Wednesday, January 02, 2013

My new maestro;=)

I have a new maestro in my life, isn´t he adorable?=) Haha!

Enjoy your day!


MabelEarth said...

My 21 months old girl is just like him! :)

MabelEarth said...
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Laura said...

Omg Anette, he is sooooo cute <3

but what do you say to him ? would love to know ;)

Have a nice day
Hugs from Germany
Laura S.

Unknown said...

Laura; Hi! I say: One more time! ;=)

Unknown said...

*dies from cuteness*

This is the sweetest I've seen in my life! I allmost could understand what you said!And that is wonderful because I never learn to speak swedish! Haha<3

I feel fucked up now. I realy feel bad..:(

Anonymous said...

Your post Anette reminds me of a very old photo of me sat at my uncle's piano in Chiswick :-) I would of been around Nemo's age.

Sorry Anette :-) I don't understand a word of Svenska! :-) Lol! :-) I must learn Swedish :-)

Enjoy the rest of your day Anette! :-)

Luuh (Lucas Pereira) said...

Hi Anette! Happy 2013! Wish You the Best!

God, he is adorable!!!!So cute playing the piano and sing IahIahOh, HAHAHA, he is your son, \i have sure hahahaah He's version of yours IehIehIehIahIah :) And he plays teh piano best than me, have sure!

lex said...

Oh my god, he is so cute! :) And I really like your voice in the video - it's full of laughter and warm ^^

Mágika said...

Hello Anette, and a very happy and successfull new year to you!

Oh, my Gosh, cuteness-overdose! :) He is just adorable! Thank you for sharing this with us! <3

Have a beautiful day, Deary!


elinie said...

Oh, he's so cute! Awesome little maestro! :)))
Have a nice day!
Love! <3

Micha said...

sounds funny xD
Is it "Old MacDonald had a farm"?
Because of the "Iaiaoh"

Serena said...

Sooo Cute!
are you thinking about sending him to piano lessons?

eskoplja said...

Oh my God! Cuteness! Epic adorable! :3
He is going to be great star, just like his mum :)
Hope you are ok :)

Ena :*

Unknown said...

It is so cute ;-) Nemo is talented baby! Maybe in future he will be a great composer!

Anonymous said...

My oh my, what a talented boy!

SM said...

Hi is so lovely and cute :)))))

Unknown said...

Hi Anette,

I was wondering if you ever heard the swedish metal band Hammerfall ? It's very melodic and not extreme at all. Thought you might want to listen to this song, Good music and great lyrics. Happy New Year !!

Tanya Yazykova said...

Hi, Anette=)
You son is so cute=)He sing very well=) Is it Nemo?
With Love,

Ana Santiago said...

OMG!!!!! Lovely cute and talented little boy. Nemo is really adorable.

Hugs from Spain and Happy New Year.


July said...

He's so cute and with that little cap, he looks like a true maestro but in version adorable!

Have a nice nice day!

wishmaster665 said...

Haha! Wonderful, would put a smile on anyones face. Thank you for sharing :-D x

Rosana said...

Nemo is so cute, he also play and sing hahaha :)

Dermot-James said...

he is so darn cute! i used to play around on piano like this when i was younger too :)

Nalon said...

Hi Anette,

Nemo is playing the piano, that is totally sweet.
Comes as no surprise to the parents.;)
Now you has your own little Band at home, Anette.
You sing, Johan play bass, Seth the drums and Nemo the keyboard.^^

A Happy new Year to you Anette and your Family.


Baru said...

Pffff, better than Tuomas, haha! Lovely boy :-)

dorak said...

"...and you will sing for me, the way I sang for you..." :)

He is so cute.

Elmas said...

Wooow, this is incredibly cute! Hope he gets to be a big musician one day ;-)

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

'' Ia ia oh '' I loved singing it
when I was a kid =)
Nemo is so lovely!
he will practice lessons too?
thought you had a keyboard, not a piano. But a piano is much better.
Jag älskar dig, min älskling =)

Daniel Guarienti said...

Hi Anette! How are you?
Omg, these videos are so cute! You have a wonderful and lovely child!

I wish you a great year with lots of success and happiness!

