Friday, January 11, 2013

The secret is.... many of you have guessed - A BABY=)

We are so happy and thrilled and awaiting our little one in appr. 2,5 month give and take

And yeah, we know what it will be but let´s keep that open until the baby is out;=)

 Enjoy this evening now!


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Nika. said...

Congratulations! I'm sooo happy for you! :) You really are shining.
Did you always wish to have 3 children?
Lots of love and have a nice evening!

Rosana said...

OMG!! A day without seeing the blog and when I see a return of this news! I'm so happy for you and Johan Congratulatios for everyone!! I could not really see anything in his previous pictures did a good job;) haha, I hope it's a girl =)

Ricardo Javier said...

Hi Anette!!!!!
Congrats, fantastic news, a baby is a greater happiness, i'm so happy for you, i wish the best for you.
Have a great day ;)
Greetings from Per├║


Unknown said...

Belated, but I just have to say: congratulations! Also, I'm not sure just how you managed to keep the secret for so long, but well done, missy!

I hope only the best for you and your family, and I'm sure the little one will be very blessed to be born in such an amazing and loving family.

Much love to you and yours!

Dark ice said...

I am so happy for you hope you are doing well

Vinga said...

Hi Anette you look very beautiful and very happy! This is wonderful news, take care about you my dear. Lot of kisses for u and your men :) he must be a very proud :)
Love and kisses for all of you :*

Lior said...


You're so beautiful! I wish you a lot of happiness and peace!!! Kisses!

LindaS said...

Congratulations wonderful news!! By looking at your previous photos I would have never guessed!

Sending love to you and your family.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations dear Anette, I'm happy for this good news. I wish you all the happiness in the world and many blessings for you and your baby. Kisses from Peru!!!

Petra said...

Aaw<3 Gongratulations!

A (Anneke) said...

Congratulations, Anette! I'm so happy for you!

Michael said...

Dear Anette, I'm so happy for you and your family ! So, congratulations !

I have to say that I come everyday on your blog (even if I don't always comment your post ^^) and I would like to thank you for being here for us, to show us a part of your life, it's always a pleasure.

Thanks and congrats again !
Michael (from France)

DVDVAMPIRE01 said...


Dark ice said...

I forgot to say congrats to you and wish good health on you and your new baby

Mary said...

yeeeeeeeeeeees yeeees yeeeeeeeeees yeeeessss I know it :)))))
wow, I'm so happy now... You're my idol!!! :))))
I would like it is a girl, because you already has two sons, but is it a girl? ;)
Hug from Croatia

Mary said...

yeeeeeeeeeeees yeeees yeeeeeeeeees yeeeessss I know it :)))))
wow, I'm so happy now... You're my idol!!! :)))) But how we didn't see :/
I would like it is a girl, because you already has two sons, but is it a girl? ;)
Hug from Croatia

Unknown said...

Congratulations Annette! You're fortunate to get to spend time with your kids and your new arrival. I remember how shocked my family was after we realized we had attended your last concert with Nightwish. What happened is none of my business but I do feel you're lucky to have the freedom at this time. Take advantage of it. You're only a mother once.

Sephrenya said...

Dear Anette! Congratulations ;-) How are you feeling? I am also pregnant, it's our first child and we are so excited. The first ultrasound, when we saw the heart beat, was the most amazing thing ever. I am 3 months now and glad that the morning sickness is over. There were days, when I even couldn't go to work. But I never enjoyed more to feel sick :-).

Arianna said...

Hey Anette,
it's a long time that i don't read a blog. Only i've readed it... congratulation for the baby!

I'm happy for you and i will all the best! How many months?

Big big hugs

night.shine said...


Hope you will be OK and happy together. It´s really great :)

Unknown said...

I'm very happy. Good luck, honey sz

MabelEarth said...

Congratulations, this is really cool! The best thing on the world is to expect a new baby!! :)
Did u guys plan the baby or.. "just happened?" :)

Chrisito said...

Just saw this and I am so happy for you!

Link said...

Congratulations Anette Olzon!

I was sad that I did not see you in Imaginarium Tour here in Brazil where I live, but now I'm much more happy knowing why that happened!

I'm your fan since I hear you first time and I love your work, I'm having very hard days, but listening your wonderful voice on songs makes me feel better!

This moment shows to me that things can be much more magically happy just when I think it's sad.

Lots of love to you and your baby!

Kisses to you from Porto Alegre, Brazil!

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