Monday, January 14, 2013

Harder laws, yes;=)

But a good day! We got the bureau but Johan will put it together tomorrow since we were home quite late. And we also got a new mirror to the living room and I´ll take some photos tomorrow;=) But as always, when you change something you see that you might want something more to perfect it and now we want a low cabinet underneath the mirror, so let´s see if we find something like that soon.

On a more serious matter about the net hate and harassments in the internet:
Today I was happy to read in our newspaper Aftonbladet, that "Kriminalinspektionen", which means "The Crime inspection" in Sweden want the government to look into a new law when it comes to net harassments and want serious harassments to be criminalized. This is great news and I hope our government takes it seriously.

Here in Sweden, it´s already illegal to slander someone or to encourage hate against specific communities. But now with this they want clearer rules when it comes to hate in the internet, for instance putting up offensive photos of someone, make up clear lies and stories about someone, give out addresses and phone numbers to others and so on.

Today there´s even a site where they publish all the newly divorced couples in Sweden. I mean, why?? 

And there were a couple of weeks ago, a 17 year old girl, who got chased and gotten death threats since someone had put up 100s of photos with rude and sexistic comments about girls in a school in Gothenburg and she was innocent, which was proven and the boy who had done it came forward. Due to these photos, there were riots in Gothenburg due to angry girls and their friends and families, wanting to seek revenge.

So I hope there will be harder laws and todays article made my day;=)

Sleep well angels and sweet dreams!


Katy Marie said...

That is awesome. I think everyone has felt bullied on the internet, in one way or another (unless they never partake in online communities).

People are critical because they can be anonymous.

littlemimo said...

This law is a good new for your country, since you talked about bullying on your blog I read a lot of articles about it in France. I think before I never realise that near me people can be harass... So thanks for open my eyes about it, for the moment this kind of acts are often hide in all the news that we watch/read or listen with the medias...
One more time : have a good night ;)

XxBriannaxX said...

Wow that is such an amazing law. I wish they would have that law here. Any type of harrasment is so wrong. Im glad to hear how happy you are about it. ;-) sleep well angel and sweet dreams!

Unknown said...

I like the laws in your country. Especially the one that makes it illegal to give adresses and phone numbers to other people. Last summer, one of my "friends" gave my number to a girl who I consider my enemy. She happened to be his girlfriend and without my permission she texted me and told me to stop talking to her boyfriend or I wouldn't like the consequences. Nobody talks to me that way! I was pissed bc she was younger than me and disrespected me. I believe in respecting your elders. And she texted me without permission. If I don't know you or like u, u shouldn't be texting me. I've gotten over it and moved on but that bitch probably wasn't raised right if she thinks she can talk to people like that. If she had a problem with me, I'm sure we could've found a nice way to solve it. If all this had taken place in Sweden, what would've happened to her?
I have one more question regarding y'all's y'all have stuff like the death penalty? In US I think it depends where you live...I think they might do it in Texss, but I'm not sure...
Have a good evening and sorry for the long post...

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

hello my dear. Thank you for what you told me yesterday, I feel better. =)
This is good. We need stricter laws. It's horrible to have something bad about a person on the internet.
And hey, does not care what Tony said. You're the best! Only you can sing Scaretale hahaha
Good night my dear. Remember that no matter what some say, we will always be with you. =)
Jag älskar dig ♥


Micha said...

Yeah I think it's good to increase the punishments and create harder lawas.

These days a german rapper loaded a picture up on his Facebookpage (think it was Facebook). The picture showed his solution against war: The picture shows the destruction of Israel.

Of course the media screamed "scandal! scandal!" but noone could do something against that...Its sad..freedom of speech back and forth..not everything should be allowed.

Have a beautiful evenning :)

Dark Queen said...

I promise this is my last comment for today. I'm sorry if I write you too much! If this disturbs you, let me know!
I wish you a really good night and sweet dreams!
Lots of kisses to you, to your boys and for the little one inside you ♥

Unknown said... seems to me that u r talking about the Internet. What I was talking about in my story happened over phone...unrelated to what u were talking about. And I guess my situation could have been worse and people have gone thru worse stuff so it doesn't really matter...I wish they had strict laws here...

Satanja said...

Spelar ingen roll hur hårda lagar vi än har, rättsystemet är förvrängt och består inte av annat än kryphål. Jag blev misshandlad för några månader sedan. Tjejen erkände på förhöret, och jag hade bilddokumentation på skadorna tagna 2 minuter efter händelsen fram tills det hade läkt - fallet lades ner innan det ens kom till åklagaren. Min vän Emmy blir trakasserad varje dag över internet, det skapas hatgrupper mot henne på facebook och hon får stå ut med mordhot och att folk trycker upp hatpins med hennes bild på som de bär på sina kläder... Hon har dokumenterat alla händelser, sparat alla IP-adresser och vet vem personen som ligger bakom allt är - men polisen orkar inte ens se v ad hon samlat ihop. I dagens samhälle får man ta tag i saker själv om man vill att det ska hända. Jag har i alla fall bestämt mig för att inte ringa polisen fler gånger, nästa gång jag är med om något, så löser jag det själv.

Océane said...

I just watched the interview and well he don't deserve us to give him any credit. And do not get upset about it, it would mean that what he thinks is important. And its clearly not =)

Keep in mind we all love you. I cant think about Nightwish or watch a video with you on stage without being sad. I know I have to move on but its not that easy. It may appear ridiculous for you to read that but when one of the most important is falling apart its really hard. But you kept the blog open so it help A LOT!!
But to me you're the only singer of nightwish, the best one. You brought a lot to the band and fans.
And more than a singer, you're a wonderful person. And THATS what most of people love about you. Even the ones who prefered Tarja agreed to say you were such a nice person!