Love from Brazil

Karin said...

Wau! This really made me smile :D Nemo is just super-lovely! Thanks for posting this!

Unknown said...

:-) adorable and nice :-)

Kriszti said...

Omg he's soooo adorable, I don't know what's best, his blonde hair or that cute hat but awww :D And wow I've never heard you speak Swedish (as odd as that might sound), so it's very unusual but I like it =)

DreamerGirl131 said...

Oh my god, this is sooo adorable!! He is so cute :) and he has your talent in his genes for sure :)
have a good night :)

Unknown said...

owwww you have a great son nettie :)

Anonymous said...

Haha, is the little Nemo sweet and he's really quite endearing.
Thank you that you have posted this video to us. He has a lot from his parents.
hugs and love Kylie

Betty Blue said...

He is incredibly adoreable <3

rainy said...

He's sweet, adorable and cute :D
I love the way you do that- we can see something from your life like when Nemo becomes a new maestro :D but he's all the time just a normal child and your family is your business :D
Btw. I would definitely go to his concert hahaha what a style :D !
Hundred of hugs from me ! :)

Nella said...

How cute :) As someone said before you can now have a own ''band'' at home haha :)

Unknown said...

Oh my god, so cute! <3

Hugs from london,


XxBriannaxX said...

Oh god thats the cutest thing ive ever seen! Hehe :D

Unknown said...


can i have some classes with him??

Unknown said...

He is soooo adorable! And he's very talented with the piano, too!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful child you have! So adorable and so talented with the piano! He makes a wonderful maestro!

litaford said...

awww netteie your baby is gonna be a great piano player :) and so, do you say to him "one more time" in swedish? I speak a bit of it :P

Unknown said...

Häxa: I hope he will;=) I am thinking of piano lessons if his interest continues. My brother started playing when being 5 years old, mum said, so let´s see in some years;=) And yes, that´s what I say: one more time in Swedish;=)

Lara: Thanks so much;=) Every parent thinks their children are SO special but he is such a cutie;=)

Domenik: Haha, let´s see in some years! Otherwise my brothers son gives lessons and is really good at piano;=)

Brianna; Thanks;=)

Jade: hugs back to London! Miss London a lot!

Nella; Haha, yeah, soon we can;=)

Rainy; Hi and thanks;=) Yeah, its hard to have a blog about only me and giving bits and pieces away so I feel that I can share some photos and videos as long as I dont show their faces. I hope that´s ok with everyone;=)

Betty; Hi and thanks;=)

Unknown said...

kylie; hi and thanks;=) yeah, its good to see that our shared musical genes are coming down to the next generation=)

Alejandro; Thanks so much;=)

Dreamer;: Thanks so much;=)

Kriszti: Thanks=) He loves the hat! And yeah, its not so often in the past years I´ve spoken swedish, neither in the blog, But I am sure I will do so more in the future;=)

Radoslava:; Thanks so much=)

Karin; Thanks;=)

Unknown said...

That's so cool! And so cute :-)

Unknown said...

Hi Nettan!!!!

He is so cute.

Someday I want to see him playing along with you on their shows.

Kisses Raffaella - Brazil

Anonymous said...

awwwwww so cuteeee !!! :3
nemo is adorable i'm sure he gonna be a rock star like his parents ^^

Anonymous said...

Haha he's so cute!

FAQing Amazing said...

ooh my goooooooooooooooooooooooood

iiah iaah OOOOOOHH <3

thanks so much for sharing this little angel's video! it brought a huge smile in my face and a kind of teary eye ;)

nodoubtaholic said...

Wow Anette, he is really adorable! I have mentioned before, I teach piano to 4-6 year olds! It's a program called "Music for Little Mozarts".. it's really fun and cute. We color and learn about the basics of music, etc. I teach a little boy named Dominic and both of his parents are from the Ukraine. Sometimes his mother reminds me of you when I speak with her! She is so pleasant and she is my favorite parent to deal with. I don't know why she reminds me of you, I think it's the accent (even though it isn't the same!), and her demeanor! Anyway, this is awesome, and thank you for sharing such sweetness from your life!
Love, Desi
from Missouri USA