Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunset photos;=)

Hi all and a very happy sunday to you;=)

Today me and Nemo went to two different playgrounds and I was so stiff and frozen after 1,5 hour of standing still, eating "pretend pizza" Nemo cooked me, that we had to move along home. We walked by the ocean and my fingers were so frozen, despite wearing thick gloves, so I wasn´t planning on taking photos today. BUT the sunset and the sky that met us was just so insane so that I HAD to take photos!

At first, the sun was just visible underneath the clouded sky and it was extra cool since the clouded sky so distinctively made a straight line above the sun. As you can see in the photos below;

 Then when we walked along and came to the harbour, the sun in all its glory had stroken through the clouds and it was SO strong today. A real winter sun and I must say I am happy I took my camera out despite the stiff and cold fingers;=)

And if you are interested in seeing my photos not only in here, I nowadays have an Instagram account and I am called Thechosenone665. Maybe I´ll see u in there too?;=)


Unknown said...

Hi Sweet!!!!

Beautiful sunset!!!!

Love the pictures.

Kisses God bless you.

Hugs for you

Raffaella Brazil

Philippa said...

You truly live in a beautiful place, and that sunset is magical! I was going to ask you about the Instagram account, and whether it was really you. Glad to hear that it is you, and I'm already following you under the username 'abfabsweetiedarling'.

Enjoy your evening :)

Katharine Rv said...

Such great photos! And a very beautiful photo of you, my dear! :)

Unknown said...

This pictures make me think about sleeping sun! hehe. Me and my strange toughts all time!

I'd wrote my 5th song today! And it is called unchain me. I don't know why I wrote this.. Just a thing popped into my head.

Unchain me

The chains around my wrists hurt
They cut into my skin
The metal is cold
Help me to lose them

Help me to break free
Rusty old chains hurt me so bad
They make me bleed
Help me to break free

Those chains harm me
I won’t stop trying to lose them
But I can’t do it all by myself
Help me to erase the chains

Are these chains unbreakable
Why are they so painful
They try to kill me
Chains on my wrists trying to kill me

I have to break free
I don’t want to die
Not because of these chains
I won’t die

That was my song! I hope you like it! I'd love to write a song to/for you so if you want me to just say my name and I'll do it!


Betty Blue said...

Oh my God, now I´m crying.
Been listening to "Letters to Home" by Lord of the Lost, a song that makes me very sad always... Just the imagination of having to leave a child to go to war... And then this pictures. They are so beautiful... So beautiful... I wish I had the sea close by. I´m homesick even though I am at home.
Have a good evening!
Love, Betty

Vicky ♡ said...

Wow, these pictures are so beautiful! Must have been a really amazing sunset! Wow! Thank you for taking these pictures (and sharing them with us) despite the cold! :)

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

hello my dear
these pictures are really beautiful. And a cold, hmmm as I wanted to be there.
I did not comment yesterday because I was very sad. It's amazing how some people love to see us down. Also discuss with my father, and I drank until drunk. I hate it. Now I've got a terrible headache.
I hate to say bad things to you, but you make me feel better =)
see you tomorrow my dear
Jag älskar dig =)


Viivi said...

Jätte fina bilder! :)
Om bara solen skulle komma här till Tyskland också...

Farandra said...

Your photos are really nice :)

Océane said...

Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing!
Here it was a grey and rainy day :( but 10 degrees so quite okay! I looked at the weather in Helsinborg and apparently it was -2 degrees! Puh :/! I settled your city on my iphone so I checked the weather from time to time and the difference between Cannes and Helsinborg is always huge. Anyway!

Few days ago I ordered some leggings online from a UK website and I also ordered something for you. Hopefully the package will be here tomorrow. :)
If you sure johan wont be in UK do you know I can send it to you?

And yeah you'll see me on your instragram account :) I dont know how it work since I dont use it but i'll create an account tonight and discover it!
If the weather is much better tomorrow I'll go out and take some photos for you as I live by the ocean too! :)

Love and many hugs

Rosana said...

Thanks for sharing with us these wonderful photos, despite being in the freezing cold haha. Good night

Dark Queen said...

WoooW! Today you had a great sunset! Here it's raining all the day and now started to snowing. I still prefer your weather ;)
You did super nice photos. Thank you so much. I don't have an Instagram account, so I can comment your photos only here. For now it is ok, maybe I'll open my own Instagram account.
You're beautiful. I like a lot the last photo. The colors are great and as always...your eyes are amazing!
Take care of yourself and the little angel inside you ♥
Kisses to you all

Luuh (Lucas Pereira) said...

