Sunday, January 13, 2013

If anyone wants to buy...

...the same feather dress I wore during Imaginaerum tour, it´s on sale now;=)
Click the photo and you´ll go straight to the store.

Here it is on me in Brussels;=) I LOVE this dress!


Lucinda said...

Wow, and it's not that expensive (around 50€, am I right?). I love this dress too, amazingly classy and dark ;)

Have a great day!

Océane said...

Oh yes this dress is sooo beautiful!
Thanks for the link! I would love to buy it so I can wear it in few months but Im not sure Ill have an occasion to wear it. Or I could make it shorter! Dont know!
And I also wonder how to wash it because of the feathers!

Thanks again!
Love and Hugs

Andi said...


this is a really nice dress. Did you sew it together in the front or fixed with a brooch?

Have a really nice day all of you!

Nora said...

This is such a cool dress, it really suits you! I`m actually not the type of woman that likes to wear dresses...I never did somehow. But if I would want it: it is probably way too expensive for me anyway (I didn`t take a look at the shop so I don`t know). :D

How are you today, Anette? Hope all is well! Love, Nora.

Unknown said...

Awesome! i love that dress :)

Philippa said...

Beautiful dress, and not expensive at all. I have to say it looks better on you than on the model :)

Betty Blue said...

I would LOVE to buy this dress ^^ But I don´t have money left, ahem... Spend all money on dresses for the M´era Luna and so on xD
But it is beautiful. Really beautiful... If it was a bit shorter I would ask my Dad to lend me money so I can buy it and wear it at M´era Luna ^^
Have a nice day!
Love, Betty

Unknown said...

Lucinda; Hi! Yeah, that´s correct, so a very good price;=)

Océane. Hi! Leave it to a dry cleaner, best choice;=)

Andi;: Hi! I put a skull brosch in the front and also used tejp to fasten it so it wouldnt show so much=)

Nora; Well, it´s only appr. 50 Euro now so not that expensive;=)

Emily; Me too;=)

Philippa; Oh, thanks so much;=) Maybe some curves always are nicer, right?;=)

Taaja said...

Lovely dress! I prefer it on you than on this model. Looks much better! ;-)

Warm greetings,

Nora said...

Thanks for your quick reply. :) Not that expensive, that`s right. And I totally agree with your response on Philippas comment: some curves are better. ;)

XxBriannaxX said...

I love that dress,it looks so great.on you. And yes,curves are always nicer. ;-) I agree that you look better then that model.

Océane said...

I totally agree with Philippa! The model is SO skinny, its not even beautiful. I know now most of the people think the skinner the better but seriously, no!
I never understood all that mean comments about Anette "she gained weight", "she is like this, and not like that". I always thought you have the perfect weight/size, you have everything a woman need to be beautiful. And its like you can wear anything and suits you! You are my model, seriously. I remember 2 years ago I put a photo of you on my fridge to stopped me when I wanted to open it and eat something. Ahah!

Stay as you are, you're perfect :)

Love and hugs

saskia said...

You look much better in this dress than that thin model. a living proof that women with curves look more sexy and healthy. This dress fits really good to you.
have an relaxed sunday.

Meghan H. said...

Love that dress, albeit I don't wear dresses unless for a very rare special occasion. I only own 2 dresses, and have only worn them once each for formal occasions which were for high school, and I think one might be torn, because my older brother put on one of my dresses while he was drunk, was so funny!

And I have to agree with Philippa, it looks much better on you than on that model, but of course you are just like an angel ;)

Have a great day Anette
Much love from Aussie land

Panteleia Nyr said...

Gorgeous dress,especially on you.

Not a single doubt that I can use it in future - fits my style AND my job.

If I dig deeper, I'll probably see, but do they ship across all Europe?

Becca said...

Hi Anette :)
Its a really beautiful dress :) Thanks to you I have found a new website to shop on :) Also its a great way to learn Swedish :) Everything is cheap when you convert it to Euro :) Am going to do all my shopping there :)

Love and Hugs

Carol Misokane said...

Wow, it's so beautiful, but in you it looks perfect *-*. I think I said it once here, but I will say again: I love all the clothes you used on the stage, but the red one you used at 7000 tons of Metal, that dress is amazing!!! Do you have it still? That was the first time I saw you in red and it's a color that combines perfectly with you, I loved (L)(L).
Now I'm missing you and I'm listening to "The Poet And The Pendulum", and I want to say thank you so much for the great moments you gave us =).

Love, Carol

Serena said...

It looks nicer On you!
You look great!

Laetitianne said...


You wear this dress better than the model. She is a skeleton!

How do you feel? Is it a Swedish tradition to announce its pregnancy in 7/8 months? In France, we do it in 2/3. I wish you the best for this new little one! ;-)

Have a nice sunday!


migi said...

Hello anette, in my opinion and like someone said before, the outfit looks much better on you then the model. You look very beautiful;) I have a question. The outfit ypu had in montreux. Can i buy this somewhere too. And a friend of mine loves the jackets which marco and tuomas wear on this tour. Do you know what label it is or if it is avaible? If you dont know it's no problem of course. Happy sunday and a big hug

AlessandraWilderness said...

oh thank you Nettie =)wonderful dress...and I really loved your outifit and make up in friends and I appreciated it a lot!!! by the way, I don't remember whether I told you or're even beautiful live!!

Rosana said...

Oh beautiful dress and very tasteful, Besides being super fashion has a super neckline! it looks great on you.

Unknown said...

I need money! Haha! I went to madurodam(holland in mini size) and it has been freezing this night. So I went skating today(which is really awsome) I had sushi now and I finally had for the first time in my life some chocolate milk.(It was quite nice!)

Gotta go have some dinner now!


Anna said...

Good evening dear!
I am not so much leave comments here for while but now i am more or less fine and..... OMG you will have a baby!!! oh so happy for you:) Hope it will be a little girl but if its your third son still really super to have 3 sons too!!! Enjoy your pregnancy and this evening too! Big hugs:)

IsaWolfheart said...

Hi Dear !

I love this dress too very nice and you're beautiful with it ;)

enjoy your evening

James Oakes said...

Heyy Anette! I think you look really pretty in that dress; very theatrical! I would buy the dress for myself but I wouldn't wanna steal too much attention...haha only joking ;) Have a lovely evening. James x

littlemimo said...

Hi Anette,
As always, beautiful dress but like it was said before it's too long for me.I haven't any occasion for wearing it.
In France, it's winter sale weeks ! So of course, all my days are busy and my wallet empty ;-)
Have a nice evening

Farandra said...

As many, I prefer the dress on you :D

Anonymous said...

Looking Good! Just curious, would you ever consider going back to having black hair?

Anonymous said...

I'll have mine in 2 days! I'll take some photos of it when I have the time for it ;-)

Mrs.Uunila said...

I just had to order this, since it has been my favourite of your onstage clothes. I think I fell in love to that dress when I saw you wearing it in Joensuu! ;)

And that shop is full of all kind of nice clothes...

Anonymous said...

that's a cool dress ,i think you look better than the model