Monday, January 07, 2013

Give me spring!

Hi all my dear ones;=)

I hope you have had a wonderful monday. This is the first "official" working day for many people here in Sweden so now Christmas is officially over! And in our home we said goodbye to our little x-mas tree - thank you dear tree for your service and giving us our x-mas spirit:=)

And we also said goodbye to all the Advent lamps, the little Santa´s here and there and even if it was nice to say goodbye to Christmas, it kinda got a bit darker in here without all the lights in the windows. So to get some light inside I went out to our flower shop and bought us beautiful red tulips to brighten the day. Love tulips, they give me that spring feeling!

To get even more spring feeling I got my new spring sun glasses and ballerinas on;=) Longing until i can wear the ballerinas outside!
 Love them both!

When I was out I took a photo for you of our beautiful "City Hall". Here you can get married if you don´t want to do it in the church and our politicians have their offices here. I have also been in here singing and having our big Lucia dinner, when I was in the Lucia contest in the city back in the "old" days;=) 

Since I walked without the others, I took a little tea break all by myself at K & Co and I ate this delicious Ciabatta filled with a chicken filling with chili. Sooo delicious!

 And the tea was this delicious one called LÖV - Löv is beautiful. I can recommend it!
When I came home I had a nice chat with Niclas and we´re heading to the studio this week for a little business meeting and deciding what name we will give it;=) Fun times ahead! And I promise that you´ll see photos from it! Its a great place and we´re so excited! Also, Ecke, the drummer in Alyson is owning the studio with Niclas and me, so a good "gang";=)

And todays outfit was a sporty one. My top is a celebration to my dear Bruelands in San Diego, who I dearly miss! Love you both! 
And then my fake leather leggings from Zara and my lovely Gucci cap I got in our very first tour in the US. Love the studs!

Now I wish you all a really nice evening, a nice sleep and lots of nice things coming your way!


Anonymous said...

And I wish for snow here! It's too "hot" for the time of the year! Love your new shoes :-)) my bf ordered some nice pumps for me a few minutes ago :3 Pink! haha I love pink!

Take care and sweet dreams :-))

James Oakes said...

Hey Anette! I really love your shades! Where did you get them, and do you think they'd work on a guy? haha

It was my first day back at uni and it completely dragged. I felt so tired and bored and aching to get back into bed. I was dreading it so much I couldnt get to sleep till after 4AM! Back again tomorrow...*sigh*

Anyway, looking forward to hearing more about your music project, hope everything goes well :) James x

Betty Blue said...

TULIPS *_* The most beautiful flowers EVER.
I remember this one day when I looked out of my window in the hospital and saw some purple tulips there. And then I decided that life itself is not the problem, so I would change myself.
I LOVE tulips.
Aaahm, yes. I´m done with flower-talk ^^
Sounds like a good day ;-) And looks like a great sandwich... Need to go down to the kitchen and fix me something to eat, I´m afraid :D I feel so good at the moment that I don´t even have problems eating. This whole happiness-thing starts to get scary ;D
The city hall looks great, I´d love to see it "live"... Who knows, maybe one day.
Have a great evening!
Love, Betty

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

The pictures all look really nice, it´s great that you had a good time today. Also in Germany christmas is over now and people have to work again, also for me with my pracical training at the kindergarten. It´s hard to get up early again after two weeks, but I like that work with nice and funny children :).
I went to bed late last night, so I´m quite tired and will head for some sleep now. So I wish you a very good night Anette and a nice rest-evening :).

Take always good care of yourself, please.


Unknown said...

I love tulips also ;-) The spring flowers! They give me good mood and feeling the happiness :)
I often buy Ciabatta in our shop. Very tasty :-)
And I look forward the photos from studio!
Sleep well!

XxBriannaxX said...

Good to hear you've had a good day so far Nettie..I really like the tulips. There beautiful,and one of my favorite flowers. Can't wait to hear more about the studio and see photos! Sleep well! And I wish lots of good things to come your way as well. ;-)

Nalon said...

