Tuesday, January 22, 2013

More videos from my performance in Helsingborgs Arena

So, I was at mum´s place today and I actually remembered to bring my USB stick with me so she could give me the videos her husband filmed during my performances in Helsingborgs Arena november 30th 2012.

As said before, he filmed the big screen and sometimes the visual quality isn´t the best but the sound is good and you still get to see me quite a lot:=)

First, here´s the video of Watching me from afar:

Then here´s the other song - Like a show inside my head:
Only beginning part is missing since he didn´t get the camera up in time;=)

Will do another post with half of the Beatles medley for you now too;=)


Laetitianne said...

Hello! How are you?

Thanks for the videos! "Watching me from afar" is so beautiful! ♥

Has she a story?

Have a nice night!


nes said...

I REALLY like the first one! can't wait for your album dear Nettie! :)

Serena said...

Hey the videos are cool!
But you put the names of the songs in the wrong order!! ;)
Thanks for the bellybelt explication!

Unknown said...

Laetititanne; Hi and thanks,=) yeah, it has=) It´s a song I wrote for Johan, actually;=) So LOVE song...hehe! Sleep well!

Nes; Thanks so much;=)

Serena: Hi! Yeah, I saw that and has fixed it now;=) Sorry for that! Nighty night;=)

XxBriannaxX said...

Honestly,Anette,I can't explain the feeling I get when I hear you sing watching me from afar... I get such a calm feeling that goes through me. It made me cry and I didn't even realize it until the song was over... i had my dear mother pass away recently,and all I see is her smiling down on me when I hear this song,and it makes me so happy. You're voice is a true gift,you touch peoples souls with it,you've even saved people with it. Never forget how special you are.

Nalon said...

Evening Anette,

And a thank you to the husband of your mother for the videos.

The sound is really good and i like the songs too. I like your style, it suits you.

Now i wish you a nice evening with a hot tea.

Sleep Well.


Anonymous said...

such a powerful voice! beautiful videos nettan! your disc will be a success!

Dalma said...

Tack så mycket, Anette. Du är en ängel.
Det är bra att se efter en hård dag.

Sov gott,

rainy said...

I just love, reaaaly love "Like a show inside my head".
But I'm pretty sure when I can already hear the whole "Watching me from afar" I will love it :D It'll take time I think.... One day maybe, haha :D
Sleep well!

Philippa said...

Hej Anette! So happy to finally hear the full songs, I think they're absolutely beautiful :)
Sleep well! xx

July said...

Hey Anette!

Thanks for shared this new videos with us, you have a lovely and powerful voice, and Watching me from afar I liked!! you sound amazing!

I can't wait for your solo album! ( well now the most important it's you and your baby =))


Serena said...

Hey don't feel sorry for that!
Thanks for answer!
Oh and what's "Like a show inside my head" about?
Goodnight! Buenas noches! :D

matotu said...

Hi, It´s amazing to see you sooo happy when you are singing :-).

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette!, thank you for share the videos :) your voice is so beautiful
and when you smile in the video Watching me from afar I was like awww how cute ^^ you look so happy
I can't wait for your solo album.
Sleep well princess.

AlessandraWilderness said...

Thanks for the videos =) so you've written a song for Johan :) so sweet!!! I did the same for my boyfriend, but there are only the lyrics by now, when the music will be composed and (we hope) if we'll be famous, I'll sing on the stage whatching him playing his keyboard - 'cause we're in the same band. That would be a dream... *_* Aneeeetteee I'm looking forward for your album!!! I'm sure I'll love it!

AlessandraWilderness said...

oh..I've forgotten to say that your face and smile in the first video are infinite tenderness...good night angel! :)

Océane said...

Was in my bed ready to sleep and I checked your blog once more (like a ritual ^^) and saw you POSTED it!!
Runned to the living room took my laptop, get back to bed and watched it.
And now I'm in tears! I absolutely LOVE "Watching me from afar", you gave me shivers, first because of your voice, then because of the lyrics and then becauase I saw you SO happy and proud! And now cant stop my tears, tears of joy and sadness as I know I won't see you on stage soon and I miss it so deeply :'(
But be sure if one day you have your own show, even if its only in Sweden I will travel for that!

