Sunday, January 06, 2013

Light and dark

Hi all,

I slept really good this night, even if I fell asleep around 3 o´clock. I have some difficulties sleeping in the night and this has made me sleep until 12 in the daytime for some weeks, so a bit disturbing, but well, I am sure it will change when the winter is over;=)

Today we´re going to the mall to eat some ice cream and Seth wants to get some new X-box game for the gift cards he got for x-mas and I am going to the hobby store to get some fabrics to make some clothes for the kids. I got a new sewing maching from Johan as a x-mas gift and its been some years since I last made some stuff and now when I am at home this much I think its good to have another hobby;=)

I hope you all will have a wonderful sunday!

Here´s my outfits from yesterday and today and yesterday is a day when I was in a lower mode and therefore I put on a pink dress, pink nails and didn´t do anything else but then today I feel much better and in a happier mode and then I had energy to put on make-up, fix the hair, pick some cooler clothes and well, that´s also a way of showing how life is.


And today;


rainy said...

I have the same problem... So I know exactly what do you feel about sleeping xD
I love your natural look :)

Océane said...

I really like your pant and the collar is definitely made for you! =)

I think I see an earring, no? But only one! Could we have a close up^if you have time to take a photo?

Enjoy the ice cream and I hope Seth will find what he wants!

Its so cool that you made your own clothes! Did you ever think of creating your brand? It would be so cool! =)

Love & many hugs!

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

YOur outfits, both of today and yesterday, look really great. I wish you a beautiful day with you family and hopefully Seth gets the games he wants to have :). I have a XBOX 360 too, but I don´t play that much with it, meanwhile. But I got myself two new games this week because I felt so bored :D. One of them I have already started to play and it makes quite fun, the other one I will try next week some time, let´s see :). But I remember how enthusiastic and thrilled I was at Seth´s age when I got new games, so I feel with him :).

Then to the thing about Sabine... Anette, this shows me again how great you are and how you care about us. Great answer you gave her and you are so right with it. It´s a pity that I wasn´t here in your blog yesterday, because I would have loved to answer, too. But yesterday was a really, really bad day for me too and I really wasn´t in the mood to spend many time at the internet :(. But today I feel better and I´m glad that I´ve already wrote some things to her earlier, when she started to talk about her problems.

So Sabine, if you read this: I´m sorry that I wasn´t here yesterday, but it is how Anette said: The small things in life that make us happy are important. Don´t look at the past, nor to the future, just live now and make the most of it. I´m sure you can do that :). It´s not always easy, but I wish you the strength you need! And as you saw yesterday, we are here for you. There are so many who care for you and you can always tell here when you feel bad. Here you find always people who listen and care for you! This is what Anette tells us always to do, and we are her fans, we admire her, and we know she is just right and we follow her. Believe in yourself and you will find things in your life that are worth to live for! I´m sure you will be happy again, we think about you :).

Anette, one more thing... I really don´t want to be intrusive, but I´m really interested, so may I ask again if you already read my last personal comment with the poem for you and if you liked it? And if you need a translation for it or understood it?

Have a nice rest-sunday and take always good care of yourself please :).


Beatrix said...

I had a terrible headache yesterday, so it was not the best day for me either, but today is another day and I am active again. :) We had a long walk out in the cold and I feel so much different than yesterday.
I like both of your outfits. The first one is cosy and sweet and the black one is really cool, like you are ready to rock the city! :)
I am very courious about your sewing plans. Would love to see what you are working on. ;-)
Have a very nice afternoon!

Karin said...

Aaah, you got that sewing-machine from Johan:) That was great! Have you been sewing before? I mean, can you make clothes and "stuff" :) ?
Our family got a sewing-machine last christmas, but it is mainly my daughter(11years) who uses it. I always thought it would so much fun to make my own clothes, but somehow i think it is too difficult...
Och ännu en tanke angående den tidigare diskussionen; tack för att du har denhär bloggen! Fint att du tar upp svåra ämnen, och vågar skriva om dem. Det är ju egentligen sånt som vi alla får igenom, precis som alla glada stunder . Det är endel so mår mycket dåligt , och det är fint att de kan "skriva av sig" .
Du har värme och ljus omkring dej, Anette. Vet att du också har mörka stunder, precis som alla andra. Men du har nåt som lyser omkring dej. Det är därför vi tycker så om dej!

Croatian Idiot said...

Hey Anette :)

Since you were talking about new hobby, I was wondering do you still run?

And I really like your outfit in the last picture :)

Rosana said...

Wow larger images for the blog :) These are the new camera? Now the quality is better too ... You making clothes for the boys should be interesting and fun haha I loved her necklace that won Christmas with the black clothes very fashion \ o / Enjoy the shopping

Philippa said...

I find that the dark and gloomy weather is getting to me as well (we have a lot of fog where I live), and I tend to feel a bit depressed and sleep a lot during the winter. So I completely understand where you're coming from. But it's good to try and act as normal as possible, put make-up and nice clothes on and get out of the house to do some fun stuff. We need to get through the dark days somehow. Have fun at the mall! xx

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,

I know the feel of waiting for the Sleep. Somehow I'm not tired enough to sleep.
Even the sewing until late at night does not help at the moment.

And sew a nice hobby;). I am at you with words and did the side, if you ever need help.
A little tip:
-You should never sew finished in a train! You should always wear the garment again and again to the sample. Otherwise it will not fit at the end.
-When sewing, you should have at hand an iron. So you can firmly press the edges and seams that makes it easier to sew. Or Reigarn (A yarn made ​​from hemp or loose cotton) Topstitch short, so you can see if the collar or neckline looks good too.

