Monday, January 21, 2013

Puih... eyes are just tired so the header stays as it is for tonight;=) There are always lots to do and change but now I am tired in the head;=)

So, some photos from today before I close down my computer for today:

Took some photos of the moon for you;=)

Love the sky in this one:

This morning I had a spa morning and took a nice bath, where I put on my super mask from Peter Thomas Roth. This mask is like a "short-time" face lift;=)
Then my dear Chanel shaping lotion which I love due to it cooling the legs and then if it helps against cellulites and so on, I don´t know;=)
My life saver facial creams from YSL that helps my dry wintery skin to keep smooth all winter long and for the area around my lips my Precision cream from Chanel.

I also fixed my eye brows by coloring them with my Depend colour in brown.

Then to add some nice colour to my pale winter face I used a spring collection from last year from Isadora for the eyes. Put on the apricot/orange eyeshadow from the inner eye and to the middle, then the pink one from the middle and out. 

Black kohl pen under the eye and then mascara


Lip pencil from MAC in a pink color and then on top a gloss to give shine

And then my clothes for today where both jeans and the top is from Zara. I am lucky to be able to have my normal jeans through my pregnancy again and the trick is to use a bellybelt.

 Since I still am the same size except for the big belly and I don´t like wearing maternity pants, this way I can still use my old clothing style;=)

 The top is really nice and comfy and the necklace I got in US in the last tour and I have my dear boots on from Scorett.

And when we went out I put on a cardigan on top and then my shepard wool jacket. 

And as you know I LOVE rocky shoes and preferably with studs on so today I checked out and found these cool shoes for spring:

They are ALL really welcome to move in with me;=)

NOW - time to close down and watch some Game of Thrones season 2 in TV. Even if I have seen it I just have such longing for season 3 that I just NEED to watch season 2 again!!!

Sleep well everyone and thanks for your help and comments about the new header! You´re the best, dear angels;=)


Anette Olzon Brasil said...

hello my dear. beautiful pictures =)
about the header, the picture is very beautiful.
I know, it's tiring edit blogs, but I like it. I edited Anette Olzon Gallery today and found great photos.
good evening to you and your family
Jag älskar dig ♥


Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei! Anette
I love ballet flats are super class!
Your pictures of the moon are Wow! I never get to be so clear: (
You really really beautiful eyes! What color! I had already noticed auparevent but I have never seen in the photos so close! And I love makeup!

Game of Thrones! I love this series, in France we do not sum to the first season, do you know how to get there?

Good evening, good night and good set my dear Anette. I wish you beautiful and peaceful dreams: D
See you tomorrow <3
Love, hugs and kisses for you and you're little kids and dears Johan

Unknown said...

Hello Anette!

how are you? Did you buy a new piercing for your eyebrown? I like your outfit and your macke up. Your look so fresh and relaxed. And thank you for the nice pictures. I like it to watch the moon and the stars. That is so beautiful. So I go now to bed. I wish you a good night and sleep well

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you watch Game of Thrones :D
Did you read the books?
It's quite a heavy read. I'm on the last book, A Dance with Dragons and I've been reading the series for the last six months. It's reaaaally addicting :)
I would recommend you to read it, but you won't have much time in the future to read so many book with so many pages :P

Dark ice said...

The moon looks great and my friend says hi

Alexstrasza said...

Hi Anette,

Thank you for all of the beautiful pictures. Your makeup is gorgeous and I love your outfit; especially the top. Enjoy Game of Thrones! I have watched both seasons as well, but I just finished re-watching season two myself. It's so incredible. I have been reading the books as well. Just about to finish the second one and then I am sure I will be fast onto the third one.

Much love to you and your family, and sleep well!


Serena said...

What is exactly a bellybelt?
How does it work?
Sleep well Nettan! :D

Océane said...

Yes time for some good series =)
I never watched GOT but I read everywhere it really a GOOD one! Maybe one day! =)

And yeah take some rest, not good to stay hours in front of a screen ;)

Thanks for the photos, you look great and nice outfit! And the bellybet is such a good thing! I remember you talked about it when you had Nemo in your belly =)

Nice make up too!

I thing I might go to bed soon as I have to be at work ar 6 in the morning! Bahhhh NOOOOOOOOOOOOO please save me! And this for the next 3 days! -_-

Have a peaceful night, full of dreams

Love & Hugs

Dark Queen said...

