Sunday, January 20, 2013

Family day

So, we stayed inside today, even Nemo said when I asked if he wanted to go outside: 
- COLD, mum!!....and wrapped his arms around his little body=) 

What to do, other than to have a relaxed family afternoon in front of a nice movie? We all sat down, together with tea and "semlor" and watched "Hotel Transylvania", which was really funny and a good movie. I can recommend it if you have children;=)

Nemo got this nice toy when he was 1 years old from some dear friends but it´s not until now he is totally in to it. He plays with this all day long. The tractor can drive forward, if you press the animals they all sound and if you press down the farmer, he sings Old Mc Donald had a farm, which is Nemo´s favourite song. So this song is heard here from morning until evening....;=)

And then todays outfit which was relaxed, as the last days has been:
brown suede leggings, black camisole and leopard cardigan. 

Got some new accessories at Gina Tricot yesterday and found these lovely skull ear rings:

A lovely little cross ring:

And the silvery cross bracelet. The skull bracelet is old.

Well, that was all from our place for today, now soon time to put the kids to bed and then me and Johan are gonna watch another movie. Is there anything better than to sit down in front of a nice movie?=)

I wish you all a wonderful evening and a really good sleep!


Unknown said...

Aw! Nemo=cute. It's been years since I experienced real cold weather.
Nice to know that you had a good day.
I have to go back to school on Tuesday:(((((( After being off for 5 weeks!

eskoplja said...

Hi dear Nettie, how are you? I hope everything is well and that the pregnancy is going well :)
Glad to hear you spent a lovely day. I can imagine how Newmo was cute when he said "cold, mummy" :)
Really lovely accessories! I love the skull things!

I have a big Ancient Greek test so I hope I will do well...even if it's really hard -.-
Wish you a lovely evening


Ena :*

Laetitianne said...

"Is there anything better than to sit down in front of a nice movie?"

Eat chocolate? :-D Or read a book? ;-)

Have a nice evening!


Unknown said...

Hi, Anette!

I liked "Hotel Transylvania", but I loved "Wreck-it Ralph". I recommend it a lot if you haven't seen it.

Beautiful skull jewelry, I'm into it too. I recently bought a skull bracelet that looks like yours ;)

Have a nice day!

Océane said...

Looks like a perfect day :)

And you got cool stuffs at Gina Tricot! Too bad theres no shop in France!
I still havent receive my leggins and your gift from UK. But they send me an email 2 days ago to say the package is now on its ways. Seriously 10 days to put 2 leggings in a box?! :(

And I talked with an artist days ago and asked her to make something for you. Its a special gift for you. And the only one in the world :) its gonna take few days to make it but I hope I can offer it to you or give it to Johan one day. Don't know if its safe to send it to a PO box. So we'll see :)

And about the skull bracelet I remember you wore it during the Imaginaerum tour. At least in France! :)

What movie are you going to watch now?

Love and Hugs

Karin said...

Didn't Nemo play that song on the piano also ? :) Nice toy ! Yes, we parents have a love-hate relationship with some toys which keep sounds.... :)
Really really great skull-earrings!
We have had a so cold weekend here, friday -20, saturday -29, today -10degrees. I have been cleaning the house and threw away a lot of stuff. We have to move during the spring, so maybe I have started preparing for that.

Enjoy your movie. And you are so right:cosy moments watching good movies are the best !

Sleep well dear Anette!

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

hello my dear
I loved this song when I was a child.
'' Old MacDonald had a farm ia ia ooooh '' hahaha this was that Nemo was singing at the piano too =)
I love watching movies. Yesterday I watched 5. Today I still have not watched a movie because I woke up to thirty minutes ago hahaha (here are 15:40)
so my dear, I can recommend a movie for you and Johan. I watched it yesterday and it is very good. The name is John Carter. (Seth can watch too)
Good evening to you and your family
Jag älskar dig ♥



When you watch your tv is it in English or Swedish? And does memo know old mc Donald in English or Swedish would love to know the Swedish translation:D

Tanya Yazykova said...

Hi, Anette!
I've already seen this movie on cinema and agree with you *O* Very cute movie!
With Love,

IsaWolfheart said...

Hi dear
I wish you a good evening !
and sleep well :)


Unknown said...

"Is there anything better than to sit down in front of a nice movie?=)" Yes I agree with you ;-)
I will watch "Hotel Transylvania" necessarily.
And I like your cross ring and silvery cross bracelet :-)Beautiful things!

Anna said...

I have the similar ear rings!!! And the bracelet is so cool, love it! Have a good night and sleep really well:)

Carol Misokane said...

Hey Nettan..
Aah cold, I wish I could go out there but I have to stay in home too because here is so HOT =(..let's change haha.
Your outfit today was great, the only one I can see that you have a belly =) and I loved the ring and bracelet, everything that has crosses I love *-*..then I have to say that that photo shoot from DPP in Hill of Crosses is my favorite one =D.
Today when I woke up and went to the internet I saw an image with a little poem and I just need to share it to you because you were the first person who came to my mind when I was reading. So, here we go:

"May the stars carry your sadness away,
May the flowers fill your heart with beauty,
May hope forever wipe away your tears,
And, above all, my silence make you strong."
Chief Dan George

Now, have a good movie night and may the angels sleep with you all.

