Saturday, January 26, 2013

Leopard and blue

Good evening;=)

Yesterday I did some business mails and some cleaning and washing up clothes, so a normal friday for me. Always feels nice to start the weekend with a clean plate, both when it comes to business stuff as well as house shores;=)

Then in the evening me and Nemo ate dinner, he took a long bath and then we watched a movie in the Disney Channel - BOLT. I really like that one;=) Nemo was to tired to see all of it, but I saw it through.

After he went to bed I painted my nails with this old Dior enamel, which is a dark blue metallic but it looks like black when not in the direct light. Felt like a darker shade now after having had gold glitter and pink and so on for some weeks;=)

I also did a bit different make up yesterday with more gold in the eyes and I used this great palette I got at Sephora in the last US tour. These boxes are great and if you want to follow a tutorial there´s instruction papers following into the box. 

I first put the shadow called Velvet Revolution on my lid (not all the way up to the brow, just to the arch), then Honey Pot from the outer lid and in to the middle of the lid. Then Push up from the outer lid and over the other shadows a bit into the middle. Then the last touch was to add Cocoa puff in the outer corner of the lid to give a nice dark shade and a bit of a "cat eye" feeling to the eye:=)

On me yesterday was my old leopard dress I´ve worn on stage too. From Gina Tricot and I love that its longer in the back and shorter in the front and in cotton. So soft and comfy;=)

Cross necklace same as I´ve used some days ago and also the ear rings from Pieces.

And the belly is still standing straight out;=)

Now enjoy this day, my dear ones;=)


eskoplja said...

Hi dear Nettie, glad to hear everything is ok :)
You look lovely as always! Nice eyeshadow, I like the brownish ones and the nail-polish looks very nice too ;)
Wish you a lovely day too!
Big hugs

Ena :*

Tanya Yazykova said...

Nettie, you are soo cute=) Very nice belly=) How your baby feel? Baby "kick" you today? How are you today?)

Baru said...

Hi Anette,

I really love your make-up, I was thinking about this eyeshadow set too, but it´s not the chapest one. So maybe one day... But my make-up collection is big enough I don´t even have enough space for that, so I don´t need to be sad, haha.

Have a beatiful day!

Moondance said...

Wow, Bolt is one of my favourite cartoon! I'm glad that you liked it and I hope would see "Bolt" later because it's such kind and wonderful cartoon!
You look beautiful as always :)
Have a nice day!

Rebel said...

Hi Anette
great eye shadows, i love dark mail-polishes. i just cleaned my flat, so now i can sit and listen good music i recommend you Ellie Goulding and her album Halcyon (not my kind of music but still great tunes) Have a great weekend just like me :)
Greetings from Poland ;*

Carol Misokane said...

Hello Nettan, how are you doing?
It's been some days since I last wrote you but I've been working very hard and had no time to read you =(, but that's okay, now I am here to tell you that every day that passes you become more beautiful. I always thought when a woman is pregnant she becomes happier and more beautiful, of course, but you're different, there's a light brighter shining upon you and I'm very happy to see this =)..everytime I listen to a song of you like Watching Me From Afar I feel how blessed we were to meet you in Nightwish and now following you..thank you so much.
Your outfit is great, but what I loved the most was your nail polish, as you know nail polishes are my passion and the blue ones I love the most *-*.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Love, Carol

Océane said...

Hey my dear!
So it was a great evening for you! =)I think I'll watch at that movie next week =)

Your Dior polish look great, love that color! =)
And here something that could be useful for you (and every girls actually =) )
It's really good, above all when it comes to paint the nails with the "wrong" hand, you know ?
Sorry the link is in french but couldnt find it in swedish but at least you see what it is! =)

Today its a day off but cant rest, have to clean the house, my room etc etc as we have friends coming tonight, for my last normal meal! ahah!
My mom cooked her lasagna! The best lasagna EVER! ahah! I'll put a photo on Insta =) Can't wait to eat it! héhé!
But I'm not that sure its going to be my last normal meal. I dreamt they couldnt operate me on tuesday as I'm still sick! This make me feel soooo stressed! I dont want it to be postpone :'( so we'll see if I'm better on monday...but it looks like that fucking virus want to stay with me!

Well, have a very nice day!
Love & Hugs

Dark Queen said...

Good afternoon!
Glad to read that Nemo and you had a nice evening.
You had super nice make up yesterday! Good job! I'm so bad with make ups :(
Hehe, it looks that someone wants to know the world. Your belly is growing good.
Enjoy this day you too!
Kisses ♥

Unknown said...