Thanks for all the emotions you give me. I wish I could thanks you for everyting you gave me, but whatever I'd do, it wouldnt be enough.

Now I'm sad its time for bed cause I would like to play it over and over!

But Im going to watch the 2 others videos at least =)

Thanks SO MUCH! That made my day!
And thanks for having checked my photos on Insta, its always soo nice to see you around! You're a pearl <3
And as you said :
You're in my heart
Like a star

Now sleep well, and because of you I'm sure my night, as short as it could be is going to be full of sweet dreams <3

Love & many many Hugs

Wérleson Alexandre said...

Hi Nettie, beautiful songs! "Watching Me From Afar" has a "Disney" feeling... I can't take the chorus of "Like a Show Inside My Head" from my head haha...

Will you record a song to your baby?

Fabio M. said...

Hi Anette,

These are simply... AMAZING. I'm getting chills listening to your voice.
I'm repeating "Watching me from afar" over and over.

Thank you for sharing them with us.

Much love

Unknown said...

my dearest Anette,My name is Cheryl,my daughters name is brianna clift and I wanna let you know i went through some hard times in my life and when i didn't have any time for her cuz i was consumed by my own problems my daughter turned to you and your music and I beieve you saved her life and i want to thank you for being there for my daughter and i love you for it thank you

Anonymous said...

Watching me from Afar is so beautiful! I love your voice so much. I'm glad that you're doing well and that your pregnancy is running smoothly.
Love and Hugs,

Tanya Yazykova said...

Hi, Anette!
THIS IS AMAZING!!! ON THE BOTH SONGS I CRIED A LOT! THANK YOU FOR THESE INSPIRATION SONGS! *start cry again* Thank you for blog it=) Anette, how you write your songs? Sit a write or go in special place or wait for inspiration moment?
Hope, you will have a cool day,

Unknown said...

your voice is so amazing.. we love you...and cant wait your solo album :) come to for the concert Turkey pls and i promise i'll be there for you :)))

anette_h said...

linda said...

I love your smile in the instrumental parts of "Watching me from afar" ... we see that you live the moment with joy, pleasure ... I love your music and lyrics!
Good day my dear!!


reub2000 said...

The grand orchestra accompaniment goes well with your voice. Are you planning more of these types of songs for your next album?

Rest Calm said...

Watching me from afar is my favourite one! Incredible!
Long for the studio recorning, haha:) Your voice is very tender and lovely hear...

Seer said...

These songs are great! Are there any professional recordings of your performance?

Seer said...

BTW I combined 2 recordings of "Like a show inside my head" to make a full song http://soundcloud.com/phantom1701/anette-olzon-like-a-show

and I also uploaded "Watching me from afar" on SoundCloud http://soundcloud.com/phantom1701/anette-olzon-watching-me-from

If you want, I will delete these songs

Cheers ;)

Svanhildr said...

Awesome :) the clip from Watching me from Afar gives more the idea of the song than the previous one. It 'catched' me more and I love its atmosphere. I generally notice this dreamy atmosphere in your songs, and I'm absolutely in love with it. I still listen to Floating as well every now and then; it brings back some good memories and feelings. I hope all these songs will end up in your album. Have a nice evening :)

Farandra said...

Really nice songs :) And you look so happy when singing !

Baru said...

very nice! You did a great job with your songs. And as I´ve heard your voice "live", I remember how much do I miss you in Nightwish!

I wish you good luck with your solo career, it will be awsome, I know it :-)

Cleo said...

Congratulations my dear Nettie you are the best!

Unknown said...

Glad to know, you are still rocking on!! :) Nice song Anette!
Wish you the best! Your voice inspired me so much.
Hugs and Kisses!

Unknown said...

Hi Anette,,!!,,, I Cant wait for this incredible songs on Studio Version...