Love, Carol

Nalon said...

Evening Anette,

I´m back from my walk and it was nice.
And Sunday is a family day.;)
I was also in the movie Hotel Transylvania, but unfortunately I did not make it. But all what i have seen was funny:D.

This "semlor" look really yummie. They are filled with cream and apple puree?
As you take on only the look.

I think it's good that Nemo still enjoy playing with it. Good toys, if a child is long and plays with it the heights it is boring for the child.

Your skull bracelet look really colourful. I like it.

Enjoy this evening and sleep well.


Dalma said...

If we have a child? So you mean I’m childish? Just because when it was possible I immediately ran and watched this movie. =) I love vampire stories and they often set in Transylvania, so must-sees for Hungarians.

No, there’s nothing better than that. =) Yesterday I watched Män som hatar kvinnor and I loved it. Now I’m going to watch it again, but this time without subs. I haven’t learnt Swedish recently because of my exams, but now it’s time to practice. I’m curious how much I understand from it. =) I’m just crazy about the spoken Swedish. Those tones… as if you sang all the time. It’s adorable and simply cool. Even if I don’t understand it I enjoy listening to Swedish words. =)

Is it true that in Sweden they don't dub films so you watch the original one with subtitles? It seems weird to me.

Have a good night dear,

Beatrix said...

Sounds like a great day!
Is that a home made Semlor? Is it difficult to prepare it? It looks so yummie that I would like to have a try...
Enjoy your evening and sleep well!

Beatrix said...

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It's called 'Essence studio nails ultra gloss nail shine'. Here is a link if you want to check it out:
Good night!

Dark Queen said...

Hehe, Nemo is intelligent :)
Glad to read that you had a nice family day. I was out with friends this afternoon and in the evening came here my cousin, her boyfriend and her parents. We ate a very good pizza and then we had a nice chat. My parents and her parents talked about olden days and we laughed a lot. So nice family evening.
Yesterday at our volleyball match I hurt my shoulder. I can't move my right arm and that's not so good. I hope that tomorrow will be better. If I'll feel the same pain tomorrow I'll have to go to the hospital. Let's see what will happens.
So tomorrow in the morning I'll rest, then I'll go to work and then I'll see what to do.
Oh, I'd like to taste your "semlor". It looks very yummie!
Good night you too. Have sweet dreams ♥

Anonymous said...

Hi anette!, How are you?
i lovee your skull ear rings,i think are really cool ^^
Good night, Sleep well :)

Anonymous said...

Hi dear Anette! Hope you and the boys (and the baby who's in your belly,who I strongly believe is a girl) are doing marvellous! I'm glad you had a wonderful day!-:)
I would like to ask you something,if you don't mind answering. It's about pregnancy/maternity stuff. I don't know if you remember,but in the begining of last year I came here to tell you that I had entered Midwife college. Unfortunatelly that didn't worked out because here in Brazil,Midwife it's still not recognized as a profession,you're either a doctor (OB/GYN) or a nurse,so I had to leave that dream behind (at least,for now). But I'm still very much in love with that area,I love everything that has to do with pregnancy and motherhood. I still don't have kids,but it's a dream of mine to be a mommy and I'm sure that at the right time,God will bless me with children!
Well,I want to start a blog about this subject,so I'm in the process of gathering as much info as I can about it with moms,dads,family,doctors,midwifes and all. So,if you don't mind and feel comfortable to answer some questions!;=)
1. You had three pregnancies. All were different,I'm sure. But overall,how was the feeling of having another life inside you?
2. You've been pregnant in your 30's and 40's. Considering that we know that pregnancy in or after forties requires a lot more care,for you,what changed?
3. Have you had nausea/cravings?
4. You told us that Seth and Nemo were born via c-section. Have you ever considered natural birth? And with this baby that you're expecting now,are you considering that option? If so,do you have any expectations/anxiety about it?

Thanks a bunch for you time and patience,and if my maternity blog idea moves foward,you are more than welcome to participate in it,posting blogs about your own experience or subjects that matter to you.

Have a lovely and blessed week! Much love and hugs from Brazil!


~MidnightFairy~ said...

I love watching movies! I hope it was a nice night :-)

Unknown said...

Hi dear Anette, I´m glad that you have nice day and Nemo is cute boy :-D enjoy your evening with your dear Johan, and sleep well :-)
hugs, Radka

Dotti said...

Hei Anette :)
Så koselig å se at Nemo også har samme traktor som gutten min fikk da han var rundt 1 år, den traktoren er noe av de lekene barna mine har lekt mest med og traktoren er snart 5 år. Utrolig at den enda virker :)
Likte skull-øreringene dine veldig godt, er også fan av skull :)

Gleder meg masse til dine fremtidige musikkprosjekt. Mannen min er også blitt en veldig stor fan av deg. Jeg spilte Pain sin Follow me (med deg) til han og han har hatt den på repeat siden :) Elsker den sangen jeg også.
Ha en fin uke og kos deg med familien :)
Klem fra Dotti