Sounds komplizierteer than it is.;)

Have a nice Sunday.


Tanya Yazykova said...

Hi, Anette!
Cool outfit and manicure! And this hobby very useful in modern life, 'cause you will looks very original and wear clothers which other don't have=) I wish your life is great and you have no problems! I re-listening "Like a show inside my head","Invisible", "Floating" and "Watching me from afar" for many times and always crying. You write very heartfelt songs.
And I found aome videos for you. I think you watch them/

Anti-Bullying PSA w/ Celebs
Anti-Bullying Awareness

I am crying on them... It is too uwfall that teenager are so cruel. I also be in the same situation,but I stay in that school,in that class and overcome these "nightmare" of my life. I changed myself. Now, in class I am cold, I don't have friendship with anyone in this class, except my best friend with whome we friends nearly ten years.Except him I have only one friend... No pals. Not communicate with anyone with anyone from school in the free time. I can't trust them at all. What I can say for another people? I go to psihologist for 3 years, when these "nightmare" ended... My nervous system is very bad.. And recently appears some another probleams with health. And no support from relatives and best friend.. Only from my another best friend, but she is from another country...I am very tired of life..
With Love,

Unknown said...

Hello, Anette!
Is that this collar which you got from your children on Christmas? It looks so wonderful!
What about mad sleep. Sometimes I have the same problem. A cup of warm milk with spoon of honey before going to bed helps me to sleep well.
It was a surprise for me that you gonna make clothes. Maybe after some time we will hear about you as a fashion designer? =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette,
You look beautiful today! What do you think about blue nails? Do you like it? (I love the black and pink combination, by the way).

I hope you can sleep well tonight too =).

Dark Duchess said...

You have such amazing style Anette, I will always be a fan of your voice and style! :)

Anonymous said...

If I'm having trouble sleeping I usually get up and do something. It might be making myself a hot drink, watching a bit of tv, listening to some music, reading a book for a bit, etc. After a bit I'll start feeling tired again and then make another attempt at going back to bed to try and get into the land of nod :-)

This usually works :-)

Unknown said...


I've been to ikea today! It was realy awsome and we brought a lot of food!

And I made a drawing of you and it it pretty awsome!

This is the link to my picture:

You like it? It is my way to thank you for everything.(I know another way if I had your adress: Sending you my cutting stuff so I can't cut again)

I love you!

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

hello my dear
you are using another camera?
the image is better =)
my mother does not use sewing machines because she felt an old lady hahahaha
lately she's addicted to walking and doing exercises.
hey, have you seen this?
is about your vocal range, I found very interesting =)
See you soon
Jag älskar dig

Betty Blue said...

Hey there!
Beautiful. Just beautiful.
Aww, pink is a highly underrated colour ^^ My best friend told me he´d probably give me a pink dress for christmas when he returns from Poland, I wonder if he´ll do that xD Since he didn´t want to buy me this great black studded jacket... Well. We´ll see tomorrow.
You are so beautiful.
Now have a great evening!
Love, Betty

Carol Misokane said...

Hello Nettie.
Oh, this week I had some difficulties do sleep at night too. I was going to work like a zombie, but happilly this weekend I could sleep for hours and now I'm feeling too better and hope this week I can feel good too.
Your outfit of yesterday was great, simple and beautiful, pink and white are two colors that combines and you seemed so great =), but of course today you're more gorgeous, specially because of your make, your blue eye shadow is amazing.
I hope you have a great evening and may your sleeping night be great.

Love, Carol

XxBriannaxX said...

I have the same sleeping problem! Im always falling asleep so late. Hopefully that changes soon for both of us. ;) Lately I haven't been doing much. Just laying down in my room... I haven't been happy like I usually am. Maybe i'm going through a little winter depression? Hopefully I feel happier soon. Because I don't like being so sad!
Have a great day.

Gosia said...

I couldn't sleep last night either. And when I finally managed to fall asleep I had a terrible nightmare in which someone was trying to kill me. I wonder what that dream could mean.. Anyway, I woke up more tired than I was in the evening!:D

Hope you sleep well tonight! Sweet dreams!

Dalma said...

So it’s not just me who sleeps until noon. :D But the difference is that I go to bed around midnight. And when summer comes I can sleep even longer. I’ve just washed my hair and felt muscle fever then. That’s the exam period; we just learn and sleep and have pain when we have to stand up. :D

Actually, I have an exam tomorrow and my biggest exam will be on Wednesday. I’ve learnt a lot and I hope it will be good, but in the very end I’ll tell you how I’ve performed in this semester, ok?

Wish you a very nice, exam-free Monday,

Unknown said...

Nice outfits:)
I'm sooooooooooooo bored!!! Nnothing interesting ever happens and my family never does anything fun:(

Laetitia L said...

What a kick ass style Nettie ! WOW !!! Have a good day <3

Unknown said...

Hi Anette,
I also have been sleeping till 12 in the afternoon. I don't mind it every now and then but it'd be nice to wake up at a reasonable time.
Nice outfits, as always :) Which nail polish are you wearing? It's a lovely colour :)

Have a nice day!

mimmuli said...
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mimmuli said...

OMG ANETTE!!!! Am I wrong, or is that a "Bola gravidsmycke" you are wearing....

mimmuli said...

And so IT WAS ;) I'm so happy for you! When I saw these pictures I almost asked, but then I had no courage:D That kind of questioning is too private... Those "gravidsmycken" (what´s the word in english...)are much more in use there in Sweden as here in Finland, but a few of my friends had one during their pregnancies. Did you wear that with Nemo too? Will you do in March/April? So good news, makes me smile, enjoy your prengancy and take care, hugs: Mia