home, like eat food that I love, take walks with Nemo, read books, blog, watch movies and so on;=) It´s good for us to be away from each other too, makes us able to get used of being alone without hating it. Take care and hope you soon feel better!

Gitte; Hi! I hate moving to new houses, but at the same time, as you say, it´s a good "cleansing" situation. Take ayay stuff that only collects dust;=) I hope you soon are less stressed and wish you a good day;=)

July; Hi! Yeah, breaks are good;=)

Brianna; Hi and the same to you;=)

Nika: Hi! Yeah, giving is receiving;=) I think second hand is growing bigger, especially luxury articles like bags and so on. Kids in school buy a lot of stuff in the luxury second hand I give to. And I think many younger kids are more concerned about our environment and therefore like re-use, so that´s good;=) Take care!

Lucinda; Hi! I bought it here in my city and the brand is called: SOFIFI by Sofi Brattberg. Some Swedish designer;=) It´s a great coat but to small to me now when my belly is big;=) Take care!

Tom: Hi! Oh, I just hate stomach flu´s;=( Hope you feel better now!
I love colours and since we live in a place with mainly white walls and high to the cealing, the coloured chairs bring some light=) I got the chairs from Johan and they are all in different colours and I love them;=) And taking photos of the nature is the best, I think! Take care and get better!

Migi: Yeah, we need those throwing away days;=) Take care!

Rivka; It´s good to be picky! I am too;=) So just keep it up! take care;=)

Laetitianne, Hi! Enjoy this day;=)

Nora said...

Hey Anette,

thanks for your reply. :) I guess you`re right. Sometimes we get disappointed by someone but life goes on. Everybody has their ups and`s all about standing up again. Not that easy when you`re down but when you`ve got nice people around you everything doesn`t seem to be that dark. It might be very easy to say that (I know....sometimes, when I`m down, I don`t wanna hear that). ;) But all we can do is let go and move on. Life is too short to be mad, at least for too long. :)Love, Nora.

Beatrix said...
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escapeofthedoll said...

I don't think Tony should've said anything, tbh. He was rather disrespectful about it. I've lost a LOT of respect for him over this.