Hej, good evening Anette :)
You had a great make up today. I said you many times, but I have to repeat it: you have beautiful eyes. I adore thet blue :)
Great that you can wear your old clohes ;) Maybe your belly will grow in next weeks. hehe :P
I like a lot a new header. When I looked your blog I said to myself: What is this??? Is not Anette's blog? What the hell happaned here??
Then I loooked better and I saw that you changed the header. Tiredness makes bad jokes. hehehe :)
Time to bed now.
Good night and sleep well you too.
Kisses to you all ♥

Andrea said...

Hey anette i liked your header so much i decided to play around with it a little bit :)

you can use it if you want sometime

migi said...

hi anette;D,

i love your new header. first i thought i`m on the wrong blog. haha
thank you for the moon-photos.

i would like to share one more song from my favorite band from switzerland. i hope you like it. :)

good night dear anette. send you a big hug :D

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,

Yes, it hard to work at a front of a computer.

Did you do the moon picture through your window?

I like your shepard wool jacket look so warm.

Good night and sleep well with your belly.


Fabio M. said...

Hey, there is planet Jupiter close to the Moon, that bright point to the left. Love it!

Sleep well Anette, hope you have a great night!

Anonymous said...

Hi anette!,How are you?
I like the new header, i think your eyes are beautiful.
wow those shoes are cool ;)
I love Game of Thrones, I can´t wait for the season 3.
Hugs, Sleep well

Sylvana Hanris said...

all ´s beautiful as you look Anette! I love your clothing style as well as your vocals!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Anette! I loved the color of the sky in your pictures, looks really paceful and beautiful ;)

And I love the new header, nothing better to welcome us to your blog.

I wanted to share something with you. It's a documental, it lasts 20 minutes, and if you have time, please, watch it. Not for anything special, I just think every human being should know all this stuff because we have the right to know ;)

Greetings ;)

Anonymous said...

And sorry to bother you again ;) you should watch this too, if you can

In fact, these guys have made about twenty videos. I just discovered them an hour ago, and I'm trying to share them to every person I can ;)

I guess there's a lot we can't avoid, but well, it's good to KNOW at least ;)

July said...

Good evening Anette!

First your header it's very nice, I really like it it's more 'professional' and it goes better with your style, again I really like it =)

And well, I have to say that your skin looks much fresh and relaxed, and you did a great makeup style. Your clothes are very rocker! I bet the new baby will like the rock music!

P.S: I LOVED the last shoes!!

Sleep well dear!! ;D

Unknown said...

Hi Anette:) I like your clothes and the pictures of the moon...
And take your time with the header:)

saskia said...

I really like the new header.I love the shirt and your jeans.

Unknown said...

Hi Anette,

I love both headers :)

I'm glad to know that I was not the only one taking pics of the moon and Jupiter. It was amazing to see them so close. Even though sunset is my favorite time of day, I simply love the night sky.

I can't wait for the next season of Game of Thrones. I've been reading the books again between seasons so that I don't forget what happens.

*On a personal note*
I want to thank you so much for the pics you've posted of your makeup, outfits and accessories over the years. I was in an abusive marriage, which I left in 2001. No matter what I have done in the years since, I have not been able to get any of it completely out of my head. Looking at your pics, I began to get ideas that I wanted to try for myself, and I really like the results. I have been in therapy and have been getting better without being put on any medications; but what I saw as me beginning to overcome everything he did was not visible to anyone else until I began following through with the ideas. My mom told me tonight that she finally believes that I'm finally beating the depression. She said that she is seeing the real me begin to come back out in my appearance, mainly because I am playing with eye makeup and changing up my outfits and adding accessories again. Thank you so much for being an inspiration. (*Apologies for this being so long. I usually don't say anything, and when I do I keep it short. But when my mom said that tonight, I wanted to let you know and say thank you*)

Best of evenings to you and your family. Sleep well and sweet dreams.

Océane said...

Good morning Anette!
Did you slept well?

My night was quite short as I had to woke up at 4:45!
And when I did I got the nice surprise to see I now have a conjuctivitis (or pink eye?) adding to my otitis and laryngitis! How sweet!!
Rha seriously whats wrong with me? :( I think that basically im going to catch every sickness ending by -tis! Ahah!