Hi anette! This photos is SO BEAUTYFULL!!!! I love sea sunset! And this pics are really beautiful! Your new camera made verry beautiful photos!
Oh, thats wonderfull! I'm following you right now! I'm 'ItsLuuh' Instagram...
take care my sweet heart!

Unknown said...

Hello Anette How are you? Nice photo :) I love you, you sing well too, I love all the songs of Nightwish or you sing, you have a voice so beautiful.
between you and Tarja your voice is 100 times more beautiful. I can not imagine Nightwish without you: '(I even know if I will continue to listen. I love you.
all my congratulations on your pregnancy! to you and Johan! Big kisses, and good evening to you.
I'm new here. :)

Saga said...

Jättefina bilder!

Följer dig redan på Instagram, men det har du kanske redan märkt? ;)

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei dear Anette,
Ohhhhhh Wooooooooow so wonderful and fantastic sunset !!!
Have a Good evening !!!
Big kisses & Hugs !!!
With Love

Anonymous said...

Just added you ;) my "name" is Joonathan77

XxBriannaxX said...

Wow those photos are so amazing!
That is such a beautiful sunset...
And I will follow you on instagram. ;-)
Have a good rest of your day!
Love and hugs

Unknown said...

Anette, such beautiful pictures. Sunset is my favorite time of day because the colors are gorgeous. I hope you have a good evening :)

IsaWolfheart said...

Hi Anette really beautiful photos and you're beautufil ;)

oh really cool I have Instagram too and I follow you of course (I'm Isarepublika)

good evening

Digelfox said...

Hi Anette! Ooh pretty sunset.

Thanks for sharing it with us.


Unknown said...

How lovely it is over there!! Love sunsets sooo dearly, so wonderful that you were able to catch the Perfect one!! And you look great today; such a glowing face that an expecting woman has :) I'm sure Nemo was very happy to play in two playgrounds today :)) Have a wonderful evening!

Unknown said...

Yes, these photos are really wonderful! When I look on these photos, I get inspiration! Magical sunset ;-)
Have a nice evening!

Daria Grishaeva said...

Wooow, Anette, you actually made me feel in love with Sweden! Now I realy want to go here, maybe one day i'll do it:-) By the way, you can start a photographer's career, hehe. I realy LOVE your photos of the ocean, so magical... I would like to live by the ocean or sea, but I am in the middle of a city with its grey houses and so on. But every summer I go somewhere to enjoy sea as much as I can:-)
Sleep well and have a nice dreams;)

eskoplja said...

Really lovely photos you shared :)
The sunsets are truly wonderful!
Glad to hear you had a lovely time. You look lovely as always :)
Hope everything is ok :)
Wish you a lovely night


Ena :*

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Great you had a wonderful walk today and the photos you took are incredible! With the sun over the water, very epic. Great job, you master of photographing :). I hope your fingers are ok again.

I didn´t know this Instagram yet, just looked at your account and found out that I have to make an account too if I want to follow you there, so I´ll get one, too. Is it also possible to write comments there then?

Sleep well and take always good care of yourself please, Anette :). Have sweet dreams!


Sally Blue said...
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Sally Blue said...

Are you an Harry Potter fan for the name you choose in Instagram?
Very cool pics of the sunset! ;)
This a pic I made for you:


Dark ice said...

I love that sunset

Unknown said...

i follow u nettie:) your biggest fan than Turkey. xoxo :*

Beatrix said...
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Beatrix said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nalon said...

Evening Anette,
I say it again: You has a great eye for good photos.

The sunset photos. My inspiration for new poems, but I hope they do not back out into song types.

I like your self-portrait. Since you seem really like an angel.
I'm not photogenic. And it is hard work to hide from cameras ever.

What's that for a photo page? I've heard it before. It is a secure site?

Have a good evening:)

Océane said...

I realised I had an account but never use it! Of course i now follow you :)

I put the only photo i took of the ocean almost 1 year ago for you, I "tagged" you but dont know if get it as I dont know how it works :)
Hope it worked!

Love and Hugs

Unknown said...

Nalon; hi and thanks so much;=) Instagram is a thing many people use and have used to put up photos and make them visible for anyone or you can also choose to set them private. I havent used it before but now when I have my new camera I thought it could be nice to put them there. Also, if I dont want to just put some photos in the blog, I can use Instagram instead. So, you can be very private in there or very open. Sleep well!

Beatrix; Hi! Do you mean the silver candle holders from todays Instagram photos? Then it´s not a chandelier but 3 separate holders and they are from Georg Jensen. Then I also have a chandelier for four candles and it´s also from Georg Jensen;=) And yes, please, put some photos on your instagram for me to see;=) Sleep well!

