Thursday, January 31, 2013

Elephants and leopards

Good evening my dear ones,=)

Hope you´ve had a wonderful day! I´ve stayed inside since it´s been a storm here since last night and they said we should stay inside so I obeyed;=)

And what is better to do than to sit by my sewing machine and get some stuff done for the baby? I´ve not been so happy with my machine cause it´s been messing with me for some days so yesterday I called in the heavy artillery - my mum;=) She´s a seamstress and know it all so she sat down and the problem was solved fast and easy! Thanks for having mothers!;=)

So today I have made a sheet out of a cute cotton jersey fabric with some elastan in it for the little one´s first "bed". This bed Nemo also used and we keep this in between us in our bed while the baby sleeps with us. 

It´s called Baby sleep and is folded like a bag when not used

Then when opened it´s folded out like a little bed and here you can see it with my new sheet in it;=)

The sheet is made like a "wrap on" sheet so it doesn´t move

Here it is wrapped around the little mattress

And here´s the "pillow" that comes with it. I´m planning to try and do a wrap on for this too;=)

I also got a nice package today from Oiidesign with these lovely leopard clothes. I had these little leggings for Nemo and he looked so cool;=) Leopard suits both girls and boys and I LOVE leopard print (as you all know;=) These are from a Danish brand called MarMar Copenhagen.

And I have a pregnancy craving - Salmiakki! So, since I´ve been SO good, singing in a Finnish band for years, maybe someone at the company HALVA who produces these, can endorse me and send me LOTS of these??;=) They only sell these in small packages in ONE little kiosk here in my city;=( So mitä, Halva??? We have a deal?=)

Haha, well, now to my pregancy outfit for today: I had this on during the day but then in the evening when my belly is hard as a leather football, I need something cosier and then I changed to the second outfit;=) I am still same size on everything EXCEPT that I have a belly that is HARDER than a rock and well, it´s a bit hard to move around;=)

 Daytime outfit: jeans and t-shirt from Dsquared2. Tiger is protecting my baby;=)

Yeah, belive me - my belly isn´t soft, its HARD as a rock;=)

Evening wear: 
Leggings in a crushed velvet, same t-shirt and then a black top from Zadig & Voltaire

Now my dear ones I am awaiting a TV show called "Debate" where they are gonna discuss if it´s OK for a newly become MOTHER to be the host of our big Eurovision song contest in may! Gosh, I am sure I will get quite angry watching it so I might stop by later on again with some views;=)

Otherwise - sleep well my dear ones and lots of love to you all!


Betty Blue said...

Good evening dear!
Wow, this little bed looks so lovely <3
I love Salmiakki. My Dad travels a lot due to his job, and every now and then he is in Helsinki or somewhere else in Scandinavia and he always manages to bring me some ;-) In Germany it´s damn hard to get it, though, or at least in my town, otherwise I´d send you some ^^ Maybe I´ll find some in Cologne this weekend, but I don´t think so.
You and your leopard prints... xD It´s cute, really.
As for the ESC-thing... Mothers are highly underrated. I mean, I don´t have a good relation to my mother but still mothers in general, you know. I don´t know the whole situation, but I think it´s up to the woman if she thinks she can and wants to do it. I´d rather she stayed at home with the child, of course, but I can´t influence her anyway, so...
Now, my weekend will be exhausting (but great), so I already need every minute of sleep I can get ;-)
Good night and sleep well!
Love, Betty

Unknown said...

hi dear nettie:)
your belly looks so sweet.. by the way i did cover your song (invincible) but amateurish:))

sleep well:))

XxBriannaxX said...

Aww I love the sheet you made! It is so cute :-) and that thing that goes inbetween you and Johan for the baby is very neat. :-) hehe you look beautiful today and your outifit is awesome. I love the shirt. :-) nice tiger to protect the baby. ;-) haha cant wait to hear your reviews about the show. ;-) sleep well dear and sweetdreams! Xoxo

Unknown said...

My grandmother is seamstress and she helps me with the sewing clothes ;-)
I like your today`s outfit! Especially T-shirt ;-)
Sleep well, dear Anette! ;-)

Dutchie said...
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Dutchie said...

Hi Anette,

On this German site you can order Salmiakki online:

They look delicious!
I love salmiak too!

Kisses from Hollandia

Vapari said...

I sent your request to HALVA. I hope they sent you a big box of HALVAN salmiakki, which is really good!I live 10km from their factory and there´s factory shop too. I´m Becoming a loyal customer ;)

Nalon said...

Evening Anette,

No worries. Each machine has its quirks.;)
Fortunately, your mother came to the rescue. I would have to cope alone damal.
Such a baby bed I've ever seen.
I always hear babies should not sleep in a bed with their parents. But the reason is not so clear to me.

Anette will in some parts of China the children dressed tiger clothes, so the strength of the tiger on the baby goes over.;)
And grandmother sewed the baby a tiger in red (wealth), green (health) or black (power). So in a color must be the cuddly toy and already in the first month coping.
Only then he will protect the baby tiger his life;)

Maybe your mom can sew him a leopard.

Enjoy the TV, I will not antuen me the European music competition. I want to live long. hihihihi


Unknown said...

Vapari; haha, you´re the best,=) i hope they send me lots of them! i always bought lots of boxes when being in Helsinki but now when I am not there so much, it´s hard to find;=) Kiitos!!

Dark Queen said...

Hi Anette!
Good job ;) That little bet looks so comfy :)
You belly is every day bigger. It means that you'll have a nice, big and healthy baby. I believe you that in the evening is hard to have that heavy belly. The most important thing is that you rest and take care of you and the little one inside you.ùYou're beautiful as always!
Good night, sleep well and lots of love to you too ♥

~MidnightFairy~ said...

Lovely pictures!

Unknown said...

Wow you work with the machine is great ;-)

you look evereyday so happy and fantastic. That shirt is great. Where did you buy that?

greetings and hugs

Katrinsessa said...

Be careful with the salmiakki, in Finland there are daily quidelines how much it is safe to eat every day(when pregnant) :) Although your teeny tiny boxes of salmiakki are quite safe to eat one every day ;)

Nora said...

Good morning and happy friday Anette.

Lovely pictures (as always). ;) I like combining white shirts (with or without prints) and jeans. That always looks gorgeous!!!!

I never tried salmiakki, I`ll try them when I see them somewhere in a store. :) When I was pregnant I always loved mint chocolate by the brand "Ritter Sport". ;)

Thank you so much for your reply, I really appreciate that a lot!!! It is not an easy situation for me at the moment...but maybe, when one door closes another one opens. Maybe it happened for a reason...

Hope you and the baby are fine! Have you been able to sleep good? Finding a comfy position isn`t easy when being pregnant...that can be quite "annoying"! ;) Have a nice day. :) Love, Nora.