Enjoy the day! And definitely this photo is beautiful!! :)
(Dont forget to setup a profil photo on your instagram :))

Love and Hugs

Anonymous said...

Hey, Anette =) It's so great that you watch Game of Thrones, could you tell us what are your favourite character or who's your favourite family?
Lots of hugs!

hepa said...

Hi Anette!

Hope you have a very nice Tuesday. I am pregnant too at the moment so it´s even nicer to read your blog now when you are pregnant too. I love also Game of Thrones and I´m longing for season 2. Have a happy Tuesday!

hepa said...

Hi Anette!

Hope you have a nice Tuesday. I am also pregnant at the moment so it´s even nicer to read your blog now when you are pregnant too. I love to watch Game of Thrones too and I´m already waiting for season 2 to start. Have a happy Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

I almost bought the same T-shirt as you ;D But I passed. I bought some nice shirts with skulls on it ;-)

Love the shoes!

Nika. said...

You have such beautiful color of your eyes, it reminds me of my best friend's parents who both have the same color :)
Hope you'll have a great day!

Unknown said...

Mathews: Good morning;=) Yeah, it is tiring and I forgot to put on my glasses;=( Enjoy the day!

Mél: Hi and thanks for your kind words;=) I believe our eyes are the gate to our souls so if you say they are beautiful I am happy=) Enjoy the day now and take care!

Sarah; Hi! I got this some months back since I had to take the other one off in the hospital in USA and then I couldn´t put in in again myself;=) Enjoy the day!

Nina; Hi! Yeah, the books ARE heavy=) I started off one of the later books after season 2 was over due to me being so curiuos what would happen;=) But now when I don´t tour and travel anymore the time just isnt there to read. But maybe later in the future when the kids are all bigger=) Enjoy the day!

Dark Ice: Hi and thanks;=) Say hi to your friend back;=) Enjoy the day!

Alexandria: hi and thanks;=) Yeah, the series are just awesome! But sometimes a bit to cruel. Like yesterday it was the episode where they kill all the bastard children and that little baby and I have had nightmares all night now. Being pregnant and sensitive to the maximum=) Enjoy the day now!

Serena: hi! Look at this photo:,r:0,s:0,i:82
As you can see, you use this as a lengthener in the waisteline of the pant to be able to use the pant all the pregnancy. There are many different colours on the cotton fabric and there´s also different sizes on the elastic so they can follow you as you grow;=) A great invention!

Océane: Hi! Oh, you have such an early job awakening;=( But I guess you finish early then too;=) And GOT are really good, brutal and so on but good;=) I love the series! Enjoy the day now!

DarkQueen; Hi and thanks;=) The make up with pink and apricot takes the blue out so yeah, they looked good in those colors;=) And thanks, I thought the header needed an update;=) Enjoy the day now!

Andrea: Hi and thanks;=) Also a great idea! Enjoy the day now!

Migi: Hi and thanks;=) Yeah, Gotthard is such a great band and thanks for this song! I had a band nightmare this night and this made me feel better;=) Enjoy the day!

Nalon; Hi! No, I took it from a big parking lot;=) And now I got to hear it´s Jupiter to the left. I wondered last night what that little thing was;=) Enjoy the day!

Fabio: Hi and thanks for telling me about Jupiter, I actually wondered what that little white thing was;=) Enjoy the day now!

Unknown said...

Nana: Hi and thanks;=) yeah, the shoes are awesome! It´s good it´s "in" with studded shoes cause you can find them everywhere now;=) Enjoy the day!

Sylvana; Hi and thanks for your kind words;=) Enjoy the day!

Cellist; Hi and thanks=) I´ll watch them when I have some time;=) Enjoy the day!

July; Hi and thanks so much;=) my skin is really good due to the pregnancy and also the YSL creams. I have used so many different ones but hasn´t helped and then I went to Saks in New York and got some help from a wonderful lady who showed me these and thanks to that;=) Enjoy the day!

Rivka: Hi and thanks;=)

Saskia: Hi and thanks;=)

Jennifer; Hi and oh, your words touched me so deep! I really know what you talk about since I´ve been down that hole and know how hard it is to get up again;=( So if I in any tiny way, has give you any inspiration or help, I feel truly happy. Thanks for telling me and I am so glad to hear you are getting a bit on the "brighter" side of life now;=) Enjoy the day now!

