Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Oh man!!

Johan has started packing up and assembling our new bureau from IKEA and we laughed like hell cause this is for sure the record in thousands of little things to assembly!!! I guess me and Nemo can go to the playground for some hours now...haha!

When I sit down my dear belly is like a BIG basketball and viewing down is kind a fun;=) And still, everywhere I go, people can´t understand I am just having such a short time left since I am so small. Thanks for the good genes, dear mum;=)

We also got ourselves a new golden mirror yesterday so I can take some outfit photos and it was dark when I came home so the light isn´t that good, but here´s some outfit photos from yesterday. Will take better ones today;=)

 Black top underneath from Noa Noa, grey skull sweater from a little boutique in Rhodes, black velvet jeans from J Brand and small black hair clip (old one)

Took a photo from the hallway earlier in the day, so let´s throw that in here too;=)

And here´s a photo I took for Instagram on my cute Maria paper vase hanging in our bathroom window;=)

Will be back later on with more photos from the lovely snowy sunny day we have outside (yeah, we got snow this night, blah)! 



Océane said...

Oh god poor Johan! Stay with him with Nemo and cheer him up like "go go go dady you can do it". Haha, but thinking of it ot should upset him a little bit more! :)

Thanks for the photos, its nice you take photos from an another place in your appartment :) and the quality is much better which i appreciate :)
Btw, your appartment looks quite big, isnt it? Do you think you're going to sale it or do you want to keep it as you love it so much?

Yesterday I put some photos i took for you on my instagram. Hope you'll have a look if you have time!

Enjoy the day angel!
Love and hugs

Unknown said...

I thought you were kinda tall, we wrongly asume that people we watch in TV or the Internet is somehow tall

Dark Queen said...

Good morning dear :)
I think that Nemo and you will have more fun than Johan :)
Your belly is soooo cute and yes, you're small. It does not seem that you're pregnant. Maybe you are hiding this so good ;) When you told us that you're pregnant I couldn't believe you and then I watched your photos and I said: Ok, she's not kidding ;)
We have such bad weather. 2 night ago were snowing and today we have rain, then comes the su, then we have cloudy and then sun again and so on. Not so good, but still ok. It could be worse!
Have a nice day you too. Enjoy at the playground with Nemo ;)

Unknown said...

Ricardo; Hi! No, I am only 1,69 meters so not so tall;=) Take care!

Kaoru said...

Hahaha, welcome to IKEA, my friends. My dad bought an office chair the other day and it took a while to be completely set up! But we all love IKEA anyway.
Have a lovely day!

Meghan H. said...

Hahaha, have fun Johan! That is a heap of stuff to assemble though, I wouldn't be able to do it as I have the tendency to make things harder than they should be, I'd assemble that crooked as, wouldn't look like a bureau if I was doing it haha.

You look so happy in your photos, but of course you'd be so happy with another little one on the way ;)

Snow sounds fun, though it never snows where I live, far too warm, wish I lived somewhere colder, snow would be fun :D

have a lovely day Anette xoxo

AlessandraWilderness said...

oh noooo don't let Johan alone!!! xD and "thanks for the good genes, dear mum" is fantastic ahhaha :D nice sweater!!! have a good snowy day ;) byyeee :*

yui00 said...

Hi Anette!
All that stuff remind me when me and my fiance went to live together, an empty house and all the forniture to assemble :)
It was 5 months ago and yet we have to finish to buy stuff :D

Have a good day!

migi said...

Hi dear anette ;). Hahaha when i saw this photo i started laugh so hard. Because i had this situation a few times. You open the package and the first thing you think is "oh my god!". Haha and while build the whole thing together i use a lot of not very nice words :). So i understand johan completely. I wish him luck ;). And the thing with this "choose sides"... My opinion is still the same. I can't understand those people who always need a culprit. I never could choose a side because i like you so much...and also tuomas and the guys still means the world to me. So it's impossible to be angry with one of you. At least i don't know what happened, right? So why should i or someone else have a right to abuse one of you?! And maybe i'm childish or just naive, but i believe in miracles and i still hope that you all find a way back together. Hope springs eternal, right? :) and hey, now here we have snow too! Enjoy your day. Big hug

Serena said...

Hey you aren't short! :P I'm 1'57 meters! :)
Have a Nice Day!
Hey Will you be giving Birth to Your baby around Easter? :)
Can you tell us?