Deniz; Hi there and hello to lovely Turkey;=) And thanks for following me;=) Sleep well!

Dark Ice: Hi! Yeah, it was really breath taking;=) Sleep well!

Sally; hi and thanks for the pic, nice one;O=) And yeah, I LOVE harry Potter;=) Sleep well!

Pascal: hi! Yeah, you can write me comments and I can answer them too;=) Sleep well!

Ena:; Hi and thanks so much;=) Great camera makes great photos! Sleep well!

Daria; Hi and thanks;=) Well, I love to take photos and I will take lots of them with this great camera. Photos are just so wonderful to capture a moment that maybe never occurs again. Sleep well now;=)

Alina. Hi and thanks;=) Yeah, they turned out quite well;=) Sleep well!

Lara: Hi and thanks;=) yeah, he could had been playing for more hours but I was soooo an ice pick;=) Sleep well now!

Digelfox: Hi and thank YOU for looking at them;=) Sleep well!

Gitte: Hi and thanks;=) Sleep well!

Isa: hi! I´ll check out your instagram and follow you too;=) Sleep well!

Jennifer; Hi! It´s my favourite time too;=) Sleep well!

Brianna; Hi and thanks;=) See u in instagram then;=) Sleep well!

Andi said...

Good evening Anette,

nice photos. The colours of your eyes are beautiful on the picture, I think also because of the warmth of the sun. Your eyes are bluish grey and the sun orange. I hope you understand what I mean...with dark brown eyes (like I have) would that not work.

@Sabine: that song is beautiful. I think it is a step on the way of healing. It shows you want to heal...and I know you will!!

Sleep well!

Beatrix said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Jonathan; hi and thanks, I´ll check out your account too;=) Sleep well!

Mél: Hi and thanks so much;=) Sleep well!

Saga: Hej och tack;=) Ja, och du har jättefina foton du med;=) Gillar din klädstil! Sov riktigt gott!

Lili; Hi and thanks so much for your kind words;=) And thanks for the congratulations;=) We are so happy and longing for the little one;=) Sleep well!

Luuh; hi and thanks;=) See u in Instagram then;=) Sleep well!

DarkQueen; Hi and thanks;=) I´ll post most photos in here too for those who dont follow Instagram;=) Sleep well!

Rosana: Hi! Yeah, it was quite cold! Sleep well!

Océane; Hi and thanks;=) I´ll let you know about Johan and also, I´ll try and open a PO box for mail to me and then I´ll put the address to you=) And yeah, it was cold here today....brrr;=) Sleep well!

Farandra; Hi and thanks;=) Sleep well!

Viivi:Hej och tack;=) Ja, solen behövs nu i mörkret! Hoppas den kommer till Tyskland imorgon;=) Sov gott!

Mathews; Hi and I am so sorry to hear these things;=( And yes, it´s really weird why some people feel better by making someone else sad... but I guess there are a good side and a bad side in everyone and in some the bad side comes out more often. I really hope you will have a better day tomorrow and that the bad headache is gone:=) Sleep well!

Victoria: Hi and thanks;=) yeah, it was just breath taking! Sleep well!

Betty; Hi and I hope you cried happy tears? Otherwise I hope you feel better now again. Sleep really well;=)

Sabine; hi and thanks for sharing your song;=) I like it. Really dark and sad, but for me, I have more difficulty to write "happier" lyrics. I write the most lyrics when I am angry or sad and it helps me to get the "bad" things out. I hope your song writing give you the same help;=) Sleep well!

Trina; Hi and thanks so much;=) Sleep well!

Philippa; Hi! Jepp, that´s me;=) And I saw you in there so nice you are there too;=) Sleep well!

Raffaella: Hi and thanks so much;=) Sleep well!

Unknown said...

Beatrix:; Hi and ok, now I understand;=) Sorry! The lamp is from IKEA;=) It´s wonderful but it took some time to put together though...haha! You know IKEA with all its pieces...=) Sleep well now!

Nalon said...


Thank you Anette for your answer.

If it is a secure site. Know where I can save some of my pictures.:)

Then we'll see you there, too ;)

Sweet dreams. Nalon

migi said...