Océane;: Hi! Oh, you are in an illness period now=( Can be stress also so try and take it easy;=) and yeah, I will put up a profile photo there soon;=)

Relivingloops; Hi! Well, I really loved Sean Beans character, Ned Stark, and was so sad to see him "die"... I also love Daenerys Targaryen so I have to say she is my favourite;=) Enjoy the day!

Hepa: Hi and congratulations=) Is it your first baby? And thanks, If you want me to write more about pregnancy and so on, let me know;=) Enjoy the day!

Oona; Hi! Its a great top, I saw it also comes in beige with another print on it. Love the soft cotton;=) Enjoy the day!

migi said...

hello anette, a nightmare? I'm sorry to hear that. I had one some days ago. It happens very often if i sleep more than 7 hours. After this 7hours i start to dream really stupid stuff sometimes. Yeah gotthard is really great. We miss steve lee here. Hope you enjoy your day. Big hugs;)

TheDeadUnicorn said...

Ahhh,you look fabulous!It's great to see that you can still rock your not-preggy style!I remember my mum would go around wearing pjs all the time,because she didn't want to spend too much money on special jeans and suchlikes,ahah.
The make up truly fits you c: And the tee is so cute!Do you happen to remember where you got it?
Ohh,we're talking GoT,here?Kids,stay away from that series (not really!Watch it!It's amazing!),it'll shatter your heart.Like,really.Especially if you haven't read the books (I am,and they're just great.I love them so much.And it's actually nice,because the show is,yes,at times different from the original story,but it's good anyway.At times,when TV buys books to make movies or whatever,they ruin it.Luckily enough it didn't happen with GoT!And damn,all the actors/actresses are so talented,adorable and beautiful,I want to bake cake to all of them.Awhn) and you don't know what's going to happen.And if you're already watching (good choice!),be careful.I mean it.This show makes you get attached to characters,then makes them suffer the worst of pains.Both physically and emotionally talking.Ahhh.How I love it.Besides,it has so many female characters,it's super.People often say it's sexist,but I kind of disagree.Firs of all,because the era in which it's set,was,IN FACT,sexist,but,anyway,in my opinion,this series shows a lot of different types of women,in all their flaws and beauty.It was about time girls were treated equally to boys!I mean,especially here in Italy,female figures are shown as shallow,and are never described deeply.GoT does exactly that:it explains women,in all their differences,just like it does with males.Anyhow,I personally love the most Daenerys Targaryen,Sansa and Arya Stark,Catelyn Tully,Brienne of Tarth,and Melisandre.As for the men,I have a soft spot for Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister.What about you,Anette?Do you have a favourite one?
And ok,now I'll just shut up.See?When I start talking about TV shows,I can never stop.Guess that's happen when someone's passionate!
Hope you're having a great day,

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,

Nightmares are not good. You are right!

I have borrowed the 1 Season of GoT from my cousine Marco. The 2. seson given´t now.

Sean Bean is one of the best male autor. I love him in the movie "Black Death" and "LotR 1".

The books I'll never read. I do not like the write handle. And what bothers me sometimes, the whole "bed scenes". In the Book and Movie, you know;)!

Have a nice Day.


lynn0407escapistgirl said...

The new header is beautiful, Nettie. I like it very much. It looks better than the previous one. Well done, sweety.
I do like the slideshow too. That's a great idea and I think I will add some of the photos to my screensaver which is also a slideshow of Nightwish-pics with you and Tarja and now Floor.
And I wanted to thank you for still blogging and being so close to your fans. Reading your blog is something that gives me comfort and strength every day. You are a wonderful person, Anette.

Much love,

Rest Calm said...

Oh, it's Jupiter and Aldebaran near moon. Incredible sight! I like watching night sky, unfortunately it's too frosty outdoors...
I read it's good to go to solarium in winter: skin becomes more bright and it takes sun-rays, which are so rare in winter. But from the other hand it's dangerous to use solarium often
Have a nice evening!:)

ArenaSkies said...

I heard Game of Thrones was a good show. I still haven't seen it. Last time you recommended Sons of Anarchy, and I LOVED it. I'll try this one soon, too. You have good taste in TV shows, Anette.

matotu said...

Hi, Anette!
On these photos of your face from small distance I can see you have beautiful eyes!
:-*, Matotu