Saturday, January 19, 2013


Good morning dear ones and a very happy saturday to you all;=)

I woke up around 7 when both Nemo and the baby in my belly woke me up. Tired, but still it´s cosy and now me and Nemo are enjoying breakfast in front of Disney channel and Dr McStuffin. 

The sun is starting to show itself and it´s snowing big snowflakes outside;=)

Can it be a better start than this?=)

ENJOY your day everyone and have FUN!


Beatrix said...

God morgon! :)
Have a nice day!

linda said...

Hey Anette! In France it snows also: SO!! :) Beautiful!!

Spent a great day with your family and take care of yourself!!

Kisses and good weekend, Linda from France!

PS: the pants for your baby is fine, for a first, you have very good work!!

Karin said...

Goodmorning Anette!
Here in southern Finland we have a sunny beautiful morning: the snow seems to be full of small diamonds. There is only one "but" : it is freeeeeeezing outside! -29,8 degrees! Help! :)
You can't really go out and enjoy the day... You just have to enjoy the nature from the window, and stay inside.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, she had really often hick-ups:) Ok, I really don't know if babies have hick-ups when they are inside the tummy? :) But that is what I felt.
Hey, have a really nice wintery weekend, and enjoy yourself!

I got my angel knit from HunkyDory yesterday, and I love it ! it is so my favourite from now on :)

Laura said...

I love every one of your personal photographs and enjoy viewing them on your blog as well as Instagram! I am happy to hear you and your family are doing well and enjoying your weekend! Congratulations to you and Johan on becoming parents for the third time! I wish you both nothing but the best of wishes, happiness, joy and more! You are a wonderful, sweet and caring mother and any child would be lucky to call you mum, mom, mommy, or mother. I hope you and your family have an amazing weekend! :D <3

Unknown said...

i'm in New Zealand and the sun set not that long ago! how amazing is that?! hope you have a nice day :)

XxBriannaxX said...

Good morning to you dear Anette! And good to hear your morning is going okay even though you were woken up so early. ;-) it's 3:00 am here and i'm still awake! Haha,I should probably get some sleep huh? ;-) the pictures you took are nice. :-) I love how it looks there in Sweden. It's so beautiful. Hopefully one day I can visit. ;-) have a great day!

Unknown said...

what a cool owl on the first pictures)

Dark Queen said...

We have gray day again, but is not so cold, so it's ok :)
Have a nice day you too.

Nalon said...

Happy Saturday dear Anette and your little big Familie.

I had today a long sleep, because i was read a book last night until 4 a clock in the Morning.

Then I once again cleaned up my desk. (On there are my sewing machine´s.) And found so some nice things again.

Now I walking a long walk. Next Thursday I have a job interview. Which I'm very pleased.

Ebjoy the Day.

July said...

Today in Mexico I have a very sunny and warm saturday, but the most sure is that in the night the temperature going to drop very fast :(

The cartoons are very fun, and Disney Channel have a lot of funny tv programs, and I bet the new baby will enjoy with the cartoons.

By the way look this candle holders by Swarovski:

And yes, the hairdo in your new entry it's very cool, I did it in autumn and it's great, simple but cosy and very modern.

Have an excelent evening!