Evening Anette,
first question:
You throw your tree out the window? As in the Ikea advertising?
In Germany make some.
We have an artificial tree and we set for 5 years and over again. My sister once had a real Christmas tree by ticks and spiders in the apartment. After that they did not want a real tree in the house more.

The "City Hall" watch like a castle!

After what has in fact tasted the tea?

I like your sporty outfit. You look athletic and balanced. I did not know that Gucci has even cool headgear.^^

Good night.


C. said...

Hello dear Anette! :)

Funny things, my mom and I undid our Christmas tree too's like we all feel the holidays are really over now. I planned to remove the X-mas ornaments in my own room this week, it's a bit sad but I have too do it.

I didn't participate in the "ups and downs in life" topic, but I wanted to say, on a personal point of view, that even if I don't start the year very fine (a bit ill and still unemployed), it feels as if a wind of change will blow anyway this week, and it all depends on me. You see, I filled a form to be a volunteer in a association that helps people in difficulty find food and staple commodities. I'm waiting for their answer now, and even if it won't be for a long time, I'm confident it will bring me a lot and help me fill I'm useful for someone. This is my personal way to cheer up and more importantly, help other ones. I may sound a little to much optimistic, but even if it's a tiny effort to provide, I do believe this can change one's life by a lot!

Take care and good night!


Anette Olzon Brasil said...

hello my dear. Seems so exciting. I'm really looking forward your solo album.
the pictures were cool too.
Hey, could you follow this blog?
Good night my dear
Jag älskar dig ( it is so hard to pronounce ) hahahaha

Beatrix said...

I love the sandwitch and the tea and the city hall and your balerinas, oh and the tulips! I just adore tulips!
BUT there is one tiny point where I have to disagree. Before Spring comes I would like to see some more snow as me and my son would like to go out for sledging, building a snowman and making snowangels at least once. I hate the cold weather, but winter simiply can not pass just like this, without those fun things happening! So, sorry, if you will have to see a bit more of winter, it will be me speaking to whoever it needs to send us some more of the snoooooow! :-D

(Sorry I am in a silly mood for no reason. - sometimes it just happens. :) )

Sleep well and sweet dreams!
Hope to hear more about the business meeting tomorrow! ;-)

Rosana said...

I loved your sporty outfit is the best of today :) good luck to you and your partners in the studio. Have a good night

Océane said...

Hey my dear,

I really like your sunglasses but I don't think I would dare to wear them! But they're so cool and unsual! =)
I also love your hair on the same photo but you could have catch a cold with wet hair outside if its cold :/

And your sandwiches looks so yummie!!! I saw that brand of tea somewhere, can't remember where! But if I find it out I'll buy some cause I have to drink a lot of tea during the first month after my surgery. Talking about that I hope I'll be in shape soon enough as I have to catch my flight for London 12 days after it! One thing that will be hard is I have to eat only liquid food or mashed food and tea, so its going to be a bit difficult on the road! But we'll see!!

I download (bad girl :/) the movie you talked about yesterday and I'm going to watch it tonight or tomorrow! I'll tell you if I liked it!

Sleep well
Love & Hugs

Dark Queen said...

Good evening Anette :)
I'm so sorry for my absence in these week, but I was at my firends place (the one who lives 650 kms away from home, because of her work). I was there with her and we enjoyed all the time. I missed her a lot and when I left her (again) there I felt so sad :( I already miss her, but thanks God we have Skype. I think we'll meet again in March and for me is a so long time. In any way I feel myself blessed, because I spent this week with her :)
I like your todays outfit :) Grat choice. You're beautiful as always.
Now I'll read you older posts and then I'll go to bed.
Good night, dear. Sleep well ♥

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette! :-)

I've actually been into work this afternoon/evening. Despite the fact I'm on annual leave they still phoned me :-( This is now getting ridiculous. I've sacraficed almost all my day's off this last month or so for them and even my holiday time. I've never ever said no and I'm aware of the fact that I've agreed to work them but staffing levels have never been so bad. Even though I've told them how tired I am because of this I'm going to have to get tougher in this area and start saying no. Sometimes I'm too nice for my own good and it's actually a handicap. If work continues like this I'm gonna start looking around for another job as this is beyond a joke now.

