Monday, January 28, 2013


Hi all,

Hope your weekend has been wonderful;=) I actually have been SO tired so mostly I´ve been lying in the couch and doing nothing. But that´s needed at times too and especially now when all those pregnancy aches are arriving day by day;=)

Today we took a nice walk to get some air and even if it was 4 plus degrees it was windy so a bit cold still. But always nice to get some air and feel a bit more awake afterwards.

Took some photos for you from our walking street where there are some nice buildings, like this one:

There´s an apartment for sale in here and at the moment;=)

This beautiful white house is also situated in the walking street with apartments in this part and then in the bottom there´s different stores

One nice clothing store is situated in this house and the store is called STORE;=) Easy name!

This building is situated in the part of the walking street where they haven´t fixed the concrete and made it a nicer looking street, as they have done in the other part. I hope they´ll fix this part too so it looks more appealing:

Then some photos from our home since I get asked to take some photos from our home now and then;=)

One of our living room windows that head out towards the church and walking street below:

And in my oldest son, Seth´s room, in his shelf I have put these little cuties;=) Seth´s foot and hand prints when he was a little baby. Now the feet and hands are quite much bigger! hehe!

Time flies and it´s just hard to imagine that this was soon 12 years ago! ;=)

And here´s my clothes for today. It´s getting harder and harder to dress without looking like a tent, since the belly is just popping out there all the time;=)

Grey top, black skirt that is longer back from Gina Tricot. You´ve see this a couple of times before;=)  

Yeah, the belly is still popping out;=)

On my feet a pair of old boots from Tommy Hilfiger

Easy make up with just one brown shadow on the eyes today

And my dear parkas from H&M is always accompaning me when I go out,=)

Now time to check some TV and put the oldest son to bed;=)

Sleep well, my dear ones!


Tanya Yazykova said...

Sleep well to you, angels=)

Henk said...

Hi Anette! Nice photos. And you looks great like always!:) Cool building on the first photo. Some places in Sweden has amazing medival atmosphere. My dream - visit this amazing country some day:)

Unknown said...

I totally agree with you. I like to walk and get some air before sleep ;)
These building are very beautiful! Especially the first building ;)
And I like your tender make-up;)
Ha en trevlig kväll!

Unknown said...

Good evening dear Anette, I see that you have very nice day - thanks for photos, your town is really nice, I like this house in walking street :-)
Now I´m lying in bed with our dog because he is hurt near his eye :-/ He has been hurt by cat! he is very big fighter and everytime when he see some cats, he run away and fight with them and sometimes will arise funny situations...
:-D I like cats but in the other hand sometimes are very agressive and doesn´t want to run!
ok, Have a nice evening :-)
hugs, Radka

XxBriannaxX said...

Yea.I have been so tired today too! I love these pictures you took of your town they are very beautiful. Hehe a store called store! You look very beautiful today. Du är vacker,well at least I think thats how you say it. ;-) enjoy your night!

Betty Blue said...

I think I told you before - this skirt is simply great. And you´re not looking like a tent, don´t worry ;-)
Have a nice evening!
Love, Betty

Nalon said...

Evening Anette,

I like the shopping street from Helsingborg. Which looks better and cozier than the shopping street of my home town. (I do not know if I've even mentioned where I live.)

Anette but you can find it still on what to wear.;)

That reminds me of a funny story.
Several years ago, a young couple has gotten her first child. But at birth turns out that there were twins. Both children and parents were surprised after doing well, it just needed to be exchanged or bought something new.;)
The other baby has really well hidden that even the doctors were surprised.
The story made ​​me think when I watch you at your belly, not that you also experience a double surprise.

I envy you. You can wear many different shoes, if I assume that I need to buy new shoes fit almost 20 pairs. Sometimes I find that I like, but mostly I find nothing :/.

The thumb press of you has unfortunately not helped. They settled for a different candidate. Since I am not working sample sensed expectations. On in the next battle.;)

Enjoy the evening , Nalon

eskoplja said...