Pretty!! I think your belly looks really cute. My knee still hurts and is thick. But yeah.. Im not suicidal anymore. I just want to be a grown up i guess.

Today it was snowing too bad here in holland. Yeah. I was allmost freezing.

Elven's Garden said...

Hi Anette
I have been washing too today - I still have 2 loads to go :)
The eye make-up colours look great on you - they make your eyes stand out! And I like your feather earrings too.
Hope you're having a great day.
Be well
Deleece x

Unknown said...

I like your manicure ;-) Yes, without direct light, a dark blue like black colour.
The nice leopard dress! Beautiful thing :)
Enjoy this evening!
Hugs ;)

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,

Do you have to actually pay for the Disney Channel? Here in Germany it is.

This "Too Faces"- make up. make me curious. Especially the manual because sometimes I would make also likes nice. Is the makeup also in other colors and you can also get it in Germany?

Mmmhh! Your leopard dress bring your belly right type of application. Or your baby will be one model.;)

Today was my trial work. Is was exhausting but beautiful and I would trust my work also. But I have to wait until tomorrow if it worked or not.
Now I can only wait and see. As you would like to say to us. Now I'm just tired as long gone, but happy. :)

Have a lovely Saturday evening.


~MidnightFairy~ said...

Looking lovely as always Anette!

Anonymous said...

good day nettie!, I hope you're enjoying the day, that baby is growing a lot, it's a beautiful belly!

C. said...

Good evening Anette!

Nice make-up! I love nude colours when it comes to casual looks, they flatter every shade of eye color!

I love Too Faced, they're great quality as well as original and cute packaging. I have the Insurance Policy palette (which has much more vivid colours than this one)and two years ago I offered my sister a trio bronzer/blush/highlighter which is called "Leopard palette" or something and is so freakin' adorable. You should try their foundation too, my sister tested it and is very happy with it!

Have a nice week-end,


XxBriannaxX said...

Haha Bolt is a very good movie! I like the little hamster guy,he's funny. ;-) I love your makeup! You do it so well,and it makes those beautiful eyes of yours stand out even more. ;-) i've never seen an eye color as gorgeous as yours are. You could just get lost in them! Enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette! :-)

Sounds like Nemo had a good evening! :-) Dinner, bath, and then a movie :-) Lol! :-)

I know that Bolt isn't Nemo's first Disney movie as I remember you posting something a while back that was Disney which Nemo watched.

I can't remember what my first Disney movie was when I was a child. Though I do remember watching Bambi in the cinema when I was about 7. I watched it with a friend I had in junior school. We were accompanied by his parents and his younger brother was also present.

I also think that might of been my first time I went to a cinema :-)

Anyway, about a year later I went back to the cinema. This time I was accompanied by my mother and younger brother to watch a Disney cartoon called 'Basil The Great Mouse Detective' :-)

Though when I mention 'Basil The Great Mouse Detective' to people they say they've never heard of it. Puh! :-)

Enjoy what's left of the evening Anette! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to say that I love the reflection of your camera in the Dior container! :-) It looks cute! ha ha! :-)

Unknown said...

Hi Nettan!!

This drawing and very good indeed, I love drawing, I am passionate about design The Lion King.

I liked the color of your enamel, nail'm short too.

This'm pretty makeup on you, light colors look great on you.

You're with a beautiful belly, I think that comes a little girl al.

I really liked the dress.

Hugs, lots of health for you two and for whom this beside her.

God bless.

Raffaella Brazil

Anonymous said...

Hi Nettie ^^!! haha i like bolt too
the birds and the hamster are funny xD
Nice make-up brings out the color of your eyes and your nails are really cool with the dark blue metallic
Have a wonderful day :)

July said...

Hey Anette!

I'm happy to read your blog! the point it's that my computer was "sick" and the past days was a trouble can surf on the internet
:( but I'm here now!

The color of your enamel it's very chic I really like it! and I love your leopard dress, looks good on you =) By the way your belly looks so lovely and cute!

P.S: Watch this video, I think it's fun: it made me laugh a lot.

Sleep well and sweet dreams!

Unknown said...

What a great outfit today!! You look relaxed and beautyful. And that make up really suits you, it makes your eyes also more shining!
Enjoy your day and a I wish you a very good luck for your pregnancy again! ;)

Yanna said...

Hey Anette (:

I always love your make up. Whenever I try, I always look like a panda >o<

Hope you have a beautiful day with your family.