You will see your xmas tree again sooner than you realize. I personally find that time is just going by so fast ( especially as we all get older. I'm 34 next month... ). December will be with us again before you know it...

I'm happy for you about your new studio that you're going to co-own :-) That will be very handy for you with your material. Best of luck with that :-)

Please may I ask a question? :-) Did you grow up in Helsingborg? The reason I'm interested is because of what you said about singing in the city hall in the 'old day's'. And I've also noticed that you seem to have a certain fondness and special appreciation about you for Helsingborg from when I've read you speaking of it.

Hope you have a better nights sleep than the previous night Anette :-)

Dalma said...

Oh, dear! That outfit and especially that pose… It really made my day. You are not completely normal, you know that? :D In the most positive sense of the word of course.

We also said goodbye to our Christmas tree today as it was Epiphany yesterday. But here the third of January is always the first official working day.

Today I had a making-experiment-exam and guess what. :D It was something like this:

And the most difficult exam comes on Wednesday so I think I’m getting nervous now...

Wish you again a really nice, exam-free day,

Carol Misokane said...

Hey Nettie. I'm glad your day has been full of good things and everytime you talk about the studio I just can start dreaming again of your album, and I hear Invincible and then my imagination goes on and on *-*. Stop torturing me, record your album soon haha.
It's great to have a long day walking, buying new things, eating good stuff and be alone sometimes. I think there's a time when our best company is ourselves =).
And about your outfit, what can I say? This is the "rebel" side of my dear Anette Olsson haha, I loved it.

Have a wonderful night.

Love, Carol

Party Poison said...

Hi Anette!
I love the glasses! Very Ozzy Osbourne-esque, I think! Haha :)
Also, loving the Gucci hat! Very stylish and appropriate for the fast approaching springtime :)
I'm very excited to hear that you guys are setting up this studio. Will we be hearing any demos anytime soon? :) Make sure to keep us updated!

Sleep well, Anette!

Cathal in Ireland :)

nodoubtaholic said...

OMG I love those shoes Anette! They're adorable!
I watched a documentary about WW2 called "Forgiving Dr. Mengele", about a Holocaust survivor who decided to forgive all the nazis and more specifically the Dr. who experimented on her and her sister in the concentration camp. She goes and speaks to schools about it and about forgiveness and allows people to come to her and speak with her about THEIR problems. I think she is an angel!! There are few people I look up to that I like to think of as Angels here on earth, and I count you among them. :) You have so many good things to say, please don't stop saying them!!
Love, Desi from Missouri

Kimb Stein said...

I really miss you, dear Anette. I wish to see you singing again!

Unknown said...

Lucky you!
Here it is rainy and cold:(
I told my parents again that I cutted.
My parents realy love me and they told me to not go much on twitter and other socialmedia anymore(So I'll shut down the laptop soon:))

I love you!

Have a GREAT day



Elmas said...

Woaah, those shades are killer! A classier alternative to the Ozzy Osbourne-style!
Hope you have a great and sunny day today, to give you a "sample" for the upcoming spring! Not so long left, we're halfway through winter!

July said...

Hey Anette!

Totally I love your top and your sunglasses ! you had a great and cosy style! =)

Yes here in Mexico we said goodbye to christmas, and also was the official day to go to work, now we have to wait 11 month for another christmas. But dont' worry Anette we have to wait only 2 months for spring!! :D

Have a nice tuesday

MightyLambchop said...

I love those shoes! Where did you get them?