Hi dear Nettie, glad to hear you had a lovely day!
Thank yo so much for sharing the photos here on blog and on Instagram, they are really lovely. You look lovely as always. I love your lace skirt and the boots ;)
Oh, and how cute little hand I see there!Time goes really fast!
Sweden really looks nice. I hope I will visit it one day. I have some cousins there too :)
Wish you a good night and sweet dreams..I have to go to sleep too...I have latin test tommorow so I have to get some rest.

Beatrix said...
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Océane said...

Nighty night angel!
Love and many hugs

Océane said...

Oh my last comment got a problem I think! Maybe you only got the end!

So very nice photos! And you look just GREAT! And again that dress I reaaaaaallly love *_* too bad we dont have Gina Tricot here :/

And as I told you on instagram, the "print" of seth are just adorable! You should do one again now with all the family's hands, you, johan, seth and little maestro ! :) or maybe once the baby will be here! Thats would be lovely :)

So nighty night! May your night be full of sweet dreams!
Love and many Hugs

WallsOfJericho said...

Beautiful as always Anette! :)

Did you see the Royal Rumble last night? It was awesome! You should get into WWE if you aren't already, it's great. And if you don't then you totally need to get put in the walls of jericho or something :D That would actually be quite funny to see haha

Dark Queen said...

Thank you so much for sharing with us so many photos. Seth´s foot and hand prints are just so cute and you're right... time flies!
You esay make up is just great to go outside for a walk in city.
Sleep well all of you too.
Kisses ♥

Unknown said...

Nice clothes and pictures of buildings:) I think I've become extremely addicted to the Sims 3. Do u know that game. Apparently it's way too fun. It's like I get sucked into the game...I hope I haven't gone too far

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette! :-)

It's been really windy over here too :-) And as I walked home when I got off the bus it poured down with very heavy rain. Though I'd much rather it rained than snowed so I though how thankful I was for that as I was getting drenched :-)

I'm also feeling very tired too but I assure you I'm not pregnant! :-D Lol! It would be a miracle of modern medical science if I was to be pregnant :-) I'm tired coz I returned to work on Saturday afternoon after been very ill for the last few weeks. Despite feeling better I still felt ill if that makes any sense ( I think the antibiotics knocked the stuffing out of me ). So I wondered if I'd returned to work a bit early. And I'm knackered now coz I did a late shift followed by an early. So I think I'm beginning to get a sense of normality back into my days :-)

From your photos Helsingborg looks like a nice little town :-)

It must be getting very near to your big day now :-)

Hope you found something good to watch on TV :-)

Sleep well Anette! :-)

Unknown said...

You look beautiful, Annette! I am so happy for you and I hope that you are having a third child! I'm sure Nightwish is very happy for you! By the way, I saw Nightwish in Anaheim and loved it! I thought of you when they played Amaranth. Take care!

Unknown said...

Good Morning Anette!

That are nice pictures. The appartment look great. I like it. You look so happy at all your pictures :-)

so I have a litle question to you. ;-)

I have get red extnsions in my hair....I want have more color in it and I love red hair. so I want to asked which hair products use you when you have extensions in your hair? I am looking for a good uv spray, which protects my red extensions before sun exposure and fade.

Can you give me a tip?


Unknown said...

Hello Anette,

I hope you are well and all is well with your baby, I heard the song "Invincible" or at least that was the tittle on youtube it was quite a beautiful song.
Hope you have an amazing day

Unknown said...

I bet seth is the sweetest son on earth!! How do you actually want to diliver him/her?? I wish I grew up even faster!! I wish i was as old as seth so I could marry him!! Haha heading to school now!! Xoxo

Unknown said...

There are so many beautiful buildings in your city!
I never was in europe, bur for sure, Sweden would be one of the countries I would visit!
I think I must go in Spring or Summer, because I'm not used with the cold... but I always wanted to touch snow.
Have a nice week!