Thursday, January 24, 2013

Spring picks

Here´s some picks for spring that I like. Stars and skulls, can it be better?=) I especially LOVE the Converse with stars on them!

1. Tee Vero Moda
2. Star top from Maison scotch
3. Skull leggings H&M
4. Converse with star print
4. Polka dot jeans H&M
5. Black polka dot jeans from 
6. Iphone case with star print from Fab
7. Black necklace from Cos
8. Little star purse from Fab
9. Iphone cover from ChillNorway


Soffel said...

Hey Nettie :)
Because you often say that you love skulls, I wanted to show you this:

It's new in stock and it's so beautiful, isn't it?
(I gave you the link from swedish EMP although I'm german ;) Just because I wanted to know if you can get it in Sweden, too)
Hugs, Soffel

AlessandraWilderness said...

How're you Nettie? Do you feel better now? Hope yes.... So, you are looking forward it's spring soon, isn't it? you're talking about spring clothes and make up recently hehe ;) I'm looking forward too but at the same time I love winter so much, because I think it's magic...I hope it'll snow a bit, it was snowing in other parts of italy during the last months, but not here where I live, so it would be nice to breathe some pure snowy air :)Thanks for sharing this, nice pretty clothes, especially the star top and the I-Phone cover, and the Converse are soooo beautiful!! =)

XxBriannaxX said...

Very cute stuff Anette! Those converse are soooo freakin cute! I have to get me some. ;) enjoy your evening!

Saga said...

Fina grejer! Gillar särskilt iPhonefodralet med stjärnor :D

eskoplja said...

Looks really sweet! I like the skull legings! I would love to wear them under a rocky skirt and some good boots ;)
Wish you a lovely evening, jope everything is ok :)

Ena :*

Philippa said...

Hej Anette, those are some great picks! I love the Converses too, and the polka dot jeans are really cute as well.
Today I went shopping and I saw some really cool black boots with big studded skulls on the front of them, and I immediately thought of you :)
Enjoy your evening! xx

Beatrix said...

Hei Anette,
Really nice picks, I like them. Generally I am not a skulls fan, but still I like the leggings here! :) It would fit you very much!

Anonymous said...

I've always thought Converse are nice footwear :-)

They come from America, and I think they first appeared in the very early 1950's ( perhaps earlier )and were originally meant for Basketball or another sport. That could all be wrong though

Years and years ago I used to own a pair of Converse :-) Though mine were not covered in stars like that girlie design :-) Lol! :-D

I hope you are feeling better than earlier Anette :-) Enjoy whats left of this evening! :-)

linnea-maria said...

Åh leggingsen med skallar på är helt underbara :)

Unknown said...

Hi Anette!

Great to see you keeping in touch with your fans through this blog.

Just wondering, have you thought about having two blogs, one for general stuff and another just for updates about your music? :)
This blog is pretty cool for those interested in general Anette stuff, but what do you think about having another blog focusing on Anette's music?

I check out the general stuff here myself, but I just thought that by storing all posts about your music in one location makes it easier to find that information.

I don't know, might be a bad idea but just throwing it out there :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Anette this it totally off topic (as a construction worker I'm not one to be commenting on fashion) but I was wondering if you ever found those nightwish demos you made :) Take care.

Your solo songs have been awesome btw :) Just hear em today!

Unknown said...

Awsome! Wwell to change topic. I allmost committed suicide yesterday and didnt succeed. And felt from my bike really hard. But i go to school now. And i have to a party tonight(hate it so much) xoxo

Cleo said...

God I could kill for these skull leggins^^ really nice selection!

Yuliya Zinchenko said...

Hi, dear Anette,

I'm writing here for the first time. Sorry if the topic about clothes is unsuitable place for my thoughts)
Of course I know about the opening of Helsingborg Arena and I heard your new songs that you performed there and I really loved them! BUT yesterday I unexpectedly saw this -->
You didn’t wrote that you sung The Beatles song, did you? Or maybe I am just very inattentive)) Anyway, it was… just WOW! :) Can’t stop listen to it.

And I want to say how much I love you :) Despite the fact that I've been a huge Nightwish fan for many years, actually, I prefer male vocals. There are very few female singers that I like... and only YOU can touch my HEART!
I'm sooo happy that I had a chance to see you in Moscow last year (I live in Vladivostok, you can check Google Maps to see how FAR away from Moscow my city is. Unforgettable trip, hehe! :)). That was an amazing gig!
Hope to listen to your solo album someday. Or maybe you’ll join to any band. No matter! :) We all love you and need your voice! I wish you good luck, you and your family.


Unknown said...

Yulija; Hi and thanks so much for your kind words;=) And yes, I have put up the beatles medley in here and talked about it;=) It was the final song with every artist participating;=) Enjoy this day!

Cleo: Hi! Yeah, they are really cool;=) Enjoy the day!

Sabine; Oh, my dear! That´s not nice to hear! I hope you have talked to someone about this!

Mark: Hi! I do believe I have them somewhere in our storage but I dont feel like going to find them among so many things;=) if I ever find them, I can post them but nothing I plan to do for now;=) Enjoy the day!

Christian; Hi! Well, we´ll see what happens with all my sites and so on when I have a deal for my solo. For now, I only use this blog and this is where you find everything about me for now, music as well as other stuff=) Enjoy the day!

Linnea: Hej! Ja, visst är de;=) Ha en bra dag!

Tom: yeah, Converse are so nice but the only thing I dont like about them is that they are so flat that I get pain in my feet. They should fix that;=) Enjoy the day!

Beatrix; Hi and thanks;=) yeah, they would be cool on;=) Enjoy the day!

Philippa; Hi! yeah, I LOVE studs;=) Enjoy this day!

Ena; Hi! Yeah, a nice tee in the summer would be perfect to accompany them;=) Enjoy the day!

Saga: Hej! Ja, är superfint;=) Ha en bra dag!

Brianna; Hi! yeah, do so;=) Enjoy the day!

Allessandra; Hi! yeah, I want spring NOW;=) I love spring;=) More than summer actually! When the leaves blossom, the flowers come out in the forest and the birds return and sing for us;=) Love it! Enjoy this day!

Soffel: Hi! Yeah, that´s a cool tee;=) Thanks for showing it to me;=) Enjoy this day!

Gitte: hi and thanks;=) Enjoy the day!