So we don't care about what he said!! :D

Love & Hugs

Beatrix said...

I also hope to see more strict laws on this topic! BUT! I would also like to see families respecting and loving their children at home so that they do not become little monsters!! :(
Take care and sleep well!

Nalon said...

Good evening Anette,

This Law some really good.:) I wish German government were so fast.

With us far too much talk about privacy, freedom of expression and privacy. Because there's always some people who are my must set the look either way. What others do or do not want. Or the government pushing this issue until the next election ahead of him.

So it is good to read that a country is making a start. Perhaps such a law comes through in Germany.

Sleep well:)


Pascal said...

Hi again, Anette!

This is really a good news, I wish for your country that the law will change something. I´m looking forward to the pictures you will take :).

See you tomorrow! Take always good care of yourself please and have a good night :).

Sov Gott!


Anonymous said...

As brilliant as the internet is as an education tool and for social networking there is also a downside to it. As it is now very easy to be in contact with more people around the world this gives the undesirable types in society a bigger platform to hurt or humiliate others. It's not just the local school or area who will see, it's now people all around the world.

We have the european human rights act and I'm sure it states somewhere that no person shall be subject to humiliating or degrading treatment... So the law really needs to abide by that and step up into the 21st century now and properly tackle cyber bullying/harrassment.

Sleep well Anette! :-)

Dom Douglas said...

Hi Anette, how are you?

I suffered bullying at school for many years, so I would love to read more about their views on bullying here on the blog. You are so wise and intelligent. I adore you!

All the best,

Dom Douglas

Unknown said...

Hey , Anette.

Good news about the harder laws! I hope they wanna do it! Actually, governments in every country should do it!
I think, in our world there are really a lot of things which have to change..

Well, I wish you a good night!

Sleep well, hugs!


Anonymous said...

Good evening Anette,

Furniture shopping is always fun. Putting it together and rearranging it in rooms os even better. :-)

I could not agree with you more on the anti bullying. I hope they do make stricter laws. Especially for online. I wish they would do this in every country. Sadly its not only children and teens, adults do it too.

I have been been on the recieveing end. So thats why I never do it. Its horrible. :-( It makes me so sad that some people can be so cruel.

Unknown said...

Hi Anette! how are you? I do not feel so good. I draw since yesterday so in the abdomen and not looking where. I'm tired and sad, but hey, we have snow. The cheer me up a bit. How runs your pregnancy? I hope you well and that is not so often bad. what are you doing today? I wish you a nice day. Greetings

IAN:) said...

It is sad that it had to go this far for that law to be put in effect. I hate how rude and dark the internet has become with all this hate towards other people. It used to be a place where you could just be yourself and escape the outside world for a little bit if need be. Now people try and destroy others worlds and its just so sad. But you Anette, in a world that focuses on such dark things you always bring a light and show us that the word is changing for the good little by little and I can not thank you enough for that. You say it like you mean it and never hold back. On a lighter note I have been out of town for a week and I now just read that your are expecting your third child! Congratulations to you and Johan! I wish you all the best health through it and give you many warm wishes.

Much love,

Dark ice said...

I hope that law will be effect soon I wish America could pass a law like that! Hope you are doing well:)

linnea-maria said...

Jag blev också förvånad när jag hörde om att det finns en sådan sida. Läskigt och lite otäckt. Vem har nytta av att veta var alla nyskilda bor kan man ju undra.
Jag är definitivt för hårdare lagar mot nättrakasserier. Jag har själv blivit drabbad av nära släktingar som hållit på och skrivit dumma kommentarer så fort jag har uppdaterat loggen på facebook. till slut tog jag bort dem på min vänlista för jag mådde så dåligt av deras idioti. Det känns faktiskt värre när någon vräker ur sig saker sådär offentligt än när man får det i enskildhet. Jag tror du förstår vad jag menar <3

Unknown said...

You have said yourself Anette: "A lot of stupid people". I still remember that interview.

Saddly is the vast majority. There is only a few percentage of population who likes to live in peace, even if that site you are mentioning is shut down, people will find some other piece of crap to fill the emptiness. Most people don't wanna see the bright side, when people see a hole, they see a potential death trap, I see a potencial spot for fish breeding, yes I am exagerating a little but my point is there is people who cannot stand being tranquil and so they must scarry other people arround, thank God I have earphones so I cannot hear these idiots nearby.

Mary said...

In Croatia all rude comments in internet, all insultings will be punished and they will pay for that. Its good.

Unknown said...

Again with the site you have mentioned, well, I think it is part of some moral reclamation bullshit. Like exposing criminals. There is a lot of things happening latelly like the increasing amount of divorces and a lot of stoneage minded see it like a loss in moral strenght or something near to the zombie apocalipse. So what these idots solution is? Tag people in that situation as criminals.

Also most people tend to live the life of others wich sadly is the vast majority and hence when a couple breaks up it becomes everybody's tragedy, "oh why you broke up with him/her, now I am sad because of you". And putting in the place of this haters (not justifying their atittude must I say) when Tarja Turunen was asked to leave (I don't care how or why, not my problem) it was like their parents were parting ways and you dear Anette became the evil stepmother. Me personally I think is bullshit but this is how these idiots think.