Philippa said...

Wishing Johan all the best with getting the bureau together, that looks like a nightmare haha.

You're definitely lucky that you're not that big, especially considering that it's your 3rd baby. I was wondering, do you still wear regular trousers/jeans or special maternity ones? Because I remember you wearing red fake leather trousers from Zara a few weeks back, and I have the same trousers but I can't imagine fitting into them if I were pregnant, because they're quite form fitting.
Anyway, love your outfit. That skull top looks really nice on you.

Enjoy your time at the playground with Nemo :)

Karin said...

Haha! I so know the feeling when you open an IKEA-package and you see allt that stuff you have to put together :) And you say so many bad things when you are working on it...Once I assemblied a big Expedit-shelf, all by myself, and the neighbours asked afterwards what the heck was going on , because I had shouted at the shelf so loud, and also used so many bad bad words.... :)

Luuh (Lucas Pereira) said...

HI Anette! God, poor Johan hahahah Hope he can do it, it seems so little pices :s
I Loved this outfits :D You are so fashion, always *-*-*-*-*
You have 1,69 meters? Im 1,71 2 centimeters hinger! hahahaha I Think that smaller womans are so cute! I really hope one day I can meet you.. I saw you live with NW in 2008 and was wonderfull! But I didnt went to the hotel to try to talk to you or take a Photo :/ My friends that went there said that was wonderfull because you was so cute with them... I hope some day I Can see you again for made my dream true....
I ahev a question about a NW song, if you wnat to answer... SOme people said that The Escapist was written after you joing the band, but the song have the orquestra and all teh stuffs... It was written before or after you join them? I love the live version of this one with you, but at the same time I fell that its a difficult song for you sing live, so high notes....

Take care my dear nettam :)

Unknown said...

Haha! Hopefully he has fun assembling the bureau...
Your shirt is nice. Have a good day

linnea-maria said...

Åh vilken snygg top!

Unknown said...

Sweet! I have got a new phone(early birthday present) so I'm adding a lot of apps at the moment. You know some nice free apps for me??? Lots of love!

saskia said...

"only" 1,69 meters. In comparison with me with my 1,56 meters you are.:)
This screw reminds me of the time I and my dad have to build my desk and my shelf. We had luck that nothing is lost.
hope you have fun at the playground

Betty Blue said...

Oh, poor Johan... He´ll have a lot of work to do =D But hey, he´s the man, it´s his job in a way xD
You look beautiful, as always <3

=) said...

Hi! I watched Imaginaerum-tour pictures, and now i noticed that you have somekind of tattoo on your left hand? What the tattoo says?

Have a nice day!

Unknown said...

Hello Anette!

Have a great day!!
( you are 1.69? I am a bit smaller xD)

Selkeä said...

Go, go, go, Johan!! ^^'

It's snowing here, in Germany, too! :D And yeah, you're lucky not to be so tall. I'm the contrary, it's kind of annoying, sometimes :/
Have a great evening, dear Anette! Hugs and loves from a french fan

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,

Oh, year your poor Johan! lol

This is a reason in my Family to do no buy big furniture from IKEA^^.
Having already lost his nerve before the cabinet was half finished.
Ikea is visited only because the hot dog's.

Then one day in the snow is beautiful.
We have been here almost 3 days of snow and now I am full of life. Winterchildren love the winter;)and I´m a winterchild:)

Enjoy the afternoon in the snow with Nemo. And i wait for your new pic's.


Unknown said...

HI Sweett!!

But anyway, and that's what men serve, especially when we are in a very special period, when we are pregnant.

You're beautiful with this belly, thinking that comes to a little girl around.
I am also small, 1.67 meters.

It was lovely photos and clear it.
I really liked their clothes and trendy these shirts with skulls.

I loved that last picture, very beautiful.

At the moment what your top 5 movies?
and songs?

Kisses, sleep well and sweet dreams.

God bless to you and your beautiful family, and for this gift of God that is to come.

Raffaella - Brazil

Miriam "NocturnalConcerto" said...