Hello anette, i like your feather dress you posted today. in my opinion, the outfit looks much better on you then the model. You look very beautiful;)I have a question. The outfit you had in montreux. Can i buy this somewhere too? And a friend of mine loves the jackets which marco and tuomas wear on this tour. Do you know what label it is or if it is avaible? If you dont know it's no problem of course. Good night and a big hug


Omg I really wanna see Sweden now!!! Congrats on your pregancy you'll be a great mother again!!!:)can't wait til you start singing again your voice really helps me to see the meaning in songs. Looking forward to next blog hep hep:D

Elmas said...

Wow, that was quite a view you got there! Thanks for sharing the lovely photos and have a great start of the week!

Carol Misokane said...

Hello Nettie.
Ah, how I love the sunset! Specially in North Europe it's amazing, almost make me cry when I see the pictures and I miss Japan like hell these times, remembering the sunset in a very small town I grew up..sometimes I just wish I could come back in time and never leave home...
Even though it's winter, the sun shines so beautiful, blessing every single day of the life, and I just think that all the people who are blessed with this beautiful show of the nature must thank God everyday for this =).
I wish you a calm night and may your week be amazing.

Love, Carol

Unknown said...

Hi Anette,

Wow those photos are amazing, what a beautiful area you must live in! I've just started following you on Instagram too :)

rosica said...

Hi Anette, so long since I posted a comment, but I follow your blog daily.
First, most sincerely congratulate you on your pregnancy. It's so exciting, I want you to be healthy and to enjoy these wonderful moments. For me it is a feeling unmatched by anything else. The feeling that brings life below the your heart, feel how it moves and all the hopes and dreams related to the child - it's great. And I begin to think for a second child, but I still can not dare this step.
I also want to thank you for the beautiful pictures you post, so nice of you that we hold close to your life.
I am also a lover of the sea, even I prefer to walk in the cold weather, but not for the beach. At the weekend walk with my child and my husband on the shores of our Black Sea. Many swans and ducks spend the winter here. Was so wonderful - Swans are at arm's length from us. My child for the first time see of these graceful birds in their natural environment.
I wish you much happiness
Stay Healthy
With love and greetings from Bulgaria

Unknown said...

Migi: Hi and thanks;=) Well, my dress in Montreux I bought in our South American tour in a small store so no, I don´t think you can get that now=( The guys jackets normally is coming from a men´s store in Helsinki called Sirus, here´s a link to the store:öretag/sirus
Take care;=)

HGate said...

Hey Anette :) Those are some VERY good pictures! And I started following you on Instagram as well :)

I remember seeing you shooting with a DSLR reflex camera "back in the days" of the first world tour... Do I remember well? Do you still use that every now and then? :)

I LOVE photography, although work & family have kept me from shooting many pictures lately...

Take care, hugs from Italy :)

Océane said...

Hi my dear! Hope you slept well. Im just in front of the ocean right now. I came here just to take some photos for you as promised! :)
I'm going to put them on my Instagram account so you can see them if you follow me, its oceanenw. I already comments some of your photos and tagged you in one of mine so you find me easily of you wish to.

No I'm heading to as other place in my home towm where there is a castle right by the ocean, a really lovely place!

Enjoy the day!!
Love & Hugs

Jenny said...

I was wondering that do/did you have any kind of exercise routine now during pregnancy? :)

Unknown said...

Jenny; Hi;=) I ran and did my normal exercises in the gym until week 15 when I went home from USA. After that I haven´t felt like doing it. I do take walks and I am a quite active person in normal life so hopefully I can get back into my exercising routines soon after the baby is born;=) Take care!

Océane; Hi and great that you´ll take photos,=) Longing to see them! Enjoy the day;=)

Marco: Hi and thanks;=) Do u mean my Nikon camera? In that case, I dont use it anymore. To big and heavy and will sell it now when I have this one;=) Take care!

Serena said...

Following u On Istagram I'm damacri. I'll use it more I'll promise!

July said...

Hey Anette!

increasingly you surprise to me with your camera! you make such incredible pictures. The sunset it's amazingl!! those moments are very short but beautiful and I think different each one.

And well, I don't have account in instagram but I'm going to check your profile, I bet you have incredible pictures there!

Have a very nice day!

eliete said...

Hi Anette! Thanks for the pictures, they are amazing... I spent a long time looking at them.

Beatrix said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Océane said...

Oh a PO box would be great yeah!! :)
I guess its our "BP" in France. Its a box at the post office where you reveive mails you dont want at home, right?
Soif you do that, yes please put the adress for me :)

Love and Hugs

fhthfhfhfsdsd said...

Own... You live in where i live is always grey and raining...

IsaWolfheart said...

hi dear thank a lot you're adorable ;-)


northierthanthou said...

Very cool effect with that bright yellow all the way across the horizon.