Hi Nettie, I have used to follow this blog since you have started it (a lots of years ago) but now, after some years that I was sporadically following it (for a lot of reasons including the fact that I was having such a bad period), I'm back. The first thing I want to write you is CONGRATULATIONS for your third baby. I know that you care about your privacy a lot but when the time's right I would like to send you a little welcome card to you and your family. Also I know that you CAN'T talk about it so don't mind me, I still so worried about the whole situation that has happened to you. Having said that, I'm looking forward to your next projects and please don't give up. With a lot of hugs from Italy, Miriam xx

Anonymous said...

Hi anette, how are you?
Go Johan, you can do it !!!!!! LOL
haha i hope he can finish the bureau today xD
Thank you for share the pictures,
in the 4th your face look stunning like a barbie doll :)

i watched the interview of tony and i'm really disappointed because i had a good image of him and when he started to answer I was like wow he is so mean..but it's just the opinion of an arrogant man so who cares.

Never give up, you are great no matter what people say and for me you are an amazing singer and a beutiful person.

Have a wondeful day, Take care princess

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette! :-)

I've heard you describe yourself as small in height before :-) So out of sheer curiousity I've just been to some random height website with your height you mentioned earlier ( 1.69 m ), converted it ( my maths isn't very hot ) and if you are correct with your height in meters that makes you 5 ft, 6 and a half inches :-)

So yeah you're not tall. Though there are women shorter than you :-)

Four years ago I had my BMI ( body mass index ) done in the hospital where I work and I turned out to be 5ft, 7inches :-) Which was a bit of a shock to me as I thought I was about 5ft, 9inches. But no. Nowhere near :-)

I have short people in my family Anette. When my dad was alive he was not a tall man. And my mum is about 5ft 3inches I think. She's only a little women.

So I guess it's inherited genetically :-)

Enjoy the rest of this evening Anette :-)

Unknown said...

Hi dear Anette, nice photos, thanks :-) I´m learning to my exam now (I learn 16 days nonstop to 2 exams :D haha)and your blog and nice photos from you brings to me little fun and lay off :-)
PS: you have nice little belly and really good genes :-)
hugs, Radka

Anna said...

Hi! Ohh...so cute belly, maybe a little girl live there... love you!!!

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

only 1.69? you seem to be so high. Well, Emppu should have 1.50 hahahaha
I love riding things, even if they are complicated.
you've bought things for the new baby? I have a feeling it's a girl.=)
see you later my dear


XxBriannaxX said...

Hahahahaha poor Johan! Lol that's funny haha. And oh gosh your little baby tummy is so cute! Hehe and the little angel inside is sure to be beautiful like its mother and father! By the way that shirt is really awesome! I might have to find one like that to buy. ;-) Enjoy this day,and love and hugs to you dear angel!

July said...

Hey Anette!

There's so many stuffs for assembling, good luck to Johan! :D

And how is your height? mine is 1.70 and sometimes is a little troublesome because in my country (Mexico) that is much height for a girl!

By the way, I want to share this video with you, my mom showed it me and I think it's beautiful: http://youtu.be/OPSAgs-exfQ

Have a nice nice afternoon!

Katy Marie said...

Hopefully one screw isn't missing. That happened to me once, and Ikea is a good 3 hour drive from my house. One missing screw? I wonder if my cat ate it. Well, I went to the hardware store and got a pack of big wood screws and made my own "adjustments" to the book case, hah.

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Oh dear, that looks like much difficult work, poor Johan! I hope he suceeded with that. I hate working with so many small things, it´s just annoying and I have no patience for that. So I think you chose right to go out with Nemo instead :).

Thank you so much again for your answers, that gave me so much again. Especially the nightmare thing, thanks for your advice to interpret it by myself. It´ll be the best when I look up what snakes mean in men´s dreams and see then :).

I´ll go to bed soon today, so I won´t read from you again until tomorrow. So take good care of yourself please (I hope you don´t mind me saying this always, but it´s important for me to say that to you :)) and have a nice evening and a good night :). See you tomorrow!

Du är sa viktigt för mig, Anette... for alltid.


Unknown said...

I've learned three days ago you were pregnant I come on your blog every day and I look at your picture. And I didn't notice! WTF

Baru said...

hello, this is IKEA and welcome to Jackass! haha, we all know it. Good luck Johan :-)

Dark ice said...

Well I hope Johan does not have too much trouble assembling the new bureau and you look slim when you stand up and then you sat down it must have surprised a lot people:) have a good night!